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大渡口区做处女膜修复多少钱重庆星宸医学美容医院在那渝中区儿童医院官方网 Chinese philanthropists favour local causes and educational institutions in particular, a study that tracks giving by billionaires has found.一项追踪富豪捐款行为的研究发现,中国慈善家偏爱本地公益事业和教育机构。The biggest donor in the study of China’s top 100 is Wang Miaotong, the head of Huatong Group, the manufacturing conglomerate. Mr Wang has given away 5.6 per cent of his wealth, according to the Ash Center for Democratic Governance at Harvard University’s Kennedy School.在对中国前100名慈善家的研究中,最慷慨的捐款者是制造业综合企业浙江世纪华通集团董事长王苗通。据哈佛大学(Harvard University)肯尼迪政府学院(Kennedy School)艾什民主治理与创新中心(Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation)称,王苗通捐出了其财富的5.6%。The men and women who made their fortunes from China’s three-decade expansion are reaching an age where they begin thinking about what to do with their money. But they face a wasteland of charity options because China’s communist revolution dismantled traditional charity channels such as clan associations. Beijing remains suspicious of prominent religious groups or non-governmental organisations.在中国过去三十年的迅速扩张中发家致富的人们,目前已经到了开始思考如何利用其财富的年龄。但是,因为中国的共产主义革命废除了宗亲会等传统慈善渠道,他们可以选择的慈善途径并不多。北京方面对著名的宗教团体以及非政府组织仍然持怀疑态度。But they are slowly joining the ranks of wealthy Asians, especially in Hong Kong, who have decided to make their mark in a sector dominated by the fortunes of America’s gilded age.但是,他们正在慢慢加入亚洲(特别是香港)富豪之列,后者已经决心在由美国镀金时代创造的财富主导的领域崭露头角。Beijing has revised some tax structures and other incentives to make charity more attractive since a 2010 “billionaires’ banquet” hosted by Bill Gates and Warren Buffett launched a national debate over why China’s wealthy give less than their foreign counterparts.自从2010年比尔盖茨(Bill Gates)和沃伦巴菲特(Warren Buffett)举行的“慈善晚宴”引发有关中国富豪为何比外国富豪捐款少的全国性讨论以来,中国已经对一些税制和其他激励政策进行了修订,以使慈善更具有吸引力。The China Philanthropy Project found that the preference for giving locally benefits the more prosperous, private enterprise-oriented regions that have engendered China’s biggest success stories. Many of the recipients identified by the study are government entities.“中国慈善项目”(The China Philanthropy Project)发现,在当地捐款的偏好使得那些造就了中国最大的成功故事、经济较为繁荣、私营企业为主的地区受益。该研究发现,很多受益方都是政府机构。Giving locally may reflect gratitude to the causes that influenced the donor and good business sense, says Peiran Wei, who co-authored the study. “The more local the gift, the more direct the impact on one’s immediate network, and one’s political and social capital.”该研究的共同作者魏沛然称,在当地捐款或许反映出捐赠者对于影响了自己的事业的感激之情以及他们良好的商业头脑。“捐赠越是地方化,对捐赠者直接人际关系及其政治和社会资本的影响就越直接。”Donor choices reflect in large part a traditional reverence for education and the fact that top universities such as Peking or Tsinghua are trying to mimic their US counterparts in tapping graduates’ largesse.捐赠者的选择在很大程度上反映出,中国人尊崇教育的传统以及北大、清华等顶尖高校试着效仿美国高校利用校友的慷慨赠与的情况。Of the 100 donors tracked by the study, 17 have created foundations to channel donations. That could reflect the lack of institutional charities and a desire to control their own donations after a series of scandals involving the Chinese Red Cross.在该研究追踪的100位捐赠者中,有17人创建了基金会。这或反映出慈善机构的缺乏,以及在中国红十字会曝出一系列丑闻之后捐赠者控制自己的捐款的意愿。Mr Wei said: “Much of this activity is linked to strengthening the donor’s ability to shape giving in a national philanthropic landscape that is still emerging. It is harder to give to organisations other than those you can control.”魏沛然称:“此类动向大多与增强捐款者在正在兴起的全国做慈善的大环境下管理捐款的能力有关。向那些不受你控制的组织捐款是比较难的。”But do not expect a charitable legacy to match those of Andrew Carnegie or the Rockefellers, at least not yet, said Shawn Shieh, an authority on Chinese civil society and philanthropy. “Most foundations are very young, under-resourced and lack a clear sense of direction,” he said.但是,中国公民社会和慈善方面的权威谢世宏(Shawn Shieh)称,不要指望中国的慈善遗产可以企及安德鲁愠蕓基(Andrew Carnegie)或洛克菲勒家族,至少目前还不能相提并论。“大多数基金会还非常年轻,资源不足,且缺乏明确的方向感,”他称。 /201602/425504重庆市星宸整形医院光子脱毛手术多少钱

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重庆润白颜瘦脸需要哪家医院好B News – The Japanese city of Hiroshima has asked Pokemon Go#39;s creators to keep its virtual monsters out of memorials to victims of the atomic bomb. It wants the monsters removed by 6 August, when an annual ceremony is held on the anniversary of the 1945 bombing.B新闻 – 日本广岛要求宝可梦Go的游戏创作者让他们的虚拟怪兽远离原子弹受害者纪念馆。广岛希望8月6日前清除怪兽,届时,将举行一年一度的1945年原子弹轰炸周年纪念仪式。The wildly popular Pokemon Go was released in Japan on Friday. It superimposes virtual characters on a smartphone#39;s view of the real world, with players catching monsters in physical places designated ;Pokestops; and training them in ;gyms; .广受欢迎的宝可梦Go周五在日本发行。游戏把虚拟角色叠加在智能手机的真实世界视野上,玩家在有形场所指定的“宝可站”抓怪兽,并在“健身房”训练它们。Unlike most smartphone games, it requires players to walk around in their hunt, leading to official requests around the world for people to be kept away from locations for safety or sensitivity reasons.不像大多数智能手机游戏,宝可梦Go要求玩家抓捕过程中到处走,致使世界各地的官员出于安全或敏感原因,要求人们远离某些场所。Hiroshima#39;s Peace Park, which includes a memorial and a museum dedicated to the 140,000 people killed in the world#39;s first nuclear attack, occupies a large, quiet area in an otherwise crowded city.广岛的和平公园在这座原本拥挤的城市中占据着一大片安静的区域,包括专为世界上第一次核弹攻击中遇难的14万人而建的一座纪念馆和一个物馆。There are around 30 Pokestops in the park, and three ;gyms;, where gamers can battle other players#39; Pokemon, reports Japanese broadcaster NHK. NHK ed officials as saying this had made it hard for visitors to access the facilities and was disrupting the quiet of an area considered sacred.园中大约有30处“宝可站”,3处“健身房”,游戏玩家可以与其他玩家的精灵宝可梦作战,日本放送协会(NHK)报道说。NHK援引官员的话说,这使得其他参观者难以进入这些地方,破坏了被认为是神圣之地的安静。Pokemon Go#39;s US developer, Niantic, considers requests for exclusions, but does not automatically grant them. It has not commented on this particular case.宝可梦Go的美国开发商奈安蒂克考虑了将这些地方排除在外的请求,但没有自动答应请求。它尚未对这种特殊情况发表。 /201608/457610 潼南区中心医院医生咨询大足区面部除皱纹费用



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