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2019年04月24日 20:50:02 | 作者:飞度排名快问 | 来源:新华社
约翰尼·德普再陷离婚风波 --7 19:: 来源: 德普参演的《爱丽丝镜中漫游记将于近日上映,可他却遇上了一系列烦心事:母亲去世,宠物入境澳大利亚引发风波而最近新婚刚刚一年多的妻子又向法院起诉离婚,可谓祸不单行 Johnny Depp’s wife has filed divorce, citing irreconcilable differences after just over a year of marriage.约翰尼·德普新婚一年的妻子已正式向法院起诉离婚,直言两人间存在不可调和的分歧Court records show that Amber Heard filed divorce on Monday and is seeking spousal support from the Oscar-nominated actor. The split also comes hard on the heels of the death on May of Depp’s mother, Betty Sue Palmer, after a long illness.法院记录显示,艾梅柏·希尔德于周一提出离婚,正在寻求德普的认可自5月日德普长期患病的母亲去世后,两人的嫌隙变得越来越大Depp and Heard recently hit the headlines a bizarre spat with Australian deputy prime minister and minister agriculture Barnaby Joyce, after Heard fell foul of biosecurity rules unlawfully bringing the pair’s dogs into the country. Joyce threatened to have the dogs euthanised unless they “buggered off” back to the ed States.希尔德曾于几日前携带两只宠物进入澳大利亚,违反了当地的生物安全管理条例,夫妇二人事与澳大利亚副总理兼农业部长乔伊斯打起了口水仗,登上了新闻头条乔伊斯威胁夫妇二人如不尽快将运回美国,它们将被处以安乐死Heard admitted making a false customs declaration, in exchange which an Australian magistrate dropped charges against her of illegally importing animals, which carries a maximum penalty of ten years imprisonment.希尔德公开承认自己的海关报关单填写有误,换得一家澳大利亚地方法院撤消了对其非法进口动物的指控若这项罪名成立,最高可判处年监禁As part of the case, Depp and Heard were awkward participants in an extraordinary , in which they offered an apology of staggering insincerity, and Depp mutters that people should “declare everything when you go to Australia”.为了结此事,夫妇二人反常地在一段视频中尴尬出镜,十分勉强地进行道歉德普还向观众抱怨说:“当你进入澳大利亚时,一定要记得把带的东西一件不落地向海关申报”Bernadette Callaghan, the magistrate, said at the time that the was “of far more benefit to this country” as a warning to others than a any conviction of Heard.法院的法官伯纳黛特·卡拉翰表示,这段视频给“国家带来的好处”远比判希尔德的罪来得大得多Heard listed their date of separation as Sunday. The pair have no children together.希尔德表示两人自上周日起开始分居,这对夫妇没有生育后代Depp and Heard met when they co-starred in the film The Rum Diary, and while Depp was still in a long relationship with the French actor, Vanessa Paradis.两人于年共同出演《莱姆酒日记时结缘,当时德普已经和法国女演员凡妮莎·帕拉迪丝谈了多年恋爱Depp’s latest film, Alice Through the Looking Glass, is due to be released on Friday.德普的新片《爱丽丝镜中漫游记将于周五上映The divorce was first reported on Wednesday by celebrity website TMZ, who also reported that the couple do not have a pre-nuptial agreement.八卦网站TMZ率先爆出二人离婚的消息,称二人并未签署婚前财产协议香港是对外籍人士来说世界上最昂贵城市 --3 19:36:3 来源: 咨询公司美世的调查显示,对外籍人士而言,香港是世界上最昂贵的城市 Hong Kong is the world’s most expensive city expats, leapfrogging Angolan capital Luanda in the annual chart compiled by consultancy firm Mercer.对外籍人士而言,香港是世界上最昂贵的城市,超越了安哥拉首都罗安达,由咨询公司美世的年度图表显示Luanda, which had consistently topped the list in recent years, fell in the ranking owing to the weakening of its local currency.罗安达近几年一直位居榜首,今年由于当地货币削弱而导致排名落后Zurich and Singapore were third and fourth on the list, unchanged from a year ago. Tokyo rose to fifth.苏黎世和新加坡位居第三和第四位,和去年一样东京上升至第五位The survey is designed companies to calculate expat workers’ allowances.