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Wednesday marked the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther Kings ;I Have a Dream; speech. On the occassion, US president Barack Obama addressed the gathered crowd from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial where Dr. King delivered his speech.周三是马丁·路德·金“我有一个梦想”演讲50周年纪念日。这一天,美国总统奥巴马在当年马丁·路德·金发表演讲的林肯纪念堂外的台阶上发表演讲。201308/254434Nelson Mandela: A Monumental Life RememberedThe first black president of South Africa died at the age of 95.Celebrating a life of Nelson Mandela, and it was a remarkable life, Mandela himself once saying; Death is something evitable, when a man has done what he consideres to be his duty to his people and his country, he can rest in peace, I believe i have made that effort and that is, therefore why i will sleep for the eternity.;It has been my great privilege to serve a people whose bondage to an unhuman system evoked the solidarity of all those who love freedom and justice.Nelson Mandela his name synonymous with the struggle and eventual triumph over South Africas legacy of apartheid. A national treasure celebrated by the crowds of the world cup final in his home country, it was the last time many saw Mandela in public. A former boxer Mandela was an advocate of non violence, becoming a leading voice in the African national congress the ANC. but in 1960 after police shot and killed 69 protestors the ANC which had always been non violent created a military wing under Mandelas command.And many people will feel that it is useless and feel futile for us to continue talking peace and non violence against the government whose reply is only savage attacks.Undaunted by the brutality and inequality that was a hallmark of an apartheid rule, Mandela remained determined to end the governments forced racial segregation.Our struggle is a truly national one, it is a struggle for the right to live.A struggle but led to Mandelas imprisonment in 1962, and two years later a life sentence for working to overthrow the government.I have cherished the idea of a democratic and free society, it is an idea for which i hope to live and to see realized, but my lords if it needs be, it is an idea for which i am prepared to die.4 miles off the coast of Cape Town South Africa on Rubben island, Mandela spent most of 27 years cut off from the world, but not forgotten.Mr Nelson Mandela will be released at the v prison.Good evening this was Nelson Mandelas first full day of freedom.Released at the age of 72 in 1990, he remained ever vigilant that his country and its freedom rest in the hands of the people.I stand here before you not as a prophet but as a humble servant.And for the people of South Africa, Mandelas release after nearly 30 years of imprisonment ushered a new era of hope and the end of apartheid.Today the majority of South Africans, black and white, recognize that apartheid has no future.In 1993 Mandela along with South Africas president FW won the Nobel peace prize and in 1994 Mandelas dream was realized when black South Africans cast their first ballots in a democratic election and Mandela became South Africas first black president.We are all South Africans, we have had a good fight, but now this is the time to heal the old wounds and to build a new South Africa.After ruling for five years, Nelson Mandela passed the torch to the next generation and became an elder statesman to the world, a fighter, a visonary, the voice of his people, and moral compass for us all.I am the product of Africa and her long cherished dream of a rebirth that can now be realized, so that all of her children may play in the sun. /201312/267965

For more on this, were now joined by our correspondent Rian Maelzer in Kuala Lumpur for the latest.下面我们一同看看我台记者Rian Maelzer 从吉隆坡发回的最新消息。Rian, 26 countries are now involved in the search and investigation. How is Malaysia coordinating the operations?Rian,你好。现在有26个国家参与了搜救和调查工作。那么大马方面的协调工作进行的如何呢?Malaysian authorities also said they are investigating the crew and passengers. What is the latest you have on this?大马官方表示他们正在对客机上的乘务员和乘客进行调查。关于这一情况,你目前掌握了那些信息?201403/280494

街头艺术家JR在2011年许了个愿望:加入他的全球照片项目,展示给世界真实的面孔。现在,在他的TED Prize许愿一年后,他给我们看了粘贴在公共场合处的人们肖像的大海报,这些把人们团结起来,改善并“颠覆”了整个世界。你也能通过登陆insideoutproject.net加入他们。201403/278642

  Its down to this,the last game,against their main rivals,Liverpool.终于到了本赛季最后一场比赛,面对他们最大的竞争对手,利物浦队。The next 90 minutes will decide Newcastles fate.接下来的九十分钟将决定纽卡斯尔的命运。Will it be Europe,and all the glory that goes with it,next season?究竟他们能不能如愿以偿顺利进军欧洲,以辉煌战绩迈向下个赛季?If so,they have to win today.那么,他们必须赢得今天的比赛。重点词汇:rival 对手例句:We whomped our arch rival in the seasons climactic football game.我们在该季最精足球赛中打败了我们主要的对手。 201406/303285

