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成都孕前检查一般要多少钱成都打掉孩子大约多少钱双陈领 三喜临门 -- :3:58 来源: 杨过和小龙女这对《神雕侠侣中的神仙眷侣终于在现实生活中也修成正果,两人在宣布领的同时还公布了陈妍希已怀的另一则喜讯,双陈可谓是三喜临门 Yang Guo and Xiao Long Nv from The Romance of the Condor Heroes are now married. As an added bonus, they have a baby coming along the way!杨过和小龙女这对《神雕侠侣中的神仙眷侣终于在现实生活中也修成正果,两人在宣布领的同时还公布了陈妍希已怀的另一则喜讯,双陈可谓是三喜临门Our favourite girl-next-door, Shen Jiayi from You Are the Apple of My Eye, is not only no longer single… she’s headed to motherhood!备受观众喜爱的邻家女孩沈佳宜(电影《那些年,我们一起追过的女孩中女主角的角色名)现如今也已嫁为人妇,并且很快就要荣升做母亲Michelle Chen Yan Xi, 3, and Chen Xiao, , met on the set of The Romance of the Condor Heroes and went public about their relationship in August . Michelle Chen had accepted Chen Xiao’s proposal in October last year after dating merely 8 months.3岁的陈妍希和岁的陈晓是在共同出演电视剧《神雕侠侣一剧中相识相恋,并与年8月份公开承认恋情在相恋8个月之后,年月份陈妍希正式答应陈晓求婚The two registered their marriage on July 5th, which happens to be Chen Xiao’s birthday as well. On weibo, they also announced the news of Michelle Chen’s pregnancy. Their wedding in Beijing is scheduled to be on 19th July while the wedding in Taipei will be on 1st July.两人在7月5日登记结婚,当天还恰逢陈晓生日两人在微上共同发布了这则消息,并同时公布了陈妍希怀的喜讯两人的婚礼将于北京和台北两地分别举办一次在北京举办的婚礼将于7月19日举行,台北的婚礼仪式将于7月1日举行Although some people must admit they were doubtful when they heard about the news regarding these two and didn’t expect them to last from the beginning, most people are now happy that they have found their happiness with each other, especially that Michelle Chen gained something more precious than pointed remarks and insults from her stint as Xiao Long Nu. All those unfounded criticisms about her appearance must have hurt a lot. However, just look at how successful she was as Shen Jiayi in You Are the Apple of My Eye, how bad can she be? She does not deserve all that negativity. Now, all the haters can stare dumbfounded as she is having Yang Guo’s baby in real life.尽管最初两人公布恋情时,很多人对此并不持,甚至希望两人早日分道扬镳,但两人走到今天,大多数人还是对两人的恋情表示祝福尤其是陈妍希之前因为饰演小龙女一角而遭到了无数中伤与非议,很多人认为她的形象并不符合小龙女的人设幸好现如今她收获了更加珍贵的东西事实上,纵观陈妍希在电影《那些年,我们一起追过的女孩饰演沈佳宜的表现,她的演技不会差到哪里去观众并不应该对其全盘否定在现实生活中,小龙女现如今有了杨过的孩子,恐怕那些曾经不喜欢陈妍希的网友也只能目瞪口呆了Once again, congratulations to Michelle Chen and Chen Xiao! Wishing you two a blissful marriage and a happy family.再一次将祝福送给陈妍希和陈晓夫妇祝愿两位婚姻美满,家庭幸福成都月经不调怎么办 研究:儿童上课不穿鞋 表现更出色 --31 ::3 来源:chinadaily Schoolchildren who attend their lessons wearing no shoes are likely to obtain better grades and behave better than those who wear them, a decade-long academic research has revealed. 一项为期十年的研究显示,学龄孩童不穿鞋上课比穿鞋上课时成绩更好,表现也更出色'Shoeless' children are more likely to arrive to school earlier, leave later and more, according to new research by Bournemouth University. 伯恩茅斯大学的新研究发现,平时不穿鞋上课的孩子更可能到校早、离校晚且阅读多Researchers have observed tens of thousands of children who leave their shoes outside the classroom and found that pupils are more engaged in their lessons, which in turn leads to better academic attainment. 