该调查是为公司计算外籍员工的津贴而设计的It weighs up the cost of living in cities across the world, comparing the cost of more than 0 items in each location, including housing, transport, food, clothing and entertainment.该调查估量了世界个城市的生活消费水平,比较了每个地方0多个项目的费用,包括房屋,交通,食物,装和Kinshasa was ranked sixth, appearing in the top the first time, followed by Shanghai, Geneva, N’Djamena, and Beijing.金沙萨排名第六,第以此出现在前名的,其次是上海,日内瓦,恩贾梅纳,和北京Mercer said that rankings were affected by "volatile markets and stunted economic growth in many parts of the world".美世咨询公司称排名受到“波动的市场和世界许多地方受阻的经济增长”的影响The world’s least expensive cities expats, according to the cost of living survey, is the Namibian capital Windhoek, followed by Cape Town.世界上对外籍人士来说最便宜的城市,据生活消费调查显示,是纳米比亚首都温得和克,其次是开普敦In the UK, London dropped five places to th, Aberdeen fell seven places to 85th and Birmingham, in 96th, dropped by places. Further down the list, Glasgow dropped places to 9th and Belfast was down three places to 1th.在英国,伦敦掉了五名,排名,阿伯丁跌了七名,排第85,伯明翰第96,掉了十六名再往下,格拉斯哥下降十名,排第9,贝尔法斯特下降了三名,排第1位A survey earlier this year, by the Economist Intelligence (EIU), ranked Singapore as the priciest city in the world ahead of Zurich, Hong Kong, Geneva and Paris.今年早前的一项由调查经济学人智库的调查显示,新加坡是世界上最昂贵的城市,排在苏黎世,香港,日内瓦和巴黎前面文身师为家暴受害者文身遮疤(双语) -- :6:1 来源: A Brazilian tattoo artist offers free body art so victims of domestic violence can cover their scars巴西一位文身艺术家为家暴受害者提供免费文身,帮助他们掩盖伤疤Flavia Carvalho began her project 'A Pele da Flor', which means 'The Skin of the Flower', in Curitiba, Brazil, to turn horrific mementos into "self-esteem boosters". Since then her art has covered up wounds from bullets, beatings, stabbings and even mastectomies. The service is one 0% - the only 'cost' is choosing the tattoo.弗拉维亚·卡瓦霍在巴西库里蒂巴开启了一项名为“A Pele da Flor”的计划,意即“花之肌肤”,旨在把勾起可怕回忆的疤痕变为“提升自尊之物”自此,她的文身艺术遮盖了各式伤疤——伤、殴打留下的伤疤、刺伤、乳房切除手术留下的疤痕该务不收任何费用,只需费心选好纹身图案即可Falvia says she came up with the idea when a client wanted to cover a large scar on her abdomen. She told the Huffington Post: "She told me that she was at a nightclub, and when she turned down a man who approached her, he stabbed her with an switchblade." When the client saw the finished tattoo, she was "extremely moved" and Flavia was "deeply touched".弗拉维亚表示,她的创意来自一位顾客,该女士希望遮掉一块面积较大的腹部伤疤弗拉维亚在接受《赫芬顿邮报采访时表示:“她对我说,她在夜店拒绝了一位企图接近他的男性,那名男性随即用一把弹簧刀把她刺伤”这位顾客看到最后的文身效果时“极为感动”,而弗拉维亚也被她“深深打动”She continued with the idea of providing the free tattoos to victims of domestic abuse or mastectomies. Flavia says it is "wonderful" to see how women"s reaction to their bodies change following the new tattoos. From being ashamed of the scarring, the girls flaunt their new body art on Facebook, says the tattooist.她延续了这个理念,继续为家暴受害者、接受乳房切除手术的人免费文身弗拉维亚说,顾客看到身体新文身后的反应让她“特别开心”这位文身师说,最初女孩们对疤痕感到难为情,如今她们变得敢于在Facebook上晒出自己的新文身All the stories move her, but one in particular stays in her mind; that of a -year-old who was dating an older man. She said: " months, [she] suffered from the physically abusive relationship. When he wanted to break up with her, he scheduled a meeting, and after they began to fight, he stabbed her several times in her abdomen, and violently raped her."