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24 Fill it up第24课 加油A: Whatll it be today, sir?务人员:先生,您今天要加什么油?D: Fill it up. Super Unleaded.司机:高级无铅汽油,加满。A: Shall we check your oil and tires?务人员:需要我们为您检查机油和轮胎吗?D: I just checked the oil myself, but you can check the tires.司机:我刚检查过油,但你可以检查轮胎。( The attendants fill the tank, clean the windscreen, and add some air to the tires. )(努久员加涝游箱,清洁挡风玻璃,给轮胎打气。)A: All right, sir, thatll be .50.务人员:先生,好了。总共是26.5元。D: Ill charge it. Heres my card.司机:我要刷卡,这是我的信用卡。 /201504/367454Work out: I always work out in the morning because the gym is quieter at that time.锻炼:我总是在早晨锻炼,因为那个时候操场更安静。burn off: I want to burn off some of those calories I ate last night.燃烧掉:我要燃烧掉昨晚我吃了的一些卡路里,。work off: I have a lot of stress from my job, so the gym is a good place to work it off.工作过:我工作压力很大,需要锻炼来减压。warm up: She forgot to warm up before her exercise class and, she injured her back.热身:她忘了她的锻炼课前要热身,回来的时候她已经了受伤。cool down: I didnt cool down after my run, and, because I was all sweaty, I caught a cold.放松:我忘了要在锻炼后放松,而且,因为全身是汗,我感冒了。give up: Even when I feel exhausted after twenty minutes of jogging, I never give up.放弃:即使我觉得20分钟慢跑后已经觉得精疲力竭,我从来没有放弃。I always try to make thirty.我总是尽量跑到三十分钟。stick to it: My routine is quite hard but I want to stick to it so I look good for my vacation.坚持下去:我的过程是很辛苦,但我要坚持下去,所以我看好了我的假期。be into: Im really into my gym instructor. Hes so cool!喜欢:我真喜欢我的健身教练。他太酷了! /201608/456011Are Robs neighbours discussing personal issues in the garden where everyone can hear? Luckily Feifei is about to help clear up some confusion about a phrase that describes what theyre allegedly doing.罗布的邻居在谁都能听到的花园里谈论私事?幸好菲菲提供了帮助,消除了罗布对一个短语的疑惑,这个短语用来形容他们正在做的事情。Feifei: Hello and welcome to The English We Speak with me Feifei...菲菲:大家好,欢迎收听地道英语节目,我是菲菲。Rob: ...and me, Rob. Hello! Hey Feifei, you know that expression to wash your dirty linen in public?罗布:还有我,罗布。大家好!嗨,菲菲,你知道to wash your dirty linen in public这个表达方式吗?Feifei: Yes. The expression to wash your dirty linen in public describes someone who talks about private matters in public — so everyone can hear them. You wouldnt catch me doing that!菲菲:知道。这个短语的意思是有人公开谈论私事,而其他人都能听到。你不会看到我这样做的!Rob: Nor me — I always keep private matters private — but anyway its exactly what Daisy and Tom have been doing. 罗布:我也不会这样做,我一直在保护隐私,可是黛西和汤姆却这么做了。Feifei: What? Theyve been washing their dirty linen in public — you mean theyve been arguing? 菲菲:什么?他们在公开场合谈论私事?你是说他们吵架了?Rob: Not exactly — but yesterday, they were out in the garden making lots of noise. 罗布:不完全是,不过昨天,他们在花园里弄出了很大的噪音。Feifei: Oh I see. Actually Rob I think...菲菲:哦,我明白了。罗布,其实我觉得……Rob: ...and Im sure Daisy said something about hanging Tom out to dry. 罗布:我确定戴茜说了要把汤姆晾在一边的话。Feifei: Rob, Rob. Theres a simple explanation. But lets hear some more examples of this phrase first...菲菲:罗布,罗布。这很容易解释。我们先来听一些例句吧。Examples例句Tim kept discussing his brothers drinking problem at the pub but I told him not to wash his dirty linen in public.