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抚顺曙光男科口碑抚顺哪里做包皮好生活大爆炸第十季:剧情终极预测来啦! -- :35: 来源: 生活大爆炸第九季在前不久正式结束,观众们开始期待起第十季,而此前该剧制作总监表示第十季将是该剧的最后一季以下内容便是对第十季剧情的预测 The Big Bang Theory ended its ninth season with a cliffhanger finale, and now it’s time to look ahead to Season . Though audiences have aly begun learning some details about what to expect when the CBS sitcom returns, we also have our own guesses as to what may happen next season (which could be the long-running show’s final season). Below, check out some of our The Big Bang Theory predictions Season .《生活大爆炸第九季的结局直到最后一刻方才揭晓,现在又该期盼第十季的播出了这部CBS电视台的主打剧有哪些盼头,观众们其实早已了然于心不过小编还是禁不住手痒,大胆预测了第十季的剧情(第十季很可能成为该剧的剧终季)以下就是小编带来的《生活大爆炸第十季剧情预测:1. Leonard and Penny will finally have a mal wedding预测1.莱纳德和佩妮会举行正式婚礼Season 9 ended with the couple agreeing to have a more mal wedding ceremony in order to appease Leonard’s mother Beverly (Christine Baranski). But the finale only got as far as the rehearsal dinner, with Sheldon’s mom, Mary (Laurie Metcalf) and Leonard’s never-bee-seen father, Alfred (Judd Hirsch) hitting it off and (presumably) spending the night together.第九季最后一集,夫妇二人为安抚莱纳德的母亲贝弗莉,同意举行正式的婚礼而第九季的结局是谢尔顿的母亲玛丽和莱纳德从未露面的父亲阿尔弗雷德在排晚宴上擦出了火花,(人们假定)二人共度良宵Whether or not the duo’s possible coupling will derail the festivities remains to be seen, but we’re guessing that Leonard and Penny will go through with their plans. Why? Again, we’re just speculating here, but fans have been waiting that moment nine seasons and the Season premiere seems like as good time as any to make it happen. Plus, wouldn’t it make a great parallel to have both Seasons 9 and start with the same couple getting married?两人能不能凑成一对,为结婚典礼增添新的剧情有待观察,但莱纳德和佩妮会继续执行结婚计划你问为什么?再说一遍,我们只是在预测剧情,粉丝们为这一刻苦等了整整九季,而这一刻出现在第十季第一集简直再合适不过了还有,第九季和第十季的开头都是这对夫妇结婚,这样照应的剧情是不是很棒?. We’ll meet at least one important family member预测.将有(至少一位)主角团角色新的重要家庭成员出场In addition to introducing Leonard’s dad, Season 9 also brought Sheldon’s Meemaw (June Squibb) to the show. Chances are good that audiences will get to meet at least one more of the group’s previously unseen family members in Season . So who could it be? Our money is on either Penny’s mom or Howard’s dad.除了莱纳德的父亲,谢尔顿的奶奶也在第九季中亮相第十季中将迎来(至少一位)从未出场的主角团的家庭成员会是谁呢?最有可能出场的是佩妮的母亲或者霍华德的父亲Viewers have been eagerly waiting to meet both characters years now — and the latter in particular, as Howard has often talked about what it was like to not have his dad around growing up. Despite that, Steven Molaro recently told The Hollywood Reporter that “Howard’s father has not been at the top of that list [of guest stars],” although he also acknowledged that the possibility “is always floating around.” Still, Season seems like an opportune time to introduce the long-awaited character, as Howard and Bernadette are about to welcome his grandchild.观众们眼巴巴地等着两个角色出现,一等就是许多年其中霍华德父亲的地位尤为特殊,据霍华德本人说,似乎他从小到大都没有父亲陪伴在身边尽管如此,史蒂夫·莫拉洛最近在接受《好莱坞记者报的采访时表示“霍华德的生父并非(明星客串)名单上的首选,”然而他同样留下了悬念,称各种可能性“总是存在的”第十季似乎是引入这一角色最合适的时机,因为霍华德和伯纳黛特要生小孩了3. Howard will have a meltdown about his pending fatherhood预测3.