研究人员观察了数万个把鞋子脱在教室外的孩子,发现这些小学生在课堂上更专注,促使他们取得更优异的学业成绩The research is in line with policies introduced in schools in England where children who go to class shoeless ndash; following the steps of schools in Scandinavia in an eft to improve their academic standards and behaviour. 为提高孩子们的学业成绩,改善其行为举止,英国的一些学校紧随斯堪的纳维亚半岛学校的脚步,推出让孩子们不穿鞋上课的政策,而此项研究正好与该政策不谋而合The study is based on observing and studying tens of thousands of children in over 0 schools in around 5 countries over the last ten years. 该项研究的研究人员在过去的十年里,对约5个国家的0多所学校中的数万个孩子进行了观察和研究Apart from countries in Scandinavia, researchers have visited schools in New Zealand and Australia. The longest project has taken place in West London where children's behaviour and academic results were analysed all the way through to university. 除了斯堪的纳维亚半岛的国家,研究人员还访问了新西兰和澳大利亚的学校其中在伦敦西部进行的项目历时最久,该项目对孩子从小学直到大学的行为举止和学业成绩进行分析 decades children in northern Europe have learned with their shoes off because they are left at the school door arrival due to snow, ice or slush. 几十年来,北欧地区的孩子都已学会脱掉鞋子上课,因为他们在到校时,往往出于大雪、冰水或污泥的原因,只得把鞋脱在教室门外And now academics are calling on teachers in England to apply similar 'shoeless' policies ;to give children the best possible chance of perming in their exams;.现在专家学者们都呼吁英国的教师实施类似的;赤脚;政策,;尽一切可能,让孩子们在考试中发挥好;Experts believe having children with no shoes in the classroom improves their learning because it makes them 'feel at home' and more relaxed when learning. 专家认为让孩子们在教室不穿鞋能提高其学习效果,因为不穿鞋让孩子们学习时;像在家里一样自在;,身心也会更放松Stephen Heppell, lead researcher and Professor at the Centre Excellence in Media Practice at Bournemouth University, said: ;Children are much more willing to sit on the floor and relax if they have no shoes on. 伯恩茅斯大学媒体研习英才中心首席研究员兼教授,史蒂芬?赫佩尔表示:;孩子们在不穿鞋的情况下,更愿意席地而坐,身心也放松得多;The last place a child would sit to is an upright chair and we've found that 95 percent of them actually don't on a chair at home. When they go on holidays the lying down. ;孩子们最不愿意坐在直椅背上阅读,我们发现实际上95%的孩子在家时都不会坐在椅子上阅读假日期间,他们都躺着阅读;Having conditions in the classroom that are like those at home means that more boys are ing in the classroom. ;教室拥有和家中相似的条件意味着更多孩子会在教室阅读;In shoeless schools children also arrive earlier and leave later, which translates into half an hour of extra learning a day on average. ;在不穿鞋上课的学校,孩子们也到校早离校迟,这样算起来他们平均每天的学习时间会多半小时;Wearing no shoes also means the cleaning bill decreased by 7 percent and schools need to spend less money on furniture because they don't need to buy a chair and a table every child as they can sit on the floor. 孩子们不穿鞋上课也意味着学校的清洁成本会降低7%,学校在教室设备上的出也会减少,因为孩子们可以坐在地上,这样就无需购买桌椅Prof Heppel said that because ;everything is going in their favour; children's academic standards tend to improve too. 史蒂芬?赫佩尔表示,因为学校的;一切条件都符合孩子们的喜好;,所以孩子们的学业水平也会提升He said: ;The key to attainment is engagement and if children want to be there and enjoy being there, universally they do better. When they arrive late and leave early and are disengaged, their permance suffers. Kids with shoes on are less engaged than those without shoes.;他说:;学习成绩好的关键是全身心地投入,如果孩子们愿意置身其中,并且乐在其中,那通常情况下,他们的学业表现也会更出色如果他们到校迟,离校早,而且自由散漫,那成绩就会下滑穿鞋的孩子比起不穿鞋的孩子,注意力更涣散;On his website, Prof Heppel offers advice to schools on how to implement 'a shoeless' policy. 