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全南妇幼保健院的宫颈治疗方法兴国人民医院在什么位置赣州石城妇幼保健院妇科挂号 Is conservative the new radical? The fashion world certainly seems to think so. This season, designers filled their runways with restrained silhouettes that echo the graceful, showing-less-is-more aesthetic of generations past.保守就是另一种形式的激进?时尚界显然是这么认为的。本季设计师们推出的廓形保守的时装频频亮相秀场,它们反映出了几代人以前那种优雅端庄、露得少即为美的审美观。Designers are reimagining soignée staples for spring and summer─skirt suits, twin sets, below-the-knee dresses, kitten heels and frame bags─that appear anything but moth-eaten. In fact, fashion#39;s neoconservative coup d#39;état feels deliciously defiant, given the excessively revealing styles pop culture celebrates. A quick flip through any supermarket tabloid yields an onslaught of oversexed stars and their indelicate fashion choices, which prompted a strict dress code for this year#39;s Grammy Awards. When you factor in over-the-top street style and the all-round oversharing that has become pervasive, the reeled-in restraint of a bygone era looks more and more like a cool, quiet revolution.设计师们开始重新打造优雅风格的春夏季主打──裙装、两件套、过膝连身裙、中跟鞋和夹框包等等,款款似乎都散发出陈旧的气息。实际上,鉴于当代流行文化追捧的时尚风格过于暴露,时尚界这次爆发的新保守风格变革,这一挑战颇受到欢迎和赞赏。随意快速浏览任何一份低俗小报,你就会发现一大群过度卖弄性感的明星和她们不甚文雅的时装选择,这也促成了今年格莱美奖颁奖礼采取了严格的着装准则。再考虑到过于夸张的街头时尚和无处不在的全方位的过度暴露,来自以往某个时代的约束看上去越来越像一次了不起的悄无声息的变革。This dignified uprising can be spotted on many of today#39;s most influential style setters─British fashion icon Alexa Chung, Russian supermodel Natalia Vodianova and Moda Operandi co-founder Lauren Santo Domingo, to name a few.这一庄严的“时尚起义”的影响可在当今最具影响力的许多时尚引领者的身上看到,比如英国时尚偶像艾里珊钟(Alexa Chung)、俄罗斯超模娜塔莉亚沃迪亚诺娃(Natalia Vodianova)以及时装品牌Moda Operandi的联合创始人劳伦桑托多明戈(Lauren Santo Domingo)等。#39;A young girl now doesn#39;t want to dress like her mother; she finds her grandmother much cooler, #39; said Nina Ricci creative director Peter Copping, who designed skirt suits inspired by his own nana. #39;She wore little smart, tweedy suits. I always had a romantic notion of that.#39; But the designer, who modernized his separates by cutting them in a light-as-air bouclé woven onto organza, also drew inspiration from a much younger source. #39;Someone told me a story about the [22-year-old] model Eliza Cummings and how when she got her first big money job she went straight out and bought a Chanel suit, #39; said Mr. Copping. #39;I thought, #39;Wow, that#39;s really clued up!#39; #39;莲娜丽姿(Nina Ricci)的创意总监彼得科平(Peter Copping)说,现在的年轻女孩不喜欢打扮得和自己的母亲一样,她们反而发现祖母的着装更加有型。科平就从他自己的祖母那儿吸取灵感设计了裙装,他说:“她穿着时髦的粗呢小套装,我一直觉得它很浪漫。”他通过采用织在欧根纱上的极其轻盈的圈圈纱面料来裁剪装,从而赋予它们现代气息,他也从更年轻的一代人中汲取灵感。