霍华德初为人父的烦恼We’ve aly seen Howard endure a couple moments of panic over the prospect of becoming a dad. Still, audiences can likely expect to see plenty more of that anxiety surface as the pregnancy progresses further next season. After all, this is Howard we’re talking about here — he’s used to being the one that gets cared , not the caretaker.每次说到成为人父,霍华德都感到一阵痛苦下一季,随着伯纳黛特像变得愈发明显,观众们将有望看到更多这样的场景毕竟咱们聊的可是霍华德--是那个要受人照顾的霍华德,而不是照顾别人的霍华德Fans can also expect to see Bernadette with an actual baby bump next season, as opposed to the barely there belly she sported in Season 9. “It’s there. I think she’s carrying the baby quite well so far, ” Molaro told Glamour of the nonexistent bump. “Pretty soon, as we get into season , we’ll start to see it more.”第九季,伯纳黛特的小腹比较平坦,第十季粉丝们则有望看到她真正挺着大肚子的场面“我认为到目前为止,孩子的情况一切良好,”莫拉洛在接受Glamour采访时这样描述并不存在的像“到了第十季,怀的迹象会越来越明显”. The guys will run into problems with the guidance system预测.向导系统会遇到麻烦In Season 9, Howard, Sheldon, and Leonard patented an idea a guidance system that the Air ce later contacted them about. Though the idea has the potential to make all of them hugely successful in their careers, Howard was initially suspicious of the Air ce’s interest and paranoid that the invention would be taken away from him.第九季中,霍华德、谢尔顿和莱纳德有了研发一项向导系统的想法,后来美国空军事联系了他们三人的事业极有可能迎来巨大的成功,但霍华德一开始就在怀疑美国空军的动机,担心自己保不住这项发明Molaro has aly confirmed that audiences will see more of the guidance system storyline in Season , and it seems to safe to say that the invention process won’t be easy. one thing, the guys tend to eventually bump heads anytime they team up to create something (remember the time they tried to make an app?). Plus, we have yet to learn exactly what role the Air ce will play in the invention, but we have a feeling their involvement won’t happen smoothly.莫拉洛已经实,向导系统在第十季中将占据更多的戏份,而且三人的研发之路恐怕将颇为坎坷每次几位科学阿宅聚在一起打算发明点东西时,都没有什么好下场(没忘记上次几人研发app的经历吧?)另外,美国空军将会扮演怎样的角色尚不清楚,但我们有种感觉,二者合作的过程不会很顺利5. Sheldon and Amy will take another major step5.谢尔顿和艾米的关系将有巨大的进展After breaking up, making up, and then finally consummating their relationship last season, it’s clear that Sheldon and Amy have come a long way from when they first started dating. So what could be their next big step? Many fans have aly started predicting that the two will either move in together or get engaged in Season . Since Molaro has strongly implied that he’s not planning on switching up the PennyLeonardSheldon roommate dynamic anytime soon, we’re thinking it will be the latter. After all, that engagement ring from the Season 8 finale is still floating around somewhere.这对欢喜冤家分过手,复过合,到了第九季,两人的关系才算稳定了下来从第一次约会开始到今天,二人的感情可谓风雨兼程粉丝纷纷猜测第十季两个人要么同居,要么订婚而莫拉洛早已强烈暗示过佩妮莱纳德谢尔顿的室友关系不会发生变化,那么二人在新一季中将非常可能订婚第八季结尾那枚订婚戒指可是随时待命呢6. It’ll finally figure out what to do with Raj6.拉杰什,该给你个交代了Last but not least, we predict (or at least, really, really hope) that Raj will finally get the better storyline he deserves next season. In Season 9, it seemed as if the show didn’t know what to do with him — or the matter of his love life, now that he can finally talk to women. While the rest of the gang was making moves and meeting new milestones, Raj was stuck in some half-baked, uninteresting romantic drama juggling two different girls. Hopefully, we’ll see the end of that painful story next season and Raj can move ward to better things.