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长春市吉林大学白求恩第二医院妇科长春做人流所有费用This film will show you the basics of how to take care of a goldfish, including goldfish feeding, tank maintenance and goldfish illness.本期节目将向你展示一些喂养金鱼的基本知识,包括喂食,清理鱼缸和治疗疾病。Step 1: You will need1.所需物件#8226;A goldfish1条金鱼#8226;a fish tank1只鱼缸#8226;various tools and accessories.喂养金鱼所需的各种工具和物品Step 2: The aquarium2.鱼缸Although goldfish look very attractive in a round fishbowl, this is generally not the best container to keep them in. A bowl may be easy to carry and clean, but the surface area of the water is usually too small to absorb enough oxygen for the fish. It#39;s better for your fish to keep them in a flat-sided tank. For more information watch VideoJug#39;s film called ;How to set up a coldwater fish tank.” And Goldfish are not just indoor pets. They can also be kept very successfully in a fishpond in the garden.金鱼在小小的圆形鱼缸里看起来很漂亮,尽管如此,这种小容器并不适合金鱼生长。小型鱼缸方便清洁和搬移,但是水面面积过小,吸收的氧气不足,无法满足金鱼的生长需要,所以相比较而言还是宽水面的水族箱更适合。另外,金鱼也并非只适合室内喂养的动物,也可以在花园池塘里喂养。Step 3: The fish3.金鱼There are two types of goldfish, the first being the long-bodied types such as the Common Goldfish and the Comet.金鱼分为两种,第一种金鱼身体呈长形,比如草金鱼和彗星金鱼。The second type are the round-bodied Fancy goldfish. The Fancy varieties are very popular because they often have long flowing tails, bulging eyes and unusual head growths. Fancy goldfish include Moors, Orandas, Ranchus, Bubble-eyes, Celestials, Lionheads and Fantails.第二种的金鱼身体呈圆形,观赏性很强,特别受欢迎,因为它们通常尾巴很长,眼睛突出,头部形状奇特。这类金鱼包括尔,红狮头,兰寿,朝天眼等品种。Long-bodied goldfish and round-bodied Fancy goldfish should not be kept together in the same tank. This is because the long-bodied types are fast swimmers, while the round-bodied ones are slow, and so they will compete for food and tank space.长形身体和圆形身体的观赏性金鱼不能放在同一个水族箱里。因为长形身体的金鱼速度更快,在争抢食物和水中的空间方面明显优于另一种。Step 4: Feeding4.喂食Goldfish food is available in various forms such as pellets and flakes. Slow-sinking pellets are a good way to feed fish, because it gives the fish at the bottom and the top of the tank the opportunity to eat. Only give your goldfish as much food as they can eat in about 3 minutes. Feed young and growing goldfish 2-3 times a day, and feed older goldfish just once a day. You can also supplement your fish#39;s diet with treats like live worms and shrimp, also available from pet shops.金鱼的食物可以是小块或者小片状,块状食物会缓慢下沉到水底,是个不错的选择。每次喂食为时三分钟,对于小金鱼和正在生长的金鱼每天喂2-3次,稍微偏大一些的金鱼每天喂1次即可。你也可以从宠物店买些活体的虫子和小虾来喂它们。Step 5: Tank maintenance5.鱼缸保洁Goldfish thrive on clean and healthy water conditions. You should clean your tank and change the water regularly. To see how to do this watch VideoJug#39;s film called ;How to clean and maintain a fish tank.;金鱼需要干净健康的水条件,因此应该定期换水和清理鱼缸。Step 6: Illness6.健康Like any pet, goldfish are susceptible to various illnesses. Observe your goldfish regularly to spot any changes in how they look or behave, as these could be the signs of diseases like white-spot disease and fin rot. Most goldfish illnesses can be treated with medication. When adding medication to your tank, mix it into a jug of water first, and then slowly pour it into the tank. Sometimes sick goldfish have to be kept in a quarantine tank away from other fish while they recover.和其他宠物一样,金鱼也容易感染各种疾病,定期查看以提前发现生病的症状。大多数的鱼类疾病都能通过治疗痊愈,在向鱼缸中投放药物的时候,先把药物放在小一点的容器中,用水掺匀之后再倒入鱼缸,必要时候还可以将生病的金鱼单独隔离出来。Although goldfish are a relatively low-maintenance pet, they do need to be looked after with care and attention in order to flourish. Consult your local fish retailer, books and experienced aquarists for advice. And enjoy your new hobby!尽管喂养金鱼不需要花费太多的心思,但还是要悉心照料,它们才能良好地生长。你也可以向当地的金鱼商贩、书和有经验的养鱼人士求助,以更好地享受养鱼的乐趣。