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Mario:Id like to test drive the new Racer.马里奥:我想试驾下这辆新赛车Leah:Sure, all prospective buyers can take one of our cars a test drive.利亚:当然可以,所有准买家都可以试驾我们的任意一款车型May I see your driver license?我可以看一下你的驾照吗?Mario:Here it is.马里奥:给你Leah:Okay, come with me.利亚:好的,请随我来Why dont you get into the driver seat and Ill get into the passenger seat?请您在驾驶席上就坐,我坐在乘客位上好吗?All right, please buckle up and you can drive it around the block.好的,请系好安全带,现在你可以绕街区进行试驾Mario:I think I may need to drive it a little farther to get a feel the car.马里奥:我想可能需要开的更远点才能感受这款车的魅力Leah:That fine, but youll need to slow down!利亚:可以,但你需要减速行驶!Mario:Slow down?马里奥:减速?How will I know if this car is right my driving style if I dont put the pedal to the metal and put it through its paces?如果不猛踩油门全速行驶展现它应有的风姿那我怎么会知道这款车适合我的驾驶风格?Leah:I understand you want to get a complete driving experience, but unless you stop driving recklessly, well need to return to the car lot.利亚:我理解你想要完整的驾驶体验,但除非你不再鲁莽驾驶,否则我们就要回到车行了Mario:You call this reckless? This isnt reckless.马里奥:你管这样叫鲁莽?这不是鲁莽驾驶It how I always drive.我开车一直这样If you dont hear the tires screeching, youre not driving a car the way it should be driven.如果你听不到轮胎发出的刺耳响声,那你的驾驭方式就是完全不对的Leah:Well, an interesting way of looking at it.利亚:好吧,你看待问题的方式很有趣Uh, I think wed better head back to the car lot.嗯,我想我们最好把车开回去Im feeling a little nauseous.我现在觉得有点恶心Mario:Let me guess.马里奥:让我猜猜Youve never ridden in a car driven by a racecar driver bee.你从未坐赛车手开的车Leah:That right.利亚:没错Mario:Then this is your lucky day!马里奥:那今天就是你的幸运日! 353