每一个故事都让她为之动容,让她印象最为深刻的是一位岁的女孩她的约会对象是一位年长男士女孩说:“几个月以来,(她)忍受着这段感情对她的身体虐待当男方想分手了,他安排双方见面,两人却开始争吵,之后,他拿刀朝她的腹部刺了好几下,并残忍地强暴了她”The victim ended up with a perineum tear, had to have surgery several times and ended up in intensive care. Flavia covered up her scars with a tattoo of flowers and birds.这位受害者最终诊断为会阴撕裂,做了几次手术后,仍需要特别护理弗拉维亚将花与鸟的图案文在她身上以掩盖伤疤Vocabularymemento: 勾起回忆的东西mastectomy: 乳房切除手术switchblade: 弹簧小折刀英文来源:镜报译者:liangliangzl意大利小三电话骚扰正室被罚300欧元 -- :31:37 来源: 意大利小三电话骚扰正室被罚300欧元Italian woman who revealed affair to lover's wife fined harassmentAn Italian woman who made anonymous calls to her lover's wife to tell her of their affair has been told she must pay a

你胆子到底有多大?天大楼上的空中步道你敢体验吗? --9 :55:18 来源: 金茂大厦位于上海市浦东新区陆家嘴金融贸易区,周四将启用户外空中步道 Visitors to a landmark skyscraper in Shanghai can put their nerves to the test by walking, leaning off of or sitting down on the outside of one of China’s tallest buildings-0.6 meters above the ground.游客可在中国最高建筑之一的上海地标天大楼,漫步于距离地面0.6米的高空步道,或向外倚靠,或坐在上面,以考验勇气The Jinmao Tower, in the Lujiazui area of Shanghai’s Pudong New Area, will launch a program on Thursday that allows visitors to walk on an open-air glass walkway outside the building’s 88th floor.金茂大厦位于上海市浦东新区陆家嘴金融贸易区,周四将启动户外空中步道,允许游客在88层户外全透明的步道上行走The skywalk on the .5-meter-tall Jinmao Tower is about 60 meters long and just 1. meters wide, without a handrail. Visitors are harnessed to an overhead rail system that allows them to move about freely on the walkway.金茂大厦楼高.5米,空中步道全长60米,宽仅1.米,无护栏游客安全带需系在头顶的轨道上,这样便可在步道上自由行动The attraction is believed to be the world’s highest outdoor, handrail-free walkway on a skyscraper. Macao Tower Skywalk X allows visitors to take a - to -minute open-air walk around the outer rim of the Macao Tower, 33 meters above the ground.上海空中步道是世界上最高的户外无护栏空中步道,建在天大楼上塔空中漫步X版允许游客在距地面33米的高度,沿着塔外层空间,在户外步行-分钟The management team of Jinmao’s skywalk said on Wednesday that the Shanghai attraction offers visitors a thrilling but safe opporty to look out over the city. They said the project does not damage or overload the building.周三,金茂大厦空中步道的管理团队表示,上海空中步道为游客提供了令人胆颤但却十分安全的机会,游客可俯瞰整个魔都美景他们称,该项目没有损坏建筑,也没有导致建筑超负荷Xia Ming, 35, who works a Japanese company in Shanghai, said he has great interest in attempting to walk on the glass platm, from which visitors can reportedly see as far as Chongming Island on clear days. "But they have to make sure that the armored glass under my feet is very solid and my safety belt won’t get loose," he added.夏明(音译)35岁,务于上海一家日本公司,他表示自己很感兴趣,想尝试在玻璃平台上行走,据报道,晴朗的天游客可以从这里看到崇明岛他补充道:“但他们需确保,我脚下的钢化玻璃必须非常坚固,我的安全带不会松开”Visitors pay 388 yuan ()-98 yuan students-to stay up to 30 minutes on the platm, although a discount is being offered during the attraction’s trial period.成人票每位388人民币(58美元),学生价每位98人民币,可在步道上停留30分钟,试营期间会有折扣A maximum of people are allowed on the platm at any time, and there are always two safety instructors to provide assistance, the management team said.管理团队称,平台每次最多容纳位游客,并且会一直有两位安全指导员提供帮助

