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Sarah, 63 pounds萨拉,减了63磅;Woke up late [and was] only able to fit in a 25-minute hit, but you know what? I#39;m glad I got my butt out of bed and did something! In this journey you will find that it#39;s the little things that add up.;;起床很迟,只能急匆匆的锻炼25分钟,但你知道吗?我很高兴能够早起,并做了一番事情!在这一段旅程中,你会知道减肥是一点点小事累积起来的。;This stay-at-home momma didn#39;t let having five kids be an excuse for skipping out on a chance to improve her health. Now, the fit mom makes it super easy to work out because she just walks downstairs to her basement. Not only is her gym in her own house, but as she noted above, she doesn#39;t rule out a sweat sesh just because she won#39;t have the full time she#39;s used to committing. Even a short spurt of exercise is better than nothing. You can, too, with these 31 Ways to Work Out-Without Hitting the Gym!这位家庭主妇有5个孩子,但她没有以此为借口错失提高自身健康的机会。现在,这位健身妈妈的锻炼非常简单,因为她刚走下楼去地下室。她的健身房不仅在自己家中,而且如上所述,她不会因为不如以前那般全身心投入而放弃排汗的机会。即使只是短暂性运动也比坐着不动好得多。有了这31种健身方法(而且不用去健身房哦)你也能成功减肥!David Garcia, 160 pounds大卫·加西亚,减了160磅;I#39;ve figured out how to combat my biggest weakness: my attitude. Every prior diet derailed after making poor food choices, because I would think, #39;There goes my diet today, so I should eat whatever I want, and get back on track tomorrow.#39; And then I#39;d stretch #39;tomorrow#39; to #39;next week#39; to #39;next month#39; to #39;next year.#39; So now I eliminate temptation wherever I can. I keep lots of healthy options at home, so I never feel stuck eating the same thing.;;我想出了战胜自己最大弱点--我的态度的方法。每一次选错了食物后,就觉得之前的饮食也报废了,因为我会这样想#39;这就是我今天的食物,我应该想吃什么就吃什么,明天再开始锻炼好了。#39;之后我会将#39;明天#39;延迟到#39;下周#39;再到#39;下个月#39;再到#39;明年。#39;所以现在只要可以,我就会抵制诱惑。我在家里放了很多健康食物,所以我从没觉得一直都在吃同一种食物。;Julie Ana Kim, 72 pounds朱莉·安娜·金,减了72磅;I recently checked the scale to see if I had lost any weight and saw I was only down 2 lbs. I was a little disappointed because I have been working out extra hard. But yesterday, 2 of my coworkers commented they noticed I#39;ve been slimming down. It just made me realize I definitely shouldn#39;t rely on the scale to measure my progress. [...] Pictures, waistline, clothing all show progress as well. Don#39;t feel down just because of what the scale says.;;最近我称了体重,想看看有没有瘦下来,但却只瘦了2磅。我有点失望,因为我锻炼地十分努力。但昨天,我的两位同事说他们发现我瘦了。这让我意识到我不该靠称衡量自己的减肥效果……照片,腰围和衣都能看出效果。不要因为称上的数字而感到失望。;Megan, 114 pounds梅根,减了114磅;Before marriage and kids [vs.] after. It#39;s funny how back in the day we thought we didn#39;t have time to exercise and eat healthy because we were so busy with our full-time jobs. Most of our dinners consisted of picking something up from a restaurant because we were too busy to cook. Now, 2 kids later, we just know we have to make our health a priority.;;结婚和生孩子前对比结婚和生孩子后。回想过去,我们总说自己没有时间锻炼、没有时间吃的健康,因为我们的全职工作太忙了,想想还真有点好笑。大多数时候,我们的晚餐都是从饭店买的,因为我们忙到没时间做饭。现在,有了两个孩子之后,我们才知道健康才是最重要的。;译文属 /201703/500531

APPLES苹果Apples contain high amounts of fiber and natural sugars that breakdown slowly in the body, releasing a steady stream of glucose into the bloodstream and providing the body with a consistent source of energy. Research showed that apples improve neurological health because they contain quercetin, one of two compounds found to reduce inflammation of neurons. Another study published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease connected the consumption of apple juice to an increase in an important neurotransmitter, acetylcholine, which has been found to improve the memories in mice with symptoms of dementia.苹果含有大量的纤维和天然糖分,这会在体内缓慢分解,源源不断的释放葡萄糖流入到血液内,为身体提供一股稳定的能源。研究表明:苹果能够改善神经系统的健康,因为苹果含有槲皮素,这是研究中发现的能够减少神经元炎症的两种化合物之一。《老年痴呆症杂志》刊登的另一项研究认为喝苹果汁能增加一种重要的神经递质——乙酰胆碱,已被明能提升患有痴呆症老鼠的。AVOCADOS牛油果In a study funded by the Hass Avocado Board, avocados were found to improve lutein levels in the brain, which is related to improved cognition. The avocado’s mono-saturated fats also benefit the information-carrying nerves in the brain.哈斯牛油果董事会资助的一项研究发现:牛油果能提升大脑中的叶黄素含量,从而提升认知能力。牛油果中的单个不饱和脂肪也有利于大脑中传递信息的神经。BREAKFAST早餐Although not a food per se, the first meal of the morning — whether it’s eggs, oatmeal, or yogurt — is important for short-term memory recall. Numerous studies have shown that students who eat breakfast perform better on tests than their peers and are able to focus longer.虽然不是食物本身,但早晨的第一餐——不管是鸡蛋、燕麦还是酸奶——都对回忆短期记忆至关重要。许多研究都表明吃早餐的学生考试成绩比他们的同学要优异,而且注意力也更集中。DARK LEAFY GREENS绿叶蔬菜Kale, spinach, and turnip greens are rich in folate, which has been found to keep the brain functioning at full speed. Research showed that individuals with low levels of folate, also known as folic acid or vitamin B9, in their bodies had a higher chance of developing depression. Depression alters the brain’s chemicals and can be inherently energy-draining.甘蓝、菠菜和萝卜青都富含叶酸,研究表明叶酸能够使大脑保持全速运转。研究发现,叶酸(也叫作维他命B9)含量低的人,他们更有可能患有抑郁症。抑郁症会改变大脑的化学物质,导致能量流失。GREEN TEA绿茶Contrary to popular belief, it’s not the caffeine in green tea that keeps people alert and focused — it’s the amino acid L-theanine. Images from human electroencephalograph (EEG) studies support that L-theanine has direct impacts on the brain— calming the mind without making it sleepy.与人们一般的想法相反,绿茶让人全神贯注而又机智敏锐并不是因为绿茶含有咖啡因,而是因为绿茶含有茶氨酸。人类脑电图研究的图像也表明茶氨酸对大脑有直接影响——在不使人犯困的情况下,能够使大脑恢复平静。GUM口香糖Chewing (not swallowing) gum will help fight off drowsiness. A study conducted using a small sampling of undergraduate students showed that the simple motion of chewing kept them more alert than not chewing at all.嚼口香糖(不是吞)会帮助你赶走困意。研究员对少数大学生进行了一项研究,结果表明相比不嚼口香糖的同学来说,嚼口香糖的同学们更加机智灵敏。SALMON三文鱼Salmon is a legitimate superfood. DHA, or docosahexaenoic acid, a long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acid prominent in fatty fish like salmon, has been linked to improved cognitive functioning.三文鱼是真正的超级食物。脑黄金或二十二碳六烯酸是一种长链多不饱和脂肪酸,三文鱼等富含脂肪的鱼类就含有脑黄金。脑黄金能提升人们的认知功能。译文属 /201609/468811

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