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On a day dominated by the initial public offering of the Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba’s and the first sales of Apple’s new iPhone 6, Tesla Motors added to the tech-centric buzz by wirelessly upgrading its Model S electric car with a number of new features. Among them? A location-based air suspension that remembers potholes and steep driveways and automatically adjusts to avoid them.在中国电商阿里巴巴集团(Alibaba)首次公开募股和苹果(Apple)iPhone 6开售吸引了所有关注的当天,特斯拉汽车公司(Tesla Motors)对其旗舰车型Model S的无线软件进行了升级,添加了许多新特色,这一举动给关注科技的大众再添了一笔谈资。其中最有特色的功能是一款可以根据位置进行变化的空气悬架,它可以记住坑洼和陡峭的车道,并自动调整高度避开它们。The feature, which is only available in Model S cars equipped with air suspension, remembers where the driver previously selected high ride heights and automatically raises the car in those spots.这一功能只有装配空气悬架的Model S车型可以使用,它能够记忆驾驶员之前选择的悬架高度,并自动在这些位置提高汽车底盘。Other features, which were added to Model S sedans through a wireless software upgrade, include traffic-based navigation that will take into account data shared by other Tesla vehicles on the road, a calendar that syncs with a driver’s smartphone, remote start, power management, and ability to “name” your car. Once the car registers the car’s nickname, it will appear in the Tesla mobile app and in the About Your Tesla section on the 17-inch touch-screen display.Model S通过无线软件升级实现的其他功能还包括:基于交通情况的导航系统(该导航会根据其他特斯拉汽车共享的路况数据作出决定),与司机的智能手机同步的日历,遥控启动,电源管理,以及给汽车“命名”。车主注册昵称后,该昵称将会出现在特斯拉的移动应用,以及车内17英寸触摸屏上的“关于你的特斯拉”菜单中。The ability to wirelessly upgrade a vehicle’s software isn’t unique, according to Kelley Blue Book analyst Karl Brauer, who noted Tesla’s location-based air suspension was an interesting feature he hadn’t seen before.美国权威汽车价值评估网站Kelley Blue Book的分析师卡尔o布劳尔表示,升级汽车无线软件并非独特的技术,但特斯拉根据位置自动调整的空气悬架是一个他从未见过的有趣特色。“Any car with built-in Wi-fi technically has the ability to update its software,” said Brauer. “For instance, GM cars equipped with OnStar have been able to remote start cars or make wireless upgrades for some time.”布劳尔说:“任何拥有内置无线网络的汽车,从技术上讲都能够升级其软件。比如,装有安吉星(OnStar)的通用汽车(GM)都具有远程启动功能,该软件有些时候也会进行无线升级。”Still the Tesla’s practice of wirelessly upgrading the car’s software to not only fix bugs, but also roll out new features that improve performance and customize the driving experience, illustrates a shift within the auto industry.但是,特斯拉汽车软件的无线升级不仅是为了修复漏洞,还会借此推出新的特色以增强汽车性能、为客户量身营造驾驶体验,这体现了汽车业内的一种转变。“The importance of software upgrades and maintaining a communication link between the car and the automaker will increase and become more pivotal moving forward,” said John Gartner, research director with Navigant Research.Navigant Research公司研究总监约翰o高德纳表示:“保持软件升级,维持汽车和汽车制造商之间通讯链的重要性会日益增加,并将成为推动汽车业继续发展的关键因素。”All vehicles are moving in that direction, but electric vehicle manufacturers are particularly aggressive on that front, added Gartner.高德纳补充道,所有的汽车都将朝这个趋势发展,但电动汽车制造商在这点上尤其干劲十足。Electric vehicles, which rely on software and computing power, use wireless upgrades to introduce new features and stay ahead of the competition.电动汽车依靠软件和计算能力驱动,它们可以通过无线升级推出新的特色功能,在竞争中保持领先。In some cases, it’s been used to facilitate—and speed up—a recall.有时候,这也会用于帮助和加速召回工作。