他说:“有人给我讲过一个(22岁的)模特伊莉萨卡敏斯(Eliza Cummings)的故事,讲她如何在得到第一份高薪工作时立即就去买了一套香奈儿(Chanel)的套装,我心想‘哇,那确实是在行!’”In his spring collection, Bottega Veneta designer Tomas Maier, who has long imprinted the brand with a classic femininity, crafted sheer cardigans, calf-grazing dresses and a coat in the sort of rose print one might find on the walls of a #39;50s-era powder room. #39;I never liked the obvious definition of #39;sexy, #39; #39; said Mr. Maier. #39;I actually don#39;t even like the word. I prefer a woman to be sensuous and in charge─definitely in charge of what she#39;s wearing.#39;宝缇嘉(Bottega Veneta)设计师托马斯梅耶(Tomas Maier)素来给该品牌赋予了一种经典女性柔美气质,他在其春季系列中打造了薄纱开衫、长及小腿的裙装和玫瑰印花大衣,这种玫瑰图案或许可在上世纪50年代盥洗室的 壁上看到。梅耶说:“我从来都不喜欢对‘性感’的浅显定义,实际上我连这个词都不喜欢,我更喜欢女性散发美感和拥有主导权,这里当然是指对其着装的主导。”Twenty-six-year-old designer Wes Gordon agreed. #39;In serious times, you need serious chic. Anything cute feels bad right now. A grown-up, covered-up silhouette is the anti-cute, #39; said Mr. Gordon, whose signature long-sleeve gowns and full skirts have been worn by bright young things such as Jessica Biel and Rita Ora. His spring collection had a red skirt suit worthy of Nancy Reagan. Among Mr. Gordon#39;s inspirations: a book of Valentino Garavani#39;s designs from the #39;70s (the house#39;s current designers, Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli, are also huge proponents of the conservative-but-cool look) and Greta Garbo. #39;But late Garbo, when she was running around New York City with a popped collar, hiding from people, #39; he said. #39;It#39;s good to be a little mysterious in the overcrowded, overexposed world we live in now.#39;今年26岁的设计师韦斯戈登(Wes Gordon)也认同这种观点。他说:“非常之时需要庄重的风格。现在任何性感的东西都给人不好的感觉,而成熟严实的廓形则正是反性感的。”他设计的招牌式长袖礼和伞裙受到了杰西卡贝尔(Jessica Biel)和丽塔奥拉(Rita Ora)等引人注目的年轻女星的青睐。其春季系列还推出了一套衬得上南希里根(Nancy Reagan)的红色裙装。戈登的设计灵感源泉包括葛丽泰嘉宝(Greta Garbo)以及一本有关华伦天奴格拉瓦尼(Valentino Garavani)70年代设计的书(该品牌当前的设计师玛丽亚格拉齐亚基乌里(Maria GraziaChiuri)与皮尔保罗皮乔利(Pier Paolo Piccioli)也是这种保守但又有型的风格的超级持者)。他说:“嘉宝在世时,当她在纽约四处走动时,总竖着衣领躲避人群。在如今我们生活的这个过于拥挤、过度暴露的世界中,保持一点神秘感挺好的。”Even London#39;s resident bad boy Christopher Kane is of a similar mind. #39;Ladylike is the ultimate sexiness, #39; said the designer. #39;It#39;s clean, elegant and in control. The famous saying, #39;It#39;s the quiet ones you need to watch, #39; definitely applies to this style.#39;就连伦敦的坏小子设计师克里斯托弗凯恩(Christopher Kane)也持相同观点。他说:“端庄高贵是性感的终极表现形式,它纯净、优雅、有节制,‘安静者方值得关注’这句名言显然可以用在这种风格上。”Although the movement centers on mature silhouettes, it#39;s the accessories that carry it over into phenomenon territory. From the delicate stampede of pointy kitten heels and sensible block-heeled sandals to the flood of frame bags and collar-grazing necklaces, little touches are capable of creating big changes in attitude.虽然此次时尚革新的中心是成熟时装,但促使其获得非凡发展的却是配饰。从一款款鞋跟尖细的精致中跟鞋、实穿的粗跟凉鞋再到大量涌现的夹框包和围领式项链,小小的点缀便能让时尚态度发生巨大的改变。