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成都省妇女儿童医院怎么走四川第十人民医院治疗宫颈糜烂好吗特别声明:该节目中的迷你对话选自口语书籍,其余讲解部分均为未经可可许可,。迷你对话:A: He said I have a big nose. I wonder what that means.他说我是个;包打听;,我想知道这是什么意思。B: You are interested in other peoplersquo;s business, arenrsquo;t you?你对别人的事情很感兴趣,不是吗?A: Does he mean I am inquisitive or Irsquo;m noisy?他的意思是我很好奇或者是爱打听别人的事情?B: Yes.是的。地道表达:have a big nose解词释义:鼻子是灵敏的嗅觉器官,可以感受到很多东西。如果某人有个大鼻子,则指这个人;爱打听别人的事情;。持范例:Eg. What a big nose she has! She was very inquisitive about other peoples affairs.她真是个包打听呀!她太爱打听别人的私事。 Eg. She pretends to be friendly but Ive got her number; she just has a big nose. 她装得挺亲热, 可我了解她的底; 她就是什么事都爱打听.Eg. She has a big nose and asks for too many personal questions. 她非常爱打听别人的事,问了许多牵涉到个人私事的问题。Eg. She has a big nose into other peoples business.她老是爱打听别人的事。词海拾贝:be interested in:对......感兴趣Eg. Neither the father nor the son is interested in the film. 父子俩对这部电影都不感兴趣。 Eg. Some of Hollywoods leading studios are interested in signing her. 好莱坞的一些主要电影制片厂有意要和她签约。 Eg. When Bob became interested in model airplanes, he went the whole hog. 鲍伯对模型飞机有兴趣后,他就全心全意去做。 Eg. The two women were much interested in each other 这两个女人彼此倒很投机。 /201210/202606成都第五人民医院是公立的 迷你对话:A:Mother shouted at me just now. I was to scared to find my tongue.我妈妈对外大嚷,我吓得说不出话来。B:Why? I think she is always kind to you. You must have done something wrong. What did you do?怎么啦?我觉得她对你总是很和蔼的,一定是做错了什么事情了。你做什么啦?A:I only lost her favorite CD.我只是弄丢了她最喜欢的CD光盘。地道表达:find one’s tongue解词释义:togue作为名词,有“语言”的意思,如mother tongue中的tongue;find作为动词,意为:找到,找回,寻求,寻得。所以,find one’s tongue字面意思是“找回某人的语言”,引申为“终于能够开口说话,终于说得出来”。持范例:Eg.The frightened girl at last find her tongue and tell us the whole story.惊恐不安的女孩终於开口了把整个经历告诉了我们。Eg.My son found his tongue to tell me the truth that he cheated in the exams last night.我的儿子在昨晚终于开口说实话,他在考试中作弊了。词海拾贝:shouted at:对......大声叫喊Eg.He shouted at me to get out of his way.他对我大叫别挡他的路。Eg.The dog groveled at his feet when he shouted at it.他一叫,那就趴在他脚下。Eg.In a blaze of fury he shouted at his wife.狂怒之下,他冲着他太太吼叫。Eg.A lady came to the window with the ball and shouted at the young boy,一位女士拿着球来到窗前,冲着小男孩大骂起来。just now:刚才Eg.I m sorry I snapped at you just now.对不起, 我刚才不该对你嚷嚷.Eg.He gave a bad account just now.刚才他说情况很糟。Eg.Please excuse me for having offended you just now.刚才冒犯了你,请原谅。Eg.I saw Xiao Li around just now.刚才我看见小李就在附近。be kind to:对......仁慈,友好Eg.She has the reputation of being kind to the poor.她对待穷人仁慈,享有美誉。Eg.It will pay to be kind to others.好心会有好报。Eg.Im going to be good and sweet and kind to everybody.我要对每一个人都亲切,温顺,和善。Eg.Theyre very kind to the animals.他们照料动物很细心的。特别申明:该节目精选自口语书籍,其余讲解部分为未经可可许可。 /201208/196494平时我们说到因为自己的过错而产生了不好的结果叫;自作自受;。更通俗的说法也有很多,比如;自己酿的苦酒自己喝;,;脚上的泡是自己的走出来的;,等等。英语当然会不例外的也使用类似的生动、易于联想的方式来表达。Stew in his own juice, 自作自受,我们今天要介绍的短语。Stew,焖,熬,比如:Do you like stewed beef? 你喜欢吃炖牛肉吗?Stew in his own juice, 这里juice就不是果汁的意思,而是肉汁。自己把自己给熬成了肉汁。;自作自受;。来看几个例子。A: I heard Tom was in the prison. Donrsquo;t you worry about him? 我听说Tom入狱了。你都不替他担心吗?B: Irsquo;ve helped him before, but this time Irsquo;m leaving him to stew in his own juice. 我以前帮助过他,但这次让他自作自受好了。自己的责任要自己承担。再来看几个例子。Tom was caught cheating in the exam and he had to stew in his own juice. Tom考试作弊被抓。他这是自作自受。If he gets caught for his deception, he will have to stew in his own juice. 假如他的骗局被发现,他就要后果自负了。All his friends refused to help him because of his dishonesty and so he was left to stew in his own juice. 因为他不诚实,他所有的朋友都拒绝帮助他,他只好自作自受。这个短语中stew是个生词,需要大家额外记忆;另外就是大家熟悉的juice, 在这个习语中不再做果汁,而做肉汁讲。好了。一个比较常用的短语,希望对您有所帮助。我们下期再见。 /201203/173024成都市龙泉驿区中医院顺产多少钱