美国总统的女儿玛丽亚.奥巴马即将就读哈佛 -- :6: 来源: 白宫周日宣布,奥巴马的女儿玛丽亚高中毕业后会有一年;间隔年;,而后将于年就读哈佛大学Barack Obamarsquo;s daughter Malia will take a year off after high school and attend Harvard University in , the White House announced on Sunday.星期天,白宫宣布,奥巴马的女儿玛丽亚高中毕业后会有一年;间隔年;,将于年就读哈佛大学Harvard encourages new admissions to take a ;gap year; bee or during their undergraduate years, so that the students can pursue work experiences outside of school.哈佛鼓励新学员在本科前或期间采取;间隔年;,追求校外工作经验 the schoolrsquo;s most famous new freshman, the year off could mean less attention when she does start classes in , and time to build her resume.作为学校最有名的大一新生,;间隔年;可能意味着当她在年开始上课的时候,会引来更少的关注,也给予她打造自己简历的时间First lady Michelle Obama has said that Malia hopes to become a film-maker, and that she worked last summer in New York as an intern on the set of the HBO show Girls.第一夫人米歇尔;奥巴马曾表示,玛丽亚希望成为一名电影制作人,去年夏天她曾在纽约为HBO节目《女孩担任实习生She spent the previous summer as a production assistant CBS, and held previous internships at the National Zoo in Washington.她去年夏天担任CBS的制作助理,此前又在华盛顿的国家动物园实习Harvard accepted 5.% of applicants this year, the lowest acceptance rate in its history.哈佛大学今年的录取率是5.%,为历史最低Obama has said he intends to stay in Washington after he leaves the White House until his youngest daughter, Sasha, graduates from high school in 19.奥巴马曾表示,离开白宫后,他打算继续留在华盛顿,直到他的小女儿萨沙19年高中毕业Even so, the first family has remained quiet about their plans after inauguration day on January , when someone else takes to the Oval Office.即便如此,这个第一家庭还是对年1月日后的计划保持沉默,这天,另有人选将入主白宫,就职美国总统;We havenrsquo;t figured that out yet,; he told voters in Wisconsin earlier this year. ;Wersquo;re going to have to stay a couple of years so Sasha can finish.;;我们还没有想清楚,;今年早些时候他告诉威斯康星州的选民,;我们会再呆上一两年直到萨莎完成学业;Though usually extremely private, the president opened up to talk show host Ellen DeGeneres about his close relationship with his daughter. ;Irsquo;m not y her to leave,;he said.虽然总统平时非常注重隐私,他却对谈话节目主持人艾伦;德杰尼勒斯坦言自己与女儿的亲密感情;我还没有准备好让她离开,;他说;Shersquo;s one of my best friends. Itrsquo;s going to be hard me not to have her around all the time, but shersquo;s y to go. Shersquo;s just a really smart, capable person and shersquo;s y to make her own way.;;她是我最好的朋友之一她长期不在我身边对我来说是很难适应的,但她准备好离开了她非常聪明,能干,她已经准备好走她自己的路;

简易测还能活多久 种预测寿命的方法 -- 00:7:00 来源:   The simple exercise of sitting down and standing up again without holding onto anything, could suggest how long you have to live.  只一个简单的徒手坐下、再站起来的动作就能预测出你的寿命真的么?  This is the belief of a group of physicians, who came up with the ‘sitting-rising test’ to measure their patients’ flexibility and strength.  这是一群医生们提出的“坐-立测试”,他们用这种方法来测试病人身体的柔软度和强度  They developed a scoring system the test and found that people who scored three points or less out of , were more than five times as likely to die within six years, as those who scored more than eight points.  这个测试方法还有一套计分规则,测试的满分是分医生们发现那些得3分或更少的人,在六年内有可能死亡的几率是得分在8分以上的人五倍还多  Claudio Gil Araujo, of Gama Filho University in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, was among the doctors who originally developed the sitting rising test (SRT) to quickly assess the flexibility of athletes, but he now uses it to persuade his patients that they need to stay active to maintain their muscle and balance, and live longer, Discover Magazine reported.  克罗迪奥·吉尔·阿劳霍来自巴西里约热内卢一所大学,他是“坐-立测试”的创始人之一他们最初设计该方法是为了快速测试运动员的身体柔软度,但是现在他用这种方法来告诉他的病人,要坚持运动,这样能锻炼肌肉、维持身体平衡,还能延长寿命  As we age, our muscles tend to become weaker and a loss of balance means we are increasingly likely to fall.  