最后要指出的是,我们预测(至少是诚心诚意地盼望)拉杰在新一季拥有本就应得的更好的剧情第九季中,编剧们看上去对印度人实在不知道该怎么办了--或者说编剧们实在不知道该怎么安排他的感情线了,纵然他终于能正常地和女人说话了主角团其余成员的感情生活都有了巨大的进展,达到了新的高度,拉杰却仍身陷在和两个女孩的纠缠之中(这段剧情构思欠妥而且毫无趣味可言)希望下一季如此令人痛苦的故事赶快结束,拉杰也能拥有更好的未来No official date The Big Bang Theory‘s return has been announced, but it’s likely that Season will premiere in late September (like the previous nine seasons). The show will air at 8 p.m. ET on Monday nights on CBS, bee switching to the same time on Thursday nights, following the conclusion of Thursday night football.目前《生活大爆炸第十季何时回归尚无准确的时间表可能的首映时间是今年九月下旬(像前九季一样)第十季将于美国东部时间周一晚8:00在CBS电视台首播,在周二晚间的橄榄球直播结束后,将改为每周二播出抚顺妇保院专家咨询 埃及法老王图坦卡蒙真容:畸形足龅牙 -- 01:01:3 来源: 图坦卡蒙有暴牙,胸部像发育中的少女,臀部也很肥大丰满他的脚趾也显示左脚有“内翻足”的问题   With strong features cast in burnished gold, Tutankhamun’s burial mask projects an image of majestic beauty and royal power.  But in the flesh, King Tut had buck teeth, a club foot and girlish hips, according to the most detailed examination ever of the ancient Egyptian pharaoh’s remains.  And rather than being a boy king with a love of chariot racing, Tut relied on walking sticks to get around during his rule in the th century , researchers said.  A ‘virtual autopsy’, composed of more than ,000 computer scans, was carried out in tandem with a genetic analysis of Tutankhamun’s family, which supports evidence that his parents were brother and sister.  The scientists believe that this left him with physical impairments triggered by hormonal imbalances. And his family history could also have led to his premature death in his late teens.  Various myths suggest he was murdered or was involved in a chariot crash after fractures were found in his skull and other parts of his skeleton.  Now scientists believe he may have died of an inherited illness because only one of the breaks occurred bee he died, while his club foot would have made chariot racing impossible.  The revelations are made in B One documentary Tutankhamun: The Truth Uncovered, which airs next Sunday.  Albert Zink, from the Institute Mummies and the Iceman in Italy, deciphered the truth about the ruler’s parents by studying the royal family’s DNA.  He found that Tut was born after his father Akhenaten – dubbed the heretic king – had a relationship with his sister. Incest was not frowned upon by the ancient Egyptians and they did not know about the health implications any offspring.  Hutan Ashrafian, a lecturer in surgery at Imperial College London, said that several members of the family appeared to have suffered from ailments which can be explained by hormonal imbalances. He said: ‘A lot of his family predecessors lived to a ripe old age. Only his immediate line were dying early, and they were dying earlier each generation.’  Egyptian radiologist Ashraf Selim: ‘The virtual autopsy shows the toes are divergent – in layman’s terms it’s club foot. He would have been heavily limping.  ‘There is only one site where we can say a fracture happened bee he died and that is the knee.’  Evidence of King Tut’s physical limitations were also backed up by 0 used walking canes found in his tomb.  