介绍: Bree拜访新邻居Betty,并请求Betty在Rex入葬时演奏风琴这里也是Bree的女儿Danielle和Betty的儿子Matthew的初次见面[00:.5]知行英语[00:.]Listen and Share[00:.7]知行影中影课堂[00:.9]Bree[00:.95]Betty[00:.]Rex[00:19.99]Bree[00:.73]Danielle[00:1.7]Betty[00:.]Matthew[00:6.51]"Mrs. Applewhite, [00:.]hi. I am Bree Van de Kamp, [00:9.8]and this is my daughter Danielle." [00:3.]"Hello." [00:3.75]"Hi."[00:33.60]"Hey, I'm Matthew." [00:.5]"This is my son." [00:35.51]"Hi. I would have been over sooner [00:38.]to introduce myself, [00:39.3]but I'm afraid [00:0.]there's been a death in my family." [00:.9]"My dad."[00:3.30]"I'm so sorry." [00:.63]"I lost my dad, too. [00:5.70]I know what you must be[00:6.63]going through right now."[00:7.87]"Thank you." [00:8.86]"Anyway,[00:9.63]I'm afraid that my visit [00:50.55]has an ulterior motive. [00:5.7]The organist at our church [00:53.]is on vacation, [00:55.]and Edie Britt mentioned that [00:56.55]you used to be a concert pianist, [00:58.66]"I would be honored to play you. [01:00.59]Why don't I bring some sheet music over[01:.1]later and we can plan some selections?"[01:.18]"Thank you.[01:.60]That's just a huge weight off my shoulders. [01:.01]Oh, these are you."[01:.9]"How sweet. Bree, [01:.5]we widows have to stick together."[01:18.81]中文大意[:.5]I would have been over sooner [:.81]to introduce myself, [:.50]but I'm afraid there's been a death[:.5]in my family.[:.5]would have been over sooner[:36.36]I know what you must be [:37.0]going through right now.[:39.78]Go through[:.]经历,经受困难[:.83]She's gone through [:5.6]a bad patch recently.[:5.]I'm afraid that [:5.83]my visit has an ulterior motive.[:58.69]an ulteriormotive[:01.]ulterior[:.69]不可告人的、隐秘的[:.7]an ulteriormotive[:.60]别有用心的目的[:.]Rose, suspecting that [:.66]Gordon had an ulterior motive[:.] in singing her praises, [:.]told him to get to the point.[:6.91]I would be honored to play you.[:9.81]be honored to do something[:.7]I'm honored to be with you.[:1.63]That's just a huge weight [:.61]off my shoulders.[:5.]a huge weight off my shoulders[:9.]That is a weight off my shoulders.[:51.80]That is no longer a burden [:5.]or responsibility me [:55.55]to worry about.[:00.9]Finding a job after three months [:.99]of looking was a huge weight[:.88]off my shoulders.[:.]Bree, we widows have to stick together.[:19.5]stick together[:3.9]Our family has gone through [:5.57]many ups and downs,[:7.]but we stick together. [:35.](场景四)[:36.73]Rex[:37.6]Bree[:39.]Phyllis[:1.5]Rex[:.30]Bree[:7.67]Phyllis[:53.7]Bree[:58.80]"Mom, Grandma's leaving, [:00.65]all right? You have to talk to her." [:01.80]"No, I don't. [:.6]If you heard the things [:.5]that she said to me-" [:.9]"Look, I'm sure [:.6]she was a real bitch, okay? [:.8]But she's family. [:.99]That makes her our bitch. [:.]Let her say good-bye to dad." [:.]"She went out of her way[:.87] to be cruel to me. [:.81]I don't want her at the funeral." [:.96]"Mom, [:.58]if you don't let Grandma come,[:18.57]I will never give you." [:.81]"Did I ask your help? [:5.57]You know dad would want her there."[:39.89]"It's true Rex and I did not [:1.]have the perfect marriage, [:.96]but eighteen years [:.85]I tried my very best, [:6.93]and that I am entitled [:7.93]to your respect." [:5.]"Of course you are. [:5.69]Of course I respect you." [:57.50]"Well, then why did you [:59.]say those things to me?" [:01.6]"I guess I thought it would be [:.70]easier to be angry at you [:.88]than to be angry with Rex. [:.7]I mean, [:.]what was he thinking, [:.]leaving me?"[:18.3]"I do want you to come to the funeral." [:.91]"Oh, you don't know [:3.80]what that means to me, [:5.]Bree. Thank you."[:3.36]"Someone should get my luggage."[:38.3]中文大意[:36.73]语言点[:0.89]She went out of her way [:.]to be cruel to me.[:.0]go out of one's way to do[:5.]刻意耍些小手段来做某件事[:.83]but eighteen years [:.5]I tried my very best, [:.00]and that [:.91]I am entitled to your respect.[:.]be entitled to something[:.0]有权得到... ...[:18.3]Everyone is entitled to education.[:.63]Oh, you don't know [:9.38]what that means to me, Bree. [:31.3]Thank you.[:33.60]you don't know [:.]what that means to me. [:36.3]You have no idea [:37.7]how much that means to me. 781

Voice : Fast treatment is very important with strokes. Melissa got to the hospital quickly. And doctors were able to save her life. But many people do not get fast treatment. This is because they do not recognise the signs of a stroke. This is true particularly with strokes that are not severe. Some of the signs of a stroke include:声音:快速治疗对中风非常重要梅丽莎马上赶往医院医生保住了她的性命但是许多人没能接受快速治疗这是因为他们没有意识到这是中风的迹象那些中风情况不严重的人尤其如此中风迹象包括:Voice 1: Difficulty speaking or understanding speech声音1:说话困难或难以理解他人的话Voice : Difficulty walking.声音:难以行走Voice 1: A sudden loss of balance.声音1:突然失去平衡Voice : A severe pain in the head.声音:头部剧痛Voice 1: Sudden eye problems.声音1:眼疾突然不适Voice : And weakness or a loss of movement in one side.声音:身体一侧肢体无力或无法行动Voice 1: Doctors say that people showing these signs should seek help immediately. They should not wait the signs to go away. Fast treatment can be the difference between life and death.声音1:医生表示,出现这些症状的人应该马上寻求帮助他们不能等这些症状继续发展能否接受快速治疗可能意味着生死之别 译文属 568

