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Tuesdays National Newspaper Front PagesSky News takes a look at the stories making a splash on the front pages of Tuesdays national newspapers.The financial times to start with the reports that Tesco has been thrown into termoyl after overstating its profits. The guardian views that two billion pounds was wiped off the value of Britains biggest retailer and that four senior executives have been suspended. The daily mail argues that Tescos facing the worst crisis in its 95 year history after claims that directors cooked the books. Independent claims the company seized the laptops of the suspended employees and considered that more money may be involved. Meanwhile the daily telegraph with Cameritons put English home rule at the heart of the torys election manifesto. The daily express lay on UK putting a promise to abolished inheritance tax before voters in May next year. The times says atmolibanto tax mansions was more than two million pounds to fund NHS. The metro has the case of graphic designer who try to kill her manipulated mom by laisting her drink with poison and so emulating a TV plot line accords been told. The Sun says the love sick woman into field with the physical drink because she was inspired by the plot of breaking bad. And the daily star highlights a th to the private see of the actress Emma. /201409/332484。

于TED2010的演讲中, Blaise Aguera y Arcas令人屏气地演示了微软的新颖地图技术,为地图增加现实内容的技术。201311/263181。

These whales can weigh up to 40 tonnes这些鲸鱼有的重达四十吨and move surprisingly quickly.而且移动速度出奇地快As well as getting the camera to get the shots -所以摄影机 就位拍摄的速度也要快they have to be fairly close -而且又要蛮近的距离we have to be careful they dont get bumped.我们必须非常小心 以免碰到或撞到它们If they get a knock from one of these guys,要是碰到或撞到了it could do some serious damage.它们随便反应动一下 都可能造成严重的伤害Hes right towards you.朝你的方向来了To avoid disturbing the whales behaviour,为了不要打扰到鲸鱼the team need to free-dive, without scuba tanks,摄影师只好不使用装备潜水holding their breath as long as they can.尽可能长间时地憋住气On a good dive, I can hold my breath for maybe two minutes.潜下去如果顺利 我大概能憋到两分钟These guys, they can go for 20 minutes or more座头鲸能憋到二十分钟 甚至更久before they have to come up for air.才需要上来换一次气Theres no contest.我们可没得比More and more whales are gathering,越来越多鲸鱼聚集在一起了but its not turning into a heat run yet.但是还没有要求偶竞逐的样子201308/250951。

Make your back happy at work for less than the price of a hot dog.只需不到一根热的价格来改造办公椅,就可以让你的背部更舒适。You Will Need你需要A paper towel roll or empty one-liter soda bottle一筒纸巾或1升装空汽水瓶A towel or pillow一条毛巾或枕头Telephone books电话本Tape胶带Steps步骤Step 1 Adjust seat height1.调整座椅高度Place your hands and forearms on your desk. If your elbows are not level with your workspace, raise or lower your chair until they are even.将手和前臂放在办公桌上。如果肘部与办公台不在同一水平,调整椅子高度,直到高度适中。If your chair is too low and you can’t move it any higher, sit on a folded towel or pillow.如果你的椅子太矮了,不能调高,在椅子上垫一个枕头或一条折叠的毛巾。Step 2 Check your feet2.检查双脚Now that your chair is at the optimum height, check your feet. If they cannot be placed firmly on the floor, create a footrest with telephone books. This will remove stress from the shoulders and neck.椅子调到最佳高度后,检查双脚。如果不能稳稳地放在地板上,用几本电话本作脚凳,这样可以缓解肩膀和脖子的压力。Step 3 Make a backrest3.靠背Sit up straight, leaning slightly back, with your feet on the ground or footrest. If there’s a large gap between your back and the chair, tuck a roll of paper towels behind your lower back. Remove towels until it fits perfectly, then tape it so the roll won’t unravel.坐直,背部稍微向后倾斜,双脚放在地面或脚凳上。如果背部和椅背之间有很大的空隙,在背部较低的位置后塞一卷纸巾,调整纸巾卷的位置,直到最佳位置,然后用胶带粘好,这样纸巾卷就不会移动。An empty, one-liter soda bottle can be used in place of the paper towel roll.也可以用1升装的空汽水瓶来代替纸巾。Step 4 Don’t cross your legs4.不要交叉双脚Keep both feet on the floor as you work; crossing your legs puts stress on both your back and neck.工作时双脚放在地板上。交叉双脚会对背部和脖子造成压力。In many countries in Asia, workers sit on a cushion on the floor.在亚洲许多国家,人们坐在地板的垫子上工作。视频听力译文由。201402/276853。

