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江苏盐城/协和医院妇科盐城/无痛人流哪里专业盐都区做无痛人流需要多少钱 Consumers should be very happy with the news that Apple could soon sell a streaming-TV service that will offer a number of networks including CBS, A, Fox and ESPN.对于苹果(Apple)可能很快就会提供流媒体电视务的消息,消费者想必会非常高兴。该务将提供大量广播网的节目,包括CBS、A、Fox及ESPN。Apple’s interest in this area could help provide at least some people with more alternatives to expensive bundles of channels sold by cable-TV companies like Comcast and Time Warner Cable. Several other companies like Dish Network and CBS have aly started catering to the demand for smaller TV bundles, and others like HBO are planning to enter the market soon. The editorial board wrote favorably about the development of Internet-based TV services in October.苹果对这个领域的兴趣,可能有助于让至少一部分人,在除康卡斯特(Comcast)和时代华纳有线(Time Warner Cable)等有线电视公司高价销售的捆绑频道之外,有更多其他选择。另外几家公司,如迪什网络(Dish Network)和CBS,已开始迎合对精简捆绑套餐的需求,还有HBO等其他一些公司正在计划马上进入这个市场。去年10月,本报编委会曾撰文探讨基于互联网的电视务的发展,并表示看好。While it is hard to know just how successful these services will ultimately be, there is clearly an appetite for them. Dish has signed up at least 100,000 customers for its Sling TV service after a little more than a month, ReCode reported in early March. And the top executive of CBS said last week that the company’s streaming service aly had more subscribers than Sling.尽管这些务最终会有多成功还很难说,但显然它们是有市场的。据ReCode在3月初的报道,仅过了一个多月出头,就已经有至少10万用户签约购买迪什的Sling TV务。CBS的首席执行官则在上周表示,他们的流媒体务用户已经超过了Sling。Even though we have few details about what Apple is planning, the company’s involvement will surely bolster this new business since so many Americans aly use its phones, its tablets and its streaming device, Apple TV.尽管我们对苹果的计划的细节知之甚少,但该公司的参与必然会推动这项新兴业务,因为美国已经有这么多人在使用苹果的手机、平板和流媒体设备Apple TV了。While Apple hasn’t said anything publicly about its plans for a TV service, The Times and other news organizations have reported that the new streaming service might not include programming from NUniversal, which is owned by Comcast. Apple and Comcast were in talks to start a streaming service together, according to a story in The Wall Street Journal last year, but the two companies were not able to reach a deal.苹果尚未公开谈及自己的电视务计划,但根据时报和其他一些新闻机构的报道,这项新的流媒体务可能不包括康卡斯特旗下的N环球公司(NUniversal)的节目。从《华尔街日报》(The Wall Street Journal)去年的一篇报道来看,苹果和康卡斯特曾就合作成立一个流媒体务平台进行过商谈。不过,双方未能达成协议。The growth of Internet-based TV services could be a competitive threat to big cable companies like Comcast. Executives at Comcast might have reasoned that they would only hurt their own cable business by licensing content to Apple.基于互联网的电视务的增长,可能会对康卡斯特这样的大型有线电视公司构成竞争威胁。康卡斯特的高管可能认为,授权苹果使用自己的节目内容只会损害他们的有线电视业务。Of course, we don’t know what really happened between Comcast and Apple. But officials at the Federal Communications Commission and the Department of Justice’s antitrust division, who are reviewing Comcast’s acquisition of Time Warner Cable, should ask the company whether it has withheld content from streaming-TV businesses, and if so, why. After all, if Comcast acquires Time Warner Cable it will become both the country’s dominant cable company and the largest provider of broadband service, which customers need if they want to watch their favorite shows over the Internet.当然,我们并不知道康卡斯特和苹果之间到底发生了什么。但正在审核康卡斯特收购时代华纳有线电视公司一事的联邦通信委员会(Federal Communications Commission)及司法部下属的反垄断部门的官员,应该询问康卡斯特否拒绝向流媒体电视务提供内容,还有,如果是肯定的,原因又是什么。毕竟,如果收购了时代华纳有线,康卡斯特将不仅成为美国市场上的头号有线电视公司,也将是美国最大的宽带务供应商。说白了,消费者需要有宽带务,才能通过互联网观看自己喜欢的节目。 /201503/365918Chinese ecommerce company Alibabawill open offices across Europe in an effort to attract more sellers to the platform, in the first big initiative since the company appointed Michael Evans as president.为了吸引更多商家入驻,中国电商平台阿里巴巴(Alibaba)将在欧洲各地开设办事处。这是阿里巴巴在任命迈克尔埃文斯(Michael Evans)出任总裁后采取的第一项重大举措。Alibaba will open so-called “embassies” in Italy, France and Germany, with a view to positioning the company as the “gateway to China” for European merchants.阿里巴巴将在意大利、法国和德国开设所谓“大使馆”,希望将自己定位于欧洲商家“进入中国市场的门户”。“In the past, it was really only multinationals that could afford to sell their products internationally. But in the last 10 years, much has changed,” Mr Evans said, describing the mission as enabling “the world to sell to China, and to help China to sell to the world”.“过去,只有跨国公司才有实力在国际市场上销售自己的产品。但过去十年,这一局面发生了很大的改变,”埃文斯说。他把阿里巴巴的使命描述为“让世界能卖产品给中国,帮中国把产品卖给世界”。Mr Evans pointed to projections that China’s middle class would grow from 300m to 500m in the next decade. “This middle class consumer wants authentic, high-quality international products,” he said.