  Victor:Humph!维克多:哼!Rosaria:What the matter?罗萨莉亚:怎么了?Victor:I just got back from my first yoga class and I was sorely disappointed.维克多:我刚从第一堂瑜伽课回来,感到大失所望啊Rosaria:Ive heard that yoga is very good low-impact exercise and helps with stress relief.罗萨莉亚:我听说瑜伽是很好的低强度锻炼,而且有助于缓解压力It supposed to calm the mind and strengthen the body.据称能够安神强体Victor:Yeah, right.维克多:是啊,没错Rosaria:It sounds like you had a bad experience. Did you have a bad teacher?罗萨莉亚:听你口气可过的不咋样遇到了坏老师吗?Victor:The teacher was fine.维克多:老师很好I learned about mantras and chakras, I learned breathing techniques, and I tried a few basic poses.我学到了各类咏唱颂词,学会了呼吸技巧,还尝试了一些基本的姿势Rosaria:That all sounds right from my own experience, such as it is.罗萨莉亚:从我自身经验判断所有都是这样But, there are a lot of different types of yoga.但是瑜伽可是有着许多不同的类型Maybe you need to try a different kind.也许你需要尝试一种截然不同的Victor:The problem wasnt the kind of yoga being practiced. It was the class.维克多:问题不是瑜伽的练习种类而是这堂课Rosaria:Were the mats uncomtable?罗萨莉亚:垫子不舒吗?Victor:No.维克多:非也Rosaria:Was it too cramped?罗萨莉亚:太挤了?Victor:No.维克多:也不是Rosaria:Then what was the problem?罗萨莉亚:那是什么问题呢?Victor:There was too much testosterone in the room.维克多:是房间里太多的男性味道在作怪Rosaria:You mean you were in a class with just men?罗萨莉亚:你的意思是这个班全是男生?Victor:Yeah.维克多:是的Rosaria:And that was a problem?罗萨莉亚:这还叫问题?Victor:Do you think I would be taking a yoga class if I werent trying to meet women?!维克多:你觉得如果不是为了邂逅姑娘我会上那瑜伽课吗? 30

  Cookies Students学生的饼干Cindy’s teacher was Mrs. Jones. Mrs. Jones was old. But she didn’t walk slow. She walked fast. She didn’t have white hair. She had black hair. She wasn’t bent over. Her back was straight. All the students liked Mrs. Jones. They especially liked her on Friday. On Friday she brought cookies to class. She gave cookies to all the students. The cookies were delicious. All the students liked the cookies. All the students ate the cookies. Today was Friday. Mrs. Jones gave cookies to all the students. All the students said thank you. Then they ate the cookies. But Cindy didnt eat her cookie. Mrs. Jones asked, “Why aren’t you eating your cookie, Cindy?” She said, “Im not eating my cookie because I will take it home. I will share it at home with my sister.” Mrs. Jones said, “You’re so sweet. Here a cookie your sister.”辛迪的老师是琼斯女士琼斯很年迈但她走路不慢她走得很快她没有白头发她是黑头发腰也没有弯她的腰很直学生们都喜欢琼斯女士尤其是在周五每周五,她都会给学生带饼干并向所有学生分发饼干饼干很美味学生们都喜欢饼干他们食用了饼干今天是周五,琼斯女士向所有学生分发饼干学生们说谢谢他们吃了饼干但辛迪并没有食用她的饼干琼斯问道:“辛迪,你为什么不吃?”她说:“我要把饼干带回家我要和一起吃”琼斯说:“你真可爱,这是给你的饼干”译文属原创,,不得转载 567。