随着人们年龄的不断增长,肌肉的力量逐渐减弱、平衡感降低,这都会增加摔倒的几率  Dr Araujo says that anyone can take the SRT because no equipment is needed.  阿劳霍医生说“坐-立测试”不需要使用任何仪器,所以任何人可以随时随地进行  In a study, published in the European Journal of Cardiology, the researchers described how adults aged between 51 and 80 took the SRT at Clinimex Exercise Medicine Clinic in Rio.  在一篇发表在《欧洲心脏病期刊上的研究里,这些研究者们记录了名51岁-80岁的成年人在里约热内卢的Clinimex运动医学诊所内进行“坐-立测试”的过程   They found that patients who scored fewer than eight points out of on the test, were twice as likely to die within the next six years, compared with people with more perfect scores.  他们发现那些测试得分低于8分的人在随后六年内死亡的概率是得分较高的人的两倍  One point was deducted each time a person used their hand or knee support to either sit down or stand up, while half a point was deducted losing their balance.  根据积分规则,测试者坐下或站起来的时候,每使用手或膝盖撑一次扣掉1分,每失去平衡一次扣掉0.5分  The experts found that people who scored three points or fewer, were more than five times as likely to die within the same period.  那些得3分或更少的患者在同样长时期内死去的概率是其他人的五倍还多  They wrote in the study: ‘Musculoskeletal fitness, as assessed by SRT, was a significant predictor of mortality in 51–80-year-old subjects.’  该研究称:“‘坐-立测试’所测试的骨骼肌系统的健康程度,是预测51岁-80岁的被试死亡率的一个显著指标”  The study found that every point increase in the test, was linked to a 1 per cent decrease in mortality from all causes.  该研究还发现,测试得分每增加1分,都意味着会减少1%的死亡率  However, chartered physio-therapist Sammy Margo said that the exercise may be 'quite ambitious' older people in the UK.  但是英国的理疗医生萨米·马戈称这项测试对英国的老年人来说可能会相当困难  This is possibly because of cultural differences, because Britons are not used to regularly sitting on the floor, like in some other cultures. In this way, it may not be terribly accurate at predicting life expectancy.  这可能是文化差异造成的,因为英国人日常生活中很少会像其他国家的人一样坐在地板上,所以用“坐-立测试”预测寿命可能就不准确了  UK physiotherapists tend to prefer another test, where patients stand up from a sitting position and see how many times they can repeat the action in 30 seconds.  英国的理疗医生们更倾向于另一种测试方法,即让病人们从自己坐着的地方站起来、然后坐下,记录30秒内能够重复这个动作的次数  'The "30 second chair test" is more appropriate and is used as a prognostic,' she said.  萨米说:“这个‘30秒椅子测试’更合理,而且常被作为一个预测方法”  'It's simplistic, quick and easy and gives a good indicator falls.'  “它简单、快速、便捷,并且是预测摔倒的几率”  The test measures leg strength and endurance - which are needed to move around without falling - rather than flexibility and agility like the SRT.  该方法测试了腿部力量和忍耐力,这些因素而非“坐-立测试”的柔软度和灵活度,才是频繁走动而不容易摔倒所必须的  Healthy people aged between 60 and 6 are expected to stand and sit more than times women and times men in 30 seconds. A good score a 90 to 9-year-old is siting and standing more than seven times man and four times women.  “30秒椅子测试”对于60岁-6岁的健康人来说,30秒内女性重复次数应不少于次,男性则不少于次而90岁-9岁的老人对应的次数是,男性不少于7次,女性不少于次  While Ms Margo did not recommend the SRT, she said it does 'address everything' in terms of a person's strength and flexibility.  萨米认为“坐-立测试”只通过测量一个人的身体力量和柔软度而预测了整个生命长度,她并不推荐这个方法