  Residents terrified by incidents台湾市民受到爆炸事件影响For the latest developments, were joined by CCTVs correspondent Andy Lee whos live in Taipei.为了解这一事件最新进展,我们马上连线位于台北的央视记者安迪李。Q1.Andy, how is the search and rescue work going at the explosion site?Q1.安迪,爆炸现场搜救工作进行的如何?Q2.And how are residents dealing with aftermath?Q2.居民善后处理工作进展如何?201408/317288。


  Stay safe in a downpour with these tips to handle slippery, wet pavement and reduced visibility.根据以下建议,学习如何在倾盆大雨导致路面湿滑,能见度降低的情况下保持安全。You Will Need你需要Quality tires and windshield wipers质量高的轮胎和风挡雨雪刷Rain dispersant雨水分散剂Awareness of driving conditions了解驾驶环境Patience耐心Steps步骤STEP 1 Be prepared1.做好准备Check your windshield wipers and tires for wear and keep your tires properly inflated. Treat your windshield with a rain dispersant.检查风挡雨雪刷和轮胎的磨损情况,轮胎充好气。用雨水分散剂处理挡风玻璃。Replace windshield wipers annually and replace tires when the t grooves reach less than 2/32 inch deep.每年更换风挡雨雪刷,胎面花纹沟深度少于2/32英寸时更换轮胎。STEP 2 Be aware2.了解驾驶环境Pay attention to changes in driving conditions during rain. Visibility and traction will be reduced.注意雨中驾驶环境的改变。能见度和擦力都会降低。STEP 3 Light up3.开灯Turn on your headlights when you engage your windshield wipers. Youll see better and be visible to other drivers.打开风挡雨雪刷的时候顺便打开前灯。你的视线会更好,其他司机也更容易看到你。STEP 4 Slow down4.减速Slow down to avoid hydroplaning. If you speed, a thin layer of water can develop between your tires and the road, leading to loss of control.减速,防止打滑。如果加速的话,轮胎和路面之间会形成一层薄薄的水膜,导致失去控制。Increase the distance between yourself and the vehicle ahead of you to allow for decreased braking performance.增加你和前面车辆的距离,以防刹车受影响。STEP 5 Be smooth5.缓慢加减速Avoid sudden stops and quick acceleration on wet roads, as these can lead to skids.在湿滑的地面上避免突然停车或突然加速,这些动作都会导致打滑。STEP 6 Know your brakes6.了解你的刹车Prevent skids by using a gentle pumping action with standard brakes and applying a firm, even pressure to anti-lock brakes.温和地利用抽吸动作来制动标准刹车,防锁死刹车系统则施加均匀有力的压力。STEP 7 Swerve if you have to7.转向Swerve to avoid a collision. Anti-lock brakes will let you steer without releasing the brakes.转向,避免碰撞。防锁死刹车系统可以让你在不放开刹车的情况下转向。A 1 inch rainfall equals 22,651 gallons of water per acre, which weighs over 100 tons.1英寸的降雨量相当于每英亩地面上有22,651加仑的水,重量超过100吨。视频听力译文由。201405/295134Cinderellas plight has given mopping a bad name—but dont let poor PR keep you from a bright, shiny floor.灰姑娘的困境给擦地板蒙上了污名,但是不要让这一点阻止你拥有明亮清洁的地板。You Will Need你需要A broom, or a vacuum cleaner with a floor attachment一把扫把,有地板配件的吸尘器A bucket of water一桶水Some wood cleaner or dishwashing liquid一些木制品清洁剂或洗洁精And a mop拖把Steps步骤STEP 1 Check floor1.检查地板Make sure your floor is sealed. If its not, its probably waxed and shouldnt be mopped. Check by rubbing a finger across it. If you dont leave a smudge, the floor is probably sealed.确保地板是密封好的。如果没有的话,可能是上了蜡,不能擦洗。可以用一根手指擦过地板。如果没有留下污渍,说明地板是密封好的。STEP 2 Vacuum floor2.吸尘Vacuum or sweep the floor free of dust and particles.用吸尘器吸尘或清扫地板,清除灰尘和颗粒。STEP 3 Consult directions3.了解说明Consult the directions for your wood cleaning product and add the appropriate amount to the bucket of water.了解木制品清洁产品的说明书,向一桶水中加入适量产品。If you dont have a wood cleaning product, add a quarter cup of dishwashing liquid to your bucket instead.如果你没有木制品清洁产品,向桶里加入四分之一杯洗洁精。STEP 4 Dampen mop4.浸湿拖把Dampen the mop head in the bucket, then wring it out completely—the less water on your wood floor, the better.在桶里把拖把浸湿,然后完全拧干——留在木地板上的水越少越好。STEP 5 Mop floor5.拖地板Push and pull the mop back and forth across the floor in the direction of the wood grain.按照木地板的纹理前后来回擦拭地板。STEP 6 Wring out amp; mop6.拧干,擦拭Continue dampening the mop, wringing it out, and dragging it across the floor with the grain.继续浸湿拖把,拧干,按照纹路拖地板。STEP 7 Change water7.换水Change the water and cleaning solution whenever it gets too dirty to be effective.如果水变脏了,换掉水和洗涤溶液。STEP 8 Rinse floor8.清洗地板When the entire floor has been mopped, refill the bucket with just water and mop the floor again in the same way to rinse off any soap residue.当整个地板都拖完之后,重新向桶里装满清水,再按照同样的方法清洗掉任何洗涤剂残余物。STEP 9 Stay off floors9.离开地板Stay off your floors until theyve completely dried. Your Fairy Godmother would be so proud.离开地板,直到完全变干。你的仙女婆婆将会感到非常自豪。Cinderella stories appear in the folklore of many cultures—there are as many as 1,500 different versions of the tale.灰姑娘的故事出现在许多文化的传说中,这个童话共有多达1,500个不同的版本。视频听力译文由。201404/292145


  UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Todays ;Shoutout Extra Credit; goes out to Mr. Sharcross (ph) classes at North Lake School in Silver Lake, Oregon. 今天的“大声喊出来”加时来到了Sharcross女士的课堂。What companys founder made the animated cartoon ;Steamboat Willie;? 哪家公司的建立者画了《威利汽船》这部卡通?Was it Warner Brothers, Disney, Cartoon Network or Pixar? Rewind the clock to three seconds and go.是华纳兄弟、迪斯尼、卡通频道还是皮克斯?再给三秒钟的时间,开始!;Steamboat Willie; featuring Mickey Mouse was created by Walt Disney, as well as a pair of famous parks. Thats your answer and thats your ;Shoutout Extra Credit.;以米老鼠为特征的《威利汽船》是由沃尔特#8729;迪斯尼创造的,同时还有两个著名的公园。那就是你的,那就是你的“大声喊出来附加题”。AZUZ: They say money cant buy happiness, but youre going to need more of it to get into the happiest place on earth -- Disney is now charging a ticket to get into Orlandos Magic Kingdom.有人说金钱买不到幸福,但你可能要多花点儿钱才能进入世界上最幸福的地方——迪斯尼乐园奥兰多的神奇王国乐园的门票价格是95美元。And for Anaheims Disneyland. 阿纳海姆的迪斯尼乐园门票是92美元。And visitors between three and nine years old better have some magic in their piggy banks. 3到9岁的参观者们最好拥有一个有魔法的存钱罐。Theyll need in Florida and in California. 他们在佛罗里达和加利福尼亚的门票分别是89美元和86美元。 /201306/243740

  UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Time for the ;Shoutout.; “大声喊出来”的时间到了!At their closest point about how many miles separate Russia and the U.S. 俄罗斯和美国最近的地方有多远?You know what to do. 你知道怎么做!Is it 2300 miles, 1540 miles, 90 miles or 50 miles? Youve got three seconds, go!是2300英里、1540英里、90英里还是50英里?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!The Bering Strait which separates Alaska and Russia, is just over 50 miles wide at its narrowest point. Thats your answer and thats your shoutout.白令海峡分隔了阿拉斯加州和俄罗斯,它在最窄的的地方只有50多英里宽。AZUZ: China has an ambitious idea that connects itself with the U.S. By railroad. 中国有一个雄伟的计划,就是要用铁路把中美联系起来。And this is where the Bering Strait comes in. 这里就是白令海峡流入的地方。The high speed railway would start in northeast China, itll run through the Russian region of Siberia, connect with Alaska through a tunnel under the Bering Strait and head south through Canada to reach the U.S.高铁始于中国东北,驶过俄罗斯境内的西伯利亚平原,通过白令海峡地下的隧道与阿拉斯加相连,并继续向南经过加拿大到达美国。 /201406/304521。