赫佩尔教授在其网站上就如何施行;赤脚;政策,给学校提供了各种建议He says it should apply to all, including head teachers and guests and children need to be given notice so they are not ridiculed. He explains: ;Children need to know their wholly socks will not be exposed to mockery from their peers.; 他表示,该政策应同样适用于校长、访客等所有与学校相关的人员,学校还应把该政策通知到位,如此一来孩子们才不会因为不穿鞋被嘲笑他解释说:;孩子们还需知道他们的短袜并不会成为被同学们嘲笑的把柄;There are limitations, however. Prof Heppel says: ;Short teachers who have been a bit 'stacked' by their heels come back down to earth.; 但是,这种做法也有不足之处赫佩尔教授表示:;穿高跟鞋的矮个子教师就要重新lsquo;脚踏实地rsquo;了;So far theft of shoes left outside the classroom has not been reported as a problem. 目前为止,脱在教室外的鞋子失窃现象并未被视为问题来源:每日电讯报翻译:谢海芳(中国日报网爱新闻iNews译者)编审:yaning应届毕业生怎样追寻幸福 -- :5:31 来源: College doesn't always prepare you life after graduation. The food, friends, and structure that you had relied on four years are all immediately taken away from you. You are thrust into the world and tasked with the challenge of figuring out how to live on your own.大学并不能为你毕业后的人生做好万全准备四年来你赖以为生的食物、朋友、体系一下子离你而去你被推到一个新世界,要迎接挑战,学会独立生活There are any struggles that graduates face. Finding a job, finding a place to live, and figuring out how to pay the bills are just a few of the economic difficulties that alumni are ced to embrace and figure out. On a social level, graduates often need to establish a new network of friends and acquaintances. This is much more difficult than it was during the days when you could walk down your dorm hall and bump into a few friends.毕业生需要努力克的困难可不少找工作、找住处、付各种开;;这些只是他们不得不接受并解决的经济困难中的一小部分在社交方面,毕业生通常需要建立新的人脉网,结交朋友,认识熟人这比在学校的时候要难得多,那个时候,你只要在宿舍走廊里走一遭,就能撞见几个朋友While post-college life can certainly have its struggles, there are many useful strategies to help make this transition as easy and painless as possible. Here are a few tips recent graduates to think about as they make the transition into their adult life.尽管;后校园时代;必然有种种艰辛,但很多实用的应对方式会使这样的过渡变得简单轻松下面的几条建议,准备过渡到成年人生的应届生们可以参考一下1. Discover your passions发现你的所在Your early twenties are a time to take risks, try new things, and discover your passions. Don't worry so much about having a concrete plan, now is the time when you can experiment and find your true skills and interests. While making money immediately might seem important, your early twenties are one of the best times exploring different career paths and planning out a roadmap your future.你刚刚出头,正是去冒险、去尝试新鲜事物、去发现的时候不要太过担心没有一个具体的计划,现在正是你多做尝试、发现你真正才能和兴趣的时候尽管赶快挣钱看上去很重要,但你刚刚多岁,是探索各种职业道路、规划未来路径的最佳时机. Network拓展人脉Throughout your entire career, networking will be very important. One of the most important networking times in your career will be right after graduation. You are fresh in the job market, and you don't have a long resume of experience. Now is a time when connections will matter more than ever. One of the biggest benefits of being in college and being a recent graduate is that you have access to a gigantic network of like-minded people. Take advantage of your existing school network and reach out to people who went to your school. These don't have to be people you knew very well, or even people that you have much in common with. Simply having gone to the same school is usually enough of an affiliation to compel another fellow alumni to speak with you. Your alumni network is a natural resources which you can tap into to find job opporties and connections.