中国家长的“全程监督”理念 -- :00: 来源: 爱孩子是正常的,但是现在的父母恨不得天天把孩子捧在手里,含在嘴里,在不知不觉中,对孩子的爱就变成了畸形的爱 Story highlights新闻概要Men and women are socially promiscuous in their early s, according to a recent study最近的一项研究表明,男性和女性在岁出头时交友广泛After the age of 5, the number of friends people have falls rapidly在5岁后,人们所拥有的朋友的数量急速下降Women lose friends at faster rates than men女性失去朋友的速度比男士更快Are you younger than 5 years old? You may want to appreciate this moment in life when your social circle is at its greatest. If you’re older, you may relate to what you next.你现在不到5岁吗?你可能会想感谢生命中这个时刻,你的社交圈是最棒的如果你年纪再大点,你可能会接触到你接下来读到的情况了Soon after your mid-s, your social circle shrinks, according to a recent study by scientists from Aalto University in Finland and the University of Oxd in England.根据来自芬兰阿尔托大学和英国牛津大学科学家的最新研究成果,来岁后不久,你的社交圈会开始缩小The teams analyzed data from 3 million mobile phone users to identify the frequency and patterns of whom they contacted and when, as well as overall activity within their networks.团队分析了来自300万个手机用户的数据,判定他们联系的频率和模式,以及在他们在网路上的整体活跃度Men and women were found to be socially promiscuous -- making more and more friends and social contacts -- until the age of 5, after which point they started losing them rapidly, with women losing them at an initially faster rate than men. The average 5-year-old woman contacts about .5 people per month, while a man contacts 19 people.男性和女性在5岁之前不断交友,社交联系频繁,处于泛交状态之后他们开始快速失去朋友,最初女性失去朋友的速度快于男性5岁的女性每月联系.5个人,而5岁的男性每月联系19个人No, Facebook friends don’t count.不,脸书上的朋友不计入其中This decline continues the rest of your life, or at least until retirement, where it plateaus, probably due to reduced data among this age group.在余生中,朋友的数量会继续下降,至少退休之前是这样的数据突然停滞的原因,也许是在这个年龄群体中可采集的数据减少Why does it happen? It comes down to investments.为什么会发生?归根结底是投资问题What’s it worth?什么是值得的?The theory is that around this age, people begin to decide who is most important -- and valuable -- in their life and make a greater eft to hold on to those friends.关于这个年纪的理论表明,人们开始决断在他们生命中谁是最重要的或者说是最有价值的,从而为了保住这些朋友作出更大的努力"People become more focused on certain relationships and maintain those relationships," said Kunal Bhattacharya, a postdoctoral researcher at Aalto University who co-authored the study. "You have new family contacts developing, but your casual circle shrinks."阿尔托大学士后Kunal Bhattacharya共同主导了这项研究,他说“人们更在在意某些关系并努力去维持这些关系,你建立了新的家庭联系,但是你的日常生活圈缩小了”This applies to both partners and friends, and it stems largely from people wanting to settle down and raise a family.这同时适用于伴侣和朋友,主要源于人们想安定下来建立家庭"At the beginning of this age range, women are more focused," Bhattacharya said, meaning women are more intent on finding the correct partner. Once they believe they have, they invest more time in nurturing that relationship and lose others of less value.Bhattacharya说“在这个年龄段初期,女性更加注重这点”这意味着女性更加想要找到合适的伴侣一旦她们认为自己拥有了,就会投入更多的时间去培养这段关系,失去一些其他没那么有价值的人"Once you’ve made decisions and found the appropriate people, you can be much less socially promiscuous and invest your time in these people," added Robin Dunbar, a professor of evolutionary psychology at the University of Oxd who co-authored the paper. "But they can’t be just anybody," he added.该论文的共同作者Robin Dunbar,也是牛津大学进化心理学教授补充道,“一旦你做出了决定并找到了合适的人,社交会更慎重,把时间投入到选择的人身上,而不是随意的任何人”Narrowing down the people you’re close to includes friendships as well as life partners, particularly women, due to the support and help they can provide in times of need.