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One year after PayPal founder Max Levchin helped launch Glow, the fertility app has some impressive results: the service takes credit for 25,000 pregnancies. As notes stream in from excited users, often accompanied by photographs of astonished newborns, it’s hard not to get the warm fuzzies.一年前,贝宝(PayPal)创始人麦克斯o列夫琴参与推出了“好”应用软件Glow。现在,这一应用已经带来了可观的成果——2.5万名女性通过它成功晋级准妈妈。兴奋不已的用户发来的感谢信如雪片般飞来,不少信函还带有新生宝宝表情惊异的照片,这不免让人觉得心里暖烘烘的。Helping people become parents, it turns out, is just the start for Glow. Its founders have a bigger vision in mind: to add research to a field where data is lacking. They want to use the information Glow collects about reproductive cycles to improve women’s health more broadly. This has led to several new ventures, including launching a new post-conception app and gathering anonymized user information for use in studies for the medical community.事实明,帮助用户升级为父母只是Glow公司迈出的第一步。它的创始人怀揣着更大的愿景,那就是把研究引进一个缺乏数据的领域。他们想用Glow应用收集的生育周期信息来更全面地提高女性健康水平。这种抱负已经催生了一些新的项目,包括推出一个新的怀后应用软件,收集匿名用户信息供医学界进行研究。For the unfamiliar, Glow collects information about reproductive cycles. It uses algorithms to track the progress of a woman’s period, calculate when she’s ovulating, and ultimately predict when the next window of fertility opens. The app is free, though there is a paid option called Glow First. (Fortunefirst wrote about Glow a year ago.)对不熟悉它的人来说,Glow的功能就是收集生育周期信息。它用算法来跟踪女性的经期,计算她们的排卵时间,从而最终预测下一次受机会窗口从什么时候开启。这是一款免费的应用软件,同时也提供一个名叫Glow First的应用内购买项目【《财富》(Fortune)一年前率先对Glow进行过报道】。To accomplish its research goals, Glow must market to a broader group of women and not just those who are trying to get pregnant. Today, Glow reports that half of its users aren’t even trying to get pregnant—they use the app to take advantage of the insights it can provide, such as warning signs for endometriosis. (The company won’t say how many people in total are using it.)为了实现研究目标,Glow必须获得范围更广的女性用户,而不仅仅是那些正在设法怀的女性。该公司表示,目前一半的Glow用户都不是为了受,而是用它来了解自己的健康情况,比如是否有子宫内膜异位的迹象(该公司没有说明Glow的用户总数)。“We’re able to just get the data and apply information so that we can return something useful,” says Mike Huang, Glow’s chief executive.Glow公司首席执行官麦克o黄说:“我们可以获得数据并且运用这些信息,然后把一些有用的东西反馈出去。”This was the plan from the start. After launching Glow in last August, Levchin (who serves as executive chairman) and Huang made modifications to appeal to women who weren’t trying to conceive (often shortened to the acronym “TTC”). Glow 3.0 launched in January, with new features intended for women who only want to track their periods and better understand their menstrual cycles.这就是最初的计划。去年8月份建立这家公司后,列夫琴(现任该公司执行董事长)和麦克o黄做出了一些调整,目的是吸引那些并未尝试受(通常被简称为TTC)的女性。1月份推出的Glow 3.0版专门为那些只想追踪并更好地了解自身经期的女性提供了一些新功能。In July, the company took another step. It launched Glow Nurture, a separate mobile application tailored to pregnancy rather than fertility. In essence, the new app intends to answer the question, “We’ve conceived. Now what?”7月份,该公司又向前迈进了一步——它推出了另一款移动应用软件Glow Nurture,对象是准妈妈们,而不是想受的人群。这款新应用的核心就是回答一个问题:“我怀上宝宝了,然后呢?”“We’ve been getting tons and tons of requests over the past several months for the same data-driven approach [as the original Glow app] with a high-quality, warm design,” Huang says of the new app.对于Glow Nurture,黄表示:“过去几个月中,许多人都希望我们推出同样的数据驱动型软件(就像Glow一样],而且质量要高,设计要贴心。” /201409/326525。

  • D-printed implants just got one of their biggest real-world tests to date. Peking University Third Hospital has successfully implanted the first 3D-printed vertebra in a 12-year-old boy with cancer in his spinal cord. The bone substitute is made from titanium powder like many orthopedic implants, but promises to be both safer and longer-lasting than conventional replacements. Since it#39;s designed to mimic the shape of the child#39;s original vertebra, it doesn#39;t need cement or screws to stay in place; healing should go faster, too. The construct is full of small holes that let natural bone grow inside, so it should eventually become a permanent, stable part of the spine that won#39;t need adjustments at some point down the road.3D打印植入假体最近在真实世界得到了一次重要验。