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Don, you sure are lucky dont have to give birth.唐,你很幸运不用生孩子。Im glad were an intelligent species, but boy, that infant head feelsmighty large going through that narrow birth canal.我很高兴人类有着聪明才智,但是天啊,婴儿的脑袋要从狭窄的产道出来,那是很痛苦的。And then,after all that, the baby comes out facing down and backwards,which means youre helpless to assist it, or even to untangle itfrom the umbilical cord.而且,经历过这一切后,宝宝出来是面向下和倒过来的,你根本没办法协助它,或者甚至不能帮忙解开脐带。Well, Yeal. According to evolutionary anthropologists, babies of the earliest humans had afifty-fifty chance of coming out facing backwards.是的,雅埃尔。根据人类进化学家,人类早期时候的婴儿生出来是有二分之一的可能性是面向后面的。This was a result of humans learning to walk on two feet.这是人类学习用两只脚走路的结果。As the pelvis became optimized for walking, the birth canal developed twists and turns that meant the baby had to rotate in order to keep its head and shoulders aligned with the widestpart at all times.随着盆骨越来越适应走路,产道就变得迂回曲折,婴儿就得旋转过来保持它的头和肩膀总是与最宽的部分在同一平面上。And then our brains also got bigger.然后头也会变得更大。Which meant more twists and turns.也意味着更多的扭转。And backwards-facing babies, stupid,huh?倒着出生的婴儿,很可笑吧。Well,you know,Yeal.Some of the earliest humans learned to compensate for the difficulty of giving birth by receiving assistance during childbirth, which made a huge difference in terms of survival.你知道吗?最早时期的人类学会弥补分娩的困难,他们通过在分娩是接受援助,这在生存方面起了非常重要的作用。So there might be an evolutionary advantage to having someone help you give birth.因此,也许有一种进化优势能请人帮助你生育。Some anthropologists certainly think so and conjecture that human females who gave birthto backwards-facing babies, and females who had assistance because they felt particularly anxiousabout the birth, ended up doing better than females who didnt.一些人类学家当然也这么想过,并且他们推测那些女性生下面向后面的婴儿,和在生育时得到帮助的女性比没有援助的生育女性生产更顺利。After all, if problems arise duringlabor, having another person around can make the difference between life and death.毕竟,在分娩时有问题出现,有人在身边是能够于生死之间起到很大作用。 201408/322593

Science and technology科技报道Climate change in the Arctic北极气候变化Beating a retreat仓惶撤退Arctic sea ice is melting far faster than climate models predict. Why?北极海冰正在以比气候模型所预测的快得多的速度融化,为什么?ON SEPTEMBER 9th, at the height of its summertime shrinkage, ice covered 4.33m square km, or 1.67m square miles, of the Arctic Ocean, according to Americas National Snow and Ice Data Centre.据美国国家冰雪中心监测,今年的9月9日,处于夏季收缩极值的北极海冰仅仅覆盖了433万平方公里,或相当于167万平方英里的北冰洋洋面。That is not a record low—not quite.这虽未创下最低记录,但也已相去不远。But the actual record, 4.17m square km in 2007, was the product of an unusual combination of sunny days, cloudless skies and warm currents flowing up from mid-latitudes.2007年的417万平方公里的最低记录是受到当时艳阳高照,万里无云的天空以及从中纬度上来的暖流这种异常组合的影响的产物。This year has seen no such opposite of a perfect storm, yet the summer sea-ice minimum is a mere 4% bigger than that record.而尽管并没有观测到如此不利的情况,今年海冰的极小值也仅仅比那年的记录大了4%。Add in the fact that the thickness of the ice, which is much harder to measure, is estimated to have fallen by half since 1979, when satellite records began, and there is probably less ice floating on the Arctic Ocean now than at any time since a particularly warm period 8,000 years ago, soon after the last ice age.除此以外,较难测量的冰面厚度预计比首次有卫星观测记录的1979年降低了一半。现在,漂浮在北冰洋上面的冰块很可能是8000千年前最后一个冰河期结束后的那个极暖期以来最少的。That Arctic sea ice is disappearing has been known for decades.