  Art under the MicroscopeA's Ned Potter on the microscope images transmed into things of beauty. The microscope. In their course of their professional work, scientists often take photos of microscopic objects. And often, the resulting images can be quite beautiful. thirty years, Nikon, the camera company has held an annual competition to select the most striking photos of objects unseen by the human eye. With a closer look at this year’s winning entries, here’s our Ned Potter.It looks like stained glass, but it’s really part of a dragonfly. A wheel of some sort? No, it’s the coiled tongue of a saltwater snail. The leaf of a cedar tree, snowflakes in polarized light. Researchers in the lab looking through microscopes may sometimes do the routine but sometimes when they take pictures they create something of beauty. Liposomes, fat pouches used in medicines, or rust fungus looks like cattails in the marsh or somewhere. thirty years, Nikon, the camera and optics maker has run a competition to find the most beautiful microscope images. And these are some of the winners. The brain of a zebrafish, the embryos of clawed frogs. Some of these pictures are magnified hundreds or thousands of times, others not as much. That’s a mosquito, that’s a plankton with the eye of a needle scale. The images are often a celebration of living things, but sometimes the most beautiful pictures come from the most mundane things. That is not a rose, it’s soap, slowly draining. Ned Potter, A News, New York.WORDS IN THE NEWS1. entry : n-countAn entry a competition is a piece of work, example a story or drawing, or the answers to a set of questions, which you complete in order to take part in the competition.. cedar : n-countA cedar is a large evergreen tree with wide branches and small thin leaves called needles.3. Liposomes : nounAqueous compartments enclosed by lipid bilayer membranes; liposomes are also known as lipid vesicles. Phospholipid molecules consist of an elongated nonpolar (hydrophobic) structure with a polar (hydrophilic) structure at one end. When dispersed in water, they spontaneously m bilayer membranes, also called lamellae, which are composed of two monolayer layer sheets of lipid molecules with their nonpolar (hydrophobic) surfaces facing each other and their polar (hydrophilic) surfaces facing the aqueous medium.. plankton : n-uncountPlankton is a mass of tiny animals and plants that live in the surface layer of the sea. 5. mundane : adjSomething that is mundane is very ordinary and not at all interesting or unusual. 69


