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  • Aid Agencies Warn Insecurity on the Rise in Afghanistan援助机构称阿富汗安全局势恶化  International aid agencies are expressing concern about the deteriorating security situation in Afghanistan, noting that problems have sp to previously stable areas and attacks on aid agencies and their staff are on the increase. 国际援助机构对阿富汗安全形势恶化表示关注。他们指出,问题已经蔓延到原来局势稳定的地区,而且对援助机构及其工作人员的袭击越来越多。Aid agencies say rising insecurity in Afghanistan is hampering efforts to provide relief. The Agency Coordinating Body for Afghan Relief or ACBAR, represents about 100 non-governmental aid organizations. In a just released statement, the group also says that the number of civilians killed in the Afghan conflict is on the rise - up by approximately 50 percent over the same period last year.  援助机构说,阿富汗不安定的局势升级,阻碍了救援工作。“阿富汗救援协调机构”代表大约100个非政府救援组织。该机构刚刚发表的声明还说,在阿富汗冲突中被杀害的平民人数在上升,大约比去年同期上升了50%。Speaking with VOA from her office in Kabul, ACBAR spokesperson Anja de Beer says that while most of the deaths are attributed to insurgents, the international and Afghan forces are also responsible. Some of the deaths she says occur in aerial bombings but there are also cases where she alleges they are the result of excessive force. 阿富汗救援协调机构发言人比尔在喀布尔的办公室对美国之音说,虽然大多数平民死在暴乱分子手中,但是国际部队和阿富汗军队也应该承担责任。她说,一些人死于空袭,但是也有人死于过度使用武力。"There are unfortunately instances that a search is conducted by coalition forces and the Afghan forces, sometimes there are extra-judicial executions, that luckily seems to be the exception," said de Beer. 比尔说:“不幸的是某些死亡事故发生在联军和阿富汗部队发动的搜查中,有时还发生非法处死人的事例,但是幸好看来这是个别情况。”De Beer added that the insurgents are gaining a foothold in areas where they were not so strong before. This, she says, has forced the closure of a large number of schools and health facilities in the south; is hindering the implementation of vital development projects; and has caused significant levels of internal displacement. 比尔还说,暴乱分子正在某些过去他们力量薄弱的地区取得立足点。她说,这已迫使在南部关闭大量学校和卫生设施,这还阻碍了至关重要的发展项目的进行,而且已经导致大批人口流离失所。The ACBAR statement says that aid agencies are also increasingly being targeted by both insurgents and criminal elements. This, it says has forced many relief agencies to restrict their development and humanitarian activities. 阿富汗救援协调机构的声明说,暴乱分子和罪犯对救援机构的袭击日益频繁。声明说,这迫使许多救援机构限制自己的发展及人道活动。Relief officials worry that with a drought in some parts of the country and increased food prices, over four million Afghans are facing extremely difficult circumstances. They say that young children, and pregnant and breastfeeding women are at especially high risk.  救援工作人员担心,由于阿富汗国内某些地区的旱灾以及食品价格上涨,400多万阿富汗人面临及其困难的境地。他们说,儿童和妇及哺乳的妇女处境尤其危险。ACBAR's Anja de beer says her organization believes the Afghan conflict cannot be solved on the battlefield. 比尔说,她的组织认为,阿富汗冲突不可能在战场上解决。"What is needed for sustainable peace is support for development and delivery of essential services to the population, government reforms and peace building initiatives," she said. 她说:“持久和平需要的是持发展、向民众提供基本务、以及政府改革和开展和平方案。”De Beer also said perceived corruption by the Afghan authorities turns members of the public against the government. Also, she added, the agricultural sector needs more support and that aid should be delivered in a more efficient and effective manner. 比尔还说 ,由于阿富汗当局被认为很腐败,使阿富汗公众反对本国政府。她还说,农业部门需要更多持,而且应当以更迅速和更有效的方式提供救援。200808/45401。
  • Anchor: FEMA began issuing special debit cards worth up to 2,000 dollars to Americans who were displaced by Hurricane Katrina. These cards will help their families meet their short term needs for food and clothes and travel, but what is the federal government doing for the victims of the hurricane in a long term and how will all of these people get back to work. Joining us now from Houston tonight in the Astrodome--Mrs. Secretary of Labor, Elaine Chao is with us, Mrs. Secretary, thank you for being with us; I appreciate you're being on board. (Honor! Thanks for having me!) I understand what it is some ten thousand people aly have applied for unemployment benefits, so we are hopeful that we can get these people taken care of immediately, but there maybe as many as 400,000 people displaced in terms of their jobs.Zhao: Well, we don't know quite yet. It's a little too early. But just today, I signed