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平行转弯简介Introduction to Skiing ParallelUp until now, youve been using the snow plough at the start of the turn,到目前为止,你已经学会了在入弯时采用犁式,and once you go round corner, letting the skis come parallel.出弯时把雪板改为平行式。What are we gonna to look at today is keeping the skis parallel all the way through the turn, from the beginning to end.今天我们来学习一下如何在整个弯中保持平行式。These are few skills you need to learn. Lets take a look.首先有几个你需要学习的技巧,我们来看一下,Youve been start the turn with a snow plough getting around corner,使用犁式转弯过程中,and if the body position right, you probably find that ski sliding quite easily.如果身体的姿势是正确的,你会发现雪板转的很顺畅,We gonna make that happen earlier or earlier.我们要逐渐尽早的把板子并起,So a goal for today is getting on skis down the whole corner parallel.所以今天的目标就是在整个转弯的过程中让雪板保持平行。Here Im starting turn in the snow plought, and leding the ski come parallel at very end,入弯时我使用犁式,出弯时让雪板平行,as become more confident, I pick up speed and I can open up that keen,慢慢熟练后,我增加一些速度,打开膝盖,and let the ski rolling when it be able to commit, earlier and earlier to the outside ski.让雪板越来越早地依靠山下板自已转动。注:本文翻译由en88字幕组完成。201504/369104So Ive had my IGF measured back in London,我在伦敦做了类胰岛素生长因子的测试and they tell me that its 28.他们告诉我是28Is that good? Bad?这个数值是好 是坏Thats not very bad, but thats high enough不算很坏 但是that, based on a number of studies, including our own,基于包括我们自己的一系列研究it puts you in a higher这个数值表明risk category for several different cancers,你罹患几种癌症的风险略高including prostate cancer.包括前列腺癌Valter believes I should start to see some pretty impressive results瓦尔特认为进行三天四夜的禁食后after just three days and four nights of fasting.我应该能得到一些显著的改善But its a daunting prospect.但我却望而却步I think fastings quite tough, isnt it?禁食很痛苦 对吗Have you done it yourself?你有做过吗Ive done it myself, yes,有 我有做过Ive fasted for four days several times我尝试了几次持续四天的禁食and to me it was very tough, yeah.对我来说 很痛苦And still, if I look ahead at doing fasting,一想到要禁食I see it as a tough four days,我还是会觉得是很痛苦的四天Im not looking forward.我不愿意禁食Some people do, but I dont.有些人会希望 但我不会Im Italian, so I look forward to eating well, you know.我是意大利人 你懂的 我崇尚美食Ill bear that image in mind. Yeah.我会记住这个画面的重点解释:1.a number of 许多;若干(后接可数名词的复数形式)例句:A number of cables are needed in this project.这项工程需要大量电缆。2.look ahead 考虑未来; 看前面例句:Look ahead. What can you see on the top of the hill?向前看。你看见山顶上有什么东西?3.look forward to 展望,期待(后接动词的ing形式)例句:I look forward to being alone in the house.我盼望着能自己一人待在这所房子里。 201510/403376栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201603/432204Time for the shoutout.“大喊”时间到了。Which of these landmarks would you find in Salisbury Plain?在索尔兹伯里平原你会发现哪个地标建筑?If you think you know it, shout it out. Is it: (a), Ayers Rock, (b), Half Dome, (c), Giant`s Causeway, or (d), Stonehenge?如果你以为你知道,就大声喊出来。是:(a)艾尔斯巨石(b)半圆顶(c)巨人堤道(d)巨石阵?You`ve got three seconds. Go!你有三秒钟。开始吧!Salisbury Plain is outside of Salisbury, England, and that`s the home of Stonehenge. That`s your answer and that`s your shoutout.