在你整个职业生涯中,人脉都极其重要而积攒人脉最重要的时机之一,就是刚刚毕业的时候你是职场新人,简历上的经验不多现在的人际关系比任何时候都重要读大学并有应届生身份的一个最大好处,就是你可以接触到很多志同道合的人利用你学校的人脉,去接触你的校友他们不一定非要是你非常熟悉的人,也不必是跟你有很多共同点的人通常仅仅在同一所学校学习过,这个关系就足够近了,这些校友都会愿意跟你说话的你的校友关系是一个很重要的自然资源,你可以利用这一资源寻找工作机会,发展人脉3. Be humble虚怀若谷Humility is an important trait recent college graduates. While it is important to have confidence when pursuing job opporties, it is also important to stay humble. It is important to be aware that you don't have much experience, and to be willing to take a job that you are not fond of. Your goal as a college graduate isn't necessarily to find your dream job that will propel you into a successful future--it's just to find a job to help you get started. Most jobs will provide a lot of value you, in terms of teaching you about the world, and teaching you what it means to have a full-time job. Don't underestimate the importance and value of learning from a company what life is like. Moreover, after graduation it is unlikely that you will know exactly what you want to do. Be willing to dive into a job that might not be a perfect fit, and learn from it.谦虚是大学应届毕业生的一个非常重要的优点在争取工作机会的时候,自信很重要,但是谦虚也不容忽视要意识到你经验不足,要乐于接受你并不喜欢的工作作为一个大学毕业生,你的目标不一定是非要找一个助你进入成功未来的理想工作,而应该是找一个助你起步的工作大多数工作对你来说都很有价值,比如带你了解世界,让你知道全职工作意味着什么不要低估;从工作中学习生活;的重要性和价值并且,刚毕业,你也不太可能确切知道你想做的到底是什么要乐于去体验也许不能与你完美契合的工作,并从中学习. Take risks乐于冒险Your early twenties are the best time to take risks. When you are older with more responsibilities, taking risks will be much more difficult. When you are young with fewer responsibilities, however, it is easier to travel, try new things, and explore your options. Go with your gut, and be willing to take a leap. You are in a special time in your career that you might not be able to take advantage of in the future. If you have an inclination to take a risky job, move somewhere new, or deviate from your path--now is the time to do it.出头是去闯荡的最佳年龄年龄越大,责任越多,冒险就会越来越难但年轻的时候责任较少,更容易去旅行、尝试新鲜事物、探索各种可能性跟着感觉走,冒一下险你现在处在职业生涯的特殊阶段,以后也许就没有这样的时机来给你利用了如果你想从事一份刺激的工作、到另一个地方发展或改变发展方向,那么现在就是行动的时候5. Be friendly友好待人Once you graduate college, you will no longer be surrounded by your peers at all hours of the day. Meeting new people is more challenging and requires more eft than it did during college. Because of this, it's often good to remember that being friendly is the best way to meet new people. Take interest in the lives of your coworkers and people around you, and be willing to make new connections.大学毕业后,你身边就不会时刻都是同龄人了与在校园里相比,就不容易结识陌生人了,需要付出更多精力正因为如此,所以要记住:友好待人是结识新朋友的最佳方法可以关心同事和身边人的生活,建立新的人际关系Vocabularythrust: 猛推;插入alumni: 校友affiliation: 关系;附属deviate: 脱离;违背四川公立三甲医院妇科检查