相关报道:  据英国《每日邮报月19日报道,公元前世纪的埃及少年法老王图坦卡蒙(Tutankhamun)身上有许多谜团科学家近日利用“虚拟解剖”技术还原图坦卡蒙的面容和身形,发现他是个有畸形足、龅牙和女性般丰臀的人  研究人员称,图坦卡蒙不仅无法搭乘战车,就连走路也需要拐杖此外,对图坦卡蒙家族遗传的分析显示,他的父母可能是兄关系科学家们认为,图坦卡蒙的身体障碍可能是荷尔蒙失衡引发的  对于图坦卡蒙的死因,以前有诸多猜测,包括谋杀也有人推测其参加战车比赛时发生车祸现在,科学家们认为,图坦卡蒙可能死于一种遗传疾病,而他的畸形足也实他不可能驾驶战车  英国伦敦帝国学院外科讲师胡坦·阿什拉费恩(Hutan Ashrafian)解释,图坦卡蒙家族多位成员似乎都患有荷尔蒙失衡症,他说:“这个家族的许多其他前辈都活到很大年龄,只有他(图坦卡蒙)那一系早死,并且一代比一代寿命短”还想升级Win?法国政府批评Win泄露个人隐私 -- 18:: 来源: 据法国数据在一份正式通知中表示,Win收集了“过多”的用户个人数据 Following complaints the operating system breached France’s Data Protection Act, the National Data Protection Commission (CNIL) found "many failures".之前曾有多项投诉指责Win违法了法国数据保护法案,法国国家数据保护委员会还发现了“许多失败”The CNIL has now given Microsoft three months to comply with the act.法国国家数据保护委员限定微软在3个月之内同意这一法案A Microsoft executive said the company would "work closely" with the CNIL.一名微软高管表示,该公司将和法国国家数据保护委员“密切合作”By default, Windows collects various data on how it is used - this includes what apps are installed and how much time is spent within them, example.在默认情况下,Win会收集用户们使用的各种数据--举例来说,包括安装了什么应用程序,在应用程序上花费了多少时间等"[Microsoft] is collecting excessive data, as these data are not necessary the operation of the service," said the CNIL.法国国家数据保护委员表示说:“微软正在收集过多的数据,因为这些数据并不是Win务系统所必须的”The authority also criticised the fact that an advertising ID is activated by default, which allows apps to monitor user browsing and then offer targeted ads.该部门还批评了广告ID被默认激活的事实,这允许应用程序监控用户们的浏览记录,然后向他们推送有针对性的广告In the CNIL’s view, this has been done "without consent".在法国国家数据保护委员看来,这一切行为都“没有获得允许”Plus, data was being transferred outside the EU despite a Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) decision, in October last year, to prohibit this.此外,数据还被转移到了欧盟之外的国家,而欧盟法院(CJEU)曾在去年月份禁止这一行为"We built strong privacy protections into Windows , and we welcome feedback as we continually work to enhance those protections," said David Heiner, Microsoft vice-president and deputy general counsel.微软副仲裁、副总法律顾问戴维·海纳表示说:“我们在Win系统中建立了强大的隐私保护机制,我们欢迎用户做出反馈,因为我们将不断努力以加强这些保护措施”"We will work closely with the CNIL over the next few months to understand the agency’s concerns fully and to work toward solutions that it will find acceptable."“在接下来的几个月里,我们将和法国国家数据保护委员密切合作,从而完全了解该机构的担忧之处,并且努力拿出他们觉得可接受的解决方案”Mr Heiner added that a new privacy statement would be issued by the company next month and that it planned to adopt the Privacy Shield - a recently approved US-EU pact to allow data flow across the Atlantic.海纳补充说道,微软将在下个月发布一份新的个人隐私声明,并且微软计划将采用《Privacy Shield协议--这是美国和欧盟最近批准的一项协议,允许数据跨大西洋流动"It is high time that companies are called to about the amount of data they collect about us without our consent," said Harmit Kambo, campaigns director at Privacy International.“隐私国际”的宣传总监哈米特·肯说道:“现在正是时候呼吁公司们算一算,微软到底在没有允许的情况下收集了我们多少数据”"Why do they need so much data about us, and why are they not open with us about it?"“为什么他们需要这么多关于我们的数据呢?为什么他们不对我们坦白这件事呢?”Mr Kambo added that he hoped other companies would also consider the implications of the CNIL’s decision.肯补充说道,他希望其他公司也考虑一下法国国家数据保护委员这一决定的意义"CNIL’s public notice to Microsoft Corporation should be a wake up call to all companies, that it’s unacceptable to hoover up their customers’ data without their consent," he said.他说道:“法国国家数据保护委员对微软公司的公共声明应该给所有公司都提了个醒,在未经顾客允许的情况下,收集他们的数据是不可接受的”抚顺性病男科医院