Thanks for watching How To Look After A Goldfish谢谢收看本期“饲养金鱼”节目。 Article/201208/196145长春一院人流手术多少钱 RONALD REAN, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, NOVEMBER 4, 1980: I#39;m not frightened by what lies ahead and I don#39;t believe the American people are frightened by what lies ahead.罗纳德#8226;里根,美国总统,1980年11月4日:我不会被前路的困难所吓倒,我也不相信美国人民会被打倒。GEORGE H.W. BUSH, NOVEMBER 4, 1988: I want to work for the hopes and interests, not only of my supporters, but of the governors and of those who didn#39;t vote at all.乔治#8226;H.W.布什,1988年11月4日:我想要为希望和利益而工作,不仅仅是为了我的持者,还为了州长们还有那些根本没有投票的人。To those who supported me I will try to be worthy of your trust and to those who did not, I will try to earn it.对于那些持我的人,我会努力达到你们的期待;对于那些没有投我票的人,我会努力获取你们的信任。BILL CLINTON, NOVEMBER 4, 1992. On this day, with high hopes and brave hearts and massive numbers the American people have voted to make a new beginning.比尔#8226;克林顿,1992年11月4日:在今天,美国人民带着高的希望和勇敢的心和巨大的数量投票来创造了一个新的开始。GEORGE W. BUSH, DECEMBER 13, 2000: The presidency is more than an honor, it is more than an office, it is a charge to keep and I will give it my all.乔治#8226;W.布什,2000年12月13日:总统不仅是一个荣誉,不仅是一个官位,它是一份负担我会尽全力来挑起它。BARACK OBAMA, NOVEMBER 4, 2008: Because of what we did on this day, in this election, at this defining moment, change has come to America.巴拉克#8226;奥巴马,2008年11月4日,以为我们在今天,在这场选举中,在这个有决定性意义的时刻所做的事,美国将会发生变化。 /201211/209121中国5个非政府组织指责这家美国科技公司使用有公开环境违规记录的供应商,并且利用发展中国家在环境管理制度上的漏洞。 Five Chinese environmental NGOs have issued a report blasting Apple and its suppliers for profiting at the cost of the local environment. The report which records every detail of the seven-month investigation has unveiled another side of the Apple company. Apple products are popular for their supreme functionality and creative design. But while fans snap up these i-products, people in China are paying for the production procedure with their health. The report says toxic discharges from suspected Apple suppliers have been encroaching on local communities. It alleges that 27 Apple suppliers have severe pollution problems, from toxic gases to heavy metal sludge. The report claims a village nearby a supplier's factory experienced a phenomenal rise in cases of cancer. It also blames Apple for taking advantage of loopholes in developing countries' environmental management systems to grab super profits. It criticized the company for refusing to make the identities of its suppliers public and fulfilling its responsibility to disclose information about the environmental effects of its suppliers' actions. Facing the charges, the technology giant proposed on Wednesday to hold a conference call with the NGOs to discuss their recent findings about its suppliers. They also said the company is committed to "maintaining the highest standards for social responsibility throughout its supply chain". But the report found a different story. And lawyers in China say even if the affected residents successfully sue Apple, the company does not necessarily have to pay compensation for any misdeeds committed by its suppliers. That's why the NGOs suggest buyers of the devices make "green" choices that help Apple establish a supply chain that does not harm the environment.词汇学习:1. NGO :non-government organization的缩写,是指在特定法律系统下,不被视为政府部门的协会、社团、基金会、慈善信托、非营利公司或其他法人,不以营利为目的的非政府组织。2. at the cost of:以……为代价3. snap up:抢购或迅速抓取某物例句:The cheapest articles at the sale were quickly snapped up. 大减价货物中最便宜的物品很快抢购一空。4. take advantage of:利用5. loophole n. 漏洞,空子例句:A good lawyer can always find a loophole. 精明的律师专会找到漏洞。 Article/201109/152253长岭县中医医院门诊怎么样