off on 31 million dollars to increase a capacity of the States to take in these unemployment insurance claims. But the great challenge that we have is to communicate to dislocated workers, the array of assistance programs that are available to them. So just in the last 6 days alone I've signed off on about 200 million dollars in National Emergency grants to create about 47,500 temporary jobs, now these jobs are gonna help people, and get a paycheck(Yeah.) and also aid in the recovery, and, ah, cleanup of their own community, (Sure.)They'll also be helping in the delivery of humanitarian services. But we also have 2 other programs that are very helpful as well: One is Unemployment Insurance, and then secondly is a Disaster Unemployment Assistance.Anchor: Let me ask this, (sure) 'Cause I guess the biggest concern of these people, they lost their homes, everything they have (Yeah.)and they don't have a job to go back to, so that it means by which, for example ,if you lost your job in a normal circumstance, it's hard enough. But now you don't even have a house, you may not even have a phone, you're displaced, you're not even in the same city. (Yeah.) Are we preparing to perhaps to extend benefits of necessary and really look at this as a very unique situation?Zhao: Well, our hearts just go out to these people, and I think, you know, everyone is trying to do everything they can. In terms of extension of the unemployment insurance, the states have that authority, and obviously as the time gets, uh, as we go forward, then we'll see what is really happening, I think that will be discussed. But let me also say, you know, the majority of people have left the, eva, devastated areas, and I want to make it very clear that people do not have to return to their home communities to fall for these claims. We say basically that to people, No.1, if you have access to a telephone, please call our toll free number, it's 1-866-4-USA-DOL, there you can find caring, compassionate professionals who are working, you know, who are on call 24*7 to provide the assistance. (Secretary, I'm sorry, go ahead. Please go.) And also, yes, if they are unable to get to a phone, or they can get on the internet, please visit our website--- www.dol.gov. Again we have people who are very willing to help, and so eager to help. Now we're also saying if you can not get to a phone, if you can not get to a computer, we are trying to find you. We got teams of people canvasing neighborhood after neighborhood. We're working with nonprofit, faith-based organizations, community organizations to find these people. We have picked teams of people with laptops to register people for Unemployment Insurance, or for Disaster Unemployment Assistance. Now the Disaster Unemployment Assistance is very important. Let me explain. They are people who are not usually eligible for Unemployment Insurance, and these are the self-employed, if you're taxi driver in New Orleans for example, you could no longer apply your trade. You are eligible for Income Assistance through the disaster Unemployment Assistance. If you're newly employed, you don't have a track record yet. You are not ordinarily eligible for unemployment Insurance, but under Disaster Unemployment Assistance, you are available, you are eligible. So we have a whole array of services. We also have job banks; we have mobile units outside the Reliance Center in Houston Astrodome. We have job banks all over. We had a job bank in Dallas, Texas today. We had so many employers that we were oversubscribed. We are gonna hold a job fair in Houston next week, and the employers, we're asking employers to come and register with us and tell us what the jobs they have available. We are setting up a regional job bank that will list kind of like a bulletin board, all of the jobs that are available in the devastated region.Anchor: We have...Secretary Chao,We have to run, but thank you for being with us,(Yes.) wish you ah.. all the best in that very difficult task ahead of you,(Thank you.) thank you for being with us.200807/44187。