  Science of Survival:Shelter from the SnowSurvivorman Les Stroud shows you how to survive a long, cold night stranded in the snow. A lot of desperate situations, that started out by people having spent a cold night in a vehicle. Not so bad me, I got my snack food. Energy bars or any high calorie foods, like candy are all great. “My sleeping bag, and I even got a candle. If I have to, I can always start the car, every once in a while just to heat up, once I keep the windows crack opened a bit because of the carbon monoxide. And also make sure that I keep the tailpipes clear off any snow. Well, the snow is getting deep, and the hour’s getting late. Let me see. Bottom of the sun, one, two, three hand widths. It’s about three hours. From what I can see, the spot down here, the fallen over tree might make a good shelter. Les stops in some good time to get some shelter the night. Remember that hub cap from the truck? A key element of survival is staying calm and keeping focused on basic essentials. In cold temperatures, these are water, warm and shelter. I’m not gonna knock this snow out of my way, because snow is a fantastic insulator. If you can use it to your advantage, then do so. It blocks out the winds and keeps in the heat. Without an ax, look dead wood is easier to break. Les has a neat way to snap logs to size. Driving the branches into firm snow gives a quick and easy lean-to to keep the wind off. Another essential is kindling a fire. These branches are dead like this, the beetles are beginning to attack the tree. Bad the tree, but good a fire starter. The ability to make fire is everything when it comes to surviving the cold. Les has some cotton wool and petroleum jelly. The cotton acts as a wick and the petroleum jelly as a fuel to make it a great fire starter. The cotton soaks up the petroleum jelly and burns just like a candle. One of the biggest problems that people have when it comes to getting a fire going is simple preparation. They want the fire too quickly; they get a little tiny flame. Then they throw on it some big hunk of wood, it’s not gonna do. You got to break it down to tiny, tiny elements, start slowly. I wanna a small fire that I can put inside the shelter and have the heat in there with me. Hub cap makes a nice fire basin, doesn’t it? 61883B. Keywords. traffic situation, accident, fire, burst water main, sewer-reconstruction, roadworks.Vocabulary. tail-back, snarled up, congestion, water main, wellington, sewer.Below are five symbols representing the reasons different traffic delays and a map of Central Manchester.Listen to a bulletin of traffic inmation Central Manchester and put the number of each symbol at the appropriate place on the map.And now over to Nick with the latest update on the traffic situation.Thanks Andy. Well, there a bit of a headache drivers coming into the city center this morning.First of all, a serious accident has completely blocked the A6, Chapel Street in Sald, between Bridge Street and Blackfriar Street.There are aly long tail-backs of traffic there and the police say the road wont be open again another hour or so.Drivers should use Liverpool Road to come into the city center from the Sald Area.Once again, that an accident blocking the A6, Chapel Street, between Bridge Street and Blackfriars Street, in Sald.Another emergency, this time in John Dalton Street in the center of the town, er, where a fire has meant the closing of the road and has also led to restricted access to Albert Square and the southern end of Crossing Street, down there near the Town Hall.Avoid that area if you possibly can. It looks like things are pretty snarled up there.John Dalton Street, at the junction with Crossing Street and Albert Square, there is a fire, causing serious congestion and delays of course.Er, meanwhile in Cannon Street, things are pretty wet outside the Cathedral, because... Yes, Youve guessed it, there a burst water main.The Water Authority gentlemen are all out there in their wellingtons, but the road is, in fact, closed to traffic.That Cannon Street closed between Deansgate and Corporation Street, due to a burst water main.And whilst were talking about pipes under the ground, just a reminder that the sewer reconstruction work is still going on in Great Ancoats Street, in Ancoats, with traffic being diverted into Henry Street on the east side of Great Ancoats Street, between Oldham Road and Ancoats.And finally, there are roadworks starting today in Mosley Street, in the city center, between Princess Street and Piccadilly Gardens.This section of Mosley Street will be reduced to single lane traffic controlled by temporary traffic lights and delays are expected.The work is due to last at least a tnight, so try to avoid Mosley Street, if youre in a hurry and especially at peak times.Well, not a very happy picture on the roads in Central Manchester this morning, I am afraid.British Rail report no problem on the trains this morning, however, and things are running smoothly down at the airport, too.Well have another update on the road situation after news at nine. Meanwhile, back to Andy.Thanks very much, Nick. 86

  过完惬意的夏日假期,回归繁忙生活和工作的人们时常会莫名地感到疲惫、压抑、脾气暴躁,这就是典型的“假期后综合征”该如何克呢? Remember these? Sunshine, waves, lazy days, lounging in lazy rivers. It wasn't that long ago but now you are back to this. If you are feeling run down, cranky, a little bit depressed these days, you may be suffering from something called PVS, Post Vacation Syndrome. PVS isn't found in any reputable medical journals, but it's gaining attention among psychologists who say they really do see a spike in people in need of help every year around this time. You start having people complain almost immediately right around this time of the year, right after the Labor Day, people are anticipating a change in the weather. Just a few weeks ago you are boogie boarding with the kids, now those kids are back in school, which means parents are busy helping with homework and after school activities. Temperatures are starting to dip and the sun is setting earlier. The lack of sunshine seems to help us produce melatonin, makes us feel sluggish, more lethargic. We start to eat a little bit more...Dr. Scott Bea of the Cleveland Clinic says one way to beat post vacation syndrome is to get moving. A doctor recent study found exercise may work as well as anti-depressant some people. And just because the big summer vaca is over, doesn't mean you can't work in a few mini breaks. Have a movie night, get a board game night,going little ways that you can take breaks, and maybe even schedule in days off. Change can be good, even if you go from walking the dunes to pounding the pavement. 61


  qL+KqjC%wu0UEdE5zXEX6UcxHQ.UcJ|BUV(M[LhiTR%]_9(*EHe was homeless. He was cold. He was shivering. He was in the park. He was sitting on a bench. A sign was next to him. The sign said, “Please hire me. I am homeless.” People walked by. They looked at him. He looked dirty. He looked old. How could this man work? He was too old to work. He was too dirty to work. He needed a bath. He needed some food. One lady stopped. She sat down next to him. She said she belonged to a church. She said to come with her. They both got up. He walked with her to the church. The church was warm. He smelled hot food. She said, “Our church will help you.”+8MbS1wjz!ifGpY*6%afeHG.,,bAY8w^-LasySnL;8,F6JIWYOud@WTU6_p.P 1373