数十年前,人们已经认识到北极海冰正在消亡一事。The underlying cause is believed by all but a handful of climatologists to be global warming brought about by greenhouse-gas emissions.除了少数人以外,几乎所有气候学家都将其归咎于温室气体排放所带来的全球变暖。Yet the rate the ice is vanishing confounds these climatologists models.然而海冰消失的速率使这些气象学家建立的气候模型陷入混乱。These predict that if the level of carbon dioxide, methane and so on in the atmosphere continues to rise, then the Arctic Ocean will be free of floating summer ice by the end of the century.按照他们的预计,若大气中的二氧化碳、甲烷以及其他温室气体持续增加,到本世纪末夏季的北极海冰将完全消失。At current rates of shrinkage, by contrast, this looks likely to happen some time between 2020 and 2050.但是相较之下,依现在的消融速率,这一情况将可能在2020年到2050年之间发生。The reason is that Arctic air is warming twice as fast as the atmosphere as a whole.其原因是由于北极的空气正在以大气整体的两倍速度暖化。Some of the causes of this are understood, but some are not.其中部分根源已经被了解,但仍有一些未能解开。The darkness of land and water compared with the reflectiveness of snow and ice means that when the latter melt to reveal the former, the area exposed absorbs more heat from the sun and reflects less of it back into space.与强反射的冰雪表面相比,当其融化后露出下面深色的陆地或水体时,这部分区域将从太阳吸收到更多的热量而仅仅反射更少的部分到空中。The result is a feedback loop that accelerates local warming. Such feedback, though, does not completely explain what is happening.结果造成了一个局部暖化加速的恶性循环,尽管这种反馈机制未能完全解释当下正在发生的事情。Hence the search for other things that might assist the ices rapid disappearance.今后对其他事物的研究可能会对解释海冰的快速消失带来帮助。Forcing the issue解决问题One is physical change in the ice itself.另一个原因是海冰自身的物理结构发生了改变。Formerly a solid mass that melted and refroze at its edges, it is now thinner, more fractured, and so more liable to melt.以前融化和冻结仅发生在冰块的边缘,但是它现在变得更薄,更易破裂,并且更倾向融化。But that is a marginal effect. Filling the gap between model and reality may need something besides this.但这只是名副其实的边际效应。要弥合模型与现实的差距,还需要其他原因。The latest candidates are short-term climate forcings.最后一个候选者是所谓的短期气候强迫物质。These are pollutants, particularly ozone and soot, that do not hang around in the atmosphere as carbon dioxide does, but have to be renewed continually if they are to have a lasting effect.即是大气污染物,尤其是臭氧和煤烟。尽管它们不能像二氧化碳那样在大气中停留,以至于需要不断补充以持续发挥作用。If they are so renewed, though, their impact may be as big as CO2s.但是假如它们得到足够的补充,将对全球变暖带来不亚于二氧化碳的影响。At the moment, most eyes are on soot.当前,绝大多数眼球都注目于煤烟。In the Arctic, soot is a double whammy.煤烟给北极带来了双重打击。First, when released into the air as a result of incomplete combustion, soot particles absorb sunlight, and so warm up the atmosphere. Then, when snow or rain wash them onto an ice floe, they darken its surface and thus cause it to melt faster.首先,当作为非充分燃烧的产物被排放到空中后,煤烟颗粒吸收阳光,加热了大气。其次,当雨雪将煤烟带到冰面上后,使冰面颜色变深,并导致加速消融。Reducing soot would not stop the summer sea ice disappearing, but it might delay the process by a decade or two.尽管减少煤烟排放不能阻止夏季海冰的消失,但或许能减缓这一过程十到二十年。According to a recent report by the ed Nations Environment Programme,联合国环境规划署的一份最新报告显示,reducing black carbon and ozone in the lower part of the atmosphere, especially in the Arctic countries of America, Canada, Russia and Scandinavia, could cut warming in the Arctic by two-thirds over the next three decades.减少低层大气中的黑炭以及臭氧,尤其是北极圈国家,如美国,加拿大,俄罗斯,斯堪的纳维亚诸国,能够在未来三十年里降低北极地区的暖化速度达三分之二。