抚顺曙光泌尿医院治疗早泄哪家医院最好骆驼的奇装异:变身太阳能迷你冰箱 -- 3:8: 来源: Kenya’s camels recently started sporting some unusual apparel: eco-friendly refrigerators! Some of the African country’s camels are carrying the solar-powered mini fridges on their backs as part of a test project that uses camels as mobile health clinics. Organizers hope the eco-friendly transport system will provide a cheap, reliable way of getting much-needed medicines and vaccines to rural commies in Kenya and Ethiopia.  肯尼亚的骆驼们最近穿上了一身“奇装异”—环保冰箱!作为骆驼移动诊所计划的一个部分,非洲一些国家开始给骆驼“穿上”靠太阳能发电的迷你冰箱该计划的组织者希望这种环保运输的方式能够价廉、可靠地为肯亚以及埃塞俄比亚的乡村地区运送当地急需的药品和疫苗   the past decade, Nomadic Commies Trust has been using camels as mobile health clinics in Kenya’s Laikipia and Samburu districts, isolated areas with few roadways. While the camel convoys provide a cost-effective method of traversing the harsh terrain, the group had no way of delivering medicines and vaccines that required refrigeration — until now. In , Nomadic Commies Trust partnered with Calinia’s Art Center College of Design’s Designmatters and Princeton’s Institute the Science and Technology of Materials (PRISM). Together, the groups created a lightweight and durable solar-powered refrigerator that can be strapped to camels’ backs in order to transport chilled medicines and vaccines.  在过去的十年里,除了一些交通不便的地区,游牧社区信托基金组织已经在肯尼亚的莱基皮亚和桑布鲁等地使用骆驼作为移动诊所了虽然这些骆驼护送队,经济有效,能够穿越路况恶劣的沙漠地区,但是直到现在他们还没有办法运送需要冰箱冷藏的药品和疫苗年,游牧社区信托基金组织与加利福尼亚艺术中心设计学院和普林斯顿材料科学与技术研究所合作,共同设计出一种质量轻、靠太阳能发电的冰箱,这种冰箱可以绑在骆驼的背上,用来运送那些需要冷藏的药品和疫苗  The mini fridge is housed in a bamboo saddle that is lightweight and durable enough camels to easily carry it across miles of rough terrain. The device itself is covered with crystalline solar panels that provide power the compartmented fridge’s generator. The solar panels themselves can also be used by the mobile clinics lighting and refrigeration in the field.  迷你冰箱被装在一个轻便坚韧的竹制骆驼鞍里,骆驼们可以载着它轻松穿越环境恶劣的沙漠冰箱上覆盖有水晶太阳能面板可以为冰箱的发电机提供能量,同时还可以为夜间照明提供电力来源  Mariana Amatullo, Designmatters‘ executive director, said the project was designed with a budget of only a few thousand dollars. To save money, designers tested the device on the Bronx Zoo’s camels so people wouldn’t have to fly back and th to Kenya.  加利福尼亚艺术中心设计学院的行政主任玛丽安娜说,这个计划的预算只有几千美元,所以为了省钱,设计者们起初用纽约布朗克斯动物园里的骆驼检验装置,省去了往返肯尼亚所需的费用  The solar-powered fridges are currently being tested on camels in Kenya and Ethiopia, but Amatullo says the system could be used by any rural commies with access to camels. If the project secures enough funding, it will be implemented in earnest in . Let’s hope the eco-friendly venture receives the money it needs — in the Laikipia and Samburu districts alone, 300,000 people do not have access to the mobile health clinics.  最近这种太阳能冰箱正在肯尼亚和埃塞俄比亚的骆驼身上接受检验,但是玛丽安娜说这个装置可以在允许骆驼同行的任何乡村社区使用如果该计划能募集到更多资金,就会在年全面实施并普及目前仅在莱基皮亚和桑布鲁地区就有30万人无法享受到移动诊所的救助,所以让我们共同祈祷这种环保冰箱能够得到足够的资金持吧抚顺市职业病防治院网上挂号 北京又现“毒跑道”,事件正在展开调查 -- 1::9 来源: 近日,位于西城区白云路二号的北京第二实验小学白云路分校学生家长反映,很多孩子近期出现流鼻血、眼睛血丝等状况,怀疑与学校翻新的操场有关此事引起了社会极大的关注 Beijing authorities have ordered the inspection of all school running tracks and synthetic sports fields in the Chinese capital, state media said.