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宝山区做鼻尖整形多少钱上海双眼皮整形医院Jo is still battling her addiction.乔仍在与她的药瘾作斗争The drug she craves is让她上瘾的药物就是the codeine in extra-strength pain killers.特效止痛药可待因Codeine is an opiate,可待因是一种鸦片the same family of drugs as class A street drug heroin.与一级毒品海洛因是同族的As well as killing pain,可待因可以止痛codeine gives a feeling of calm, of wellbeing,同时让人有镇静 幸福的感觉that can be more attractive than the pain-killing itself.这一点可能要比止痛更吸引人It is incredibly easy to get addicted to pain killers对止痛药上瘾简直轻而易举and theres an epidemic, thats not too strong a word,而且情况有蔓延趋势 of usually women out there,这么说并不夸张who are entirely dependent on codeine-based pain killers.完全依赖于可待因止痛片的女性正在增加But just like any drug,但就像其他的药一样you build up tolerance and你体内会产生耐受its this that lies behind the addiction.这就是成瘾的原因The more you take, the less effect it tends to have.你吃得越多 作用越小So you start out taking a small dose.你一开始吃很小的剂量You need a bigger dose and a bigger dose以后的药量会越来越大and you finally end up in a sort of vicious circle最后你就形成了恶性循环where you have to keep increasing the dose over and over,所以你要不断增加药剂的量to get the same effect in terms of pain relief.才能起到原来的止痛效果201503/362029上海市第一人民医院宝山分院激光去红血丝多少钱 栏目简介:《英语学习入门视频》是英语视频听力下面的子栏目,栏目内容适合刚刚接触英语学习不久的童鞋学习。视频内容比较简单易懂,是入门英语知识的基础,有助于帮助英语学习爱好者逐步掌握基本的英语知识。201512/413817Treatment of oral cancers can include many different口腔癌的治疗囊括了许多不同的技术techniques; the choice of treatment depends mainly on治疗的选择主要取决于个人身体的总体情况a persons general health, where in the mouth or癌症源于口腔还是嗓子,肿瘤的大小throat the cancer began, the size of the tumor and以及癌症是否已经扩散whether the cancer has sp. For early cancers对于早期的癌症外科手术来说surgery is usually done to remove the tumor but it is通常情况下是在癌症没有扩散typically not done if the cancer has sp to到颈部时摘除肿瘤the neck. Radiation therapy is also used. Advanced激光疗法对此也很适用cancers require more treatment, either chemotherapy,晚期癌症需要更多的治疗,要么是化学疗法radiation therapy or a combination of the 2 is done激光疗法,要么两者结合去击中并镇压肿瘤to target and suppress the tumor. Targeted therapy is目标疗法是一种通过使用药物a new tool that uses a drug to inhibit the growth of制止肿瘤繁殖的新型方法the tumor; it is used in combination with chemotherapy它是通过将化学疗法和激光疗法and / or radiation therapy. Speech therapy may also be合二为一来使用,治疗后需要通过语言障碍needed after treatment to improve movement of the mouth矫正来提高嘴及下颚一带的活动and jaw, chewing, swallowing and speech. Because咀嚼,吞咽和说话等的能力,因为advanced cancer removal is so invasive, reconstructive晚期癌症的切除外科手术是扩散危害性的surgery may need to be done later as well.所以可能需要在后期进行修复手术Survival rates are typically low because of the damage因为肿瘤造成的破坏和扩散,癌症存活率很低and sping the tumor has done. 5 year survival rates大约有50%的癌症患者可以存活5年are around roughly 50% however if the tumor is caught然而如果能够在早期阶段切除肿瘤in early stage the survival rate goes up to between 80存活率就会上升到80%-90%to 90%; this is a significant increase and shows the这是一次有意义的增长并且说明了importance of early discovery, not only for oral在早期发现癌症的重要性,不仅口腔癌cancers but all types of cancer.是这样,所有类型的癌症都是这样Oral cancer can be prevented, most causes of oral cancer口腔癌可以预防,我们能够控制引发口腔癌we can control. Practicing good oral hygiene helps keep的大部分原因,好的口腔卫生有助于口腔清洁the oral cavity clean and harmful bacteria at bay.远离有害细菌Limiting the use of tobacco and alcohol products is控制吸烟和酗酒是另一种another easy way to prevent oral cancer. Many problems预防口腔癌的简单方法with the diet are not related to the actual foods by许多饮食问题与实际的食物无关bacterial fermentation of the food is the bigger而由细菌发酵的食物才是个更严重的问题problem, therefore consuming a healthy diet with由于细菌和噬菌在癌症中起作用limited snacking, especially on sugary foods,因此人们推荐少吃零食的健康饮食is highly recommended to limit bacteria and plaque来限制它们的增长growth because of their role in cancer.尤其是甜食One study conducted in Italy took place from 1992意大利的一项从1992年到2005年的to 2005, a total of 804 patients admitted to local调查显示,总共有804个病人到医院检查hospitals with confirmed oral or pharyngeal cancer确诊患有口腔癌或者咽喉癌were examined. The control group consisted of 2080对照组的2080个病人因不相关的原因patients admitted to the same hospitals for unrelated也进入同一家医院reasons. They were then frequency matched for study,他们和研究center location, sex and 5 year age groups.中心位置,性别,五年年龄组相匹配Each person was given a food frequency questionnaire,每一个人都有一个频繁的食物问卷5 major diets were identified and 29 macro nutrients确认了五种主要的食物,检查了29种宏营养and micro nutrients were examined. The diets consisted以及微营养,这些食物包括of an animal product diet, starch rich, vitamins and畜产品,富含淀粉的食物,维生素以及fiber, unsaturated fats and retinol and niacin.纤维素,不饱和脂肪,维生素A以及烟酸Results from the study showed a positive association研究结果显示了再续产品和口腔癌之间between animal products and oral cancer.成正相关201501/354242青浦额头除皱多少钱

