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I#39;ve just baked quinoa muffins and then I find you in here munching non-organic pastry from 7-Eleven!我刚烤奎奴亚藜松饼,然后我发现你在这里咀嚼来自7-Eleven(是日本一家著名的连锁便利店)无机糕点 !First world adultery第一次世界通奸 /201609/464511

5 Not A ‘Man Of God’5.并非上帝A great number of religious founding figures have claimed to be either gods, manifestations of gods, or prophets of gods. The Buddha, on the other hand, never claimed to be a god. He never claimed to be a prophet or an agent of the gods, either. He merely claimed to be a man, convinced of the supreme position of humans. He claimed that knowledge and personal effort, not devotion to the gods, are the true means of salvation.很多宗教创始人都声称自己是上帝、先知或者上帝的化身,但是佛祖却从未说过自己是上帝。他自称是一个普通人,相信知识和努力能救赎自我,而非对神的奉献。Although he insisted in the equality of all humans, the Buddha has become almost a “super-human” in popular religion.虽然他坚持众生平等,但是佛在信众心中几乎是一个超人。4 Not A Vegetarian4.并非素食主义者There is a widesp image of the Buddha being a strict vegetarian. This is also a claim with no historical support. Not even the early Buddhist sources mention the Buddha being a vegetarian in any way.很多人认为佛陀是一个绝对的素食主义者。这是完全没有历史依据的。早期的佛教资料也没有说过佛陀是一个素食主义者。Moreover, many accounts describe the Buddha eating meat and also advising on meat broths as a way to treat some illnesses. There are also some accounts mentioning that the last meal of the Buddha was wild boar. Even the earliest followers of the Buddha were not strict vegetarians.此外,许多书中提及佛陀吃肉,甚至把肉汤当作治病良方。也有书中提到,佛陀最后的晚餐是野猪。甚至早期的佛弟子也不是绝对的的素食主义者。Vegetarianism became attached to Buddhist practices years after the Buddha passed away.佛陀去世多年以后,素食主义才变成了佛门戒律。3 Belief In Previous Reincarnations3.轮回As previously mentioned, during its early days, Buddhism had to “compete” with several traditions that supported their authority by claiming to have originated a long time ago. In order to claim a level of credibility similar to these older traditions, early Buddhists created a number of literary works about “past Buddhas.” The goal was to stress the idea that what the Buddha taught was nothing new but rather a timeless truth.如上所述,早期的佛教与传统的权威教派分庭抗衡。为了明佛教的传统源远流长,早期佛教徒创作了大量“过去七佛”的故事,意在告诉世人如来佛祖教的东西并不是什么新思想新理论而是永恒的真理。Interestingly, the general outline of many of these stories is identical: All the past Buddhas sit cross-legged in their mother’s womb. They all take seven steps to the north immediately after birth. They all renounce the world after witnessing an old man, a sick man, a dead man, and a mendicant. They all attain a state of enlightenment seated on the grass. They never die before their teaching is complete. And finally, they all die after eating meat.这些故事大体相同:诸佛在母胎时便已呈双腿盘坐之态,出生时皆能向北走七步。他们在目睹了生、老、病、死世间百态后都放下了世俗。他们都坐在草地上悟到真理。他们都在教学完成之后逝去的。他们最后的晚餐都是肉食。2 The Buddha As A Deity2.视如来为神How ironic is it that a person who based his teaching on the oneness of mankind and the equality among people eventually came to be regarded as a god? Many of the flexible and tolerant circles of Hinduism, with their ever-growing pantheon of gods and goddesses, consider the Buddha to be a deity, one of the multiple manifestations of the god Vishnu.一个宣扬人类同一性和平等性的人最终被视为神,这就有点讽刺了。印度教派别林立,神和女神非常多,他们认为佛陀神毗湿奴的化身之一。Even more ironic is the fact that by elevating the Buddha’s status over the human realm, his image did not become more powerful in any way: In a tradition like Hinduism, filled with countless deities, turning the Buddha into a god also made him ordinary, just one more god among thousands.事实上,即便把佛当做一位神邸,他也并没有因此变得更神圣。传统的印度教,有成千上万的神,如果佛果真是神,也不过是成千上万神中的一个。1 The Remains Of The Buddha1.佛陀的遗骸The Mahaparinirvana Sutra (an ancient Buddhist text on the last days of the Buddha) describes how his followers cremated the Buddha after he passed away. The remains were divided into eight portions. Each of these portions were sent to eight different states visited by the Buddha during his lifetime. A stupa was erected in each state in order to house the remains. Other sources claim that during the third century , Ashoka ordered these eight stupas to be opened, the cremated remains of the Buddha redistributed into a higher number of portions, and more stupas to be built all over the expanding Buddhist world to house the relics.《大般涅盘经》(佛陀去世前的教诲录)中描述了佛陀的弟子在他涅槃后将他火化,得到了一块头顶骨、两块指骨、四颗牙齿、一节中指指骨舍利和84000颗珠状真身舍利子。揭陀国、毗舍离国等八位国王将佛舍利平分八份,建塔安奉。也有说,公元前三世纪,阿育王把这八座佛塔打开取出舍利子,把它们分成许多份,大范围建塔供养,广泛传播佛教。The Buddhist relic-cult has been an important dimension of Buddhist ritual. Even today, there are several temples and museum that claim to hold “relics” of the Buddha. Two famous examples are the “Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic” in Sri Lanka and the “Buddha Tooth Relic Temple amp; Museum” in Singapore.佛教文物是佛教仪式的一部分,一直以来备受追崇。即使在今天,也有一些寺庙和物馆宣称供奉着佛的“遗物”,像斯里兰卡的“佛牙塔”、新加坡的“佛牙寺及物馆”。 /201704/505511