据北京官方媒体报道,北京政府已下令对首都所有学校的跑道和综合运动场展开调查It comes after parents at one primary school reported that their children suffered nose bleeds, allergies and dry eyes after using the sports track.一所小学的学生家长发现孩子在操场活动后,出现了流鼻血,头晕和眼睛血丝等症状,此事件才被曝光Tests showed toxic substances present on the track, reported the Xinhua state news agency.据新华社报道,检测显示跑道所用材料中含有有毒物质There have been reports of several similar cases in recent years.近年来,已出现多起类似的报道’My son still has to go to this school’“我的儿子仍然得去上学”All construction of new school athletic tracks has also been suspended, according to a statement by the Beijing Municipal Education Commission on Thursday.星期四,北京市教委发布了一项声明,要求所有在建或待建操场暂停施工However, this has done little to ease parents’ concerns who protested against the safety standards last week.然而,这并不能安抚家长们的担忧,他们上周对跑道的安全标准提出了抗议"I can’t stop worrying because this is just an order to examine all school tracks," Li, who participated in the protest told the B.参加抗议的一位李姓家长告诉B:“我真的很担心,因为现在政府命令对所有的学校跑道展开调查”Her 8-year-old child attends the Baiyunlu campus of the Beijing No. Experimental Elementary School.她8岁的孩子就在北京第二实验小学白云路分校就读Another parent who did not want to be named said: "They haven’t decided to remove the current one that’s causing the sickness. My son still has to go to this school every day."另一位不愿透露姓名的家长说,“他们并未铲除引起孩子们身体不适的这块跑道我的儿子每天还得去上学”Netizens alike have been expressing anger at the health and safety standards present in schools within the city.网友们也表达了对北京市学校健康和安全标准的愤怒On Chinese micro-blog Weibo, #ToxicSchoolTrackResurfaced and #ToxicSchoolTrack were trending, as users complained about poor standards.在中国的微上,#毒跑道再现和#毒跑道 被大量转发,网友们都在抱怨其“低合格标准”One user said: "These people would do anything to gain profit. They are poisoning our next generation."某网友说,“这些人为了获利简直丧尽天良他们是在毒害我们的下一代”Another post mentioned that "similar cases had happened recently", but that none of the "responsible parties were punished".另一位网友提到“最近已发生过类似的事件”,然而没有任何“相关责任人受到处分”The Education Commission has ordered that the track be covered in protective coating, and promised to track down those responsible, said the Global Times.据环球时报报道,教委下令在跑道上刷上保护涂层,并承诺追踪责任人However, more attention must also be paid to other schools outside Beijing, said Li demanding that the Ministry of Education "set up a special team to investigate all sports fields and ban problematic contractors from building school tracks around the nation".然而,对于北京市外的学校也应当给予更多的关注,这位李姓家长说,她希望教育部能“成立一个专门小组对所有的操场展开调查,并取缔国内修建操场的问题承包商的资格”Similar cases have occurred in provinces like Changzhou, Sichuan and Jiangsu.在常州、四川和江苏等省市已发生过类似事件Last November, authorities in Shenzhen tore up an athletics track after tests showed it contained more than 0 times the permitted level of methylbenzene, a toxic chemical, according to the Beijing Bulletin.据北京快报报道,去年月,深圳某跑道检测结果显示,甲苯水平超标0多倍,它是一种有毒的化学物质最后有关部门铲除了该跑道In what was reported to be an even more severe case, nearly 500 Chinese students allegedly developed dermatitis, blood abnormalities, leukaemia and lymphoma at a school in Changzhou in April, thought to be a result of air, soil and water toxins.今年四月份,在常州某学校的一起更严重的事件里,据报道有近500名学生出现了皮炎、血液异常、白血病和淋巴瘤等不适症状,怀疑是空气、土壤和水中毒的结果The school is located next to a mer industrial site.该学校旁边原来是一个工厂抚顺第二医院男科挂号