嘉定抽脂瘦腿多少钱栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201507/384199上海玫瑰整形女子医院激光祛斑手术价格 Michael really admired Quincy Jones.迈克尔很欣赏昆西Because Quincy had produced Frank sinatra,因为昆西担任过法兰克辛纳区的制作人Icon.Ella Fitzgerald,经典偶像 埃拉费兹杰拉Icon.Dinah Washington,Icon.经典偶像黛安娜华盛顿 经典偶像And so many other acts during his very illustrious career.在他的事业生涯中 制作过无数大牌的唱片When he was about to do Off The Wall, he went to him,他要制作Off The Wall时找上他asking for suggestions寻求意见of people that might be interested in working with him.顺便询问有兴趣与他合作的名单And the story goes that Quincy Jones said, lm available, 听说昆西·斯直接说 我有空啊and he said, ;l would love to work with you.;然后他回 很高兴与你合作l was in the studio for the Off The Wall sessions,Off The Wall录制时 我有去录音室探班and so, l was able to actually watch Michael and Quincy work together.所以我有机会目睹迈克尔与昆西合作And Michael really thought of Quincy as sort of the father that he hoped迈克尔将昆西视为一个父亲的角色Joseph could have been for him.他希望约瑟夫扮演的角色One of the things that Michael toId me he Ioved about working with Quincy迈克尔曾告诉我他之所以那么喜欢跟昆西合作Was that Quincy thought Michaels ideas were good ideas.是因为昆西很认同他的创意And if you listen to some of the demos,你若听当中一些测试带those songs were complete When Michael brought them to Quincy.会发现有些歌 送交给昆西时已经是完整的l mean, you could have just put them out.直接就可以发行了And Quincy appreciated the fact that Michael had this amazing ability.昆西很欣赏迈克尔的才能There was a lot of respect there.他们互相尊重201509/400506上海市中西医结合医院去眼袋多少钱

上海市浦东新区周浦医院整形美容We tend to think of the Vikings as these brutal and frightening people,我们倾向认为维京人 既残忍又令人恐惧but they helped open up the world,但他们进一步开拓了世界they connected the world in ways that it had not been before,他们让世界以一种全新的方式联系在一起and we do owe a debt to them for that.对于这一点的确是托他们的福The Viking trade network Stretches across central and northern Asia.维京人的贸易线路 从亚洲中部和北部延伸开来What they offer their visitor is a rare luxury in Arabia: fur.他们给到访者的 是阿拉伯极度罕见的奢侈品:毛皮In exchange, Arabian gold.作为交换 他们得到了阿拉伯的黄金Imagine two people who cannot communicate verbally,想象一下 两个语言交流不通的人and yet they both come with something that is of value in their culture.都各自带着 自己文化中宝贵的东西The exchange is made, and this is what has created trade交换完成 正是这物质的交换形成了across every culture in every part of the world.跨越每一种文化每一片土地的贸易Ibn Fadlan has arrived at a momentous time For these Vikings.伊本·法德兰到达时 正值维京人们的 一个很重要的时刻Their chief has died. Its time for a funeral.他们的首领去世 正在举行葬礼;They told me, before cremating their chieftain,;他们告诉我 在火化他们首领前;They place him in a grave for ten days,他们把他安放于墓穴十天;While they make his funeral garments.同时 人们为他制作葬礼饰201511/409351 Ladies and Gentlemen,the president of the ed States .US President Barack Obama says that Russia’s bombing campaign in Syria will only strengthen ISIL militants.女士们,先生们,欢迎美国总统。美国总统巴拉克·奥巴马表示,俄罗斯在叙利亚的轰炸行动只会加强ISIL武装分子。He claims Moscow is failing to distinguish between the so-called Islamic State and more moderate insurgents.奥巴马声称莫斯科没有区分所谓的伊斯兰国和更为温和派反叛分子。An approach Obama describes as a “recipe for disaster.”奥巴马将其描述为造成“灾难的因素”。The reason Assad is still in power is because Russia and Iran have supported him. The moderate opposition in Syria is one that, if we are ever going to have a political transition, we need, and the Russian policy is driving those folks underground or creating a situation in which they are decapacitated and it’s only strengthening ISIL.阿萨德之所以仍在执政是因为俄罗斯和伊朗都在持他。叙利亚温和反对派是一个,如果我们要进行一个政治过渡,我们就需要的组织,俄罗斯的政策正在暗地里推动这些人,这样只会助长ISIL组织。Obama said Russia risks being sucked into a quagmire it will find hard to get out of.奥巴马说,俄罗斯冒着被卷入困境的危险将难以脱身。He also stressed that he does not want to turn the Syrian conflict into a “proxy war” between Washington and Moscow.他还强调,他不想把叙利亚冲突变成一场华盛顿和莫斯科之间的“代理战争”。译文属。 /201510/401700上海曙光医院冰点脱毛多少钱上海市徐汇区宛平地段医院治疗痘坑多少钱



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