  • US Senate Opens Debate on Climate Change Bill美国参议院辩论减排温室气体法案  The U.S. Senate has begun debate on legislation aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming. In a 74 to 14 procedural vote, senators agreed to move ahead with debate late Monday. But chances of the bill's passage appear slim, with many lawmakers concerned about its impact on the economy. 美国国会参议院开始就一项气候问题立法进行辩论,这项法案的目的在于减少造成全球变暖的温室气体排放。在74票赞成14票反对的程序性投票后,参议员们同意星期一晚些时候开始辩论。但是这项法案获得通过的可能性很小, 因为很多国会议员担心这项立法会对经济产生冲击。The legislation would set caps on U.S. greenhouse gas emissions from electric utility, transportation and manufacturing industries beginning in 2012, with the goal of reducing such emissions by as much as 66 percent by 2050. 这项法案将为美国的温室气体排放设定上限,从2012年开始,电力业、交通运输和制造业都要减少温室气体排放,到2050年,实现减排66%。Senator Joe Lieberman of Connecticut, who calls himself an independent Democrat, is a chief sponsor of the measure: 来自康涅狄克州、自称是独立民主党人的利伯曼是提案主要发起人之一。"Beginning in 2012, this legislation would place a cap on the aggregate greenhouse emissions that 2,100 facilities in America that are responsible for 85 percent of those emissions in this country," said Senator Lieberman. 利伯曼说:“从2012年开始,这项立法将为美国两千一百个设施的温室气体排放总和设定上限,它们的排放量占全国的80%。”The bill would create an incentive system that would give credits to industries that cut pollution. Industries that failed to reduce emissions would be forced to buy credits from others. 这项议案将设立奖励制度,给减少污染的工业记点。而不能完成减排指标的工业将被迫要从其他企业那里购买点数。Senator John Warner, a Virginia Republican, the other cosponsor of the bill, says Americans are concerned about the impact of climate change and want Congress to act. 议案的另一位发起人、维吉尼亚州共和党参议员约翰.沃纳说,美国人对气候变暖的影响感到关切,希望国会采取行动。"There is a great feeling all across America by people in small villages and towns and large cities to state legislatures and others that we must move and move now," said Senator Warner. "Do something. Doing nothing is not an option." 沃纳说:“美国各地,不论是村庄,小镇,大城市,还是各州议会,都有一种深切的认识, 都认为我们必须行动,现在就行动,拿出实际行动。无所作为不是我们的选项。”But other Republicans, including President Bush reject the legislation, saying it would increase energy costs and lead to job losses. 不过其他共和党人,包括布什总统都反对这个法案,他们说,这样会提高能源成本并导致工作机会流失。Even before the Senate began considering the bill, the president highlighted his opposition, saying the measure would cost the U.S. economy trillion. 甚至在参议院考虑这个议案之前,布什就强调了他的反对意见,说这个议案将使美国经济损失六万亿美元。"There's a much better way to address the environment than imposing these costs on the job creators, which will ultimately have to be borne by American consumers," said President Bush. "And I urge the Congress to be very careful about running up enormous costs for future generations of Americans." 布什说:“保护环境有一个更好的方式,比强制那些能创造工作机会的企业增加成本的作法要好,而这些成本最终要由美国消费者承担。我敦促国会要特别谨慎地对待会给美国未来几代人带来巨大代价的作法。”White House spokeswoman Dana Perino said the president would veto the bill in its present form. 白宫发言人佩里诺说,布什总统将否决现在这个法案。Senator James Inhofe, an Oklahoma Republican, says the legislation does nothing to press other nations, particularly China and India, to cut their emissions. 来自奥克拉荷马州的共和党参议员詹姆斯.英赫夫说,这个法案完全没有要求其它国家、特别是中国和印度,减少温室气体排放。"All major emitting countries, including developing nations, must participate in order for any U.S. program to produce meaningful reductions in atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases," said Senator Inhofe. "Today, China emits more carbon dioxide than we do, and that divide is only going to grow." 英赫夫说:“所有主要的温室气体排放国家,包括发展中国家,都必须参与其中,这样,美国的减排措施才可能产生有意义的效果。今天中国排放的二氧化碳超过了我们,这种差别只会加大。”Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a Nevada Democrat, responded: 参议院多数党领袖哈利.里德是来自内华达州的民主党人,他说:"Should we as some say wait for China and India to act? Of course not, Mr. [Senate] President," said Senator Reid. "Since when does America let other countries lead the way? It is our responsibility to forge the path that other nations will follow." “我们是否应该像一些人说的那样,等待中国和印度采取行动呢?当然不是,美国从什么时候开始让其它国家来牵头了? 我们的责任是开创道路,其它的国家会跟进来。”All three major presidential candidates, Republican Senator John McCain and Democratic Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, support government-imposed limits on greenhouse gas emissions.  所有三名竞选美国总统的人--共和党的麦凯恩参议员以及民主党的奥巴马和克林顿参议员都持政府对温室气体排放进行限制。Supporters of the Senate bill believe chances for passage will be better when there is a new occupant in the White House next year. 持参议院这项议案的人认为,明年总统换届时之后议案通过的机会将比较大。200806/41043。
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