蒂姆一直在酒吧里谈论他哥哥的的酗酒问题,但我告诉他不要将家丑外扬。I know hes having an affair but do they have to wash their dirty linen in public?我知道他有外遇,但他们一定要将家丑外扬吗?Dont wash your dirty linen in public, save your argument for when you get home!家丑不可外扬,你还是等回家再吵吧!Feifei: So the expression to wash your dirty linen in public means you discuss private matters in public. But Rob, I dont think Daisy and Tom were talking about their family problems in the garden.菲菲:这个短语的意思是在公开场合谈论私事。但是罗布,我想戴茜和汤姆并没有在花园里谈论他们的家事。Rob: Well I could hear what was going on.罗布:可是我确实听到了。Feifei: Are you sure? Because I spoke to Daisy and she said their washing machine had broken down and they were actually washing their clothes outdoors, in the garden. I think the noise was just them having a laugh.菲菲:你确定吗?因为我和戴茜谈过了,她说他们家的洗衣机坏了,他们一直在花园里洗衣。我想那个噪音是他们在笑吧。Rob: But what about Daisy saying she was going to hang Tom out to dry?罗布:那戴茜说要把汤姆晾在一边是怎么回事?Feifei: I think she meant she was going to hang Toms clothes out to dry. You need to mind your own business and then you wont hear people washing their dirty linen in public — either literally or metaphorically!菲菲:我想她的意思是把汤姆的衣晾干。你要少管闲事,不要再听别人在公众场合谈论私密的事了,不管是从字面意思来说,还是从比喻的角度来说都不要了!Rob: Thanks for the advice Feifei. Bye Bye.罗布:菲菲,谢谢你的建议。再见。Feifei: Bye.菲菲:再见。 译文属 /201611/479554Todd: So, Conrad, you have a new business. Can you talk a little about your new business?托德:康拉德,你开始了新事业。你能谈谈你的新事业吗?Conrad: Sure, I have a small English language school called Conrads English House here in Odawara, where were sitting here, and by the way, thanks for helping me as my guest teacher today, Todd.康拉德:当然可以,我在小田原开了一家小型的英语语言学校,名字是康拉德的英语屋,就是我们现在坐的这里,对了,托德,谢谢你今天帮忙做客座讲师。Todd: Oh, no problem, no problem.托德:哦,不用谢,不客气。Conrad: Yeah, I started it in April and all of my students are very motivated and it just makes teaching a very joyful experience.康拉德:嗯,我四月份创办的这家学校,我的学生都非常积极,这使教学成为了有趣的经历。Todd: So, whats it like being a new business owner, or owning your own business compared to working for somebody else?托德:当老板的感觉怎么样?拥有自己的企业和给别人打工相比如何?Conrad: Yeah, well, its so much better to run your own school and to be in control of things for one thing, but also, all of the hard work that us English teachers do here in Japan, usually were doing it for another company, but now Im doing it for myself and it makes, really, every minute of it much more pleasurable.康拉德:自己经营学校感觉好多了,一方面可以自己掌控事情,另一方面,日本的英语教师很辛苦,通常我们都是给别人做事,但是现在我为自己工作,所以每一分钟都很愉快。Todd: Can you give an example of why its different, or how its not the same as working for a company?托德:你能举例来说明一下不同之处吗?自己当老板与为别人工作有什么不同?Conrad: Yeah, well, for one I can set my own schedule and the times, the hours are what are comfortable for me and what I think match my students needs the best as well.康拉德:首先,我可以制定自己的计划和时间,我可以选择感觉舒的时间工作,教授我认为最符合学生需求的内容。Todd: Is there anything about owning your own company, or your own business, that you dont like?托德:自己当老板有没有什么地方是你不喜欢的?Conrad: Not, yet Todd. Its just been since April and so far everythings been nothing to complain about although, you know, just being a new business owner theres lots of things that need to be taken care of and thankfully my, wife, Aki is taking care of all those things like setting up the school and getting a business license and all of those things that need to be done.康拉德:托德,目前我还没有不喜欢的。我四月份才开始创业,目前没有什么可抱怨的,不过创业有很多事情要处理,幸运的是,我妻子秋处理了这些事,比如成立学校,获得营业执照还有其他需要做的事情。 译文属 /201509/401349