缩小亲近的朋友和人生伴侣的圈子,尤其是对女性来说,主要是由于他们在需要的时候可以提供的持和帮助有限"Women have this idea of a best friend, who is similar to a romantic partner ... and women work hard at these relationships," Dunbar said. "Particularly with friendships, if you don’t invest in them or see those friends, they will decay and quite rapidly drop."Dunbar认为“女性对最好的朋友的定义,几乎是一个浪漫的伴侣女性对这些关系付出巨大的努力特别在友谊方面,如果不花时间维持关系或去见见这些朋友,关系就会变淡并很快失去Middle-age reversal中年逆转Trends were seen to change slightly in people’s late 30s: Men begin losing buddies at a faster rate. "You get a secondary switchover later in life," said Dunbar.在人们30岁以后,趋势看起来有轻微的改变:男性开始以更快的速度失去伙伴Dunbar说,“在以后的生活中发生第二次的转变”By the age of 39, the average man was contacting people, while women were calling people each month.到39岁时,男性平均每月联系个人,而女性每月联系个人Initial numbers of contacts during younger years are higher men, but by these later years, they soon drop contacts faster than women, and their totals become lower.最初更年轻的时候男性月平均联系人数更高,但是在之后的这些年,与女性相比,男性更快的与朋友失去联系,直到每个月的联系人数反而少于女性"You see this [reduction] in them about seven years later," Dunbar said. "It’s the women who make up their mind very early on."“从7年后他们的下降趋势来看,” Dunbar说,“女性很早就做出了决定”The grandmother effect祖母效应Though the team emphasized that the rapid loss of friends happens in both men and women, experts generally consider this mation of an "inner circle" to be more important to women, mainly due to them having children.尽管团队强调朋友的快速流失同时发生在男性和女性身上,专家通常认为这种“核心圈”的模式因孩子的缘故对女性来说更重要"You make the eft in return some benefits," said Dunbar, who believes that at this point, people will prioritize those who are more useful to them.“你会为了某些回报而做出努力” Dunbar说,他相信人们会优先对待对他们更有用的人"That investment will help certain aspects of your life," Bhattacharya added.“这些投资会对你生活的某些部分有所帮助,”Bhattacharya补充道At this point, contacts such as mothers, mothers-in-law, close friends and family come into play as they help people raise their children, known as the grandmother effect.此时,联系母亲,伴侣的母亲,亲近的朋友和家人可以在帮助人们养孩子上发挥作用,被称为祖母效应"It’s the ’tend and befriend’ idea, meaning relationships become more important when you have children," said Michael Price, director of the Center Culture and Evolution at Brunel University London who was not involved in the study. "You’re now investing in offspring the rest of your lives."“这种‘照料与结盟’理念,意味着当你有孩子以后关系会变得更加重要,” 并未参与这项研究的英国布鲁内尔大学文化演变中心主任Michael Price说道,“你正在为你以后的生活投资后代”In an evolutionary aspect, such such networks are believed to help women raise children.从进化的角度来看,这样的网络被认为会帮助女性养育后代Price believes that men instead value more individualistic criteria, such as their achievements or status, once they have a family. "It’s well established that close, personal relationships are more highly valued by women in general, while men value status more," he said.Price认为一旦男性拥有家庭后,会更加重视个体标准,如他们的成就或地位他说道,“经实,通常来说女性更重视亲密私人的关系,而男性更重视社会地位”Though the study was an opporty to analyze a large data set across many age groups within a population, Price noted that it did not reveal much about the quality of the relationships being counted or what people were actually talking about. "The quantity doesn’t reveal the quality of the relationships," he said.