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Sally: Jason, it's your turn.Jason: I hope I get an easy question like you did.Sally: You rolled a four. Let's see...you landed on Foreign Films.Jason: Oh, great. That's just my luck! I hate those arty movies.Sally: Well, too bad. So, what foreign film won an Oscar in 1993?Jason: Oh, please! I have no idea.Sally: The answer is Belle Epoque. It's a Spanish movie, and the title means "The Age of Beauty" in English. /201103/127013Billy: Its skin is transparent. And you can see its heart.Jennifer: That red pouch encloses all its organs. How convenient...Billy: And its eyes are like two big lumps...looks like he's wearing goggles.Jennifer: I want to take one home!Billy: You can't. They're not pets.Jennifer: Well, at least I can buy all the sea angel souvenirs!Billy: Then you'd better pray to the sea god to give you more money... /201107/144523M: hey, George. How's everything going?G: not bad. And you?M: not bad, but busy as usual.G: what are you up to?M: it's a long story. What's your plan for the National Day Holiday?G: I'm going back to Shanxi. Do you think I can get a train ticket tonight, 9 days in advance?M: sure you can. You can book the ticket up to 10 days in advance. G: you know. It's hard to get a train ticket during the long holiday.M: dead right! I saw a long line of people waiting to buy tickets at the ticket office the other day.G: tell me about it! I can't help worrying what I'll do if I can't get a ticket.M: it's always a headache buying tickes during the Golden Week.G: but my cousin is getting married, so I'll have to just get through it.M: you'll probably have to wait at least two hours.G: I'm afraid you're right. I should go. See you around.M: bye. Good luck. /201004/100754

Do you want some hot tea?想喝些热茶吗?

Be in the mood 想要做某事To feel like doing somethingExample: She is not in the mood for playing cards and says she should really be preparing her lecture notes. /12/91947I'm happy. 我很高兴。2月28日,工信部决定在山西省、上海市和陕西省开展甲醇汽车试点工作。试点工作将坚持积极稳妥、安全第一的总体要求,严格按照限定地域、限定燃料、限定用车的原则推进。请看新华社的报道:Chinas industrial authority said Tuesday that it will introduce trials for methanol-fueled cars in three provincial level regions starting this month, signaling the worlds second largest economys resolution to boost greener economic growth.中国工信部决定于本月初在三个省市开展甲醇汽车试点工作,这标志着中国作为世界第二大经济体对推动绿色经济增长的决心。文中的methanol-fueled cars就是指;甲醇汽车;,用methanol(甲醇)代替petroleum(石油)燃料在国外已经应用多年,甲醇汽车的control system(控制系统)技术都已经很成熟,近年来由于石油资源紧张,汽车能源多元化趋向加剧,甲醇汽车又提到议事日程。甲醇的资源丰富,可以再生,属于biomass(生物质)的能源。在汽车上使用甲醇,可以提高燃料的octane number(辛烷值),增加oxygen content(氧含量),使汽车缸内燃烧更完全,可以降低tail gas(尾气)有害物的排放。如今,;energy saving and emission reduction(节能减排);、;low-carbon life(低碳生活);、;green energy resource)(绿色能源);词汇已深入百姓日常生活。我国推广使用甲醇汽油,可直接替代regular gasoline(普通汽油),缓解汽油紧张的局面,同时有很好的环保效益,对国家ecological economy(生态经济)的可持续发展、社会的进步都具有十分重要的意义。 /201203/173673

