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8. 教育背景CONVERSATIONS 会话(AApplicant IInterviewer)Dialogue 1I: Which school are you attending?A: I am attending Hebei University of Technology.I: When will you graduate from that university?A: This coming July.I: What degree will you receive?A: I will receive a Bachelor抯 degree.I: What is your major?A: My major is Business Administration.I: How have you been getting on with your studies so far?A: I have been doing quite well at college. According to the academic records I抳e achieved so far, I am confident that I will get my Bachelor of Business Administration this coming July.I: How do you think the education you抳e received will contribute to your work in this institution?A: I have aly learned a lot in the classroom and I hope to be able to make practical use of it in your company. My specialization at the university is just in line with the areas your institute deals with. I am sure I can apply what I have learned to the work in your institute.I: 你在哪个学校上学?A: 我在河北工业大学上学。I: 你什么时候毕业?A: 今年七月。I: 你能拿到什么学位?A: 学士学位。I: 你是什么专业的?A: 我的专业是商业管理。I: 到目前为止,你在校的学习情况如何?A: 我学得不错。根据至今我所取得的学习成绩,我敢肯定今年7月份我一定能获得商业管理学士学位。I: 你认为你接受的教育将如何有助于本机构的工作?A: 我在课堂上学了很多东西,我希望能把它实际运用到贵公司的商务活动中去。我在大学所学的专业和你们研究所所涉及的范围刚好对口。 我相信我能够把我所学到的东西运用到你们研究所的工作之中。Dialogue 2I: Which university did you graduate from?A: I graduated from Hebei University.I: What subject did you major in at university?A: I majored in Economics.I: Tell me about the courses of your major in university.A: I take more than 50 courses in university, including microeconomics, macroeconomics, marketing principles, sales management, statistics, and so on.I: How did you get on with your studies in university?A: I did well in university. I was one of the top students in the class.I: What subject did you minor in?A: I didn抰 minor in any subject when I was in university, but I attended English and computer courses. And I am currently studying finance in a training school.I: 你是哪个学校毕业的?A: 我毕业于河北大学。I: 你大学时主修什么专业?A: 我的专业是经济学。I: 说说你在大学时都主修了什么课程?A: 大学期间我修了50多门课程,包括微观经济学、宏观经济学、市场原理、销售管理、统计学等。I: 你大学时成绩如何?A: 我成绩非常好,我是班里最优秀的学生之一。I: 你辅修过什么专业吗?A: 我在大学期间没有辅修过,但参加过英语和计算机培训课程。目前我正在一个培训学校学习财政学。Dialogue 3I: Have you received any degrees?A: Yes. In 1996 I received my Bachelor of Science degree from Hebei University, and in 2001 I received my MBA degree from Peking University.I: How about your academic records at college?A: In fact my records were excellent. My overall GPA was 9 on a 10 scale, which was the highest in my class.I: That抯 very impressive. Which course did you like best?A: English. It was both interesting and useful, so I showed a great interest in it.I: Can you tell me why you changed your major when you were a graduate student?A: Because I am very interested in administration and I did take some courses in it. I also performed well in the subjects. Hence I believe that I can do a good job in this position.I: Did you get any honors and awards at college?A: Yes. I was awarded a scholarship from the university every year. In 1995 I participated in the National Contest of Maths Models and I won the prize.I: 你有获得学位吗?A: 有,1996年我在河北大学获得了理学学士学位,2001年在北京大学获得了工商管理硕士学位。I: 你大学时学习成绩如何?A: 事实上我每门课都非常优秀,我的总平均成绩按10分制是9分,是班里最高的。I: 那可真不错哦。你最喜欢哪门课程?A: 英语。因为这门课既有趣又实用,我对它很感兴趣。I: 那你能告诉我你读研究生时为什么要换专业吗?A: 因为我对管理非常感兴趣,而且我也学过这方面的课程,而且成绩非常好。因此,我相信我能做好这个职位。I: 你大学时获得过荣誉和奖励吗?A: 获得过。每年我都获得学校奖学金,在1995年我参加了国家数学建模考试,并得了奖。教育背景刚踏出校门的社会新鲜人,由于尚无实际工作经验,面试者也无从询问“工作”本身的专业性问题,但是他可以藉由你所读学校、所选修的课程、在课业上的表现、以及所参加的社团活动等方面,来判断你是否具备做好这份工作的潜力与能力。回答这类问题,正是你进行“自我推销”的大好时机,一定要好好把握。BASIC EXPRESSIONS 基本句型表达1) What degree will you receive?你将拿到什么学位?2) I will receive a Bachelor’s degree.我将获得学士学位。