尽管这项研究对通过年龄对人群进行划分并分析了大量数据,Price强调其并没揭示统计的关系的质量或者人们实际上所谈论的内容他说,“数量并没有展现出关系的质量”Is the future online?未来会是线上的吗? many years, social networks have been raising people’s "friend" count, making millennials believe they have hundreds or even thousands of friends. But even with these added means of communication, experts believe the time taken to invest in a true close-knit friendship will continue to keep the trend going. Although it may become more international, the value of face-to-face friendship may never change.多年来,社交网络增加了人们朋友的数量,使得千禧一代(198-1995年出生)自认为他们有成百上千的朋友但即使是这些通讯手段增加,专家认为投入在真实亲密的友谊上的时间将使这个趋势持续下去尽管通讯可能变得越来越国际化,面对面的友谊从未改变"Our natural psychology is small, very small, like a village," Dunbar said. "The internet may allow you to keep relationships going over a much wider geographical area, but [ now], a shoulder ,000 miles away isn’t as good to cry on.“我们自然的心理很小,非常小,像个小村庄,” Dunbar说,“网络能让你跨越一个非常大的地域范围保持一段关系,但目至今为止,千里之外的肩膀并不能让你在哭泣时依靠”

美丽贵州:中国被忽视了的地区 --1 3:: 来源: 贵州多山,布满了陡峭的石灰岩山岭,险峻的峡谷和湍急的瀑布,是中国西南部的一个大部分都未被开发的省份 Home to sheer limestone peaks, dramatic gorges and cascading waterfalls, Guizhou is a mountainous and largely undiscovered province in southwestern China.贵州多山,布满了陡峭的石灰岩山岭,险峻的峡谷和湍急的瀑布,是中国西南部的一个大部分都未被开发的省份Until recently one of China’s least accessible regions, it hasn’t yet seen the mass tourism that’s crowded Yunnan to the southwest -- a popular destination domestic travelers.作为一个中国开发较少,外界往来不多的地区,与同在西南部的国内旅游胜地云南省相比,贵州冷清了许多Guizhou’s unique karst landscape is part of a UNESCO world heritage site and the region is also home to an underground kingdom of huge caves, staggering sinkholes and sinking rivers that attract rock climbers and other thrill seekers.贵州独特的喀斯特景观被联合国教科文组织列入世界自然遗产名录,并且,该地区还拥有巨大的地下洞穴王国,惊人的天坑以地下河,吸引了攀岩爱好者和其他探险人士The province is dotted with photogenic villages, many untouched by modern development and home to ethnic minority groups such as the Miao and the Dong, whose ancient traditions, architecture and cuisine beguile visitors.省内分布着许多美丽的村庄,大多都保持着原生态,这里分布着如苗族、侗族等少数发族,他们还保留着让游客们着迷的古老的传统,建筑和美食A $ billion high-speed rail line connecting the province with the southern boomtown of Guangzhou, near Hong Kong, opened in late .年底,斥资0亿的连接贵州和南方都市广州(距香港很近)的高铁正式运营It cuts the journey from more than hours to around five hours and makes the bone-jarring bus journeys that used to be necessary to reach the province’s remoter corners a thing of the past.它将广州到贵州的个多小时的巴士行程缩短到了5个小时左右,使得曾经一路颠簸到这个省的边远地区的巴士旅途成为过去时We’ve put together a gallery of Guizhou’s highlights that offers a glimpse of the beauty this region has to offer.我们已经把贵州的独特风景进行了展示,为大家提供了一饱眼福的机会 Zig-Zag Road-High attitude terrain has long kept Guizhou inaccessible to outsiders.This road,which snakes up a mountain in southwestern Guizhoi and has bends, was used during World War to transport guns, bullets and food.二十四拐:高海拔是外界无法进入贵州的重要原因在贵州西南部有一条拐了个弯的山路,在二战期间被用来运送弹药和粮草Huangguoshu Waterfall-Some feet (67 meters)high and 70 feet(83 meters) wide, this waterfall is China’s biggest .黄果树瀑布:中国最大的瀑布,主瀑高67米,顶宽83.3米

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