北京大学第三医院成功的在一个身患脊髓癌的12岁男孩身上植入了一个3D打印的脊柱。像许多整形外科所使用的假体一样,这个替代的骨骼是由钛金属粉末制成的。它被设计成模拟儿童本来的脊椎形状,所以并不需要粘合剂或者钉子来固定位置,病人的恢复过程也相应的会更快一些。假体的构造遍布着小孔,以便让人体自身的骨骼生长入它的内部,最终会变成脊椎的永久性的、稳定的一部分,且在未来无需专门的调整。CCTV notes that the full results of this surgery won#39;t be available for some time. He#39;ll have to wear gear that keeps his head and neck still for the next three months, and it will likely take much longer than that before we know how well the implant holds up in real-world conditions. If everything goes smoothly, though, the surgery will be proof that 3D-printed bones are useful virtually anywhere in the body -- and, in some circumstances, might save your life.据中国中央电视台的报道,这个手术的完整结果还有待观察。接受脊柱植入的男孩必须穿戴特殊的装置使他的头和颈部在接下来的三个月保持固定——在我们得知这个假体在实际生活中能否正常工作之前,这个过程有可能会花去更多的时间。但如果一切顺利的话,这个手术将会明3D打印骨骼在身体任何部位都可以得到有效的应用,在某些情况下甚至能拯救你的生命。 /201408/324369。
  • Many Chinese spectators who have watched the search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 unfold are emphatic about one thing: the tragedy has made it less likely they#39;ll include Malaysia in future travel plans. 对于目睹了马来西亚航空公司(Malaysia Airlines, 简称:马航) 370航班搜寻过程的很多中国人而言,有一点十分肯定:这次的悲剧使他们将来把马来西亚作为旅行目的地的意愿下降。On Monday night, Malaysian authorities announced they had concluded that Flight 370, bound from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing and carrying 239 people--153 of whom were Chinese--had crashed in the Indian Ocean. The announcement capped more than two weeks of waiting for news by families, some of whom have accused the airline of failing to release information in a timely fashion. 周一晚间,马来西亚政府宣布,已经得出结论,从吉隆坡飞往北京的370航班(机上共有239人,其中153名中国人)已经在印度洋坠毁。此前失联航班机上人员家属已经等待了两周多,其中一些人指责马航信息发布不及时。As of Tuesday morning, an online Sina poll found that 77% of more than 38,400 respondents said the incident had influenced whether they#39;d be likely to travel to Malaysia in the future. Another 19% said it hadn#39;t made a difference, while 4% said they weren#39;t sure. 截至周二上午,新浪(Sina)的网上调查显示,超过38,400名受访者中,77%表示该事故影响了他们未来前往马来西亚旅行的意愿,另外19%表示没有影响,还有4%的回答是不确定。China currently accounts for 12% of tourists to Malaysia, according to a research report by Bank of America-Merrill Lynch. Such tourists together account for 6% of Malaysia#39;s total tourism receipts, or 0.4% of GDP. 美银美林(Bank of America-Merrill Lynch)的研究报告显示,目前前往马来西亚的游客中中国人占12%,给马来西亚贡献了6%的旅游业收入,相当于国内生产总值(GDP)的0.4%。Meanwhile, anger erupted online over Malaysia#39;s handling of the latest news on the missing flight, particularly that the official conclusion that the plane had crashed--delivered at 10 p.m. Monday night by Malaysia#39;s prime minister--was sent to a number of family members by text message only shortly before the information was made public. 网民们对马来西亚方面发布失联航班最新消息的手法深感不满,尤其是马来西亚官方关于飞机已坠毁结论的发布方式――在周一晚间10点马来西亚总理对外宣布这一官方结论的不久前,马来西亚方面仅用一条短信通知失踪乘客家属结果。#39;The way they announced their conclusions was too simple, too cruel. Can#39;t they understand the feelings of those who#39;ve been praying for so long?#39; wrote one user on Sina Weibo. 新浪微(Sina Weibo)的一名用户写道,这种方式太简单粗暴,他们就不能理解家属们的感受?家属们祈祷了那么久。On its verified Weibo account, the official Communist Party mouthpiece People#39;s Daily said it wasn#39;t satisfied with Malaysian authorities#39; conclusions, which officials have said were derived from British air crash investigators#39; data. #39;The reality is still unclear, the search cannot stop. We want the truth!#39; 《人民日报》通过其认的官方微帐号发文称,马方表示,这是根据英国航空事故调查局数据得出的结论;事实依然模糊,搜索不能停止,我们需要真相!”Other users still held out hope: #39;Countrymen above the lost plane, as well as those brothers and sisters from other nations: No matter what terrible situation you#39;ve encountered, please believe that we will continue to hope for a miracle. Our homeland is launching search and rescue efforts with all its strength, and we await the safe return of all the people aboard. You can do it, my homeland! You can do it.#39; 也有一些微用户仍心存希望,他们写道:“失踪飞机上的同胞,以及来自其他国家的兄弟们,无论你们的处境有多糟糕,请相信我们仍在期待一个奇迹,我们的祖国正在竭尽全力进行搜救,我们等待机上所有人平安归来,我的祖国,你可以做到的。” /201403/282284。
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