In January, after voluntarily recalling 29,222 Model S vehicles, Tesla used a wireless software update to enable the car’s on-board charging system to detect any unexpected fluctuations in the input power or higher resistance connections to the vehicle.今年1月,在主动召回29,222辆Model S汽车后,特斯拉升级了无线软件,让汽车的车载充电系统能够检测输入电源中任何非正常的电压波动或电阻升高。The software upgrade aimed to address concerns that the adapter, cord or wall outlet could overheat while charging. But unlike other official voluntary recalls, Tesla owners didn’t have to bring their cars to a dealership for a fix.软件升级的目的是解决用户对电源适配器、电线和墙面电源在充电时过热的担忧。不过与其他官方的主动召回不同,特斯拉的车主不需要把汽车送到代理商那里维修。 /201410/331991。

Microsoft Corp. MSFT -0.66% unveiled a reinvented Xbox game console Tuesday, demonstrating an advanced motion and voice-control system and new television functions as it tries to thrust the machine back into the spotlight amid changing consumer habits.微软(Microsoft Corp.)周二发布了全新的Xbox视频游戏机,展示了其先进的体感和声控系统以及新的电视节目播放功能。在消费者需求不断变化之际,该公司正努力使这款设备重新成为关注焦点。The Redmond, Wash., software giant said its new device, dubbed Xbox One, was designed to take advantage of new technologies to offer customers ways to play games while responding to trends such as the popularity of smartphones and tablets.这家位于华盛顿州雷德蒙德(Redmond)的软件巨头说,这款名为Xbox One的新设备旨在利用新技术为消费者提供一些新的游戏方式,以响应目前的一些趋势,比如智能手机和平板电脑的风靡。Microsoft also integrated technology from its Skype chatting subsidiary into Xbox One, allowing customers to interact with friends using a more refined version of the Kinect motion and speech sensor. Xbox One also can play and control live television streaming from a cable or satellite set-top box.微软还将旗下Skype视频聊天软件的技术整合进了Xbox One,使用户能够与朋友互动。Xbox One还拥有更加精良的Kinect动作和声音传感器,并且能播放和控制来自有线电视和卫星机顶盒的视频节目。The device represents Microsoft#39;s answer to #39;a living room that has become too complex, too fragmented and too slow,#39; with features that integrate control of multiple electronics, said Don Mattrick, president of Microsoft#39;s interactive entertainment business.微软互动部门总裁马特里克(Don Mattrick)说,这款设备是微软对“一个变得太复杂、太分散和太低效的起居室”的解决方案,其功能整合了对多种电子设备的操控。Microsoft said the device will be released later this year, but didn#39;t specify when or how much it will cost. The company#39;s previous device, the Xbox 360, was priced starting at 9 when it launched in 2005.微软说,这款设备将于今年晚些时候推出,但是没有透露推出的具体时间或产品价格。该公司之前的设备Xbox 360于2005年推出时的起价为299美元。The Xbox remains key to Microsoft#39;s efforts to penetrate consumers#39; homes, as many of its other consumer-oriented products─such as Windows Phone─have stumbled. But the console hasn#39;t had a refresh in eight years and arrives as mobile devices such as Apple Inc.#39;s AAPL -0.74% iPhone have become go-to machines for a new swath of casual games that are either free or cost a few dollars.Xbox仍然是微软进渗透进消费者家庭的行动的关键所在,因为该公司迄今推出的许多以消费者为导向的产品并未获得成功,比如Windows Phone。但是这款游戏机八年来一直没有更新,与此同时,人们已经习惯了用苹果(Apple Inc.)的iPhone来玩大量免费或是只花费几美元的小游戏。Those factors combined with the game industry#39;s cycles─where sales taper off before a new game console is released─have hurt sales of new games, consoles and accessories. According to market researcher NPD Group, packaged game sales fell 25% to 5.2 million in April from 7.5 million a year earlier. Console hardware sales dropped 42% to 9.5 million.