索尔兹伯里平原位于英格兰外的索尔兹伯里,巨车阵坐落于此。这就是你的,你的大喊。It`s one of those most famous monuments in the world. Archaeologists believe Stonehenge was built between the years 3000 and 1520 B.C. It appears to have been a cemetery at one point, though no one knows for sure who built Stonehenge and why.巨石阵世界上最著名的纪遗迹之一。考古学家认为,巨车阵始建于公元前3000年到1520年。人们似乎一度认为巨石阵是一个墓地,尽管没人确切知道谁建造了它以及为什么建造它。Theories have described it as a temple, a meeting place, a monument for predicting eclipses. Those theories are being tested and new ones born thanks to a remarkable find not far away.理论上人们将它描述成一个寺庙,一个会议场所,一个预测日食的遗迹。这些理论正在被验,新的理论随着不远处的惊人发现而产生。It takes your breath away. People from all over travel to see Stonehenge. Its construction and its purpose remaining mystery, thousands of years old.巨石阵美的让你无法呼吸。人们从各地赶来游览巨石阵。几千年来其建造和目的一直是个迷。And now, we`re learning that just two miles away from here, a discovery so extraordinary experts are calling it archaeology on steroids.现在,在距巨石阵2英里的地方,有一个令人惊奇的发现,专家称之为“开挂的”古迹。Scientists used ground-penetrating radar technology to make the discovery. They found at least 40 stone slabs in spaces for at least 160 more.科学家们采用探地雷达技术进行探测。他们至少发现40块石板,其空间足以容纳160块。It`s incredible to be here, knowing that beneath my feet, the remnants of an ancient monument 15 times the size of Stonehenge.在我脚下有一座比巨石阵还大15倍的古迹,真是太不可思议了。The National Trust`s Nick Snashall says the new find rewrites the history of the area.国民托管组织的尼克斯纳歇尔表示,新的发现将改写该区域的历史。译文属。 /201509/397816


Farmers son, fearless navigator,And the most successful pirate in history.他出身农民家庭 是位无所畏惧的航海家 也是有史以来最成功的一位海盗In his sights, a Spanish galleon,Loaded with a metal so valuable it will change the world.一艘西班牙大帆船已驶入他的视线之内 船上装载着一种 能够推动人类世界产生巨变的贵重金属Drakes secret partner-in-crime Is the English queen, Elizabeth I.暗地里持德雷克的幕后大佬 就是当时的英国女皇 伊丽莎白一世Drake was given letters of reprisal signed by the British crown,德雷克已获颁由英国皇室签发的 ;私掠许可;which meant that he could go and raid Spanish shipping.意味着他可以明目张胆地劫掠西班牙货物What he did was piracy!Hes aly plundered over 70 spanish ships.他的所作所为简直就是海盗行径! 已有七十余艘西班牙籍货船惨遭劫掠The king of Spain has put a price on his head,10 million dollars today, dead or alive.西班牙国王不惜出重金买他首级 赏金相当于现今的一千万美金 生死皆可The Spanish ship, the Cacafuego, heads for the coast of Panama西班牙货船卡卡佛戈号 启程前往巴拿马沿岸With the most valuable cargo ever seen at sea.内载海运史上最为贵重的一组货物In its hold, 26 tons of silver from the Americas,Worth million today.其内装载重达二十六吨产自美洲的白银 按现今市价折算 总值高达三千万美金Barrels thrown off the stern slow Drakes ship down.德雷克一行将木桶从船尾坠入海中以降低航速So he was gaining on her very slowly,very slightly, imperceptibly,使他可以慢慢逼近他的;猎物; 神不知鬼不觉地慢慢靠近and not looking like a foreign threat,and why would they expect one?看上去人畜无害 他们又怎么会预料到有危险呢?There were no foreign ships in the Pacific.Disguised as a harmless Spanish merchant,太平洋上外籍船只几乎绝迹 伪装成毫无恶意的西班牙商人Drakes ship has been chasing the Cacafuego for 14 days.十四天来 德雷克一行一直尾随着卡卡佛戈号201602/425825

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