成都医学院附属打胎多少钱年轻人为什么越来越穷?(双语) -- 19:01:37 来源:chinadaily 你穷吗?每天拼了命的干活,却发现付宝里的钱越来越少?!放心,你不是一个人在穷 近英国卫报的一项调查说:全世界年轻人都一样越来越穷在美国,30岁以下的年轻人比退休人群要穷在英国,退休人群可配收入的增幅相当于年轻人收入增幅的3倍看到这里,是不是稍稍有点放心,毕竟全球那么多小伙伴跟我们一起穷!But 穷要穷的明白,我们为什么会越来越穷呢? 讲真,要找一个自己喜欢又能赚钱的工作真心不易啊那些年我们无人问津的简历啊,连起来可以绕地球800多圈了吧! 仅以欧盟去年的数据为例:The average unemployment rate among young people in EU countries in April was .7 percent, while the total unemployment rate stood at 9.7 percent. 好不容易有了工作,才发现,有一种穷叫穷忙(Working poor)!比如小编我,每天废寝忘食的写微信,一到月底依然是月光! 一位叫做何帆的经济学家说:;Generation born in 1960s and 1970s could earn a good living by working hard. However, generation born in 1980s and 90s are having a great pressure;. 社会上各种门槛越来越多,上升通道无比拥挤,职场竞争超级激烈,光靠努力工作很难迅速发家致富奔小康(但还是要努力工作哦,不然一点机会都没有啦) 努力工作一整月,好不容易熬到发工资那天,才发现:信用卡要还了!房租要交了!新电影上映了!女朋友的生日到了! In an of the National Business Daily, it states that, in China, people have to spend at least 0% of their salary to rent a flat in major cities. 要吃饭,要买房,要谈恋爱,要看电影,还要旅行,钱就这样随风而逝! 有时候,会忍不住扪心自问:真的是我不够优秀,不够努力吗?什么时候才能兑现当初的承诺,让爸爸妈妈过上好日子啊? 有时候,面对生活的苟且,听那些成功人士大谈“诗和远方”,还真是想呵呵他们一脸啊~ 好,重点来了!有没有年轻人省钱的方法和小窍门呢? I don't know!作为月光族和working poor的小编是无能为力了?大家有什么省钱tips快砸向爱吃鸡腿的小编吧!青羊区治疗月经不调哪家医院最好 每个女人都应该记住的句名言 --18 3::3 来源: 1. Muhhamad Ali Jinah:穆罕默德·阿里·吉娜There are two powers in the world; one is the sword and the other is the pen. There is a great competition and rivalry between the two. There is a third power stronger than both, that of the women.世界上最强大的两种东西一种是剑,一种是笔这两者之间有很大的竞争性世界上还有比这两种东西更强大的第三种,那就是女人. Margaret Sanger:玛格丽特·桑格Woman must have her freedom, the fundamental freedom of choosing whether or not she will be a mother and how many children she will have. Regardless of what man's attitude may be, that problem is hers — and bee it can be his, it is hers alone.女人必须得有她的自由,最基本的自由是选择是否成为一位母亲以及将生几个孩子不管男人的态度如何,那都是她自己的事情——也许最后男人也会参与进来,但首先将由她自己作出决定3. Marilyn Monroe:玛丽莲·梦露A wise woman likes but doesn't love, listens but doesn't believe and leaves bee she is left.聪明的女人会喜欢但不会深爱,会倾听但不会相信,会在被抛弃以前离开. Dick Van Dyke:迪克·范·戴克Women will never be as successful as men because they have no wives to advise them.女性绝不会有和男人一样的成功,因为她们没有妻子给她们建议5. Whitney Houston:惠特尼·休斯顿I like being a woman, even in a man's world. After all, men can't wear dresses, but we can wear the pants.即使是生活在男人的世界里我也喜欢做女人毕竟,男人不能穿裙子,但是我们能穿裤子6. Cameron Diaz:卡梅隆·迪亚兹What we women need to do, instead of worrying about what we don't have, is just love what we do have.我们女人需要做的就是,与其担心我们没有的东西,还不如爱我们已经有的东西7. Farrah Fawcett:法拉·弗西God gave women intuition and femininity. Used properly, the combination easily jumbles the brain of any man I've ever met.上帝给了女人直觉和女人味儿使用合理的话,这两者结合就能很容易迷倒我曾遇到过的所有男性8. Yul Brynner:尤尔·伯连纳Girls have an unfair advantage over men: if they can't get what they want by being smart, they can get it by being dumb.女孩儿有男孩儿没有的优势:如果她们不能通过变聪明得到她们想要的,那么她们可以通过变得愚笨得到9. Joseph Conrad:约瑟夫·康拉德Being a woman is a terribly difficult task, since it consists principally in dealing with men.做女人难,因为主要是和男人打交道. Oscar Wilde:奥斯卡·王尔德Women are made to be loved, not understood.女人生来是被爱旳,而不是被理解的崇州市人民医院预约