这些因素加上视频游戏行业的周期因素(新的游戏机发布之前销售减弱)削弱了新的游戏、游戏机和配件的销售。市场研究机构NPD Group的数据显示,今年4月份,打包游戏的销售额同比下降了25%,至4.952亿美元,上年同期销售额为6.575亿美元。游戏机硬件的销售额下降了42%,至1.095亿美元。The Xbox, which sits at the center of Microsoft#39;s entertainment and devices division, has also seen declining sales as it has aged. While the last Xbox has been the top selling console in the U.S. for 21 consecutive months, profits at Microsoft#39;s entertainment and devices division plunged 71% in fiscal 2012 to 4 million, below what it was in 2010.Xbox是微软和设备部门业务的核心,由于这款设备已经推出了很长时间,其销售也在不断下降。尽管上一款Xbox的销量曾连续21个月在美国保持领先,微软和设备部门2012财年的利润下跌了71%,至3.64亿美元,还不及2010年的水平。Game console makers are responding to the changing consumer landscape by including new technologies in their devices. Nintendo Co. 7974.OK +2.97% melded a touch screen into the controller for its Wii U console, which was released last November. Sony Corp. 6758.TO +0.05% in February showed a touch-sensor built into a redesigned controller for its PlayStation 4 console, due out later this year.游戏机制造商正通过将新技术纳入其设备来应对消费者情况不断变化的现实。任天堂公司(Nintendo Co.)在Wii U游戏机的控制手柄中融合了触摸屏,这款游戏机于去年11月发布。索尼公司(Sony Corp.)今年2月向外界展示了其PlayStation 4游戏机经过重新设计的控制手柄中内置的触摸传感器。索尼将于今年晚些时候推出这款游戏机。Aside from additional horsepower to make better looking games, Xbox One includes the ability to watch TV on one part of a screen while looking at other information, such as a fantasy football league scores or a Skype chat, on another.除了花大力气制作外观更加漂亮的游戏外,Xbox One还允许用户分屏,在观看电视的同时浏览其它信息,比如梦幻足球联赛(fantasy football league)的成绩或进行Skype视频聊天。Under the hood, the new Xbox is powered by Advanced Micro Devices Inc. AMD -1.95% chips, in a shift away from chips based on International Business Machines Corp. IBM +0.51% designs. The change makes the new Xbox more similar to Sony#39;s upcoming PlayStation, making it easier to develop games for both companies#39; devices.炫酷的外表下,新Xbox放弃了基于国际商业机器公司(IBM)设计的芯片,转而采用高级微设备公司(AMD)的芯片。这一转变令新Xbox更类似于索尼即将推出的PlayStation,也降低了业界为这两种游戏机开发游戏的难度。But the two devices are also different in that Sony plans to offer a way for its advanced data centers to stream game images and button presses over the Internet to its PlayStation, allowing customers to play potentially any game instantly with a Web connection. That includes older games, which otherwise can#39;t play on the new device. Microsoft didn#39;t unveil that technology for Xbox One.但这两种游戏机也存在不同。索尼计划令其先进数据中心技术一显身手。该数据中心可以流媒体格式通过互联网将游戏图像和虚拟按键传送到PlayStation游戏机上,这样用户在有网络连接的情况下基本可以玩任何游戏,其中包括老游戏。如果没有这项技术,新设备无法玩老游戏。从微软此次发布的情况看,Xbox One没有配备这项技术。Microsoft put more horsepower behind the technology it does offer, however. The Kinect motion sensor, which debuted three years ago, was revamped and can now better hear gamers speak at the device and more accurately understand their movements, for instance.但微软在此次推出的技术上确实下足了力气。三年前首次亮相的Kinect运动传感器得到了改进,现在可以更清晰地听到玩家对该设备说的话,更准确地识别玩家的动作。Microsoft is also investing in new games for the device. The software company said it would release 15 titles from its own studios during the Xbox One#39;s first year on the market.微软还为Xbox One投资开发新游戏。微软表示,在Xbox One上市第一年期间,其自己的工作室将推出15款新游戏。The company said it is developing a television show based on its popular Halo space-war game series with director Steven Spielberg. Nancy Tellem, head of Microsoft#39;s television studio efforts, said the effort is the beginning of Microsoft#39;s efforts to apply its Xbox technology to the way television works.微软表示,它正在和导演斯皮尔伯格(Steven Spielberg)开发一个基于其广受欢迎的《光环》(Halo)系列太空战游戏制作的电视节目。微软负责电视制作的泰勒姆(Nancy Tellem)说,此举是微软将其Xbox技术应用到电视制作领域的开端。#39;Until now, television was a one-way street for the viewer,#39; she said. #39;That#39;s about to change.#39;她说,到目前为止,对观众来说看电视是一种单向交流。这种情况就要发生改变了。 /201305/240952。