抚顺清原县人民医院电话号码八个月大的潮流女娃:绝对比你时尚! -- :3:56 来源: Smiling up at the camera, wearing coloured headbands and fashion-ward patterned jumpsuits, this model has all the makings of an Instagram style queen – except that she is only eight months old.  镜头前,她面带微笑,头戴色发带,身穿时尚图案的连衣裤这个小模特具备了一个Instagram时尚小天后的所有特质——尽管她只有八个月大  Tiny Freya is still too young to stand up - but that hasn't stopped the adorable youngster from becoming one of Britain's most stylish babies.  蒂尼·弗雷亚太小,还不能站立——但是这丝毫不能阻止这个可爱的萌娃成为英国最潮宝贝之一  Mum, Kirsty Whelan, 6, has photographed Freya in bright and eclectic outfits since she was just weeks old.  弗雷亚的妈妈,科斯蒂·蕙兰,6岁,在弗雷亚周大的时候,就给她穿色各异的个性装,并拍照留念  Freya has become a representative baby clothes companies who send her clothes to model on Instragram.  弗雷亚已经是一些婴儿饰公司的代言人,这些公司会寄一些衣给她试穿,并拍照传到Instagram上  Kirsty, studied textiles and was inspired to start creating outfits of her own Freya.  科斯蒂在研究纺织面料,并受启发开始为弗雷亚设计和制作自己原创的衣  Kirsty is getting requests from as far away as the US and Australia from mums clamouring to get hold of Freya's outfits.  科斯蒂已经收到了来自美国和澳大利亚的妈妈们想要弗雷亚衣的诉求  Eclectic and bright: Kirsty teams her homemade clothes with items from Gap, Mini River Island and Primark.  色鲜艳而个性:科斯蒂将她自制的衣用不同标签进行分类,以此同Gap,Mini River Island 和 Primark这些品牌的衣区分开来  Loving the limelight: Kirsty will continue posting pictures of Freya online, as long as Freya is happy to model.  爱在聚光灯下的潮娃:只要弗雷亚乐意,科斯蒂将会继续在网上晒出弗雷亚的照片 Facebook女员工不得穿“让人分心”的衣 -- :37:31 来源:chinadaily Female workers at Facebook were routinely told not to wear clothing that “distracted” co-workers, a mer employee has claimed.一名前Facebook员工称,该公司的女员工经常被告诫不要穿那些让同事“分心”的衣Antonio Garcia Martinez, who was fired after two years at Mark Zuckerberg’s social network, has made a series of sensational claims about the company in a tell-all book about life in Silicon Valley.该爆料人叫安东尼奥?加西亚?马丁内斯,在马克?扎克伯格的社交网络公司Facebook工作两年后被解雇离开公司后,他著书和盘托出了在硅谷工作生活的种种细节,并对Facebook给出了一系列耸人听闻的说法Martinez’s book paints a picture of Zuckerberg as prone to bouts of anger, and claims that female workers were repeatedly criticised inappropriate clothing.马丁内斯在书里声称扎克伯格很容易发怒,而且公司的女员工经常因为着装不当受到批评“Our male HR authority, with occasional backup from his female counterpart, launched into a speech about avoiding clothing that ‘distracted’ coworkers. I’d later learn that managers did in fact occasionally pull aside female employees and them the riot act,” Martinez claims in his book, Chaos Monkeys.马丁内斯在《混乱的猴子一书中说:“我们人力资源部的男主管经常会发表长篇大论,宣讲女员工不要穿‘让同事分心的’衣有时人力资源部的女主管也会站出来帮腔我后来才知道,这些主管有时候还会将女员工拉到一边进行训诫”“One such example happened in [the advertising department], with an intern who looked about sixteen coming in regularly in booty shorts. It was almost laughably inappropriate, but such was our disinhibited age.”“其中一个这种事例发生在广告部当时,这个部门有一个看起来约岁的实习生经常穿着热裤来上班这显然严重不符合公司的着装规定,但我们在这种不受控制的年纪也曾如此”Facebook and many other Silicon Valley companies have long been accused of a male-dominated workplace culture. 