Indeed, the report suggests, if such measures—preventing crop burning and forest fires, cleaning up diesel engines and wood stoves, and so on—were adopted everywhere they could halve the wider rate of warming by 2050.事实上,如果能如此份报告所说,到处都采取诸如防止焚烧作物和森林火灾,清理柴油发动机以及火炉等措施,到2050年止能将当下较大的暖化速率减半。Without corresponding measures to cut CO2 emissions, this would be but a temporary fix.如果没有相应的削减二氧化碳排放的措施,这将只是一个临时性解决方法。Nonetheless, it is an attractive idea because it would have other benefits and would not require the wholesale rejigging of energy production which reducing CO2 emissions implies.尽管如此,这仍是一个有足够吸引力的主意,因为它还能带来其他利益,也不会像削减二氧化碳排放那样需要大规模调整能源产业。Not everyone agrees it would work, though. Gunnar Myhre of the Centre for International Climate and Environmental Research in Oslo, for example, notes that the amount of black carbon in the Arctic is small and has been falling in recent decades. He does not believe it is the missing factor in the models.然而,不是每个人都认为它将很有效。例如位于奥斯陆的国际气候与环境研究中心的冈纳·迈尔表示,他注意到北极的黑炭的量微乎其微,并且已经在最近的数十年里沉降下来。他不相信这会是模型中确实的影响因子。Carbon dioxide, in his view, is the main culprit. Black carbon deposited on the Arctic snow and ice, he says, will have only a minimal effect on its reflectivity.在他眼中,二氧化碳才是罪魁祸首。他说,落到北极冰雪上面的黑炭,只会对其反射率带来微小的影响。The rapid melting of the Arctic sea ice, then, illuminates the difficulty of modelling the climate—but not in a way that brings much comfort to those who hope that fears about the future climate might prove exaggerated.北极海冰的快速消融揭示了建立气候模型的困难,只不过,与那些认为对未来气候的恐惧可能被过分夸大的人的想法背道而驰。When reality is changing faster than theory suggests it should, a certain amount of nervousness is a reasonable response.当事实上的变化快于纸面理论时,一定量的情绪不安是合理的反应。Its an ill wind一利百弊The direct consequences of changes in the Arctic are mixed.北极的变化将带来的各种后果。They should not bring much rise in the sea level, since floating ice obeys Archimedess principle and displaces its own mass of water.它并不会使海平面上升许多,因为浮冰遵循阿基米德原理排开了相当于它自身的水。A darker—and so more heat-absorbent—Arctic, though, will surely accelerate global warming and may thus encourage melting of the land-bound Greenland ice sheet.然而一个相对深色的—也会吸收更多热量—北极,毫无疑问会加速全球变暖,并且可能促使连接在陆地上的格陵兰岛冰盖加快融化。That certainly would raise sea levels.而这将一定导致海平面上升。Wildlife will also suffer.野生动物也将深受其害。Polar bears, which hunt for seals along the ices edge, and walruses, which fish there, will both be hard-hit.沿着浮冰边缘狩猎海豹的北极熊,以及在此的海象,都将受到沉重打击。The effects on the wider climate are tricky to assess.它给更广范围的气候所带来的影响难以评估。Some meteorologists suspect unseasonal snow storms off the east coast of America in 2010 were partly caused by Arctic warming shifting wind patterns.一些气象学家推测北极变暖造成的气流模式改变是造成2010年袭击美国东海岸的那场非季节性暴风雪的部分原因。One feedback loop that does seems certain, though, is that the melting Arctic will enable the extraction of more fossil fuel, with all that that implies for greenhouse-gas emissions.然而,有一个恶性循环似乎是真的—一个融化中的北极将会使得更多化石燃料被抽取,这与温室气体排放直接关联。The Arctic is reckoned to hold around 15% of the worlds undiscovered oil reserves and 30% of those of natural gas.北极被估计保有全球石油储量的15%以及天然气储量的30%。Hence a growing polar enthusiasm among energy companies—as witnessed last month in an Arctic tie-up between Exxon Mobil, of America, and Rosneft, Russias state-controlled oil giant.因此,在能源公司中掀起了一股极地热潮—上个月美国的埃克森美孚公司与俄罗斯国有石油巨头俄罗斯石油公司达成北极大陆架战略伙伴关系协议就是明。Recent plankton blooms suggest a warmer Arctic will provide a boost to fisheries there, too.