G: did you watch the final last night? My favorite singer won!O: oh, I love him too. He not only sings well but shows perseverance when he encounters difficulties in the contest.G: yeah, he got booted after his initial performance in the audition, but he did not give up. He then tried at another two auditions.O: he had barely survived the third audition and finally got a chance to advance in the contest. Fortunately, in the third audition, he has won popularity among the audience. And that's when I started to notice him.G: me too.O: before he made the top three, I was so nervous. I just fear that he might be knocked out.G: yeah,there're so many excellent candidates out there. Who knows which one will make it to the final?O: absolutely. That's why when he entered the final, I was so excited.G: he really did a great job in the finale, especially in the PK round. He perfored so well that the majority of the audience cast their votes for him.O: and the host announced that he won it all! /201001/94851Gossip Girl第二季第八集的第一部分。本文还是会侧重生活工作中的实用英语介绍,都是我平时会用到的,摒除了太难的句子,帮助你更好更有效地与人沟通。1. I’m just been so on edge. 我紧张得要疯掉了。Be so on edge的意思是:你因为某些看似不妙的事情要发生而坐立不安,就像要抓狂了。 你说自己很upset,因为一些不痛快的事情发生了。Eleanor因为即将要来的客人而担忧发狂,她的女儿则是因为听不到Chuck的 “I love you”而很伤心情绪很激动。说到upset,如果你故意说什么事情去upset一个人,就是触到了人家的痛处、伤心处,叫做“touch a sore point with someone”。2. I went over it a hundred times. 我都检查了一百遍啦。Go over examine closely go through。3. Caterer thought he was hitting on him. 伙食包办人说他当时想泡他。Hit on someone的意思是“和某人调情,勾引某人,想泡某人”,相当于to flirt with someone,to make a pass at someone,to make a move on someone。如果你说两个男女鬼混或者某人只是想和你玩玩的,用play around。说“某个姑娘向我抛媚眼送秋波”用“Agnes is making goo-goo eyes at me. ”By Vincent from www.englishvincent.com /200811/5685256. Money, Money, Money.Two dollars and seventy-five cents. 二美元七角五分。That makes ten dollars, right? 这加起来是十美元,对吗?Grocery bills are expensive. 食品价格昂贵。I'm not rich. I wish I didn't have to pay the fine. 我不是富有人家,但愿不必交罚款。I only need a thousand more pennies to buy my airplane. 我只要在有一千个一角的铜板,就能买一架飞机了。I won the most valuable prize! 我赢得了最高的奖赏!Here's my credit card, just bill me. 这是信用卡,请记账吧。Remember us on payday with a good bone. 发工资的日子可别忘了请客。I wish I had half the money he does. 但愿我有他一半的钱。This month all of my law clients paid their bills. 这个月前来做法律咨询的客户全都付清账单了。All of my paycheck disappears so quickly. 我的薪水在不旋踵之间都消失无踪了。This lady is a rent collector. 这位女士是收租人。If you sign this contract all of your financial worries will be over! 如果你在这份合约上签字,你就和金钱的劳累一刀两断了。Your car hit me and now I demand the money to pay the doctor with! 你的汽车撞了我,所以我要求你付赔偿。Payday is here again. 又到了领薪水的日子了。Here's the money you need. The interest rate is 25%. 这是你要的钱,利息是25%。(谋杀!)Just deposit your money with us; we'll take good care of it. 请存在本,我们会负责保管的。With the rate of inflation I borrow money from the bank. 由于通货膨胀,我要向这家贷款。 /200803/31448

嘿,SOHO新人.最近怎么样?挺好的.我刚从办公室回来.办公室?你不是做自由职业吗?是啊.我给自己打工,但在市中心一个写字楼里租了虚拟办公室.虚拟办公室?对,靠网络通讯技术高效办公.我付租金就可以和楼里的其他办公室共享各种办公务.都有什么务?一间独立的办公室,网络连接,电话,传真,收发信件,和传统办公室差不多.挺有意思.还有别的务吗?可以使用昂贵地段的地址,和同一层的办公室共享前台和秘书务.哦,能帮你提升"企业形象"呢.没错! /201002/96481Morning traffic is always very heavy.早上,交通通常很堵. /10/86181说一个人年轻不懂事,我们常说他/她是 young and inexperienced,即“少不更事,初出茅庐”等等,我们也说这个人“还嫩点儿”,就是 wet behind the ears。Wet behind the ears 的字面意思是“像刚生下来的婴儿一样,耳朵后的汗毛还是湿的”,引申为一个人“年轻,幼稚,没有经验”。例如:Attempt to do me in? You are still wet behind the ears. 想陷害我?你还嫩点儿。这个片语也可以说成是“not dry behind the ears”,例如:Jane's not dry behind the ears yet. 简还是太年轻了。 /200801/25689

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