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Leung Chun-ying, former convenor of the Non-Official Members of the Executive Council of Hong Kong, was officially declared the winner of the election of the fourth-term Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region on Sunday. At about 12:33 p.m., Returning Officer Justice Poon Shiu-chor announced that of the 1,132 votes cast by members of the 1,200- member Election Committee, Leung Chun-ying won 689 votes.35日,香港特别行政区第四任行政长官选举结果揭晓。现7岁的梁振英凭89张有效票,当选为香港特区第四任行政长官人选。The two other candidates, Henry Tang Ying-yen and Albert Ho Chun-yan, got 285 votes and 76 votes respectively. At a press conference soon after the announcement, Leung who bowed and waved to the hailing audience said he was grateful for the support of the public throughout the campaign, and it was a privilege of him to serve the communities for the next five years as chief executive.选举结果宣布后,梁振英举行记者会发表感言。他表示感激选委的信任和市民的持,给自己在未来五年务香港、务市民的机会。行政长官工作非常艰巨,自己将稳中求变、迎难而上。他将与团队深入群众,听取意见,并承诺会做一个亲民特首。他也会以身作则,带领公务员和整个问责团队,建立一个诚信廉洁的政府。梁振英表示,会与其他候选人合作,共建未来,将正能量重新注入香港。Hong Kong has many competitive advantages, people of Hong Kong are innovative, hardworking and adaptable, as long as we seek the opportunities, our economy will continue to thrive and the livelihood of our people will improve, Leung added.梁振英可谓是香港精神的完美诠释者。香港最推崇的是这样一类人:出身贫寒,勤奋努力,专业人士,事业有成。这些人是一种榜样,所;狮子山下的精;,就是从底层起步打拼的精神。梁振英的成长之路正是许多香港市民希望走的路。来 /201203/175649

When Xi Jinping was catapulted to the top of the Communist party hierarchy in 2007 the only thing most people in China knew about him was that he was married to a hugely popular military folk singer called Peng Liyuan.当习近平2007年一跃登上中共权力体系巅峰时,中国大部分人对他的唯一了解就是:这个人是著名军中民歌演唱家彭丽媛的丈夫。So the partys propaganda machine turned to Ms Peng, a major general in the Peoples Liberation Army, to introduce the man selected by a conclave of political power brokers to be the next leader of the worlds most populous nation.于是,中共的宣传机器转向了彭丽媛,借宣传这位中国人民解放军少将歌唱家来介绍习近;;他由中共高层少数人秘密挑选出来,作为世界第一人口大国的下一代领导人;The first time I met him my heart pounded and I felt immediately that this was my ideal husband, he was so pure and thoughtful,; she said in an interview with Chinese state media. Ms Peng also described him as humble and dedicated to his work as a party official.彭丽媛在接受中国国家媒体采访时如此回忆与习近平的第一次见面:;当时我心里一;;这不就是我心目中理想的丈夫吗?人纯朴又很有思想;彭丽媛还说,习近平为人谦和,是个工作勤恳的党干部。Like most of Chinas top political leaders Mr Xi is an enigmatic figure whose manicured official biography and public pronouncements offer few hints of what his policies might be when he ascends the communist throne.如中国大多数最高领导人一样,习近平是个神秘的人物。从他经过修饰的官方简历和公开发表的演说中,我们很难找到多少线索,来推断他在登上中共权力宝座以后会采取怎样的政策。In China and overseas, people have been projecting their own biases and preferences on to the man who will almost certainly succeed president Hu Jintao as Communist party general secretary at the end of this year and president and head of the military soon after.在中国和海外,人们一直将自己的偏好套用到习近平身上。习近平几乎肯定会在今年年底接替胡锦涛担任中共中央总书记,并随后出任中国国家主席和中共中央军事委员会主席。Some say he is a strong nationalist leader who could try to confront the west, others argue he is pro-western but isolated and some hopeful liberals even quietly speculate that he could be a Chinese Gorbachev, itching to introduce democracy the first chance he gets.有人说,习近平是一名强硬的民族主义领导人,可能试图与西方对抗;也有人称,习近平是亲西方的,但孤立无援;一些乐观的自由主义者甚至默默猜测,习近平可能就是中国的戈尔巴乔夫,渴望一有机会就推行民主。His visit to the US this week, where he was received as if he was aly head of state, has done little to illuminate his political leanings although it has thrust him into the global spotlight, where he appeared confident if somewhat colourless.习近平本周访问美国,受到的接待规格之高,仿佛他已经是中国最高领导人了。此行让习近平成为了全球的焦点,但未能提供多少线索,让世人了解他的政治倾向。面对全球媒体的关注,习近平的表现,除了多少有些缺乏特色之外,总的来说,颇为自信。But contrary to appearances and his airbrushed official bio, Mr Xis path to the pinnacle of Communist power has been anything but boring.但与其外在表现以及经过粉饰的官方简历不同,习近平登上中共权力巅峰的道路绝非平淡无奇。Born the ;princeling; son of a revolutionary general in 1953, he was surrounded by privilege from a young age, living in a compound for top Chinese leaders with the kind of comforts ndash; servants, telephones and a steady food supply ndash; that most citizens in the impoverished nation couldnt dream of.1953年,习近平出生于一个革命将领家庭,;太子;的出身让他自幼享受许多特权。在高级领导人专属的干部大院里长大,有勤务兵、电话和稳定的食品供;;这些在当时一贫如洗的中国是大多数人所无法想象的。But all of that was snatched away when his father, Xi Zhongxun, who was by now a vice-premier, was detained in 1962 in one of Mao Zedongs vicious purges. Gone were the trappings of the elite and the status of the young Xi, who for the next 15 years would be branded the son of a counter-revolutionary.但在1962年,这一切都没有了。那一年,习近平之父、时任副总理的习仲勋在毛泽东的一次残酷清洗中被打倒。年少的习近平一下子失去了高干子弟的待遇和地位,在之后的15年里,他的身份都是反革命分子的儿子。Things only got worse as the Cultural Revolution engulfed the nation in the late 1960s and he was shipped out to the countryside at the tender age of 15 to toil with the peasants as one of millions of ;sent-down educated youth;. In a small village in northern Shaanxi Province he slept like the locals on a flea-infested bed made of bricks in a cave dug into the yellow dirt. ;I ate a lot of bitterness at that time,; Mr Xi later wrote. ;But my experience there had a profound influence on me and formed my down-to-earth, striving character.;到上世纪60年代后期,随着文化大革命在全国范围内兴起,情况变得更糟。年5岁的习近平与数百;下乡知青;一起,下放到农村,与农民一起辛苦劳动。在陕西北部的一个小村庄里,习近平和当地的农民一样,睡在窑洞里满是跳蚤的炕上;我那时吃了很多苦;习近平后来写道,;但那段经历对我有很深的影响,使我形成了踏实肯干、不屈不挠的性格; /201202/172199

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