一个孩子的成长 需要天赋 但是更需要理解和持 像他的祖父母一样 我们缺的就是这些 如果可以重来 我也会给我的孩子更大的成长空间201403/280429。

No matter what your design style, these clever decorating tricks will give your house the warm, cozy feeling of home.无论你喜欢哪种设计风格,这些聪明的装修建议都可以为你的家带来温暖,温馨的感觉。You Will Need你需要Vintage fabric优质布料Mix of styles混搭风格Printed wallpaper or curtains印花墙纸或窗帘Bold fabric in a mix of textures大胆的混合布料Quirky accent pieces风格特异的物品Curtains, pillows, an area rug, and comfortable furniture窗帘,枕头,小地毯和舒适的家具Plants and flowers (optional)盆栽和鲜花(可选)Steps步骤STEP 1 Use vintage fabric1.优质布料Use vintage fabric to create cozy accessories. One vintage curtain panel can yield up to three 20-inch square pillows to accessorize your bedroom.使用优质布料来打造温馨的配饰。一张优质的窗帘布可以制作三个20平方英寸的枕头来装饰卧室。Use the vintage fabric on the front of the pillow and buy new, coordinating fabric for the back to save yardage.使用优质布料来制作枕头前面,购买新的,配套的布料来做背面,节约布料。STEP 2 Mix furniture2.家具混搭Mix furniture styles and centuries. Group heirloom antiques with newer pieces for a relaxed, lived-in feeling. Or simply add antique accent pieces, like antique flower prints on the wall.混合不同风格的家具。传家的古董家具和较新的家具搭配,打造轻松的家居环境。或者简单地添加一件股东风格的物品,比如墙上的古董鲜花饰品。Refresh matching vintage or antique pieces by reupholstering in modern fabrics. It will still feel lived in but look fresher and newer.翻新配套的优质或古董配件,用现代布料做椅面。仍然有比较家居的感觉,但是看上去新得多。STEP 3 Try print walls3.尝试刷墙Try an elegant, timeless print on the walls or curtains of a guest bedroom or bathroom, like a toile print. It adds a coziness and a touch of whimsy.尝试在客房或卫生间的墙上刷上优雅省时的图案,可以增添温馨的感觉,也更容易安抚心情。STEP 4 Choose strong fabrics4.选择坚硬的材料Choose a strong fabric for the main furniture pieces and design the rest of the room around it. Bold colors or graphic prints instantly add a homey feel. Mix textures to add warmth and interest.主要的家具选择坚硬的布料,房间的其他布置根据家具来进行。大胆的色和生动的图案立即增添家的感觉。混合不同材质来增加温馨和趣味的感觉。STEP 5 Add quirky accents5.增添奇特风格的物品Add quirky accents, such as homemade drawings, paintings, sculpture, or an odd lighting fixture. Use your own special touch to make a unique impression.增添一些奇特风格的物品,比如自己制作的抽屉,油画,雕塑,或者怪异的灯光调节。亲自动手增加独特的印象。Plants and flowers add an earthy touch to any home.植物和鲜花可以为任何房间增添生气。STEP 6 Warm up a room6.增添温暖气氛Warm up any room with long curtains, big pillows or cushions, a plush area rug, and comfortable furniture to make everyone feel right at home.用长长的窗帘,大大的枕头和靠垫,长毛绒的地毯,温暖的家具来让每个人立即产生家的感觉。According to a 2008 National Association of Home Builders study, home buyers spent an average of ,288 on furnishings during the first year after buying a home.根据全国住宅建筑商协会2008年一份调查,业主在购房后的第一年内平均花费5,288美元来装饰。视频听力译文由。201410/335688。

On April 28, 2003,在2003年4月28日the iTunes music store debuted.iTunes音乐商店正式推出More than one million songs最初五天已有超过100万首were downloaded in the first five days.歌曲被下载But the year would take a surprising那年对乔布斯个人来说turn for Jobs personally.出现了惊人的转变In 2003, Steve Jobs在2003年乔布斯was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer被确诊患上胰脏癌a fairly rare form of pancreatic cancer是比较罕见的一种胰脏癌that isnt as, as fatal as pancreatic cancer often is而情况没有一般的胰脏癌严重but still a very dire diagnosis.但也是个可怕的疾病And he wound up having to undergo surgery to remove a tumor他之后要接受切除肿瘤的手术and take his first leave这次是他第一次of absence from running Apple.向苹果电脑公司请假After his leave of absence,在放完病假后Steve Jobs returned to Apple乔布斯回到苹果电脑公司and in 2007 he was on stage还在2007年with a new product announcement:上台宣布推出新产品An iPod, a phone...一部iPod,加上电话are you getting it?你们想像到吗?Hundreds of Apple fans lined up当iPhone在2007年6月29日to buy the iPhone推出的时候when it released in the ed States on June 29, 2007.有数以百计的苹果迷排队购买One year later,一年后,乔布斯的健康he began to look sick again,看来再次出现问题but he joked about it:不过他说笑道Before we do, I just wanted to mention this:在开始前我想先说说这个问题: /201310/262346。

If you take an organ like the heart,如果观察心脏你就会发现which is pumping away to pump the blood around the body,它是通过跳动来向全身输送血液it needs a lot of energy, a lot of oxygen delivered to it.这就需要很多能量和氧气来辅助If it doesnt get it,要是不够充足if it gets starved of oxygen, that can produce a heart attack.处于缺氧状态 这时就会突发心脏病We werent just suffering我们新形成的饮食结构the effects of our new diet in our hearts.岂止会损害到心脏It was hitting us in the guts, too.更会损伤内脏Our bowels were exploding.我们的肠子越胀越大It seemed that again the reason was man-made.看来又是人为造成Modern flour milling techniques现代面粉制造技术removed the fibre from our staple foods.将主食中的纤维质剔除Horizon was on hand to explain地平线栏目已精确剖析过precisely what this was doing to our digestive systems.此举对消化系统的影响The colon isnt just a static tube.结肠并非只是个静压管It contracts like an earthworm它像蚯蚓一样to force the food residue along.通过收缩来传输食物残渣Painter believes that on a low-fibre diet,佩恩特认为低纤维的饮食this residue may be stiff like tar会使食物残渣如沥青般僵硬so that the very high pressures are built up in the colon.然后施压于结肠This can cause a blow-out in于是肠壁会受到严重挤压变形the wall of the colon, called a diverticulum.我们称之为憩室201306/244082。