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2019年01月19日 10:32:32 | 作者:飞度【快答】 | 来源:新华社
Late Saturday afternoon I was in Lansing, driving to an awards ceremony at the state Library of Michigan, when I started hitting a whole bunch of potholes near the Capitol.;Dont the legislators drive on these roads?; my sweetheart asked. My flip answer was that I didnt think most of them went to the library very often.But sure enough, when I got home, I found a bubble the size of an egg in my drivers-side tire. Thats the second time thats happened to me this year. I drive more than most people do, but somehow Id bet that I am far from alone.Now, you may be under the impression that the Legislature finally passed bills to fix the roads last year. Unfortunately, that would be wrong. They did raise our taxes by 0 million dollars, but any serious new money for the roads wont start trickling in before next January.The plan eventually is supposed to produce .2 billion a year in new money for the roads, but it will take years to get there, and by that time, that amount will be hopelessly inadequate to fix our daily worsening highways.Even worse, the plan also calls for 0 million to be taken out of the aly strapped general fund every year, meaning there is bound to be less money for things like education.Democrats are certainly capable of crass and politically self-serving things. But what Senate Minority Leader Jim Ananich said last November is absolutely true: ;This plan wont fix our roads. It will however, create new problems that will need to be fixed later.;But lets say for a moment that I could turn the clock back exactly two years to April 4, 2014, and some candidate could make voters believe this: ;Elect me, and two years from today I will have in place a plan that will completely fix the roads, and you will be paying .29 cents a gallon for gas.;That candidate would have been elected in a landslide.Why? Because two years ago today, we were paying .67 a gallon. I filled up my trusty station wagon yesterday for .09, and there were some cheaper places.Tack on 20 cents to the price of a gallon of gas—and that would generate more than enough to fix the roads. Wouldnt it make sense for the Legislature to pass a law doing that, effective immediately, and repeal the earlier clunky legislation?Of course it would. But there is no way theyd do it, because they live in terror of being accused of raising taxes, especially in an election year. The average driver is paying far more in the cost of wear and tear on his or her car than even a far larger tax increase would mean.But the combination of gerrymandering, the tyranny of Tea Party fanatics over the GOP, and the effect of term limits have all worked against common sense and good government.Our system is clearly broken, and this is only one example. Theres a reason that Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are doing so well——they are the candidates most loudly proclaiming that government in this country no longer works.You can see the proof in our tires.Jack Lessenberry is Michigan Radios senior news analyst. Views expressed in his essays are his own and do not necessarily reflect those of Michigan Radio, its management, or the station licensee, The University of Michigan.201604/435200As the siege tower rose, it claimed lives of many Guge slaves.随着高塔越建越高,许多战俘也因此牺牲生命。Ancient stories tell how the slaves were beaten so mercilessly, through their organ show to their flesh.传说这些战俘,因受到残忍的拷打,而使器官破裂露出体外。But building a 100-meter structure of this kind would have been a near impossible engineering feat for its time.但要兴建一百公尺的高塔,在当时几乎是不可能的工程。Instead, experts believe the Ladahki siege tower was a psychological rather a physical gambit.学者相信这座拉达克高塔打的是心理战。How long could King Khri bKra shis Grags pa lde bear to watch the daily torture and suffering of his captured subjects?赤扎西扎巴德国王可以忍受多久,眼睁睁看着他的人民日夜受到折磨?As legend has it, the last king, Khri bKra shis Grags pa lde, seeing the great suffering that his people were enduring building this wall without food and as a, died and succumbed to the pressures of construction.传说当中提到那位末代君王赤扎西扎巴德眼睁睁看着他的人民历经挨饿死于建墙的庞大压力之下。He saw the great suffering that his people were undergoing.亲眼目睹他的子民蒙受巨大的痛苦。And he had a great pity, the king of Guge, and he decided, it must have been a difficult decision, but he decided, in the end, to surrender.这让他心如刀割,这位古格国王最后做出了决定,在当时一定是个相当为难的打算,但他还是决定以投降结束这一切。According to legend, in the final hour of Guge, King Khri Kra shis Grags pa lde and his retinue made their poignant descent from summit to base, even bearing gifts of gold and silver to appease the invaders.传说赤扎西扎巴德及他的大臣悲痛从山顶步向山下,甚至带着金银财宝讨好入侵者。But the reception they received from the Ladahkis is surrounded in controversy.但拉达克人却将他们团团围住。In one fell swoop, the 700-year-old kingdom of Guge had been conquered.七百年之久的古格王朝终于被征。But what happened after the king surrender is still shrouded in mystery.但国王投降后发生什么仍笼罩着谜团。 译文属201605/442055

