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惠州男科精液检查可用医保卡吗惠州第一医院男科医生In addition to Google’s Person Finder tool, Facebook and the Red Cross are offering services for friends and family members to connect with each other in Nepal and for survivors to let others know they are safe.除了谷歌的找人应用,Facebook和红十字会也开发了在线务,帮助人们寻找地震中幸存的亲人和朋友。Last year Facebook launched its Safety Check feature, which allows users of the social networking service to tell friends they’re safe after disasters and to check on others. The service has been activated for the Nepal earthquake, Mark Zuckerberg, the chief executive of Facebook, announced Saturday.去年,Facebook推出了“安全检查”社交应用,用户可以通过它在灾难之后向朋友报平安,也可以及时了解对方的情况。Facebook首席执行官马克·扎克伯格周六宣布,该应用已经为尼泊尔地震启动。The Nepal Red Cross and the International Committee of the Red Cross are also operating an online service that allows users to search for missing family members and report missing people.尼泊尔红十字会和国际红十字委员会也在运行一款在线务,用户可以借它寻找失踪的亲人,或者报告有人失踪。 /201504/372186惠州哪里做包茎最好 Mobile devices have changed the way how films and television programs are created and presented in front of the audience, said Chris D. Nebe, CEO of Monarex Hollywood and director of ;Mysterious China; at a sub forum in Wuzhen on Thursday.周四,在中国乌镇互联网大会的一个分论坛上,蒙纳瑞克斯好莱坞电影公司的CEO, 同时也是《神秘中国》这部片子的导演克里斯蒂·里比说,移动设备已经给电影和电视节目的创作方式带来了改变,它们呈现给观众的方式也与以前不同。Taking the documentary ;Mysterious China; as an example, he said people have trouble watching documentary on mobile phones if it is more than 10 minutes, which requires them to shorten the length of the program.以纪录片《神秘中国》为例,他说,如果超过10分钟的话,人们在手机上观看纪录片就有麻烦,这就要求他们缩短节目的长度。Portable devices show its evident features and filmmakers need to take them into consideration when planning and making the films, he said.他说,便携式视频设备显示了其明显的优点,电影制作人在规划与制作影片时需要考虑到这个因素。Gong Yu, founder and CEO of iqiyi.com, one of China#39;s biggest stream website, thinks mobile devices influence filmmaking when they create their exclusive shows.而作为中国最大的视频网站爱奇艺的创始人和CEO,龚宇认为,在制作独家节目时,移动设备会是影响影片制作的一大因素。He said the viewers of mobile phones are more focused if they are holding their phones to watch s, which means they can understand the story line quicker than when watching TV with friends at a dinner table.他说,如果用户是拿着手机看视频,比起那些和朋友一起边吃饭边看电视的观众,移动手机用户会更专心,这也意味着他们能更快的理解剧情。In addition, viewers can pull the progress bar as they wish when they watch s online which means they can go back if they miss something, Gong said ing research on users#39; behaviors.此外,龚宇引用对用户行为的研究报告表示,如果是在线看视频,观众可以随意的拖动进度条,这意味着如果错过了什么他们可以回看。Reed Hastings, CEO of Neflix Inc, said the key to win audience is telling good stories and good content as Internet makes more good business models possible.Neflix公司CEO黑斯廷斯说,赢得观众的关键是讲述精的故事和精的内容。互联网让更多好的商业模式变得可能。Until the end of 2014, there#39;re 5.2 billion mobile phone users around the world and its popularizing rate reaches to 73 percent, according to Wang Xiaohui, vice chief of China National Radio at the sub forum in Wuzhen. In China, 354 million people are internet users with the average 9.9 hours for watching s online.据乌镇互联网大会分论坛主持人,中国广播电台副台长王晓辉介绍,截至2014年底,全球有52亿移动电话用户,普及率达到73%。在中国,有大约3亿5千4百万互联网视频用户,在线观看视频的平均时长是9.9小时。 /201512/417038Sina Weibo will remove its 140-character limit starting Jan. 28 on its developer platform, its CEO confirmed on Wednesday.新浪微首席执行官周三实,自本月28日起,将取消开发者平台的140字限制。