而浮游生物的大量繁殖预示着一个较温暖的北极也将推动此处的渔业发展。And the vanishing ice has begun to allow a trickle of shipping across the Arctics generally frozen north-west and north-east passages, thus linking the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.消失的冰面也开始允许船只缓慢通过通常封冻的北极西北和东北通道,从而连接了大西洋和太平洋。In August a Russian supertanker, the Vladimir Tokohonov, aided by two nuclear icebreakers, became the first such vessel to cross the north-east route, hugging the Siberian coast.在今年八月,一艘俄罗斯籍超级油轮,弗拉基米尔·蒂克霍诺夫号在两艘核能破冰船的帮助下成为了第一艘通过东北路径的同类船只。So far, despite some posturing by Canada and Russia, there are few territorial disputes in the region and the Arctic Council, the club of Arctic nations, has functioned reasonably well.迄今为止,除了加拿大和俄罗斯所摆出的一些姿势外,在该地区鲜少有领土争端问题。Whether the interests of these countries coincide with those of the wider world, though, is moot.北极理事会—北极圈国家的俱乐部,也运行良好。A warming Arctic will bring local benefits to some.尽管有待讨论,无论这些国家的利益是否与其他国家重合,一个正在变暖的北极只会给当地带来利益,The rest of the world may pay the cost.而世界上其他地方将不得不为之埋单。 /201309/257508What does that mean?Alcohol.什么意思 上酒Wow, send it down there. Whatever they want.放在这里 让她们随便喝Oh,here we go. Here we go.开喝吧 开喝What is that?那是什么There is tequila. No, oh my gosh.那是龙舌兰 不是吧 天哪There is win. Yeah.那是葡萄酒 好耶Thats probably vodka. no.那应该是伏特加 不是吧Oh,thats kind of pina colaba thing. This is fun.那是果汁朗姆酒 这个有意思And theres beer.然后有啤酒Ill go with the mystery fruit drink. You get the fruit drink.我来喝这个神秘的果酒 那你喝那个果酒The mystery fruit drink? this could be anything.神秘的果酒 什么都有可能是That really could be. That could be.真的 有可能是任何东西Hi,mum, you cant stop me now.妈妈 你现在管不了我了Oh boy, you are all looking at me.天哪 你们都盯着我看Ill have the wine.我喝葡萄酒Youll have the wine?Emm.你喝葡萄酒 恩What you gonna have? Its a huge glass of wine.你喝啥 这葡萄酒好大一杯Nothing, Im driving . Go ahead and...不喝 我要开车 你们喝吧Cheers.干杯Youll have whatever youre gonna have.你们想喝什么就喝什么Now lets see you do something.看看喝完你要干啥Do something special.干点特别的Now what will you do?你要干啥Well, I cant twerk.我不会电臀But what you do? But I can do something horrifying.但是你要干啥 我要做一件吓人的事Well, lets see that. yeah.那我们一起看看all my fingers are double-jointed.我所有的手指都可以往后折And outside.朝外也可以This is why she is such a good actress. She can bent her fingers....这就是她演戏为什么那么棒 她的手指可以弯成Is it just your fingers that are double-jointed?只有你的手指可以这样么It is, unfortunately. wow.很不幸 是滴 天哪But, yeah,look. thats unbelievable.你看 太不可以思议了which means you can never really break a finger, right? 也就是说你的手指永远不会骨折 对吧I can, in fact, I was in karate class when I was a kid.其实会 我小时候上过空手道课And the instructor tried to show us like things that can quick debilitate someone.那个老师想要给我们演示怎么让对手迅速弱掉And the thing was like breaking a finger.就像是把手打骨折And he actually picked me , and I didnt say anything.然后他选了我 我一句话也没说And when I went to do it, I was like, emm haha.然后我开始做的时候 我就这样 哈哈注:EllenShow中英字幕来源于:艾伦秀字幕组 /201401/274552