  Part . Listen and Relax.Keywordsbarbecue, recipe, picnic style.Vocabularybarbecue, grill, charcoal, caveman, recipe, spice, rib, potluck, macho.Here a program about barbecue, Listen and enjoy.Hi, remember we spent all day preparing that barbecue? Well, the time is coming. It evening?Yeah, and our guests are coming soon. I hope youre hungry. It reminds me of growing up in Texas.In Texas, theyre vey famous barbecue.Theyre very serious about barbecue.And one thing that interesting about grilling and barbecue is that it one m of cooking that men like to do.In the west, in the US in particular, a lot of men dont cook at all.But oh, in the summer, theyll go out and cook on the grill, theyll light the charcoal with fire and theyll put the meet out there, just like they were cavemen.And of course the women are usually setting the table and making the salads and helping a lot. But the men like to say, I made the barbecue.And they have special recipes, they have certain spicy chili or very special sauce.Elyn, what do you think about all the different kinds of sauces there are?I think the unique thing about a barbecue is that no matter where you go in America, theyll have a different recipe.So in some parts, theyll have tomatoes in the sauce, and in some parts, they wouldnt dream of having tomatoes in the sauce.It true. Maybe they just have vinegar and spices.And in other places, they like to use wood, they like to use wood to grill the meat with.And in other places, they like to use charcoal, charcoal is wood that been cooked until there no more smoke.Almost every cookbook like this American cookbook, has a section on just preparing your vegetables and meats to go on to the grill, and how you should do it carefully, so that it doesnt burn your food.This book has...this book has several pages of recipes, and one of the famous ones that they have is ribs, the ribs of the cow, and they especially like to cook ribs at a barbecue.Sometimes they like a whole pig, dont they? If you have enough people, say, ty people, you could roast a huge lamb, or a whole pig or some large piece of meat, and that would serve a big crowd.Some barbecues dont even use a table.Everyone goes to a park, say, on American Independence Day, and you might have hundreds of people come, and everyone brings food.It potluck, remember that expression?And maybe someone will make a huge piece of meat, and people will all sit on the ground, and that picnic style barbecue.And then maybe after dinner, if they like it, they might have a square dance.Yeah, music or dancing, singing perhaps, depends on if youre sitting on the ground in a park or at a table in someone backyard.Whatever, a barbecue is supposed to be fun, I hope it is tonight.Well, so youll get a chance to see this evening. We got a man to do the barbecue.So you need to know the right words if youre coming to a barbecue.If you come to a barbecue and you see the... the guy there grilling the meat, you can say oh, macho!What do you like best about the barbecue?Oh, I like salads, they are good you and you dont have to cook them. OK.Now, youre from Britain, what it like in Britain when you have a barbecue?Well, in Britain, when we have a barbecue, we always have to watch the sky to see if it going to rain.How about you? You....I know you like salads.Tony said you did. Yeah. What do you like best about the barbecue?Well, I like the barbecue, because someone else always does the cooking.Well, our barbecue is done, and we are all very full. Weve eaten a lot, havent we?Yes, we have. It been really great. Thanks. Thank you a lovely barbecue.It was our pleasure, we had a great time. But now it really starting to rain, Im afraid we have to clean up. 5560

  How to Become a Dentist; The Guano Island Act; classic versus classical; to be there (someone) versus to take (someone) there; after full deliberationWords:routineplaquedietanesthesiaanatomyperiodonticslicensedbirth defectnatural resourcefertilizerguanoartificialclassicclassicalto be there (someone)to take (someone) thereafter full deliberation 19

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