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淮安妇保院治疗便秘多少钱淮安哪家医院治疗慢性生殖器疱疹好淮安妇幼保健医院妇科整形多少钱 Certain foods may cause acne problems, as CNN's Judy tin reports in this Health Minute. Jessica Ravinski has battled acne nearly a decade. She’s found that she is able to control the condition by taking medication, washing her face regularly and watching her diet. Dermatologist Jeffrey Dover says there can sometimes be a link between certain foods and flare-ups. Well, we used to say that diet didn’t play a role in acne, but we always ask our patients and if they say, these two foods, like if I eat greasy foods, and if I eat chocolate, my acne flares. The first thing we do is say why don’t you avoid those? Dover also points to a study by the Harvard School of Public Health that indicates eating a lot of dairy products may aggravate acne. And then we have some young men and women who have diets, which are very rich in milk and milk products, yogurt, cheese, if they are willing, we ask them to go on a milk exclusion diet a while to just see if excluding those will actually help their acne. Dover reports sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. He admits when it comes to treating acne, it often takes a multipronged approach, including medication and laser treatment to find relief. today’s Health Minute, I’m Judy tin. WORDS IN THE NEWS 1. Dermatologist : n-countA dermatologist is a doctor who specializes in the study of skin and the treatment of skin diseases.. flare-up : n-countIf there is a flare-up of violence or of an illness, it suddenly starts or gets worse.3. -pronged : comb in adjA two-pronged or three-pronged attack, plan, or approach has two or three parts.eg: a two-pronged attack on the recession 60Cheaper School Books廉价教科书Mr. Hooper was a teacher. He taught English 1. He taught English 1 at a small college. His students were not rich. His students were poor. Books cost a lot of money. The English 1 book cost a lot of money. Mr. Hooper had a good idea. He wrote his own book. He wrote his own English 1 book. The book was 0 pages. He put the book online. His students downloaded the book. His students printed all 0 pages. The new book was cheap. The new book was cheap to print. His students liked the new book. They thanked Mr. Hooper. Mr. Hooper talked to the math teacher. Mr. Miller taught Math 1. He liked the new book idea. He wrote his own Math 1 book. His students downloaded the new book. They printed the new book. They liked the new Math 1 book. They thanked Mr. Miller.胡珀先生是一名教师他教授英语基础课程他在一所小规模的学院中教授基础英语他的学生并不富裕他的学生很贫穷教科书会花费很多钱英语基础图书会花费很多钱胡珀有一个想法他自己写书他写了自己的英语基础课程图书图书有0页他把书发布到了网上学生下载了图书他的学生打印了0页图书新书很便宜打印新书很便宜他的学生喜欢这本新书他们都非常感谢胡珀胡珀先生与数学老师进行了谈论米勒先生教授基础数学他喜欢新书这个想法他写了自己的数学基础图书学生下载了新书他们打印了新书他们喜欢新版数学基础图书他们都非常感谢米勒老师译文属原创,,不得转载 1997淮安市人工流产哪家医院最好的