长春省打胎医院Isolation and discouragement take a toll when you#39;re unemployed. Join the ranks and shake off the blues by sharing job-hunting tips and a sense of camaraderie.当你失业的时候,孤独和挫折感会对心情产生重大影响。加入失业大军的大家庭,共同交流求职心得,惺惺相惜,甩掉抑郁的心情。Step 1 Use social media1.使用社交媒体Use social media networks, like Facebook and Twitter, along with dedicated forums, such as layoffspace.com, to connect with other unemployed people. Search for groups in your region or for industries similar to yours.使用脸谱或推特等社交网络,或者比较专业的论坛,例如layoffspace.com,与其他失业人员交流。在你所在地区搜索与你类似的公司或行业。Continue networking even after you get a job. Many job search groups have an alumni network for those who have been hired so you can help those who helped you.即使找到工作后也要继续上网保持联系。许多求职团体为已经找到工作的人设有校友网,让你帮助那些曾经帮助过你的人。Step 2 Check the newspaper2.查看报纸Check your local newspaper for listings of unemployment support groups. Many groups meet weekly at churches and community centers. They provide valuable information about job training and potential openings.在当地报纸上查看失业持组织。许多组织每周在教堂和社区活动中心聚会。他们会提供就业培训和潜在职位方面非常有价值的信息。Use your professional profile, on sites like LinkedIn, to reach out to those in your industry affected by unemployment. Offer to share experiences and tips.在LinkedIn等网站上使用你的专业形象来接触那些和你从事同样的行业而受到失业影响的人。和别人一起分享经验和建议。Step 3 Start a blog3.创立客Start a blog outlining your job search experiences. You#39;ll get feedback from others hunting for a new job -- and your blog may even result in a job offer.建立一个客,介绍你自己找工作的经历。你会从其他求职者那里得到反馈——你的客甚至可能为你带来一份工作。Step 4 Check government sites4.查看政府网站Look at your county or state#39;s labor bureau website for resume writing tips, unemployment support groups, and job openings.登录你们国家劳工局网站,了解简历书写建议,失业持组织和招聘职位。Step 5 Create your own group5.成立自己的组织Create your own unemployment support group to serve as a networking opportunity. Advertise on Facebook or in your local newspaper. Connecting with others will help you stay positive in your search and relieve your sense of isolation.创建自己的失业持组织,供大家进行交流。在脸谱或当地报纸上做广告进行宣传。与他人的交流会帮助你在求职中保持积极主动的状态,舒缓孤独的感觉。At the height of the Great Depression, the unemployment rate reached 25 percent.在大萧条时期,失业率曾经高达25%。 Article/201301/222037公主岭妇女儿童医院医生的QQ号码 UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: See if you can ID me.看你能否鉴别出我。I#39;m a country that#39;s part of Asia, my government is a communist dictatorship, I#39;m located on a peninsula and I fought a war against my southern neighbor in the 1950s.我是一个亚洲国家,我的政府是共产主义专政,我位于一个半岛上我在20世纪50年代和我南边的邻国打仗。I#39;m North Korea. And I#39;ve gotten a lot of attention for my controversial nuclear program.我是朝鲜,我因为我具有争议的原子能项目得到了很多关注。AZUZ: Part of the reason why it#39;s controversial, is because the rest of the world doesn#39;t know what North Korea plans to do with it.它之所以具有争议的一部分原因是因为世界上的其他国家不知道朝鲜将要用它来做什么。The country#39;s government is very secretive and very controlling.这个国家的政府非常神秘并且非常有控制权。This was taken inside North Korea, when CNN Wolf Blitzer went there in 2010.这段录像是在朝鲜内拍摄的,当CNN的记者沃尔夫#8226;布利策2010去那里时拍摄的。He said North Korean officials were with him all the time.他说朝鲜的官员一直跟他在一起。They controlled where he went, whom he could talk to and what he was allowed to record.他们控制着他去哪儿,他能和谁说话和他能记录什么。So, why are we talking about North Korea#39;s nuclear program?那么,我们为什么要谈论朝鲜的核项目呢?The country says it#39;s planning to carry out a new nuclear test in more long range rocket launches.该国称它计划进行新的更长距离的火箭发射核试验。And North Korean officials say they are doing this to try to provoke the ed States.朝鲜官员说他们之所以这么做是为了激怒美国。North Korea has tried rocket launches before and failed.朝鲜之前尝试了火箭发射但是失败了。Last month, this one was successful, it shows the country#39;s missile program is moving forward.上个月,这次成功了,它意味着这个国家的导弹项目有所进步。 /201301/222652长春宫颈糜烂治疗一般多少钱

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