四川省成都市一院门诊怎么走成都青羊区治疗妇科多少钱 点击此处收听往期节目 美丽的清晨迎来了新的一天,新的一课,欢迎回来,这里是《Faith口语课堂-天天学》,我是Faith老师。带着一份喜悦,一份开始今天的英语快乐之旅。 今天主攻两个短语,第一个:used to do something,表示“过去常常做某事”, 在“to”的后面,放上一个动词原形:We used to be very close friends, but now we're like strangers. 我们曾经是很要好的朋友,但现在我们就像陌生人。I used to write journals every day. 我以前每天都写日记。She used to jog every morning when she was in New York. 当她在纽约时,她每天早上都要慢跑。Tony used to go to gym on weekends. 托尼过去常在周末去健身。Both of us used to be secretaries, and then I got a promotion and became a manager. 我们俩过去都是秘书,后来我升了职,做了经理。 下面介绍另一个词组:Get used to doing something, be used to doing something,或者get used to something, be used to something, 意思是:“习惯了做某事”,或“习惯了某事”,在“to”的后面放上一个名词或动名词:I've been here for 5 years, so I get used to the weather here. 我在这已经5年了,所以已经习惯了这的气候。Are you used to western food? 你能吃西餐吗?They get used to speaking English to each other. 他们习惯了在一起时说英语。My students are used to raising questions in my class. 我的学生习惯了在我的课堂上提问。Don't get used to smoking in the public place, it's very impolite. 不要养成习惯在公共场所吸烟,这样不礼貌。 Do you get used to learning English this way? I hope the answer is yes.这里是《Faith口语课堂-天天学》,我是Faith老师,喜欢英语歌曲吗?我们天天学每期节目的最后都会向大家推荐一首好听的歌,现在听到的是Lauryn Hill带来的 the sweetest thing,is our online class the sweetest thing, I bet.Faith的Email:faithchen@163.com QQ空间:http://757973360.qzone.qq.com /201108/151349成都市怀孕检测多少钱

成都成华区妇幼保健院医院账单 Be on another planet; what planet is sb on?Used to describe that sb's ideas are not realistic or practical (表示某人的想法完全不切实际)你在想什么啊,异想天开He can't really think we're going to finish the job today, can he? What planet is he on? 他不是认为我们今天能把工作做完吧?真是异想天开.Throw the baby out with the bath water: 把婴儿和洗澡水一起倒掉,把精华和糟粕一起丢掉To lose sth that you want at the same time as you are trying to get rid of sth you do not wantIt's stupid to say that the old system of management was all bad; there were some good things about it. The baby was thrown out with the bathwater.说旧的管理体制一无是处并不明智,它也有好的地方.那样说就相当于把精华和糟粕一同丢弃. Throw in the towel/sponge: stop doing sth because you know you cannot succeed; admit defeat 放弃,认输,承认失败It's a bit early to throw in the towel—you've only just started the job. 现在放弃为时尚早---你才刚刚开始这项工作.这个习语源于拳击比赛:拳击手将毛巾或海绵扔下即表示认输.This idiom comes from boxing: throwing in the towel or sponge is a sign that a fighter accepts defeat. /201004/101580成都中医药大学附属医院男科医生成都成华区妇幼保健院周末有上班吗



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