埃文斯提到了如下预测:未来十年里,中国中产阶层人数将从3亿增加至5亿。“这一中产阶层的消费者想要正宗、高质量的国际产品,”他说。Companies ranging from clothing group Zara to luxury brand Burberry have opened stores on Tmall, Alibaba’s eBay-like platform aimed at attracting brand-name sellers.从装集团Zara到奢侈品牌柏利(Burberry),许多企业已在天猫(Tmall)上开店。天猫是阿里巴巴旗下类似eBay、旨在吸引品牌卖家的平台。However, Alibaba’s reputation for being unable to fight fakes and counterfeit goods has kept some sellers away. Jack Ma, chairman and co-founder, admitted in an interview on Tuesday that the issue of fakes “leaves visible wounds on Alibaba”.然而,阿里巴巴打击假冒伪劣商品不力的名声,使得一些卖家不敢入驻。周二,阿里巴巴创始人和董事长马云(Jack Ma)在接受采访时承认,假货问题“给阿里巴巴造成了看得见的伤口”。“I don’t believe success can be built on dishonesty,” he told China’s official news service Xinhua, dismissing some comments that Alibaba took advantage of counterfeits which boost sales and take rate totals for the group.“我不相信靠不诚实能真正成功,”他对官方的新华社表示。他对阿里巴巴利用假货(提振业绩和转化率)的一些说法不屑一顾。Daniel Zhang, chief executive, said that Alibaba would promote the sale of products from other countries to Chinese consumers as part of its Singles Day sales festival on November 11. The shopping day is known as singles day for its “double eleven” date, and billed as the “anti-Valentine’s day” where customers buy something for themselves rather than for a partner.阿里巴巴首席执行官张勇(Daniel Zhang)表示,阿里巴巴会把向中国消费者推销其他国家产品作为11月11日“光棍节”购物节的内容之一。那个购物日因有“两个11”而被称为光棍节,并被称为“反情人节”——顾客们会为自己而不是伴侣购物。Singles Day is China’s largest online shopping day. Last year, Alibaba set a record as its marketplaces hosted .3bn in sales.光棍节是中国最大的网购日。去年光棍节那一天,阿里巴巴创下了93亿美元的单日成交额。This year the company has been hit by China’s slowing economy, which have pushed down sales to their lowest growth rates in over three years last quarter.今年,中国经济放缓已使阿里巴巴受到了冲击。在经济放缓形势下,阿里巴巴上一季度的销售增长率降至三年多来最低水平。 /201510/403784盐城/市医院痔疮治疗

盐城/人流治疗好的医院When Spotify raised more than 0m this month in a funding round that valued the music streaming company at .5bn, investors played down the risk of it being crushed in a bruising battle with Apple.本月,当Spotify在一轮融资环节中筹资逾5亿美元时,投资者轻看了该公司在与苹果(Apple)的残酷交锋中被击败的风险。此次融资对这家音乐流媒体公司的估值为85亿美元。After all, the Swedish start-up was on a roll. Subscriber numbers had doubled over the past year to 20m, up from 15m in January, giving the company a big lead over rivals in the race for control of the fast-growing market.毕竟,这家瑞典初创企业好事连连。过去一年,Spotify付费用户数量增加一倍,至2000万,1月时付费用户数量还是1500万,这令该公司在控制这个增长迅速的市场方面远远领先于竞争对手。But on Sunday, Apple gave the clearest signal yet of its ambition to dominate this nascent market at almost any cost — even if that means burning through a portion of its 0bn cash pile in the process.但上周日,苹果(Apple)发出了迄今为止最明确的信号,将以几乎任何代价主宰这个新兴市场,即便这意味着在此过程中苹果要耗费其2000亿美元现金储备中的一部分。Apple’s decision to splash more cash in their direction has been welcomed by people in the music business, but it represents an ominous development for Spotify. The lossmaking company was aly under pressure from rights holders — including Ms Swift, who pulled her songs from the service last year.苹果希望在该领域投入更多资金的决定受到音乐界人士的欢迎,但对于Spotify而言,这是个不好的征兆。这家亏损公司已面临版权所有者的压力,包括泰勒#8226;斯威夫特(Taylor Swift),去年,她从Spotify撤下了她所有的歌曲。Mark Mulligan, analyst at Midia Research, says Apple’s move to pay higher royalty rates than Spotify may be a calculated move to put pressure on the market leader.Midia Research分析师马克#8226;穆里根(Mark Mulligan)表示,苹果付的版税费用将高于Spotify,此举可能是苹果在有意向这位市场领军企业施压。One danger is that Spotify may be forced to match Apple’s payments to the music industry. For Spotify’s investors, this would be a disaster. Earlier this month Apple said it would pay as much as 73 per cent of Apple Music’s revenues to record labels and music publishers — beating Spotify by three percentage points.一种危险是Spotify可能会被迫与苹果付的版税一致。对于Spotify的投资者而言,这将是一场灾难。本月早些时候,苹果表示,将最多把苹果流媒体务Apple Music收入的73%付给唱片公司和音乐发行商,比Spotify高出3个百分点。Mr Mulligan says it is entirely possible that Spotify will be able to capitalise on its first-mover advantage and reach 35m subscribers within five years, which would give it more than half the paid-for streaming market.穆里根表示,Spotify完全有可能利用先发优势,在5年内获得3500万付费用户,占领超过一半的付费音乐流媒体市场。However, he cautions that it is also easy to envisage a scenario in which Apple overtakes Spotify. Whichever company comes out on top, he warns that Spotify will need to find a way to cut dramatically its costs as “the current model is not commercially sustainable”.然而,他警告称,苹果取代Spotify的可能性也很大。他警告称,不管是哪家公司登顶,Spotify都需要设法大幅削减成本,因为“目前的模式在商业上是不可持续的”。 /201506/382739盐城协和医院不孕不育多少钱 盐城协和医院做引产

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