3) How about your academic records at college?你大学的成绩如何?4) I have been doing quite well at college.我在大学时学习很好。5) My specialization at the university is just in line with the areas your institute deals with.我在大学所学的专业和你们研究所所涉及的范围刚好对口。6) I was one of the top students in the class.我是班里最优秀的学生之一。7) Which course did you like best?你最喜欢哪门课程?major 主修课;主修的;主修 degree 学位bachelor 文理学士 contribute 贡献minor in 辅修 academic 学术的impressive 给人深刻印象的 honor 荣誉award 奖励 scholarship 奖学金在回答提问时要注意投其所好,比如对方问你“What course do you like best?”,这时你最好回答和所应聘公司相关的科目,这会让他留下你很有潜力的印象。注意几个关键的词语:degree(学位)、subject(科目)、department(系)、Bachelor抯 degree(学士学位)、major(主修)、minor(辅修)。1) Which school are you attending?infrom你在哪个学校读书?你是哪个学校的?你来自哪个学校?2) I will receive a Bachelor抯 degree.a Master抯 degreea Doctoral degree我将获得 学士学位。硕士学位士学位3) I majored in economics.industrial designhistorysociology我主修 经济学。工业设计历史学社会学4) How about your academic records at college?gradesscoresschool report card你在大学时成绩如何?5) Which subject do you like best ?betterleast你 最喜欢 哪门课程?比较喜欢最不喜欢 /200811/55117Two US Navy destroyers in the Mediterranean Sea fired 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles at Shayrat airfield in western Homs province at about 04:40 Syrian time 7 April, 2017.2017日叙利亚时间凌晨40,地中海中的两艘美国海军驱逐舰向叙利亚霍姆斯省西部地区的沙伊拉特军用机场发射了59枚战弹。They targeted aircraft, aircraft shelters, storage areas, ammunition supply bunkers and air defence systems at the Syrian government-controlled facility, according to the Pentagon.美国国防部表示,他们的目标是叙利亚政府操控的飞机、飞机掩体、存储区、弹药库以及防空系统设施。It said the base was used to store chemical weapons and that ;every precaution; had been taken to avoid casualties. The Russian military was informed beforehand, the Pentagon said.美国国防部还表示,这个基地被用于储存化学武器,而且为了避免伤亡,他们采取了“一切预防措施”,事先还通知了俄罗斯军方。At least six people are reported to have been killed in the US missile strikes early on Friday. US officials say the base was used to launch a chemical weapons attack that killed dozens of civilians on Tuesday. 89 people, including 33 children and 18 women, died in the suspected nerve agent attack in the rebel-held town of Khan Sheikhoun. Syria denies using nerve gas.据报道,在星期五凌晨美国发动的导弹袭击中,至少有六人遇害。美国官方表示,叙利亚于星期二用这个基地发动了一次化学武器袭击,致使多位平民身亡。在坎什科豪恩地区被叛军所控制的小镇上,有89人死于疑似神经毒气袭击,其中包括33名儿童和18名妇女,而叙利亚否认了使用神经毒气。Syrian ally Russia accused the US of encouraging ;terrorists; with its unilateral actions. Moscow has promised to strengthen its ally Syrias anti-aircraft defences.叙利亚的盟友俄罗斯谴责美国以单方面行动持了“恐怖分子”。莫斯科政府许诺会加强其盟友叙利亚的防空设施。Nikki Haley told an emergency session of the UN Security Council that America had acted to ensure Syrian President Bashar al-Assad would never use chemical weapons again.尼基·哈里(美国驻联合国大使)在联合国安理会紧急会议上表示,美国采取行动以确保叙利亚总统巴沙尔·阿萨德绝不会再次使用化学武器。She blamed Iran and Russia for standing by the Syrian government when it committed crimes.她指责伊朗和俄罗斯对叙利亚政府的罪行袖手旁观。Russias deputy ambassador to the UN, Vladimir Safronkov, described the US strikes as ;illegitimate;.俄罗斯驻联合国副大使弗拉基米尔·萨弗朗科夫称美国此次袭击是“非法的”。UK ambassador Matthew Rycroft said the strikes were a ;proportionate response to unspeakable acts;.英国大使马修·瑞科洛夫表示,该袭击是“对极端恶劣行为进行的适当反应”。来 /201704/502874第58期:参加展会When is the deadline for registration?登记参展的期限是什么时候?A:When is the deadline for registration?A:登记参展的期限是什么时候?B:Its in Beijing on March the 27th and 28th.B:商展的时间是3月27日、28曰在纽约展出。Where do I send the registration form that was in the paper,and the money?报上的这个登记卡还有参展的钱,我要寄到什么地方呢?A:Where do I send the registration form that was in the paper, and the money?A:报上的这个登记卡还有参展的钱,我要寄到什么地方呢?B: To the address that appears on the bottom of the form.B:寄到表格底下的那个地址。How large is the space that costs $ 100?100美元的位子有多大?A:How large is the space that costs 0?A:100 美元的位子有多大?B:It is 2x3,big enough for a small table.B:大概是2尺长、3尺宽,足够放一个小桌子。