Business商业报道Sexual harassment性骚扰Nasty, but rarer龌龊,但是更少了Still a live issue in the workplace仍然是职场的热门话题THREE women complained of unwanted advances from their boss at the National Restaurant Association.在全国餐饮协会,三位女性投诉了来自她们老板的过分殷勤。Two received financial settlements.其中两位已经收到了经济补助。Because the boss in question was Herman Cain, now a Republican presidential hopeful, this news has revived a long-running debate about sexual harassment in the workplace.因为怀疑老板可能是现在的共和党总统候选人,赫尔曼.凯恩,这次的新闻重新上演了关于工作场所性骚扰的长期争论。The details of the complaints made in the settlements have remained private.在解决协议中关于投诉的细节已经被保密了。A fourth woman who has alleged that Mr Cain groped her was not an employee at the time and did not receive any settlement.第四位女性声称凯恩在非工作期间也曾猥亵她,但她并没有收到任何解决协议,Mr Cain denies that he did anything inappropriate.而凯恩否认自己做过任何不恰当的行为。The fact that there has been a settlement does not by itself tell you there was any truth to the allegations,事实是就算有解决协议,也并不意味着那些指控就都是真实的。says Richard Simmons, an employment lawyer at Sheppard, Mullin, Richter amp; Hampton.一位来自谢帕德的里和汉普顿公司的律师Richard Simmons这样说道。Firms often pay off disgruntled accusers rather than go to court, since juries are unpredictable, damages can be steep and the publicity of a trial is always unwelcome.公司经常付清不满的起诉者的工资,而不愿意去法庭,因为判决是无法预测的,损害可能会更大而且公开的审判总是不被希望的。Conservatives think the deck is stacked against employers. Liberals disagree.保守派们认为各方面都对雇主们都是不利的,但是自由党们并不同意。Mr Simmons thinks sexual harassment is much less widesp in the American workplace than it was in the 1990s.Simmons先生认为和20世纪90年代比,性骚扰在美国工作场所的发生频率已经减少了很多。The number of harassment cases tracked by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has risen, but this is probably because victims are more likely to report it.而由平等就业机会委员记录的骚扰案例仍然在上升,但这主要可能是因为有更多受害者愿意举报。A Supreme Court ruling in 1986 made firms liable if they allow a hostile environment in which harassment is tolerated.一个在1986年统治的最高法院认为,如果公司可以容忍性骚扰的存在,那么它们要对这样一个时刻要小心的环境负责任。This led to the near-universal adoption of codes of conduct, setting out how coworkers may interact and limiting how bosses may behave towards underlings.这导致了采用普遍的行为法则,制定出了同事间该如何互动和有哪些被限制的行为以及老板要如何对待下属的规定。Industries such as carmaking and finance, which once produced big sexual-harassment lawsuits, are less male-dominated than before,像曾经提出了大的性骚扰案件的汽车制造业和金融业,和过去相比,已经不再是那么地以男性为主导了。which may explain why they appear to have cleaned up their acts.而这,也可能解释了为什么他们看起来已经不再有这些行为了。The worst behaviour today tends to be in industries where women are a small minority,在今天,最恶劣的行为更可能在女性只占小部分的行业,such as construction or firefighting, or where workers are disproportionately young or too desperate to complain, says Michelle Caiola of Legal Momentum,如建筑业和消防工作,或者在年轻人尤其多的快餐店和因太恐惧而不敢投诉的人身上发生,来自 Legal Momentum的Michelle Caiola这样说道,which provides legal support for women.而这个机构是为女性们提供帮助的。Lawsuits about gross misconduct have given way to lawsuits alleging discrimination on pay and promotion.关于恶劣的不法行为的诉讼案件已经少于像在工资和职位晋升中受到歧视这样的案件了,Such cases typically hinge on different interpretations of statistics rather than differing accounts of what happened by the photocopier.因为它们通常取决于不同数据的解释,而不是影印机记录下的不同描述。Victims often are reluctant to complain, for fear of retaliation.受害者们通常会因为担心遭到报复而不愿意举报。In the past year, however, the Supreme Court has favoured victims in four cases alleging retaliation after various types of complaint—a rare instance of the current court ruling against business.但是在过去的这些年里,最高法院已经特别照顾了在四起不同控诉中担心遭到报复的受害者们了。而这,在反对商业的现代法庭中并不常见。American business is far from perfect, but it is generally agreed to be leading the way in tackling sexual harassment.美国的商业还远不够完美,但是在处理性骚扰问题上已经有大体上一致的意见了。Most other countries have a lot of catching up to do.很多其它国家也赶了上来,It is only three years since a judge in St Petersburg, Russia, threw out a case on the ground that:只是在三年前俄罗斯的圣彼得堡的法庭上,一位法官在处理案件的依据竟然是:If we had no sexual harassment we would have no children.要是我们没有性骚扰,那么我们也就没有孩子了。 /201304/235807