金湖县中医院治疗睾丸炎多少钱Lily gets out of the bathtub; Mom comes backLily:Im done. Can I watch TV?Mom:Here some water. Take these multi-vitamins and Tylenol.Lily:[Trying to swallow] Uh! I cant swallow them, Mom!Mom:Your throat must be swollen.Lily:Do I have to take them?Mom:Here, Ill break them up, so theyre smaller. And here some cough syrup.Lily:[Swallows] Yuck!Mom:I know, it tastes horrible. But itll make you feel better. Try holding your nose. It wont taste as bad.参考译文:莉莉爬出浴缸,妈妈回来莉莉:我泡好了可以看电视吗?妈妈:这里有一杯水把这些综合维他命和退烧药吃下去莉莉:(用力吞)呃!妈,我吞不下去!妈妈:你的喉咙一定肿起来了莉莉:我一定要吃下去吗?妈妈:来,我把它们弄碎,就比较小颗了还要喝这些咳嗽糖浆莉莉:(吞下)恶啊!妈妈:我知道很难喝但是它会让你舒一点试着捏住鼻子就不会那么难喝了重点词汇:multi-vitamins (n.)综合维他命You should take multi-vitamins while youre in Africa!你在非洲的期间,一定要吃综合维他命!swollen (a.)肿胀的A: How is your knee today?你的膝盖怎么了?B: Look, it all swollen!瞧,都肿起来了!break up打破,打碎Can you break up this pill me?你能不能帮我把这颗药丸弄碎?cough syrup治疗咳嗽的糖浆Cough syrup tastes terrible.咳嗽糖浆超难喝hold someone nose捏住(某人的)鼻子Hold your nose and you wont taste it.捏住鼻子就尝不出味道了 359696金湖县妇保院看妇科炎症多少钱 听笑话学英语:Scream 最响亮、最凄厉痛苦的尖叫牙医在请求一个病人:“帮个忙好吗?你能不能尽你所能发出最响亮、最凄厉痛苦的尖叫”? 病人说:“为什么?这次其实不算糟糕啊” 牙医说:“现在候诊室的病人实在太多,而我不想错过点的球赛”淮安中山医院有狐臭治疗吗

淮安中山医院妇科专家prescribe开药,stroll漫步,roar吼叫Sleeping PillsBob was having trouble getting to sleep at night. He went to see his doctor, who prescribed some extra-strong sleeping pills. Sunday night Bob took the pills, slept well and was awake bee he heard the alarm. He took his time getting to the office, strolled in and said to his boss, ;I didnt have a bit of trouble getting up this morning.;;That fine,; roared the boss, ;but where were you Monday and Tuesday?; 强效安眠药 鲍勃晚上失眠他去看医生,医生给他开了一些强力安眠药星期天晚上鲍勃吃了药,睡得很好,在闹钟响之前就醒了过来他到了办公室,遛达进去,对老板说:;我今天早上起床特别顺利;;好啊!; 老板吼道,;那你星期一和星期二到哪儿去了?; 1.prescribe开药也有;规定;的意思:The law prescribes how to punish this crime.法律对如何处罚这种犯罪做出规定.roar吼叫也有;大哭;或;大笑;的意思:His jokes made us all roar.他的玩笑让我们大家哄笑不止He began to roar when I took the chocolate away.当我把巧克力拿走时, 他大哭起来 5756 B. Keywords. Xian, tourist, the Terracotta Warriors.Vocabulary. backdrop, elixir, toil, prudent, footage, touristy, phenomenal.B1. Youre going to hear an interview with three tourists visiting Xian, China. First listen to the introduction part, supply the inmation about Xian and Qin Shihuang.Ni hao, youre listening to People in the Know, your window into the world around you, Coming to you from Xian, online at www.crienglish.com here on China Radio International.In this edition of our show, were discussing tourism in China in the backdrop of one of the cities that relies on the tourism its livelihood, Xian. So let get started. anyone who done a small amount of research on China, one of the most-see on the list China is Xian.This city, now the capital of Shannxi Province, was during the Tang Dynasty, the largest city in the world and the capital of China, known then as Changan.But Xian also holds the distinction of being the resting place of China first Emperor, the man who unified a group of warring states to create a nation.Qin Shihuang was a man who searched his entire life the elixir which would allow him to live ever.It was on one of these journeys, ironically, that China first Emperor died.But bee his death, he made sure that he would live on eternity in safety and comt.To that end, 37 years, thousands of Chinese toiled and labored to build what is now one of the most remarkable historic spots on the face of the earth.We all know it the home of the Terracotta Warriors.To that end, we decided it would be prudent while in Xian to talk to tourists at the Terracotta Museum about their thoughts, not only on the Warriors themselves, but on travelling to China as a whole.We sat down recently and had a chat with three tourists visiting Xian to see the famous Terracotta Warriors. 3331淮安治疗精囊炎比较好的男科医院淮安清浦区挂号网



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