成都哪个不孕医院最好为何政坛女强人青睐短发波波头? --9 ::36 来源:chinadaily With a penchant leopard print heels, latex thigh-high boots and £1,000-plus designer dresses, Theresa May is no stranger to political power dressing. But the Prime Minister's hairstyle, it turns out, is also the must-have 'power cut' females in charge. 喜欢踏着豹纹高跟鞋、乳胶长筒靴,身着一身00多英镑的名牌装,特蕾莎?梅对政坛着装的搭配已是得心应手不仅如此,这位新任首相的发型也是权势女性最青睐的必备发型British PM Theresa MayKnown as the political bob – or pob – the feathery, usually blonde, swept back look is now the favoured style of powerful women across the globe. “政客波波头”——又称“pob头”——通常指亚麻金黄,蓬松微卷,梳向后方的造型,当选全球权势女性最爱发型White House hopeful Hilary Clinton has a perfectly coiffured, highlighted version of the pob, while SNP Leader Nicola Sturgeon and German Chancellor Angela Merkel prefer a shorter cropped, schoolboy style. 美国总统候选人希拉里?克林顿的完美发型堪称波波头经典,而苏格兰国民党领袖尼古拉?斯特金和德国总理默克尔则更偏爱更短的学生头造型Hillary ClintonHairdressers say the 'pob' is being used by female politicians to demonstrate they are in charge and mean business. 发型师表示,波波头更能表现女政客严肃干练的强势形象Julia Carta, international celebrity hair and make-up artist, said: 'People are judged by their looks and the first thing people notice is hair. 国际名人造型化妆师茱莉亚?卡尔塔认为:“人们常倾向于‘以貌取人’,而发型往往是最先被留意到的部位”Angela Merkel'Shorter, more precise styles give the impression that women can hack it in the man's world of politics. It gives the sign that they have a strong head on their shoulders, they are more intelligent, articulate and should be taken seriously. “女性留干脆利落的短发,能让人认为她们能在男性主导的政坛得心应手这种发型能着重表现她们睿智的头脑,突出她们足智多谋、表达清晰、更应该受重视'Longer, flouncy locks, by contrast, give the impression that women are perhaps fresh out of school, less intimidating and, in turn, less in control. They draw the eye down to a woman's bosoms, so a shorter bob above the collar bone keeps attentions at eye level, up towards the brain. “相比之下,长发和波浪卷发则会给人以初出茅庐的毕业女大学生印象,看上去欠缺威慑力和领导力长发会将人们的目光吸引到胸前,而长度位于锁骨之上的短发波波头则能让人们的关注点保持与视线平齐,目光朝头上看去”'These women are ruling the world, they don't want people to be distracted by their hair, so shorter, sharper power cuts all help them to be taken seriously. “这些在世界政坛上挥洒自如的女性不愿意人们因她们的发型而分心,更短、更利落的政客短发能让她们受到严肃对待”Scottish leader Nicola Sturgeon'Previous high profile female politicians, such as Mo Mowlam and Glenda Jackson, also favoured the bob, and Margaret Thatcher also had similar length hair, even though hers was set in rollers. It has been proven time and again that a shorter look gives women much more gravitas than those who have longer hair.' “以往的政坛女强人也都偏爱波波头,比如莫?兰姆和格伦达?杰克逊,玛格丽特?撒切尔也留有类似长度的卷发事实胜于雄辩,短发比长发让女性显得更为庄重”Hair stylist Teddy Mitchell also claimed that the 'pob' was useful to female politicians because it could be swept off their face and 'allows the camera' to see them. 发型师特迪?米切尔还认为,波波头对女性政客还有一层切实意义:这种短发不会遮住她们的面部,因而摄像头能更清晰地捕捉拍摄到她们'A pob can also be tucked behind the ear, all the better to say: voters, I'm listening,' he added. “梳在耳后的波波头就像在帮她们发声:选民们,我在倾听你们的诉求,”他补充道 aspiring politicians, who are perhaps not as powerful, but harbour ambitions of making it to the top, a more feminine, longer bob is favoured. Newly promoted cabinet ministers, Amber Rudd, Elizabeth Truss and Karen Bradley all sport such barnets. 对于一些志存高远但或许并不那么强势的女政客,长度稍长、更女性化的波波头会是不错的选择新上任的英国内阁大臣安尔?