#39;There is a shift in sensibility happening now─shoppers are moving away from conspicuous It-bags, the vertiginous platform heel and gaudy in-your-face jewels, #39; said Kate Davidson Hudson, co-founder of the newly launched accessories shopping site Editorialist. #39;What feels new is being a bit quieter and more discerning─having your subtle gold studs, cat-eye glasses, proper box bag and most importantly, the mid-heel shoe.#39;新近上线的配饰购物网站Editorialist的联合创始人凯特戴维森哈德逊(Kate Davidson Hudson)认为:“现在消费者的实用性观念正在发生转变,她们开始远离高调夺目的IT包包、令人眩晕的厚底鞋和华丽张扬的珠宝首饰,眼下时兴的风格要更沉静一些、更有品味──配上你淡雅的金色饰纽、猫眼款式眼镜和得体的箱形手袋,更重要的是蹬上一双中跟鞋。”Indeed, low-riding heels─from Louis Vuitton#39;s Magic Square pumps to Miu Miu#39;s squat, crystal-encrusted patent-leather numbers─have been star sellers for spring. There has also been an attendant uptick in popularity for the shoe brands that your grandmother and great-grandmother loved. Roger Vivier, the brand known for its low, pilgrim-buckle pump made famous by Catherine Deneuve in #39;Belle de Jour, #39; seems more popular than ever, both for its shoes and the book on its 75-plus-year history released last month with publisher Rizzoli. Ferragamo, another perennial ladies-who-lunch favorite, is celebrating the 35th anniversary of the Vara, its sweetly iconic gold bow-topped shoe, with a new campaign featuring of-the-moment women such as Ms. Santo Domingo and Chiara Clemente wearing the classic, dainty-heeled slippers. As of this month, they can be customized to one#39;s liking on the brand#39;s website with a choice of color combinations and materials, and the option to monogram the soles.确实,从路易威登(Louis Vuitton)的Magic Square单鞋到MiuMiu镶嵌水晶的漆皮便鞋,浅口鞋一直是春季的明星畅销款。此外,一些祖母辈和曾祖母辈喜欢的鞋履品牌也一直呈现流行度上升的势头。例如,罗杰维威耶(Roger Vivier),这个牌子因为凯瑟琳德纳芙(Catherine Deneuve)在影片《白日美人》(Belle de Jour)中穿着其带扣的浅口单鞋而知名,而如今它似乎比以往任何时候都更受追捧。这要归功于它出品的鞋履以及Rizzoli出版社在5月份出版的讲述其逾75年历史的那本书。菲拉格慕(Ferragamo)也是一个长期受贵妇青睐的鞋履品牌,其风格甜美的带标志性金色蝴蝶结扣的Vara鞋迎来了35周年纪念,该品牌以一项新宣传活动进行了庆祝。其中桑托多明戈和奇亚拉克莱门特(Chiara Clemente)等当代著名女性便穿着这款鞋跟优雅的经典便鞋亮相。到本月为止,消费者可在该品牌网站上根据个人喜好定制此款鞋子,可自由选择色搭配和面料,还可选择将姓名的首字母交叉刻印在鞋底上。One longtime Ferragamo Vara fan is Ms. Chung. #39;I think one of the first times I was photographed, I literally sneaked into a Topshop [fashion] show and I was wearing a cardigan, some white tights and Ferragamo heels, #39; recalled Ms. Chung, host of the music TV show Fuse News on the Fuse channel, and author of #39;It, #39; a book on her personal style and inspirations (out from Penguin in late October).艾里珊钟很久以前就是菲拉格慕Vara鞋的粉丝。她回忆说:“我觉得在我最早开始拍片的时候,我简直就像溜进了Topshop时装秀,我穿着一件开衫、白色紧身衣和菲拉格慕的鞋子。”如今她是Fuse 电视台音乐电视节目Fuse News的主持人,并写了一本名为《It》的讲述其个人风格和灵感的书(将由企鹅出版社(Penguin)在10月底出版)。She#39;s also emblematic of a certain brand of young-fogy dressing that has become popular with the next generation of taste-makers, including 27-year-old sister-designers Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, whose discreetly polished and structured bag designs for their label The Row have become industry favorites.