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Miguel Tejada Suspended for Adderall Use MLB star receives 105 game suspension for ADHD, sleep aid medication.Now another boy of summer busted.This time is one time MVP MG being hit with one baseball#39;s longest suspensions every for a ...using of ban substances,the stimulant ...A#39;s G has this story.This morning,39 old star Kansas city in F...MG suspended for a hundred and five games.The starting news comes after MG tested positive for ...reportedly ...tell ESPN it was to treat attention deficit disorder.And in the case of an athlete I guest it would allow them to focus more on their games,which is what every athlete really wants to do.MG also telling our sister that OKESPN,I had to addmit I have made a mistake,but I want people to understand one thing.I was not using a drug to take advantage on the field or be stronger or hit more homeruns.He said he had been taking the drug for five years and that he had medical permission from the league but that permit he says expired in April.It is a nural active agent and patients who take the drug general feel that they can not stop taking the drug.His ban comes just after Yankees#39;s third base ...three guys were suspended for 211 games.And all investigators saying he has been using performance in ...drugs since 2010.Brul left the field ...Brant got 65 game suspension.And 12 other players got 50 games penalties.It makes the fan or the person who enjoy sports wonder who is on what.MG#39;s name has aly been connected with ...allegations in the past and in fact in 2013 he was convicted of lying to congress about performance in ...drugs in baseball.This punishment comes after three seperate positive test even so MG told the ESPN he does not plan to retire but experts told us this could more be end of his areer.Such guy for the entire sport as well,G thank you. /201308/253763With a clear view of the endless plateau below, vultures are quick to spot any opportunity.从高空俯视着广袤无垠的高原,秃鹫们不会放过任何一个机会。A dead yak has drawn a crowd. Vultures aren#39;t famous for their table manners. The vultures do well here, as the vast Tibetan wilderness is home to many large creatures.一头死牦牛吸引了一群秃鹫前来,秃鹫的就餐礼仪并不好,但在这里秃鹫们却表现的很好,因为广阔的西藏荒原有足够多的大型生物。Living in herds of up to 200 in the remoter corners of the Tibetan plateau, wild yaks travel large distances, grazing on the alpine tundra.居住在西藏高原偏远角落的野牦牛群居的数量甚至可能达到200只。他们走过遥远的距离来到高山上的冻土地带寻觅食物。Strong and secure over mountain passes and rivers. The yak is in its element at altitude so much so that it gets sick if it goes below 3,000 metres.依靠着山口和河流,牦牛在这里强大而安全。它们于这个海拔的环境是如此地连为一体,以至于如果他们到达海拔3000米以下,身体就会变得虚弱。Standing two metres tall at the shoulder and weighing more than 800 kilos, the wild yak is both formidable and aggressive.牦牛身高2米,体重超过800千克,不仅自身强大还很好斗。But without this fearsome creature it#39;s unlikely that humans would have survived up here.但若没有这种看起来吓人的生物,人类就不可能在这里生存。Once domesticated, the yak is an amazing animal, providing the Tibetans with transport, food, wool for clothes and tents, and manure for fuel.一旦被驯,牦牛会让人惊异万分。它为藏民提供运输,食物做衣物和帐篷的毛,还有可以做燃料的粪便。 /201403/279697For the past three years, the Life team has filmed birds过去三年来 ‘生命脉动’制作团队为了拍摄鸟类in every part of the world imaginable.足迹已遍及世界上每一个角落Nowhere was the filming trickier than in the jungles of West Papua.其中最艰难的拍摄地点 在印尼巴布亚省的丛林中Here is found for me我在这里发现one of the greatest wonders of the bird world,鸟类世界最令人惊叹的奇观the display arena of the Vogelkop bowerbird.褐色园丁鸟的表演舞台13 years ago十三年前I was lucky enough to witness these spectacular builders,我很幸运能亲眼目睹 这些杰出的建筑师大展身手but filming the timid female and courtship behaviour但是拍摄羞怯的雌鸟和求偶行为was a different matter.又是另外一回事And this was what the Life team set out to film.这是‘生命脉动’制作团队 启程拍摄的目标Barrie Britton was the principle cameraman for this programme.巴利布里顿 是本节目的首席摄影师With over 20 years in the business,他从事这个行业已超过二十年not only is he an accomplished photographer不仅是位技艺高超的摄影师but he has developed a deep understanding of也对拍摄题材培养出and empathy for his subjects.深刻的了解和同理心Although each one posed it#39;s own unique challenges,虽然每一次任务都有不同的挑战Barrie he did seem to spend an inordinate amount of time巴利这一次 窝在他可靠的老旧藏身篷里cooped up in his trusty old hide.时间似乎比预期中来得久 Article/201309/254766

Even the most casual workplace has do#39;s and don#39;ts when it comes to appropriate hot weather attire. Here are the basics.在炎热的夏季,即使最随意的办公场合也有一些着装禁忌。以下是最基本的注意事项。You Will Need你需要Common sense常识Corporate culture企业文化Luxe fabrics高档布料Groomed feet修剪整洁的双脚Steps步骤Step 1 Use common sense1.注意常识Err on the side of modesty. Scorching temperatures don#39;t give you license to bare your midriff, flash cleavage, or wear short shorts.宁可保持质朴。天气炎热不代表你可以裸露小腹,露出乳沟,或者穿超短裤。Step 2 Consider the corporate culture2.考虑企业文化Consider the culture; how you should dress depends in large part on where you live and the industry in which you work. Check out what your managers are wearing for guidance on what#39;s appropriate in your office.考虑一下企业文化;你怎样着装很大程度上取决于你生活的环境和工作所在行业。可以参考一下经理的着装,你就知道在办公室怎样穿衣才是得体的。Step 3 Focus on fabrics3.注重布料Focus on the fabric of an item, as well as the cut. Most tee shirts and tank tops are inappropriate -- unless they#39;re made out of silk or another high-quality material. Long linen shorts might be acceptable where cotton or denim ones wouldn#39;t.注重衣的布料和剪裁。大部分T恤和背心式上衣都不得体——除非是用丝绸或其他高档材料制成的。较长的亚麻短裙是可以接受的,而棉布或牛仔布的就不太得体。Step 4 Factor in your feet4.注意双脚When it comes to footwear, factor in the condition of your feet. If it#39;s been a while since you#39;ve had a pedicure, your feet are covered in blisters, or you have bunions, choose closed-toe shoes over sandals.在鞋子方面,注意一下双脚的状况。如果你做美甲已经有一段时间,你的双脚已经覆盖了一层水泡,或者脚趾发炎,最好选择一双包住脚趾的凉鞋。Flip-flops may be okay if they#39;re stylish, but save the generic rubber ones for the pool.如果比较时尚,人字拖也可以,但是如果是普通胶质的,还是留在游泳池穿吧。Step 5 Don#39;t overdress5.不要过度Don#39;t sweat it out in business suits and shoes if everyone else is wearing khaki and sandals. Being too dressed up looks just as awkward as being too dressed down, in any season.如果其他人都穿卡其布装和凉鞋,你最好不要穿商务套装。在任何季节,过度装饰都和不修边幅一样令人尴尬。One survey found that 35 percent of employers surveyed say they#39;ve had to send workers home to change clothes because of inappropriate dress.一项调查发现,35%的受调查雇主表示他们曾经让雇员回家换掉不得体的装。视频听力译文由。 Article/201407/316566

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