鲁德,伊丽莎白?特鲁斯和卡伦?布拉德利都留着这种发型英文来源:每日邮报翻译:陈蕾羽(中国日报网爱新闻iNews译者)编审:yaning 巴黎艺术家创作“女兵马俑” -- 00:: 来源: When Emperor Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor of China, anticipated his death more than ,000 years ago, he wanted an army of warriors to guard his mausoleum ever and protect him in the afterlife.  So he ordered the creation of some 8,000 terra-cotta soldiers, along with hundreds of terra-cotta horses and chariots, to be buried with him in his tomb. Historians speculate the soldiers were modeled after eight individuals.  When the statues were discovered by workers digging a well in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, in 197, the world was stunned by the spectacular funerary art and the legacy of the powerful emperor. Since then, it's become a major tourist attraction and a World Heritage site.  Now, these soldiers have a counterpart: female terra-cotta warriors.  Prune Nourry, a Paris-born artist based in New York City, has created a small army of them. In "Terracotta Daughters," 6 are featured in an exhibition at the China Institute from September through October . The show's US premiere is presented by theFrench Institute Alliance Francaise and China Institute as part of FIAF's Crossing the Line festival.  The difference is these female terra-cotta warriors are not out to protect any emperor, but were created to bring attention to the plight of girls in China.  "In China, there is a huge imbalance between boys and girls. I wanted to highlight the issue of gender preference," said Nourry. "I needed a strong cultural symbol to base this project on, and a universal one that would speak both to Chinese villagers in the countryside and to citizens abroad."  And, in a striking parallel to the terra-cotta soldiers, the terra-cotta girls will also become an archaeological project. After the exhibition, they will be buried in China until , the year that, according to Chinese sociologists, men will have the hardest time finding a wife because of the skewed gender ratio.  The imbalance of the sexes is a serious problem the Chinese. A census indicates there are at least million more men than women. Due to the one-child policy and traditional preference boys, as well as sex-selective technologies, China will have a huge surplus of men, which presents daunting demographic challenges the world's most populous country.  Perhaps those reasons, Nourry didn't encounter difficulties with the Chinese government in pursuing this project in China. She started working on the terra-cotta statues two years ago after finishing an installation in India that also explored gender bias.  In deciding on the size of the female army, Nourry chose the number eight because of its auspiciousness in Chinese culture. She created the first eight statues modeled after eight girls whom she met through an orphan charity in China.  