While Apple was announcing its long-awaited smartwatch (and two updated smartphones), chipmaker Intel was unveiling its own vision for the future of wearables up the Peninsula at San Francisco’s Moscone Center. The Santa Clara, Calif.-based semiconductor company, which has long been criticized for being late to the mobile market, is determined to turn the tide and lead in this fledgling product category.当苹果公司(Apple)发布人们期盼已久的智能手表(以及两款升级版智能手机)时,芯片制造商英特尔(Intel)也在旧金山半岛的莫斯康展览中心(Moscone Center)展示了他们对于可穿戴设备的未来愿景。由于进入移动市场的步伐缓慢,这家位于加利福尼亚州圣克拉拉的半导体公司多年来饱受批评。如今,公司决定扭转态势,力争在这一逐渐成型的产品类别中取得领先地位。To that end, Intel announced several new offerings at its annual developer forum on Tuesday morning, including an updated “board” developers can use to build all sorts of wearable devices. Called Edison, the postage stamp-sized product features a dual-core system-on-a-chip, Wi-Fi, memory, support for USB and more. The company also announced an “analytics for wearables” program that will provide data-driven intelligence to developers building wearables using its platform.为了实现这一目标,英特尔在上周二上午举行了年度开发者论坛,发布了几款新的产品,其中包括一款最新的计算平台,可供开发者打造各种类型的可穿戴设备。这一平台名为“爱迪生”,仅有邮票大小,内置双核系统芯片,还持无线网络、内存、USB和其他功能。公司还推出了一个“可穿戴设备分析”项目,将为使用其平台打造可穿戴设备的开发者提供数据驱动智能务。Intel’s still trying to drive demand for new PCs, and has set an ambitious target of getting its chips in 40 million tablets by end of this year. But it’s definitely made it clear that it’s angling for the wearables–and larger “internet of things”–market. (To show just how fancy wearables can get, Intel recently unveiled a high-end, bejeweled smart bracelet at New York Fashion Week). Company president Renee James has her own take on where wearables are going–post Apple smartwatch. Fortune caught up with James to find out more about her company’s vision for the newish market, the competition and what needs to happen for wearables to really take off.英特尔还在试图扩大新PC机的需求量。他们设立了雄心勃勃的目标,要在今年年底前让4,000万台平板电脑使用公司的芯片。不过公司也明确表示,要在可穿戴设备以及更广大的“物联网”市场大展身手。(为了展现可穿戴设备能够多么时髦,英特尔最近在纽约时装周上推出了一款珠光宝气的高档智能手镯。)苹果推出智能手表之后,可穿戴设备将呈现怎样的发展趋势?英特尔的总裁詹睿妮有自己的见解。《财富》(Fortune)有幸采访到詹睿妮,挖掘了更多相关信息:关于她的公司对新市场的愿景、公司未来面临的竞争,以及可穿戴设备要想真正蓬勃发展还需要什么。Fortune: Wearables were a big topic at last year’s event. Is it still a big topic?《财富》:在去年的活动上,可穿戴设备是一个重要话题。现在它还很重要吗?James: It’s a big deal today but it’s more real today. We’re on the second generation of everything we announced last year, but today what we talked about is the software developer kits. So basically you can get a hardware board, a full software development kit tools and actually build stuff easily and quickly. So what I would say is one year later, everyone’s like, ok, it’s real. They’re on their second rev of the developer board—Edison and they’ve got a full kit. Cause developers just want to know how to hook software to it and build stuff. This conference is all about software developer kits that make it easy to work on Intel platforms. So we announced a kit for internet of things, we announced for wearables and one for high performance computing.