Who created one of the strangest regime in history,magnificent, repressive and terrifying.他创造了历史上最奇特的一个政权,华丽,专制及恐怖。This is the story of Henry the 7th.这是亨利七世的故事。The first Tutor.第一位导师。This is Henry.这就是亨利。It took remains of the funeral refugee which is parade on the London street after his death dressed in his parliament ropes and clutching his open sebster state.在死后他身着议会长袍,手里紧握圣物,遗体葬礼在伦敦街头游行。We can see his fine-boned feature on the distinctive cast in his left eye.我们可以从他独特的左眼中看出骨骼发育良好的特征。This is also a face emaciated and varnished by stress.这也是因为压力造成的一脸憔悴及消沉。Is a face of a man who has never known a moment of peace.从来不知道和平时刻的男人的脸。Henrys journey to fulfill his unlikely destiny brought him to Milft Heavin on Sunday the 7th August 1485.亨利履行自己命运的旅程于1485年8月7日拉开大幕。His small fleet appeared from the south and anchored quietly in near bay.他的小舰队出现在南部后在靠近的港湾悄无声息的抛锚。Henrys ship dropped anchor here and his men came ashore.亨利的船停泊在这里后他的人开始上岸。We can picture them.我们可以想象他们。Hiving munitions on the beach.在海滩上装满弹药整装待发。Carmen and horses coming through the surf.战士们和军穿过海浪而行。 201310/261990Don: Hey Yaeuml;l, I was wondering–why dont we hear much about the moon anymore? 嘿,Yaeuml;l,我在想——为什么我们现在没什么跟月球相关的消息了呢?Yaeuml;l: Whadya mean, Don? Don,你是什么意思?D: Its just that back in the 1960s and 70s, sending astronauts to the moon was a big deal, but nobody talks much about it anymore. 早在二十世纪六七十年代的时候,送宇航员上月球是个天大的事儿,但却没什么人再谈论这件事儿。Y: Well, actually NASA is planning to send astronauts back to the moon. 事实上,NASA正计划送宇航员重返月球。D: Really? 真的吗?Y: Yep. And this time theres talk of building a lunar base where astronauts can stay for weeks and months at a time to conduct experiments in low gravity. 对呀。这次他们说要建立一个月球基地,宇航员一次可以停留几周或几个月在低重力的条件下进行实验。D: Cool. 很棒啊。Y: But there are a few kinks to work out–like what to do about moon dust. 但还存在几个问题要解决——比如说月球尘埃怎么办。D: Wait. Why is moon dust a problem? 等等。为什么月球尘埃会是个问题?Y: Well, for one thing, it has chemical properties that resemble fresh fractured quartz, which is pretty toxic. 嗯,一方面,它的化学性质,像断裂的石英,那是有剧毒的。And moon dust is clingy; it gets all over spacesuits and inside space capsules.而且月球尘埃很有依附性,太空太空舱里面都会有。Astronauts from the 60s and 70s used to complain that there was so much dust inside the capsule that they could smell it. 二十世纪六七十年代的宇航员们曾经抱怨,太空舱里面有太多的灰尘,甚至他们都能闻得到。D: So is the dust actually dangerous? What happens if it gets in the lungs? 那么灰尘对身体有害吗?如果它进入肺里会怎样?Y: Thats what scientists are studying now. 那就是科学家们现在正在研究的。One issue is that the moons weak gravity could allow dust particles to float around in an astronauts airway, which could let moon dust penetrate deeper into the lungs. 一个问题就是,月球的低重力会让尘埃粒子飘进宇航员的导气管,这可能让月球尘埃更深地穿透进人的肺部。D: Which increases the health risks.这就增加了健康风险。So what can astronauts do to breath in less dust? High-tech feather dusters? 那么怎么做才可以让宇航员吸入较少的粉尘?高科技的鸡毛掸子吗?Y: Funny. But its a good question–one that scientists are busy looking into before sending astronauts up there to set up house on our very dusty moon. 太逗了。不过这确实是个好问题。这是科学家们正在忙于调查的问题,要在将宇航员们送上太空造房生活之前解决的问题。201308/251148

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