她也是某一派年轻但又保守着装风格的代表人物,这种风格受到了她下一代时尚品味创造者的追捧,其中包括27岁的花设计师玛丽-凯特奥尔森(Mary-Kate Olsen)与阿什莉奥尔森(Ashley Olsen)。她们为自有品牌The Row精心打造和设计的手袋成为了行业的最爱。The youthful duo#39;s austere clothes have also become the ne plus ultra for tasteful, urbane women of all vintages. For spring, the designers showed ankle-grazing silk skirts and belted jackets in classic shades that looked simultaneously old-school and modern.这对年轻设计师二人组设计的风格简朴的装也成为各年龄段品位不俗的都市女性的挚爱。她们在春季系列中推出了长近脚踝的丝质裙子和经典色调的束带外套,它们看上去既怀旧又不失登。Earlier this week, one of the biggest events on the fashion calendar took place. The Metropolitan Museum of Art#39;s Costume Institute ball celebrated the opening of the exhibit #39;PUNK: Chaos to Couture.#39; The annual gala has long been considered the sartorial event of the year, and the choice of punk as this year#39;s theme feels particularly poignant. With its shredded T-shirts, creative facial piercings and mohawks, the riotous aesthetic, which peaked in the late #39;70s and early #39;80s, couldn#39;t be further from the clean and sober silhouettes surrounding us now, but the motivations behind the two share some DNA.前不久,时尚界最重大的盛会之一──纽约大都会艺术物馆时装学院(Metropolitan Museum of Art#39;s Costume Institute)慈善舞会启动,拉开了“朋克:从混沌到时装”(PUNK: Chaos to Couture)时装展的序幕。这个一年一度的庆典长期以来就被视为当年的时装盛会,选择朋克风作为本年度的主题让人觉得特别贴切。碎布条般的T恤、别具新意的面部穿孔和莫霍克式发型,这些都是在上世纪70年代末和80年代初达到巅峰的朋克风的标志,这种桀骜不驯的审美观与当今我们周围那些整洁庄重的风格相差十万八千里,但二者背后的动机有着相同之处。 /201306/244205Access to a reporter to go to the North Pole 100 penguins. He asked the first penguins to his usual interest is. The first penguin says: eat, sleep, play Peas. Puzzled reporter asked to say what is playing Peas ah? Bird Penguin said nothing and left.一位记者要去北极访问100只企鹅.。他就问第一只企鹅他平时的兴趣是什么。第一只企鹅说:吃饭、睡觉、打豆豆。 记者疑惑的问说什么是打豆豆啊?那只企鹅没说什么就走了。The reporter thought: Well, do not speak do not speak. He also visited the second penguins usually interested in what it is. The second penguin says: eat, sleep, play Peas. Pound, how is playing? Reporters and thinking to himself.那位记者想:好吧,不讲就不讲。他又访问第二只企鹅它平时的兴趣是什么。第二只企鹅说:吃饭、睡觉、打豆豆。怎麼又是打咚咚?记者在心里嘀咕着。One after another from access to the first 99 penguins to their usual interest in penguins are “eating, sleeping, playing Peas.” Until the 100 penguins. He said you asked the usual interests? 100 penguins: eat, sleep. Journalists find it very strange and asked it: “how do you do not play Peas?” 100 penguins: “Because I’m Peas ah.”接二连三的从访问第一只企鹅到第99只企鹅它们平时的兴 趣都是“吃饭、睡觉、打豆豆”。直到第100只企鹅。记者问他说你平时的兴趣是什么? 第100只企鹅:吃饭、睡觉。 记者觉得很奇怪,便问它:“你怎么不打豆豆呢?” 第100只企鹅:“因为我就是豆豆啊。” /201306/244270兴国人民医院预约是不是真的