Tom Brady and ;Deflategate;The Wells Report, commissioned by the National Football League on the New England Patriots ;Deflategate; controversy, says Tom Brady was ;generally aware of the inappropriate activities ... and the release of air from Patriots game balls.;Our weekly sports commentator, John U. Bacon, thinks the controversy is ;stupid.;SEC camp restrictions and recruiting violationsUniversity of Alabama Coach Nick Saban has complained about the Southeastern Conference restricting its schools from holding summer camps outside a 50-mile radius of campus, giving schools that can travel, like Michigan, a competitive recruiting advantage.Bacon thinks it doesnt matter because the SEC schools can take advantage of their year-round weather as well the countrys demographic shift to the south. ;Theyve got every possible advantage;.They use very ;clever and systemic; ways to cheat, Bacon says, such as hiring the parents of recruits to work for county or city jobs in ;parks and rec, sanitation, or transportation; in order to lure more disadvantaged recruits.Harbaughs recruiting tactics, on the other hand, do not violate National Collegiate Athletic Association regulations, nor are they unethical, according to Bacon. ;Utterly fair,; he says.Would Red Wings Babcock consider U of M?Mike Babcocks contract expires June 30. Bacon gives us the pros and cons Babcock would consider when deciding on his tenure with the Detroit Red Wings, and the reasons why he might want to move to the Toronto Maple Leafs and rejuvenate one of the most wealthy franchises in hockey.On the possibility of him ending up with the Michigan Wolverines: Coach Red Berenson believes that he is on his last contract, and John says that while its not likely, ;it is not out of the question that Mike Babcock might end up at Michigan this year or next year.;201505/373975

Phrases like ;This sick beat; or ;We never go out of style;.比如歌词 ;这节奏真带感; 或者 ;我们时尚时尚最时尚;Phrases everybodys been using.And it gave me an idea.我们日常用的短语 这让我萌生了一个想法At the end of my show every day,I say ;Be kind to one another. Bye.;每次节目最后 我都会说 ;善待彼此 再见;So its my catch phrase right?So since I say ;Be kind to one another. Bye.;这是我的口头禅 是吧 既然我说了 ;善待彼此 再见;I decided to copyright.. the copyright the phrase ;Bye.;因此我决定对;再见;注册版权So its mine.If you can do that, Taylor gave me that idea. So,所以 ;再见;是我的了 泰勒给了我这个想法from now on anytime you say the word ;Bye; or ;Goodbye; Or ;Bye-bye; Or any kind of ;Bye; Thing,所以 从现在起你只要说了;再见; 或者 ;下次再见; ;再见吧; 只要有;再见;两个字its mine. Ten dollars.Put it in an envelope to the address on your screen.都用了我的版权 给我十美元 请把钱寄到屏幕上出现的地址Alright?Im going by the honor policy. You just have to do it.好吧 这是诚信原则 你们必须照办Im not the only one whos trying to make money.我不是唯一想赚钱的人I dont feel hurt about this,Pope Francis has announced that hes going on a diet.我对下面的消息 感到欣慰 教皇弗朗西斯 宣布自己将要节食He needs to lose weight. Did you hear this? This is true.他需要减肥 你们听过这个消息吗 这是真的The Vatican doctors want him to lose a few pounds.梵蒂冈的医生 想让他减几斤肉And the Pope is trying to help people out,教皇想帮助平民大众so he has a diet plan, its available to everyone.所以他想出节食这个法子 适用于所有人He put out in this infomercial.他用电视广告播了出来 /201603/428946

Russia and Ukraine俄罗斯和乌克兰Putins Ukrainian U-turn普京对乌克兰问题的态度转变How to treat signs that Russia at last wants to lower tensions如何看待俄罗斯最终想要缓和局势的迹象A DEFINING feature in the diplomacy of Russias president, Vladimir Putin, is to keep everyone guessing—because he can use doubt to magnify his threats, conceal his weaknesses and gain the initiative. That was the effect of his words on May 7th, one of the few public occasions he has spoken formally about the crisis in Ukraine. Mr Putin urged the pro-Russian separatists in the east of the country to postpone the referendums they planned for this weekend. He said that he saw Ukraines presidential election due on May 25th as a “step in the right direction”, contradicting his own foreign minister, who has repeatedly called it absurd. And he reported that he had ordered Russian troops to pull back from the border.俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔·普京的一个典型外交特征是让所有人都猜不透。因为他可以利用疑惑来放大他的威胁、掩饰自己的缺点并获得主动权。作为他为数不多的在公共场合正式讨论乌克兰危机的谈话,他在5月7日发表的言论正是起到了这样的作用。普京敦促在该国东部的亲俄分裂分子推迟原定于本周末的公投。他表示,他认为5月25日的乌克兰总统大选是“朝着正确方向迈出的一步”,这一说法与俄罗斯外交部长的说法相矛盾,该部长曾多次称之为荒谬的。同时普京还报告说,他已下令俄罗斯军队撤出边境。A few welcomed this as the turning-point in a crisis that has now escalated into a low-intensity war. It is to be hoped that they are right. But many more, including this newspaper, will greet Mr Putins words with due scepticism. Throughout the crisis, Russia has said one thing and done another. Even as the diplomacy takes its course, the West must sustain its pressure on Russia and its support for Ukraine.一些人乐观地认为这是这场已然升级为低强度战争的危机的转折点。希望他们是对的。但包括本刊在内的更多的人抱着怀疑的态度将会迎合普京的话。在这场危机中,俄罗斯说一套做一套。即便是出于外交需要,西方也必须维持其对俄罗斯施加的压力和对乌克兰的持。Bait and bait again兵不厌诈The starting point is to gauge whether Mr Putin means what he says. He has promised Russian troop withdrawals before only to fall short: this time the retreat will need to be unambiguous. Actions in Ukraine count, too. Rather than continuing to incite the pro-Russian separatists, Mr Putin must be seen to use his influence to broker peace. But the most revealing test of his sincerity will be Russias media, which have been doing their bit for the Kremlin by pouring out anti-Ukrainian propaganda. They must now cease their relentless warmongering.出发点在于衡量普京能否说到做到。他曾承诺在功亏一篑前撤走俄罗斯军队,这一次的撤军需要更加明确。在乌克兰的行动同样也需如此。与其继续煽动亲俄分裂分子,普京更应该利用其影响力去促成和平。俄罗斯媒体最能真实地考验他的真诚,他们已经通过宣传反乌克兰为克里姆林宫做出了自己的贡献。现在,他们必须停止无休止的挑衅行为。Suppose that the Kremlin passes these tests, what then? Until now, Mr Putin seemed bent on fomenting confrontation in Ukraine—with the threat of Russian invasion kept in reserve. He has two reasons to step back. One is the increasingly burdensome sanctions that are beginning to damage the Russian economy. Possibly even more troubling for him is the mounting death toll in eastern Ukraine. The fighting is taking on a hideous momentum, sapping Mr Putins ability to use his influence over eastern Ukraine to wreck the government in Kiev. Instead, Russia risks being sucked in to the conflict, in order to honour the guarantees of protection that it has given its supporters. Although the threat of invasion is useful for him, actual occupation would involve huge costs. The sight of Russian and Ukrainian troops slaughtering each other would puncture Mr Putins popularity at home. Much better to keep Ukraine smouldering than to have it burst into flame.假设克里姆林宫通过这些了这些考验,接下来又会怎样呢?直到现在,普京似乎仍更倾向于在乌克兰煽动对抗,并同俄罗斯入侵的威胁一同准备。他有两个理由撤退。一个是西方国家越来越繁重的制裁已经开始损坏俄罗斯的经济。或许更令他不安的是有越来越多的人在乌克兰东部丧命。这场战争正朝着一个可怕的方向发展,削弱了普京利用他在乌克兰东部的影响力来破坏基辅政府的能力。相反,为了兑现对持者承诺过的保护,俄罗斯有可能会卷入到战争中。尽管威胁入侵对他而言十分有效,但实行起来却耗费巨大。俄罗斯和乌克兰军队的相互屠杀将削弱普京在国内的受欢迎度。因此,抑制乌克兰远比消灭它要好得多。Mr Putin seems to be hoping that a grateful world, desperate to avoid conflict, will agree to what he has sought all along: a federation of Ukraine that blocks it from moving towards the European Union and NATO, as well as the uncontested annexation of Crimea. The world should not oblige. Ukraine will need to give more autonomy to its regions—but not such power that they can veto foreign policy. The West must give Ukraine aid and as much advice as its government will take.普京似乎希望有一个感恩的世界,竭力避免冲突,认可他寻求已久的:乌克兰联邦妨碍它加入欧盟和北约以及对克里米亚的吞并。但这并不是一个感激的世界。乌克兰需要得到更多自治权,但它并没有这样可以否决外交政策的权力。因此西方国家必须给乌克兰以援助以及尽可能多的建议。This crisis is far from over. Mr Putin can turn the pressure on Ukraine back up just as easily as he seems to have turned it down. He has not relinquished Crimea, and his treatment of Ukraine has betrayed the nature of his regime (see article). Therefore, the West should maintain todays sanctions — and the threat of more. It should strive to lessen its dependence on Russian energy and face up to the fact that, while Mr Putin is in power, doing business with Russia will be perilous. After all, would you trust the man who started a fire next door merely because he has suddenly offered you a bucket of water?这场危机还远未结束。普京可以轻易地将压力转嫁到乌克兰身上,就像他似乎已经拒绝的那样。他没有放弃克里米亚,他对待乌克兰的方式已经同他的政权性质相背离(另见文)。因此,西方应保留现有的对俄罗斯的制裁并给以更多的威胁。它应该努力减少对俄罗斯能源的依赖,并认清这样的现实—在普京掌权期间,同俄罗斯做生意是危险的。难道你会相信仅仅因为邻居突然泼了一桶水就要开战的人么?译者:严文娟 译文属译生译世 /201502/357571

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