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stimulant兴奋剂The Best StimulantA patient said to his doctor, "Doc, please give me something that will stimulate me, excite me, and put me in a, very, very highly stimulated spirit, a fighting, excited spirit."So the doctor said, "Don't worry, take this, and after you see the bill, you will have all these feelings."最佳兴奋剂病人跟医生说:“医生,请给我一些可以振奋、刺激、充满斗志的药”医生说:“别担心,这个拿去,看到这张帐单以后,你要的这些就都会有了”1.stimulate刺激 The art course stimulated me.艺术课激发了我的灵感 .excite使兴奋也有“引起”的意思:This excites crying.这引起了哭泣声3.put in把…放进…也可以指“插话”: The teacher always puts in a good word his mer pupils.那个老师总是为他以前教过的学生说句好话 .spirit精神也有“神灵”的意思: He was one of the spirits in heaven.他是天国的精灵之一5.bill账单也有“广告,传单”的意思: Post no bills! 禁止张贴! 85Tiger fights kids Tiger Woods has reportedly decided he will be fighting full custody of his children. Nancy Grace has the latest.Tiger will fight his children. Let’s get some details from Jew Patrick, our reporter KD, excuse me, WDBO Radio. What do you know? Well, there’s a lot of conflicting reports here on whether they actually get divorced. You know, we heard a lot about they’re going through intense marriage counseling. They were gonna try to work this together. Now we’re hearing that it might be over, she will file divorce. So a lot of this stuff is still up in the air. Of course, we don’t even roll in a whether at right now. There’s been a report says Tiger Woods has left out on his yacht. But then there’s been another conflicting report that says he still here, may still be in Orlando or down in Palmbit. Elin’s been spotted at a restaurant in Orlando, but now it’s not really clear where she heads, so there’s a lot of stuff up in the air right now, and conflicting reports flying all over the place. Kelli Zink, host CELEBTV.com. Any clue where Tiger may be at this point? No but whoever finds him first and gets that photo is gonna make about 300,000 dollars. That’s our report at the first paparazzi photos going to be. I mean, we did hear that police came to escort Elin from her home and take her and the kids away. But then that wasn’t true, so that’ when the rumors started. Are they actually getting a divorce? Because she was so sure that she wanted this. And now she’s staying in the home, but no we have no idea of Tiger’s eating cereal in his baseroom watching cartoons or he’s on the yacht on the way to Bahamas.While Viggi is getting divorce and family law attorney, let’s get back to the issue of Tiger fighting his kids. Now we know because we talked about it yesterday. That the word is that Elin wants full custody. That’s a pretty big thing to ask . He would probably wanna fight back. What’s in it him to fight back? Well, everything is in it him. Obviously, being a parent that’s involved taking care of his children. Obviously, their small children. From a PR standard, a stand point of course, he wants to make himself look like he is the good guy. But you hope he loves his children we gotta believe it. We know it’s a serial philander that’s been alleged. But at the end of the day, he needs to make sure that he has as much time as he can with his children; be as involved in all his decision-making them on a day-to-day basis. Even though, when he’s at work or he goes back into the golf game, so it’s very important him. I think to make a preemptive strike, if they gonna get divorce, they actually file custody now. 93Comprehension Listen to the episode and choose the correct words. 1 Bindyu is Fadi's Harry's girlfriend. Fadi has been visiting his family girlfriend.3 Fadi suggests starting a campaign demonstration. Bindyu is an editor a journalist.5 Sarah is pleased annoyed to see Carlos.6 Magda Olivia has got a distinction in her degree. 8589BcY#hGuWYZX6Nd~9kmy#r3uzxiNK6VAqWlOxp~FYgxzp](UPatty got a doll Christmas. It is her favorite doll. It is a rag doll. It has a yellow dress. It has a blue blouse. The name of the doll is Molly. Molly has bright red hair. She has red lips. She has blue eyes. She has a pink ribbon in her hair. Molly is wearing red shoes. She’s wearing white socks. Molly has a purse. Her purse is pink. The purse is empty. There is nothing in the purse. There was a little mirror in the purse. But Patty lost the mirror. When she lost the mirror, she said, “I’m sorry, Molly. I will get you another mirror.”UD)|YyuOQUGZJoRnCc*wtDPzB+X+OeRi@arD#K6[tm~wowF0JWF 38FIFA President Sepp Blatter says any referee mistakes are deplorable and the board of the International Football Association that makes the laws of the game will re-consider the use of replay technology."Concerning the International Football Association Board, naturally they will take on again the discussion on technology," said Blatter. "They will have a first opporty when the business meeting of the Board of July is meeting in Wales."But Blatter said the current system could not be changed during the World Cup, which is currently approaching the quarterfinals in South Africa.Blatter witnessed both officiating mistakes Sunday during the round-of- matches between England and Germany and between Argentina and Mexico.In the first match, England's Frank Lampard would have tied the score at -all bee half-time, but officials did not see his shot bounce across the goal line and rebound out after hitting under the crossbar. The score remained -1 and Germany went on to win -1 to advance to the quarterfinals.In the second game, officials missed a clear offside against Argentina's Carlos Tevez whose header gave his team an early 1-0 lead over Mexico. The Argentines won 3-1 and also advanced.Blatter said he apologized to England and Mexico and that FIFA was aly studying how to improve refereeing or match control.Vocabulary:1.crossbar n. 横杆.quarterfinal n. 四分之一决赛3.deplorable adj. 可叹的,悲惨的,凄惨的如:Such wardness is deplorable.像这样的胆大妄为应该受到指责.FIFA国际足球联合会:International Federation of Association Football国际足球联合会  全称(法语):Fédération internationale de football association   缩写:FIFA 193