南康市红十字会医院人流医院TWO drug executives walked into a bar. No, this is not the start of a joke. The workers for Roche, a Swiss drugs firm, had been dining with doctors after a medical conference. At the bar, alleged an anonymous complaint in a recent report by a British industry watchdog, they bought the doctors drinks (“shots of varying colours flowed like hot lava”). One executive danced on stage, prompting bar staff to throw him out. Roche maintains its managers ran into the doctors and did not buy them drinks. But the evening hardly seems like the finest moment in the history of ties between doctors and drug companies.两名制药公司的高管走进一家酒吧。别理解错了,这可不是在讲笑话。瑞士制药企业罗氏公司(Roche)的员工开完医学会议后,此时正和医生们共进晚餐。在一家英国行业监督机构最近发表的报告中,一位匿名人士指控这两名员工在酒吧请医生喝酒(“照片上的酒颜色各异,像喷涌而出的火热岩浆”)。一名高管登台起舞,结果被酒吧务人员赶了出去。瑞士公司则坚持认为,其负责人是偶然碰到几位医生的,而且也没有请他们喝酒。但这个夜晚怎么看也不像是医生与制药企业的关系史上最美好的时刻。That relationship is a poorly regulated muddle. At one (beneficial) extreme, firms work with doctors to create new treatments. At the other end of the spectrum, firms bribe doctors to prescribe their drugs. America’s justice department has wrung huge settlements from companies over such charges. Between these poles is a lot of activity deemed standard by some, repugnant by others—and which is increasingly subject to new laws.二者关系疏于监管,可谓一团糟。一个(有益的)极端是,企业为创造新的治疗方案与医生合作。另一个极端则是企业向医生行贿,以便让医生在开药时选择他们厂家的产品。美国司法部门从此类官司涉及的公司中榨取了大量罚金。两个极端之间可以有种种行事,有些人视之为标准,有些人则嗤之以鼻,而新法律对这些管得越来越严了。This month American regulators released rules to implement a so-called Sunshine law designed to improve transparency. France passed a similar law in 2011. Firms in Britain are planning voluntary disclosures. By 2015 more than 70% of drug sales will be in countries with such measures, according to Deloitte, a consultancy.本月,美国监管机构公布了新规定,旨在贯彻实施一部所谓的“阳光法案”,以提高企业透明度。法国在2011年通过了一部类似的法案。英国的企业正计划着主动公示信息。据咨询公司德勤(Deloitte)显示,在2015年前,70%以上的药品会在采取此类措施的国家中销售。America’s health-care market, the world’s biggest, is particularly busy. In 2012 pharmaceutical companies spent more than billion marketing drugs to doctors, according to Cegedim Strategic Data, a research firm; 35% of doctors accept food, entertainment or travel from the pharmaceutical industry, said a survey by Deloitte last year, while 16% accept consulting or speaking fees. In most states, doctors take regular courses to maintain their licences. In 2011 drug and device companies sponsored nearly a third of the medical training tracked by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education.美国拥有世界上最大的医疗市场。如今,该市场相当热闹。据调查公司Cegedim Strategic Data 称,2012年制药企业为了向医生推销药品,所花费用超过240亿美元;根据德勤去年做的一份调查显示,35%的医生接受了制药行业的宴请或其提供的免费旅游,而16%的医生收受了咨询费,或者说演讲费。大部分州的医生为维持医师资格,需要定期接受培训。2011年美国继续医学教育认委员会(Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education)发现,其追踪调查的医学培训机构中有近1/3是由医药和器械公司赞助。Such chumminess has long raised fears about undue influence. In 2008 two health-industry groups set tighter, voluntary standards for companies. In 2009 America’s Institute of Medicine, an advisory body, urged much stricter regulation to prevent conflicts of interest.