詹睿妮:可穿戴设备如今仍然是一个重要话题,而且还变得更加真实了。我们去年公布的产品,现在已经研发出了第二代,但今天我们要讨论的是软件开发工具包。基本上你拿一块硬件主板,一个完善的软件开发工具包,就能轻松快捷地打造出新的东西。所以仅仅只用了一年的时间,每个人都感到可穿戴设备不再是一个概念,而是实实在在的产品了。开发者可以用第二代开发主板爱迪生,还能获取开发工具包。他们只需要知道如何在其上挂载软件、开发产品就可以了。这次会议的主题就是软件开发包,它们可以让人们轻松地在英特尔平台上工作。我们发布了物联网开发工具包、可穿戴设备开发工具包,以及用于高性能计算的工具包。On the wearables side are you competing with Samsung now, since they recently launched their own platform?在可穿戴设备领域,你们正在同三星(Samsung)竞争吗?他们最近也发布了自己的平台。Samsung has a product and they are attracting developers to their platform. So they’re more about getting developers to actually write apps, because most of the apps for that device are actually Samsung-written today. They want to extend it to become the de facto standard open interface for everyone. We’re about getting all the people who want to compete with Samsung to be able to build devices. So we’re kind of down at the guts level saying, hey, we can give you the hardware, the sensor platform, the software you need to go build your own one. So our point of view on it is we’re more generic. We’re about enabling the masses to be able to do the kinds of things that Samsung’s doing for their own products.三星推出了一款可穿戴设备产品,并试图吸引开发者使用他们的平台。他们更想让开发者来编写应用,因为当下的大多数应用实际上都是三星自己编写的。他们想要将平台拓展成为业界标准的开放界面,供每个人使用。而我们则汇集了所有想要打造可穿戴设备,与三星竞争的人。所以在本质上我们类似于在说:嘿,我们可以给你所需的硬件、传感技术平台和软件,你来打造你自己的产品。所以我们觉得自己的机制更为通用。三星只给自己的产品做开发,而我们让大家都来做开发。They seem to say they’re taking a much more open approach and want even other manufacturers to use it.三星似乎认为他们的方式更加开放,甚至希望其他生产商也使用这个平台。I think that’s what they want but I don’t know if other people will do it. So Apple will do what Apple is doing, which apparently they announced a moment ago. I don’t know if people will go Samsung’s route but it’s the right objective.我认为这是三星自己的想法,我不知道其他人是否会这么做。苹果在走自己的路,显然,他们刚刚发布了自己的产品。我不知道人们会不会按照三星的路线走,但这是一个正确的目标。I know Intel is somewhat agnostic on the actual products, but what do you think is going to really take off on the wearables side?我知道落到实际产品上,英特尔总有一些不可知论的意味,但是在可穿戴领域,你觉得有哪些产品将会真正蓬勃发展起来?In my experience in this industry the things that have been breakthrough have all been about connecting human beings to each other, communicating with each other. Do I really care about my heart rate all the time? But the fact I can get my text messages without looking at my phone. There’s others in the world that I’ve seen that have private display on the inside, and there’s some that have haptics (technology that uses the sense of touch like vibrations, for example). If you can make it so that I could touch somebody remotely through a wearable because it has haptic feedback—like I could give a hug and it would touch you or pinch you—that would be killer. People want to chitchat, they talk, they text. I think that’s it. I think that they don’t do anything that your phone can’t do yet and they need to do something more, not only be more stylish.以我的经验来看,这个行业中获得突破性进展的产品都是能够让人们彼此联系、互相交流的。我真地会时刻关注我的心率吗?不,但我想要不掏出手机就看到短信。我看过一些可穿戴设备,它们有非常私密的显示功能,其中一些用到了触觉技术(这是一种利用振动等触觉感受的技术)。如果你能开发出一种拥有触觉反馈功能的可穿戴设备,让我触摸到千里之外的其他人——比如我做出一个拥抱,设备就会环抱着你——那绝对棒极了。人们想要聊天,他们想要交谈、发短信,我认为这是关键。我觉得开发者还没有研发出那些用手机无法实现的功能,因此他们还需要做得更多,而不仅仅是让可穿戴设备的外型更加时尚。 /201409/327980。