The signed copy reserving you a space will be notarized and then mailed to you.预约参展位子的签名原件,会做公后再寄给您。A:The signed copy reserving you a space will be notarized and then mailed to you.A:预约参展位子的签名原件,会做公后再寄给您。B:OK. My check should be arriving any day.B:好的。我寄出的票,你、们应该很快就会收到。notarize(vt.)明,确认Is there any way that we could have a spot in the middle somewhere?有没有办法帮我们找一个较靠近中间的位子呢?A:Is there any way that we could have a spot in the middle somewhere?A:有没有办法帮我们找一个较靠近中间的位子呢?B:Yes. They cost more,though.B:可以。不过会比较贵。Have we booked our site at the exhibition center?我们在展览中心的场地预订好了吗?A:Have we booked our site at the exhibition center?A:我们在展览中心的场地预订好了吗?B:Yes,we did that two weeks ago.B:我们两个星期前就预订好了。Do we have to construct the stands ourselves?我们必须自己搭建展台吗?A:Do we have to construct the stands ourselves?A:我们必须自己搭建展台吗?B:No,we hire a firm of contractors that specialize in this kind of work.B:不,我们雇佣一家专门从事这项工作的承包商公司。What sort of amenities are we thinking of?我们考虑使用哪些设施?amenities (n.)(康乐)设施Suppose someone turns up whose language none of us can speak?假如出现有人说我们都不慷的语言怎么办?A:Suppose someone turns up whose language none of us can speak?A:假如出现有人说我们都不懂的语言怎么办?B:In that case,well have to use the interpreting service at the center.B:如果那样的话,我们就只好使用展览中心的翻译务。turn up( v.)出现How should we get people to come to our booth?我们应怎样吸引客户到摊位来?A:How should we get people to come to our booth?A:我们应怎样吸引客户到摊位来?B:We should have a presentation every thirty minutes.B:我们应该每30分钟举办一个展示会。Will you please tell us about the exhibit?请你给我们讲一讲那件展品,好吗?A:Will you please tell us about the exhibit?A:请你给我们讲一讲那件展品,好吗?B:The stand-attendant will show you the equipment in operation.B:讲解员会给你们表演操作那套设备的。I will be sending free samples to everyone that attended the trade show.我会给每一个参观商品展览会的人寄免费样品。A:I will be sending free samples to everyone that attended the trade show.A:我会给每一个参观商品展览会的人寄免费样品。B:That will be good. Then,I could see how it works for our sales.B:那太好了,我可以看看是否能对我们的销售有所帮助。Does it sell well?销售好吗?A:Does it sell well?A:销售好吗?B:Business activity is brisk,and the deals concluded at the fair exceed half a billion US dollars.B:商业洽谈非常踊跃,成交额已超过5亿美元。The pavilion is designed in traditional Chinese style.展区按中国传统的风格设计。pavilion(n.)(供公共或展览等用的)轻便临时建筑;展台,展区Relevant literature and publicity materials are supplied at the fair.展览会上提供有关的资料和宣传品。We hope that our exhibits can be disposed of locally after the fair comes to an end.希望我们的展品在览会后能在当地出售。be disposed of出售 /201503/364230

These measures will spur firms to cut costs and limit pay rises.这些措施会促使企业削减成本,控制薪金出。These measures will spur firms to cut costs and limit pay rises.这些措施会促使企业削减成本,控制薪金出。Is that what you discussed for the whole week?这就是你们讨论了一个星期的结果?Private companies aim to cut costs a little faster than their competitors.私人企业的目标是抢在竞争对手之前削减成本。A common mistake is cost cuts which would weaken the company without sharpening its core businesses.常见的错误是削減成本,这会削弱公司实力,而并不能提高其核心业务竞争力。This invention can lower device cost and reduce the engineering labor.此项发明可以降低设备成本,减少工程量。This invention can lower device cost and reduce the engineering labor.此项发明可以降低设备成本,减少工程量。Please show me the relevant materials.请给我看看相关资料。We call the past cost of buying a plant that has no resale value a sunk costs.我们称过去购买新设备的成本为沉没成本。Equipment costs or the associated costs called ownership costs,设备成本或与设备相关的成本称做所有权成本。 /201509/400395

to allude to something or someone 影射英文释义 To refer to something or someone indirectly.例句 When our boss was talking about how some people have problems with alcohol, we wondered if he was alluding to one of our colleagues.当我们的老板在谈论某人存在酗酒问题时,我们怀疑他在影射我们的一位同事。 /201409/328517

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