一直以来,人们都担心医商之间的这种亲密无间会带来不好的影响。2008年,两家医疗健康产业集团为企业制定了更严格的自愿性质标准。2009年,美国顾问团医院研究所(America’s Institute of Medicine)敦促要加强监管力度,防止利益纠纷。Legislative action, though, has been slow, especially at the federal level. The Sunshine law, passed as part of Barack Obama’s health reform, is the first national requirement for transparency. Each year drug and device firms must disclose payments and other “transfers of value” to doctors. They must also report research fees and doctors’ investment interests. The first filing will appear on a public database by September 30th, 2014.不过美国在立法方面行动一直很慢,尤其是联邦层级的立法。“阳光法案”是作为巴拉克奥巴马医疗改革项目的一部分通过的,它是第一部为提高透明度的国家级法案。每年,医药和器械公司必须公开付信息,以及其他用在医生身上的开销。他们也必须汇报研究经费、医生在医疗公司投资股权。第一批申报文案将于2014年9月30日前上传至公共数据库中。The rule’s broader effects are uncertain. It does not limit firms’ interactions with doctors; it merely requires them to be reported. Certain marketing techniques, such as providing free drug samples, are exempt. And in some ways the law is aly out of date. It regulates only doctors and some hospitals, not nurses, pharmacists or hospital bureaucrats who have a growing role in patients’ treatment.这项规定会产生怎样更大范围的影响还不得而知。它并没有限制企业与医生之间的往来;仅仅只是要求他们上报相关信息。某些营销方案不在监管之列,比如为医生提供免费的药物样品。法律在某些方面已经过时了,它所监管的只有医生和某些医院,却不包括护士、药剂师或者医院的行政人员,而这些人在病人的治疗中发挥的作用越来越大。Nevertheless, the Sunshine law is likely to lead to at least one change. Firms aly have data on each doctor’s prescriptions, points out Chris Wright of ZS Associates, a consultancy. The Sunshine law will also provide them with exhaustive data on how much they and their competitors spend to market drugs to that doctor. This will let firms track which type of marketing spurs the most prescriptions. Companies will not stop wooing doctors. They may simply get better at it.尽管如此,阳光法案至少可能带来一个转变。咨询公司Chris Wright of ZS Associates指出,制药企业已经掌握了每个医生的处方内容。阳光法案还将为这些企业提供详细数据,让他们了解自己和竞争对手在向医生推销药品时的花销情况。这将有利于企业追踪调查,找出最利于销售的推销方案。将来,企业还是会向医生献殷勤。但或许他们只是更擅长罢了。 /201303/228459赣州上犹医院院长是谁 信丰妇幼保健院费用

赣州仁济妇科医院做孕检多少钱One day a boy came to his teacher and said: Teacher, pa wants to know if you like roast pig.I certainly do, said the teacher, and you tell your father he is very kind to think of me.Days passed, and nothing more was said about the roast pig.一天有个男孩去对他老师说:老师,我爸想知道你是不是爱吃烤猪肉。当然啰,老师说,去告诉你父亲,多谢他想着我。好几天过去了,再没提起烤猪肉的事儿。Finally the teacher said to the boy: I thought your father was going to send me over some roast pig.Yes, said the boy, he did intend to, but the pig got well.最后老师对男孩说:我以为你父亲要给我送点烤猪肉来呢。是啊,孩子说,他是这么想的,可后来猪又没病了。内容来自: /201304/234942 Virgo 处女座 (8月24日~9月23日)Ruled by shape-shifting Mercury, Virgo works hard to stability.在流动的水星控制下,处女座需要努力才能获得稳定。TIPS: A good educational background is important. Diligence is your advantage.学习相 良好的教育背景很重要。你的优点是勤奋。 /201210/205451全南妇幼保健院产前检查好吗安远航天医院有几个主任



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