The last time we wrote about Doug Kass -- a small hedge fund manager with a large presence on CN -- it was to document a neat little trick he played on his Twitter feed in February, the day before Apple#39;s annual shareholder meeting.我们上一次提到道格#8226;卡斯还是在今年 2 月,苹果年度股东大会的前一天。卡斯是一家小型对冲基金公司的经理,在美国全国广播公司财经频道(CN)颇有影响力。当时那篇文章提到了他在Twitter上玩的一个小把戏。Apple#39;s (AAPL) share price was down and Kass was long the stock. He tweeted a rumor that the company was about to announce a split, the stock went up, he sold his shares at a profit, tweeted that the rumor was baseless and then spent the rest of the day hurling insults at his critics. (See A day in the Twitter life of Doug Kass.)当时,苹果(Apple)股价下跌,而卡斯正在做多苹果股票。他在Twitter上发布传闻称,苹果即将宣布分拆。受此消息影响,苹果股价出现上涨,而卡斯在盈利之后便抛售了所持股票。他随后又发布消息称传闻并无依据,随后遭到了大量指责。(参阅道格#8226;卡斯在Twitter上的一天。)Well, Kass is at it again. On Sunday, citing the same ;Gnome; that was the source for his stock split story, he tweeted:如今,卡斯又故伎重施。他援引与其股票分割传闻为同一个消息来源的“Gnome”的说法称:Kass, it turns out, is not alone in suggesting that the solution to Apple#39;s woes on Wall Street is to fire its CEO. We#39;ve been hearing whispers to that effect from disgruntled shareholders for weeks, but now -- two days before Cook is scheduled to report Apple#39;s March quarterly earnings -- they#39;ve come to the surface.为了取悦华尔街,苹果应该炒掉库克,持这种观点者不仅仅只有卡斯一个人。数周以来,不满的股东们都在私下议论纷纷,大体意思都是要求库克下台。如今,距离苹果发布 2013 财年第二财季财报还有两天,这些不满情绪正在浮出水面。And who#39;s doing that? Let#39;s take a look:我们来看看放出这些风声的都是谁:We#39;ve got the tweet from Doug Kass, whose main Apple-related claim to fame was to publish his ;Bear Case for Apple; the day before the stock began a nosedive that lopped 0 billion off the market cap of the world#39;s most valuable company.我们已经知道了道格#8226;卡斯通过Twitter发布的消息。而真正使他备受关注的是在苹果公司股票暴跌,使这家全球最有价值公司市值缩水3亿之前,他所发表的《看跌苹果》一文。We#39;ve got The impossible task of fixing Apple by Rob Enderle, a consultant for Dell (DELL), Microsoft (MSFT), Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) and others, who has made a career of bad-mouthing Apple in print and on TV. (For background on Enderle, you can start with John Gruber#39;s 2003 Putting the #39;anal#39; in #39;analyst#39;.)知名科技行业顾问罗#8226;恩代尔撰写了一篇题为《修复苹果,不可能完成的任务》的文章。他是戴尔(Dell)、微软(Microsoft)和惠普(Hewlett-Packard)等公司的顾问,长期以来一直在纸媒和电视上唱空苹果。(关于恩代尔的背景资料,可从2003年约翰#8226;格鲁布的《堵住‘大嘴分析师’的嘴》一文开始查阅。)We#39;ve got Sunday#39;s Is Apple Looking For A Replacement For CEO Cook? in Forbes.com, the online arm of a once-respected business publication whose experiment in what it calls ;incentive-based, entrepreneurial journalism; has led to what Macworld calls ;a relentless clown show of anti-Apple contributors.;《福布斯》网站上周日刊登了一篇题为《苹果是否正在寻找 CEO 库克的接班人》的文章。作为一家商业期刊的网络版,这个网站一度倍受尊敬。不过这篇文章被 Macworld 杂志指责为“代表反苹果作者的小丑表演”。Make no mistake, the people who want Tim Cook#39;s head on a spike are not friends of Apple. As far as I know, he still has the deep respect of the analysts who know the company best and -- most important -- the confidence of the board of directors who granted a million restricted shares of Apple as an incentive for him to stick around for at least a decade.