The change came after media reported that U.S. microblogging platform Twitter is considering removing its own 140-character limit, considered an iconic feature of the social media tool.在媒体报道了美国微平台Twitter正在考虑取消140字限制--这一被认为是社交媒体工具的一大标志性的特点之后,新浪方面的这一改变也紧随而来。On Wednesday, a snapshot of a letter from Weibo Open Platform to its developers was widely circulated on Weibo, where it said the new format is expected to be tested among ;senior users; from Jan. 28 and open to all users by Feb. 28. Weibo CEO Wang Gaofei reposted the snapshot on his personal account under the user name ;Laiquzhijian.;周三,一封微开放平台致内部开发者的信件截图在微上广泛流传,信件称新格式预计于本月28日对会员开放试用权限,于2月28日对全部用户开放。微CEO王高飞在其名为;来去之间;的个人微中转发了该截图。In his retweet, Wang stressed that during the pilot run, only 140 characters will be displayed in followers#39; feeds and a link will appear to show the entire content if a post exceeds the character limit.在这条微中,王高飞强调,测试阶段,用户信息流里只显示140字,如果微字数超限,会出现一条显示全文的链接。China#39;s Sina Weibo boasts over 200 million active users, according to its financial report in 2015.根据中国新浪微方面的2015年财务报告显示,该平台拥有超过2亿的活跃用户。Twitter#39;s rumored plan to remove its character limit has been fiercely debated on social media, but the company has yet to confirm it.关于推特将要取消字符限制的这一传闻在社交媒体上引起了激烈的讨论,但是该公司到目前为止尚未对此进行确认。 /201601/423697惠州友好切包皮用什么线

惠阳区医院在哪里Microsoft is to offer hundreds of millions of Chinese consumers who use pirated software a free upgrade to legitimate copies of the Windows operating system, as it seeks to consolidate its unofficial position as a leading technology supplier to the world’s most populous country.微软(Microsoft)拟让使用盗版Windows软件的数亿中国消费者免费升级至正版Windows操作系统。该公司正寻求在全球人口最多的国家巩固其“非正式”领先技术供应商的地位。Piracy has long bedevilled Microsoft in China, where it is estimated that 80 per cent of PCs running Windows are using pirated software.盗版长期困扰着微软在华业务。在中国,运行Windows的个人电脑(PC)估计有80%在使用盗版软件。Ironically the illegitimate software has ensured that Windows remains the dominant PC operating system in the country, reducing the risk that consumers will turn to free alternatives such as Linux.具有讽刺意味的是,这些非法软件确保了Windows仍是中国占主导地位的PC操作系统,减少了消费者转向免费替代品(如Linux)的风险。That has given Microsoft a foot in the door to one of the world’s most promising tech markets — and a chance to sell its online services and other products — at a time when rivals including Google and Facebook are in effect shut out.这使微软在全球最有前途的技术市场之一获得立足点,并为其带来销售其在线务和其他产品的机会。相比之下,谷歌(Google)和Facebook等竞争对手目前实际上被中国拒之门外。Terry Myerson, head of Windows, announced the giveaway plan at an event in Shenzhen yesterday. He also used the occasion to reveal that Windows 10, which had been expected to be released late in the year, would be made available “this summer”.微软Windows部门负责人特里#8226;迈尔森(Terry Myerson)昨日在深圳举行的Windows硬件工程产业创新峰会(WinHEC)上宣布了免费升级计划。他还利用这个机会透露,此前预计将在今年底发布的Windows 10,会在“今年夏天”出炉。The offer of a free upgrade is a smart way for Microsoft to “keep users in the fold,” said Al Hilwa, an analyst at IDC, a tech research firm. Giving away the technology also reflects the fact that the way the company makes money “will ultimately shift to apps, services, content and hardware as opposed to direct OS licences,” he said.科技研究公司IDC的分析师阿尔#8226;希尔瓦(Al Hilwa)表示,提供免费升级的机会是微软“留住用户”的高明方式。他表示,免费赠送软件还反映出这样一个事实,即该公司赚钱的方式“最终将转移到应用、务、内容和硬件,而不是直接的操作系统许可”。