A few hours went by and there was a loud knock on the door.几个钟头过去了,门外又响起了重重的敲门声,This time it was an old gypsy woman with no teeth, who was deaf,who spoke quite loudly and was rather rudely insisting that any true believer in the Lord would not deny her something to eat.这次来的是一个吉普赛老妇,她没有牙齿,耳朵也听不见吉普赛老妇粗鲁地叫嚷着,她坚持说上帝虔诚的信徒是绝不会看着她挨饿而无动于衷的Though the woman had no more money with which to buy more supplies, she invited the woman in and offered her a seat at the table.虽然妇人已身无分文,再也买不起更多食物,但她还是把吉普赛老妇请上了餐桌The gypsy ate everything, did not even thank the woman and left without closing the door.吉普赛老妇把饭菜吃了个精光后转身就走,根本没有道谢,甚至连门都没有关By now it was beginning to get dark both inside and out.这时天色已晚,屋里屋外都暗了下来The woman faith was strong, so that, though somewhat distraught, she did not give up, but rather,looked around her humble house to see if there was anything she could sell in order to buy more food to set bee the Lord.妇人仍然坚信上帝会来尽管多少有些烦躁不安,但她依然没有放弃,她在自己简陋的小屋里四处搜索,看看还有什么东西能卖些钱,她希望赶在上帝来之前能再买些吃的She hurried to town with a little silver cup that had been in her family several generations,but she was willing to part with it the great honor that God was going to bestow on her—the sharing of a meal.妇人带着一个祖传的小银杯子赶到了镇上尽管这银杯子已经传了好几辈人了,但为了能有幸与上帝共进一餐,她甘愿卖了它Late in the night she rushed home to prepare yet a third meal.当妇人回到家里准备好第三桌饭菜时,已经是深夜了She waited and waited until, once more, there was a knock on the door.她等啊等啊,终于又响起了敲门声Holding her breath, she slowly opened the door to find yet another poor man in the guise of a wandering monk, in search of a meal.她屏住呼吸,慢慢地打开了门,这次出行在她眼前的是一个前来化缘的可怜云游僧Again, she offered hospitality, with as much grace as she could muster in her disappointment.妇人再一次热情地接待了僧人,尽管失望至极,但她依然努力不让自己失态This man also ate all that was set on the table and left after blessing the woman her kindness.僧人吃完了桌上所有的东西, 并在临走前为妇人的善良送上祝福So discouraged and dismayed was she that all she could do was nod slightly,in acknowledgment of the thanks.妇人满心沮丧,却只能微微地点头以示谢意Now it was too late, with no way to buy any more food and no more money with which to buy it.现在已经太晚了,她根本不可能,也没有钱再买任何食物了She got down on her knees, weeping such heart-broken tears.她跪在地上,哭得十分伤心She asked God what she had done wrong.她请求上帝告诉自己做错了什么,Why had God not come to share at the table as He had promised?为什么上帝明明答应了自己的邀请却没有现身And God, in all His Divine Compassion and Mercy, lifted the woman off her knees, and holding her close to His Heart, said,“My child, I enjoyed your hospitality so much that I came three times!”神圣而仁慈的上帝将妇人扶了起来,贴近自己的胸口,说道:我的孩子,你的盛情打动了我,让我足足来了三次 75681

Arrests made in suicide ring Four men have been charged in the death of a Georgia man after officials investigate a multi-stage assisted suicide network. In 9 states, investigators search homes and businesses, moving in on alleged assisted suicide ring ---- the Final Exit Network(1) which they believe helps people commit suicide by inhaling helium. They hold your hands down so you can not remove the bag from your head, so even though they might ask you “Are you sure about this?” Once it starts, there is no turning back.At least people have now been charged in connection with the Georgia man's death, among them Thomas Goodwin, the head of Final Exit and his assistant Claire Blehr. On its website Final Exit says it is an all volunteer network, serving people who suffer from a “intolerable condition”. They claim they never actively participate nor encourage anyone to hasten their deaths. But authorities in Phoenix think differently.And that's what's very disturbing about this death, here in Phoenix, the Van Voorhis’ death, because this was not a person who was terminally ill but rather somebody who was depressed, mentally ill.There have been no charges in that case yet. But today the infamous doctor Jack Kevorkian who says he has nothing to do with the Exit network reacted to the raids.It's a witch hunt(), it's an inquisition in action again.It is unclear just how many deaths authorities are now looking into, but more arrests and charges could follow as officials try to determine if it was legal help or homicide.Kristen Dahlgren, N news Notes:(1) Final Exit Network: Visit http:www.finalexitnetwork.org more inmation.() Witch hunt: An investigation carried out ostensibly to uncover subversive activities but actually used to harass and undermine those with differing views. 63853

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