毫无疑问,希望库克下台的投资者并不是苹果的朋友。据我所知,了解苹果的分析师对库克仍然非常尊重。更重要的是,苹果董事会向库克提供了 100 万股受限股,作为吸引库克留在苹果的激励措施。它体现了董事会对库克的信心。For the record, Apple is still trading higher today than it was when Cook replaced Steve Jobs. The forces that drove the stock up to over 0 and then down to below 0 seem to me to have more to do with a dysfunctional securities market than anything Cook has done as CEO.目前,苹果股价仍高于库克接替乔布斯出任苹果 CEO 时的价格。我认为,苹果股价上涨至 700 多美元,随后回落至 390 美元,更多的是因为股票市场的机能失调,与库克担任 CEO没有什么关系。;The market is crying uncle and something has got to give,; says Oracle Investment#39;s Laurence Isaac Balter, who has been banging the ;Cook must go; drum for weeks.投资公司Oracle Investment 的劳伦斯#8226;艾萨克#8226;巴尔特过去几周中一直在鼓吹“库克必须离开苹果”。他说:“市场已经投降,必须有所作为。”;If a stock rally hits on this rumor before earnings it will be a sign for sure.;“如果在财报发布前股价受这一传闻刺激出现上涨,那么将是肯定的信号。”Now that#39;s rich.这可真够搞笑的。UPDATE: Rocco Pendola, who blows hot and cold on Apple, weighed in to say he#39;s been publicly lobbying for Cook#39;s ouster in his column on The Street since last Wednesday, including a piece Monday morning that called the decision to recommend Cook as CEO the worst decision Steve Jobs ever made.最新消息:对苹果的态度一直摇摆不定的知名投资人洛克#8226;彭多拉也在 The Street 网站的专栏上发布消息称,他从上周三开始一直在公开游说苹果驱逐库克。他在本周一的一篇文章中表示,选择库克作为 CEO 是乔布斯一生中最大的决策失误。 /201304/236758。

导读:美国康奈尔大学的研究人员称,月亮不是唯一围绕地球轨道运行的天体。其它更小一些的物体也一直有规律的运行在地球轨道上,有时它们会离开几个月,但仍然会回来继续绕地运行。在这个科学家都忙着研究地外星球的时代,这项研究被认为具有重大的意义。不过由于这些临时月亮太小,以至于太空飞船也不能在其上着陆,因此,科学家只能等它们距离地球较近时通过天文望远镜进行研究。其实,早在2006年,美国卡特里娜巡天系统已经发现有一颗这样的临时月亮绕地运行一年。但,康奈尔大学的科学家认为,还有更多的;秘密月球;没有受到应有的关注。科学家认为,除了月亮外,在任何时候,地球都会有至少一颗直径超过1米的非人造卫星环绕左右。There are at least two moons orbiting Earth at any given time.Researchers at Cornell University say that what we know as the Moon is in fact not the only one orbiting our planet at any given time. Smaller objects regularly inhabit the Earth#39;s orbit, usually leaving after a few months to continue on their celestial journeys.The discovery is considered a major breakthrough for space research because scientists had been working toward visiting asteroids outside of Earth#39;s orbit for research. While these temporary moons are too small for a shuttle landing, they are prime for research from a relatively close distance.However, it#39;s still to be determined whether the announcement will capture the public#39;s attention like previously revealed New Moons. Either way, it should be a decidedly more pleasant experience for all involved.The new paper titled ;The population of natural Earth satellites,; from Cornell University#39;s Mikael Granvik, Jeremie Vaubaillon and Robert Jedicke states that these ;secret moons; enter and exit the Earth#39;s orbit without notice.;At any given time, there should be at least one natural Earth satellite of 1-meter diameter orbiting the Earth,; Granvik writes.Scientists have confirmed at least one such temporary moon, discovered by the Catalina Sky Survey in Arizona in 2006.;Our results are consistent with the single known natural [temporarily-captured orbiter] 2006 RH120, a few-meter diameter object that was captured for about a year starting in June 2006,; the report says. /201112/166619。