A sex doll has landed a government minister in hot water in Chile recently.近日,一个充气娃娃将智利的一名政府部长置于了水深火热之中。The gag gift was given by Roberto Fantuzzi, the head of the Chilean exporters#39; association, to Chilean Economy Minister Luis Felipe Cespedes at an annual industry dinner last Tuesday night.在上周二晚间举办的年度产业晚宴上,智利出口商协会主席罗伯托·范图兹将这个恶作剧礼物赠送给了智利经济部长路易斯·费利佩·塞斯佩德斯。Fantuzzi gave Cespedes the doll, which had a note taped over its mouth that ;to stimulate the economy.;范图兹赠送给塞斯佩德斯的充气娃娃的口部还被一张标牌封住,上面写道“为了刺激经济”。While gag gifts are common at the yearly event, this year#39;s gift has sparked an enormous backlash.虽然恶作剧礼物在年度活动上很常见,但是今年的充气娃娃却引起了轩然。Cespedes, who could be seen laughing and smiling upon accepting the naked doll, apologized last Thursday.在接到这个一丝不挂的玩偶时还春光满面的塞斯佩德斯已于上周四道歉。Fantuzzi offered his resignation after the incident and pleaded for forgiveness. ;I have wife, daughters and granddaughters,; he tweeted. ;The intention was never to generate violence against women.;事发后,范图兹递交了辞呈并请求原谅。他发表推文称:“我有妻子、女儿和孙女。我绝非是要煽动对女性的暴力。”The exporters#39; association will meet to discuss his fate, the association said.而出口商协会方面也表示,该协会将于近日开会讨论他的去留。Michelle Bachelet, the country#39;s first female President, also slammed the gift and chastised the two men for their disrespect for women.智利首位女总统米歇尔·巴切莱特也猛烈批评了这一礼物,并谴责他们不尊重女性。;The fight for women#39;s respect has been an essential principle for my government,; she said in a tweet. ;What happened in the dinner cannot be tolerated.;“为女性的尊严而战,是我的政府的一个根本原则。”她在推特上表示。“晚宴上发生的事情让人无法容忍。”Meanwhile, Twitter blew up the incident with the tone-deaf offering.与此同时,推特用户也一致对这一事件进行了抨击。One person tweeted, ;The rampant machismo of the Chilean businessmen hurts society, endorses the objectification of women and thus violence.;一位用户发表推文称:“这两个智利商人的猖狂大男子主义伤害了社会、赞同女性就是玩物,因此已经构成了暴力。”In a survey conducted in 2015, 96% of Chilean women said Chile is a macho country; 80% of men believed so. Almost half the respondents said they had discriminated against a woman in the past.一项于2015年展开的调查显示,96%的智利女性认为智利是一个男性国家,80%的男性也这样认为。约半数受访者表示,他们曾歧视过女性。 /201612/485285

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