68 percent of employees are men, according to its latest diversity report, and 8 percent in technology roles. Ex workers have also claimed that allegations of sexism are not taken seriously at the company.长期以来,Facebook和其他很多硅谷公司都因其男性主导的公司文化而饱受诟病据Facebook最新发布的多样性报告显示,该公司68%的员工是男性;8%的员工从事的是技术性工作其他一些曾在Facebook工作过的员工也表示,在Facebook有关性别歧视的投诉并不会被认真对待Martinez’s book also claims that Sheryl Sandberg – Facebook’s chief operating officer and a high-profile feminist – once lambasted Dan Rubinstein, a senior engineer, a crude joke.马丁内斯还在书里声称Facebook首席运营官、知名女权主义者谢丽尔?桑德伯格曾因为一个粗鲁的玩笑而痛斥高级工程师丹?鲁宾斯坦When Rubinstein was demonstrating an algorithm that filtered out explicit photos, Sandberg stopped him to ask why all the demo photos in the presentation were of kittens.当时鲁宾斯坦正在演示一个可以过滤直露图片的算法桑德伯格打断他,问为什么幻灯片中的所有演示图片都是猫的图片“Dan flatly replied, ‘We use kittens as the bad photos in demos, because the real bad photos are...you know...kind of obscene.’” Martinez claims.马丁内斯写道:“丹直截了当地回答说,‘我们在演示过程中用猫来代替那些不好的图片,你知道,那些图片比较淫秽’”Sandberg then reportedly asked: “Right, but why kittens and not something else?”.桑德伯格又问:“好吧,但为什么是猫而不是其他东西?”According to Martinez: “Dan looked up at the screen as if noticing the kitten pics the first time, and then turned to Sheryl and answered, almost under his breath: 'Well... demo purposes we don’t show really bad photos...so the engineers use kittens instead. Because, you know...kittens and cats are like, pu-'马丁内斯描述道:“丹抬起头看着屏幕,就好像第一次注意到那些猫的图片一样然后,他转过头对谢丽尔小声地说,‘好吧,就为了演示一下,我们总不能显示那些淫秽图片吧所以工程师们选择了用猫代替因为你知道,猫咪代表的就是女性的……’”“'Got it!' she expectorated. After sucking in a lungful of air, as if loading a verbal barrage, she continued. ‘If there were women on that team, they’d NEVER, EVER choose those photos as demo pics. I think you should change that immediately!’”“‘明白了!’谢丽尔几乎要吐血深吸了一口气之后,她又继续咆哮般说道,‘如果这个团队中有女性,她们是绝对不会选择这些作为演示图片的我想你应该马上把它们换掉!’”Martinez also claims that Zuckerberg was prone to angry outbursts. After an unknown employee leaked details of a new feature to the press, Zuckerberg reportedly emailed the entire office with the subject line “Please resign”, claiming that the person in question had betrayed the team.马丁内斯还声称,扎克伯格很容易发怒有一次,不知哪个员工将一项新功能的细节透露给了媒体,据说扎克伯格给办公室里的所有人发了一封电子邮件,主题是“请辞职”,声称给媒体通风报信的人背叛了整个团队Zuckerberg was also reportedly furious at the state of the walls at Facebook’s headquarters, which employees are encouraged to draw on, after employees had scribbled over them, rather than creating art.据说扎克伯格还因Facebook总部涂鸦墙上的内容大发雷霆原本他是鼓励员工在这些墙上涂鸦,结果有些员工在上面乱写乱画,而非艺术创作“That weekend Zuck sent another to-all email (or maybe it was posted in the general Facebook internal group to which everyone belonged), the gist being: I trusted you to create art, and what you f*****s did was vandalize the place,” Martinez wrote.马丁内斯写道:“那个周末扎克伯格又发了一封致所有员工的电子邮件(或许这封电子邮件发布在Facebook所有员工在的内部群组里),其要点是:我信任你们,让你们去搞艺术创作,结果你们却在肆意破坏”A Facebook spokesman did not comment on the allegations.Facebook发言人没有对这些爆料发表Vocabularytell-all: 和盘说出的 the riot act to: 训斥,斥责booty shorts: 热裤expectorate: 咯血英文来源:每日电讯报中文来源:腾讯科技审校#38;编辑:丹妮抚顺曙光治疗早泄预约抚顺东洲区搭连地区医院前列腺炎多少钱



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