The free copies of Windows 10 in China will be distributed through partnerships with local tech companies, which will be able to use the offer to cement their own relationships with consumers.免费版本的Windows 10将通过与中国当地科技公司的合作伙伴关系进行分发,让后者能够借此机会巩固它们与消费者的关系。Microsoft declined to comment on the commercial terms it had reached with these companies, or the precise methods it would use to “legitimise” PCs that have been using stolen software. Qihu 360, a Chinese security company, will let the more than 500m customers it has on Windows PCs download the new version of the software “with just a few clicks with accelerated download speeds”, the US software company said. The security company’s vast customer base represents a large share of the 1.5bn devices that Microsoft says run Windows.微软拒绝其与这些公司达成的商业条款,或者它究竟将用什么方式让使用盗版软件的PC“合法化”。这家美国软件公司表示,中国安全软件公司奇虎360 (Qihu 360)将让其超过5亿的PC用户“仅需加速下载的几次点击”即可实现Windows 10升级。奇虎360的庞大客户群在微软所称的15亿Windows设备中代表着很大一块份额。PC maker Lenovo, social networking and gaming company Tencent and smartphone maker Xiaomi will also take part in the free upgrade plan, which will cover tablet and smartphone versions of Windows 10 as well as PCs.PC制造商联想(Lenovo)、社交网络和游戏公司腾讯(Tencent)以及智能手机制造商小米(Xiaomi)也将参与免费升级计划。除了PC以外,该计划还将覆盖Windows 10的平板电脑和智能手机版本。Microsoft said this year that customers who are using legitimate versions of Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows Phone 8 would be offered a free upgrade to Windows 10 for the first year it is available.微软今年早些时候宣布,使用正版Windows 7、Windows 8.1或Windows Phone 8的用户,将可以在Windows 10上柜销售后的第一年里免费升级至该版本。 /201503/365382惠州如何治疗急性尿道炎 博罗县妇幼保健人民中医院看男科好吗

仲恺新区割包皮多少钱The new 4G mobile phone services in the UK are not as super-fast as the industry promised - and could get worse.在英国,新的4G移动务达不到运营商所承诺的超高速度,而且速度可能还会变慢。The mobile phone companies boasted that 4G services would be ‘five times faster#39; than the existing 3G networks when they launched in the autumn of 2012.当移动运营商在2012年秋季开通4G务时,它们宣称4G务的速度将比现有3G网络快5倍。However, a new official study puts the real figure at an average of 2.5 times faster - 14.7 megabits per second compared to 5.9Mbit/s per second on the 3G service that most people use.然而,一份新的官方研究表明,真实的数字是4G速度仅比3G平均快2.5倍——也就是4G速度是14.79Mbit/s,大多数人使用的3G网络的速度是5.9Mbit/s。At the same time, the evidence suggests that 4G services are likely to slow down as more people connect to them.同时,有据表明,当更多的人接入网络时,4G务有可能变得更慢。4G technology is being promoted by the big mobile networks on the basis it offers high speed internet access and smooth streaming without annoying buffering.基于能够提供高速的网络接入和流畅的视频流媒体务并避免烦人的缓冲等优势,4G技术得以在大型移动网络中得到应用。More than 10 million people have been won over by the promises and have signed two year contracts costing an average of #163;20 () a month.超过一千万人被这一承诺所打动,他们签定了平均每月消费20英镑的合约。When 4G services launched at the end of 2012, the average download speed was up at around 19 Mbit/s, however the new research suggests an average of 14.7 and other studies put it as low as 10.当4G务在2012年年底刚开通时,平均下载速度可达19Mbit/s。新的研究表明现在这一数字仅为14.7Mbit/s,甚至有研究认为只有10Mbit/s。This has happened because more people are using the service, effectively causing jams on the airwaves. The only way this can be countered is if the networks spend millions upgrading masts and installing new ones.这是因为越来越多的人开始使用4G,导致了无线网络的拥堵。而唯一的解决办法是由运营商投入大量资金对基站进行升级并且增加基站数量。 /201505/376746 仲恺医院尿科龙门县割包皮多少钱



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