Then, working with local craftsmen in Xi'an, 1 permutations of statues were made based Nourry's original eight statues by combining the different heads, torsos and legs. " Xian Feng, the main craftsman I worked with in China, my project seemed at first impossible since women 'can't be soldiers.' But after we began the project, he changed his view and even turned one of the 1 combinations into a portrait of his own daughter," said Nourry.  The local craftsmen of Xi'an are used to making copies of the terra-cotta warriors which are sold primarily to tourists. When Nourry asked them to give their artistic interpretation in sculpting the female statues, they were initially tentative. Over time, they lost their hesitancy and gave each statue unique faces. No two statues have the same features.  Each terra-cotta warrior girl stands nearly 5 feet tall and weighs about 60 pounds. Their hairstyles are contemporary, as are their unim, which is modeled after the orphan girls' school attire. Unlike the male warriors, they look approachable, friendly and even charming.  "It was a very enriching collaboration, based on exchange and mutual respect," said Nourry.  Her favorite moment was when the eight girls saw the terra-cotta statues of themselves and were delighted. Part of the proceeds from the sale of the eight original statues will pay the cost of the eight girls' education three years.  "Terracotta Daughters" is impressive in its artistic craftsmanship and social statement. It's a refreshing reinterpretation of one of China's national symbols. With these modern female warriors, Prune raises the pressing issue of gender discrimination without pointing fingers at anyone or anything. One looks at these amazing terra-cotta statues and feel compelled to ask -- why aren't there more of them? And why aren't there more girls in China?00多年前,当中国第一位皇帝秦始皇预见到自己驾崩时,他想要一兵马俑能在阴间永久守护他及他的陵墓所以,他下令建造约8000名兵佣,以及数以百计的马佣和战车作为陪葬历史学家推测这些士兵是模仿八个不同的人建造的197年,陕西西安的农民在打井时发现了这些雕像,这种壮观的丧葬艺术及强大王朝的传奇让世界为之震惊从此以后,那里就成为主要的旅游景点和世界文化遗产现在,这些士兵在性别上有了对应:女兵马俑出生于巴黎的纽约艺术家蒲玉娜·诺赫伊(Prune Nourry)创建了这女兵马俑由6件塑像组成的“女童俑”(TerracottaDaughters)将于9月日至月日在中国研究所展出这次展览的美国首映是由法国文化协会(French Institute Alliance Francaise)和中国研究所(China Institute)共同承办,这也作为法国文化协会越界节活动的一部分不同的是这些女兵马俑不是用来保护皇帝的,而是用来引起对中国男女不平衡状态的关注“在中国,男女之间存在着极大的不平衡我想强调的是性别偏好问题,”诺赫伊称“我需要一个强有力的文化标志融入到这个项目,以及中国农民和海外公民都看得懂的标志”并且和兵马俑类似,这些女童俑也将成为一个考古项目展览结束后,它们会被埋在中国直到年据中国社会学家称,因为中国性别比例失调,那一年将是男性最难找到配偶的时期性别比例失衡对于中国人来说是个严峻的问题年的人口普查表明,男性至少比女性多00万人由于独生子女政策,传统的重男轻女观念以及性别选择技术,中国将出现男性过剩,这也为这个世界人口大国带来严峻挑战也许因为这些原因,诺赫伊在中国推行这个项目并没有遭到中国政府的为难两年前,在结束印度同样探究性别歧视的装置作品展后,她开始建造兵马俑在决定女子军队规模上,诺赫伊选择了数字8,因为在中国文化中8是吉利数字通过中国的一所孤儿院,她选择那里8个女孩为原型创建了头8个雕像然后,根据诺赫伊原始的8个雕像,通过结合不同的头像、躯干和腿,她与西安当地工匠又建造了1个雕像诺赫伊称“在中国和我一起共事的主要工艺师为宪峰(音译),起初我的项目不太可能完成因为女性‘不可能成为士兵’但在我们开始这个项目后,他改变了看法,甚至把其中一个雕塑头像变成了她女儿的”西安当地工艺师过去常制作兵马俑仿品卖给游客当诺赫伊要求他们在塑造女性雕像融入他们的艺术诠释时,他们最初还比较犹豫随着时间的推移,他们不再犹豫,给每个雕像塑造了独一无二的头像没有任何一个雕像重样每个女童兵马俑近5英尺高,约60磅重她们的发型是现代的,他们的穿着也同样现代化,这是仿照孤儿院女孩的学校装不同于男兵马俑,她们看起来更平易近人,友好,并且充满魅力诺赫伊称“这是一次基于交流和相互尊重的十分充实的合作”令她最开心的时刻是,当8个女孩看见自己的兵马俑雕像时的欣喜8个原始雕像所卖收入的一部分将用于付这8个女孩三年学费 “女童俑”的艺术工艺和社会表现令人印象深刻这让中国国家标志焕然一新,给予了新的诠释诺赫伊没有指责任何人或任何事,通过这些现代女兵马俑揭露了性别歧视问题有人看了这些令人惊叹的兵马俑后,不禁问道——为什么这样的雕像不再多点?为什么中国不能有更多的女孩?成都不孕的专科医院成都孕前检查项目多少钱



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