Todd: So, Barbara, were talking about your time in the hospital. You were in the hospital for sometime. First of all, how long were you actually in the hospital?托德:芭芭拉,我们来谈谈你在医院的生活。你住了一段时间的院。你住了多长时间的院?Barbara: Well, I was in two hospitals actually. At first, I was in a big hospital for three and a half weeks and I was on a drip for all of that time, and they didnt let me eat anything, and the first couple of days, they also didnt let me drink anything.芭芭拉:嗯,其实我是在两家医院接受的治疗。一开始,我在一家大医院入院治疗了三周半,那段时间我一直在打点滴,他们不让我吃东西,前几天的时候医生甚至都不让我喝水。Todd: Whoa!托德:哇!Barbara: Yeah.芭芭拉:对。Todd: So you were on a drip… Im sorry, how long?托德:抱歉,你打了多长时间的点滴?Barbara: Three and a half weeks.芭芭拉:三周半。Todd: Whoa! No solid food for three and a half weeks.托德:哇!三周半没有吃固体食物。Barbara: No food for three and a half weeks.芭芭拉:三周半没有吃东西。Todd: Man!托德:天哪!Barbara: Yeah, I was dreaming about my mothers cooking, and I was dreaming about roast chicken and roast lamb and man, the smells and the tastes came back to me, but there was no food.芭芭拉:对,当时我梦到过我妈妈做的饭,还有烤鸡和烤羊,我都能想起这些美食的味道,可是我不能吃东西。Todd: But after like, say two weeks or something, does your body just get used to not having food?托德:那两周之后,你的身体是不是已经习惯不进食了?Barbara: Yeah. Yes, it does. Definitely. And I lost a lot of weight, but actually I felt fine. Friends who came to visit me in the hospital were surprised and they were like, ;Wow! Wheres the rest of you?;芭芭拉:对,没错。就是这样。那段时间我瘦了很多,不过我感觉还好。来探望我的朋友走进病房看到我以后都特别惊讶,他们的反应是:哇!你怎么瘦了这么多?Todd: You did lose a lot of weight. Actually, how much weight did you lose?托德:你的确瘦了很多。你体重减了多少?Barbara: I lost, well, I started losing weight because I was changing my diet just before I got ill. In the last eighteen months, Ive lost twenty kilos.芭芭拉:我生病以前已经开始改变饮食习惯,所以那时我就开始减轻体重。过去18个月以来,我瘦了20公斤。Todd: Whoa! Thats a lot.托德:天哪!你真的瘦了很多。Barbara: That is, indeed, yeah.芭芭拉:没错,是的。Todd: Twenty kilos… Wow! Well, you look great. You must feel great.托德:20公斤……哇!你看起来很不错。你一定感觉很棒。Barbara: I feel much better. Actually I think sick with that was probably a good thing. It made me take stock and reevaluate things and get healthy.芭芭拉:我感觉好多了。实际上,我觉得这么看来,这场病可能对我来说是件好事。因为它让我全面审视自己,重新考虑现状,变得更健康。 译文属 /201508/394441

I see 我明白了例句:A:I heard you were moving to NanJing.我听说你要搬去南京。B:Thats right, I got an offer for a terrific job.是的,我得到了一份很好的工作。A:I see.明白了。A:You need to drink a lot of water after long-distance race.长跑之后你需要喝大量的水。B:I see.我明白了。背景音乐:Sabrina Carpenter—Best thing I got更多英语资讯欢迎关注微信公众号SmethilyFM(注意:“S”“FM”均为大写) /201607/451244

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