  Without those extra chips on the edge of the chopping tool, this whole series would be impossible, because those chips tell us that right from the beginning, we - unlike other animals - have wanted to make things more complicated than they need to be. You see, objects carry powerful messages about their makers, and the chopping tool is the beginning of a relationship between humans and the things they create, which is both a love affair and a dependency.倘若没有那额外的几次敲击,也就不会有这些后话,这些敲敲打打说明人类一开始便与众不同,总是尝试着制作出比实际需要更加复杂的东西。你看,物品能强烈地传达出其制作者的信息,这件切割工具便反映出人和人造物之间的最初关系——既是爱恋,又是依赖。From this point on, we cant survive without the things we make and, in this sense, it is making things that makes us human. Leakeys discoveries in the warm earth of the Rift Valley did more than push humans back in time, they made it clear that all of us descend from those African ancestors, that every one of us is part of a huge African diaspora - we all have Africa in our DNA and all our culture began in the same place. Wangari Maathai is a Kenyan environmentalist and a Nobel Peace Prize winner:自这一刻起,我们离了人造物便无法生存。从这个角度讲,是制作物品造就了人类。在东非大裂谷温暖的泥土里,李基(Leakey)的发现不仅推延了人类的历史,其更深刻的意义在于它表明我们均为非洲祖先流散在各地后裔,我们的DNA中均含有非洲的遗传密码,我们的文明一脉相承。王盖里?玛太(Wangari Maathai)是一位肯尼亚环保主义者和诺贝尔和平奖得主:;So far it seems like the information we have tells us that we came from somewhere within this part of the world in eastern Africa. And that of course for many people must be surprising - because I think we are so used to being divided along ethnic lines, along racial lines, and we look all the time for reasons to be different from each other - it must be surprising to some of us to realise that what differentiates us is usually very superficial, like the colour of your skin or the colour of your eyes or the texture of your hair, but essentially that we are all from the same stem, the same origin. So, I think that as we continue to understand ourselves and to appreciate each other, and especially when we get to understand, for example, that we all come from the same origin - we will shed a lot of the prejudices that we have harboured in the past.;“我们当前所掌握的信息显示我们均源自于这里——东非的某个区域。这个结论听上去匪夷所思,因为我们早已习惯于各种各样的民族划分和种族划分,而且我们追求与众不同,所以当人们意识到我们的区别通常只是肤色、眼珠色和发质这些肤浅的因素时,一定觉得非常不可思议。事实上,我们本是同根生。我想,当我们不断尝试了解自己、欣赏他人,特别是认识到我们同根同源时,那些冥顽不化的偏见便会荡然无存。”Listening to the news on the radio, its easy to imagine the world is divided into rival tribes and competing civilisations. So its good, its essential in fact, to be reminded that the idea of our common humanity is not just an enlightenment dream, but a genetic and a cultural reality. Its something well see again and again in this series.听着收音机播报的新闻,我们不难想象世界被分割为彼此敌对的部落和相互竞争的文明。因此,我们记起普遍人性的理念不止是一个启蒙的梦想,更是基因和文化的事实,这是非常重要的。这一点将在一系列节目中得到反复验。Our next object is the tool that people took with them when they first left Africa and began to sp around the world - its been called the Swiss Army knife of the Stone Age ... its the hand axe.我们下期介绍的是人类首次离开非洲、流向世界时所携带的工具,它有“石器时代的瑞士军刀”的美誉——手斧。201402/277377

  Chinas swimming star, Sun Yang, has been banned from more competitions, training, commercial and social activities as a member of Chinas national team by the sports Chinese governing body. This means the four-time Olympic medallist is suspended from domestic and international races.中国游泳明星—孙杨,已经被国家队处以“暂时取消国家队队员资格”等处分并禁止参加任何比赛,训练,商业和社会活动。这意味着这位四届奥运冠军被暂停参加任何国内及国际比赛。Sun Yang was detained on Monday by police for driving without a license, after a bus rear-ended his Porsche SUV in his home town of Hangzhou. Sun was not hurt in the accident.周一,孙杨在家乡杭州驾驶一辆由其代言的保时捷SUV并被一辆公交追尾,随后孙杨因无照驾驶被交警拘留。Sun Yang is serving a seven-day jail sentence, and was fined 2,000 Yuan.孙杨被处以拘留7日并处罚金2000元的处罚。Zhejiang College of Sports, where Sun trained with his team, has announced that hes been barred from practising and competing, and been banned from doing any commercial activities until his suspension is lifted.浙江体育职业技术学院也宣布了对孙杨的处罚,暂时停训、停赛,且不允许孙杨参加任何商演活动直至禁令解除。201311/263726


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