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2019年11月15日 09:12:11 | 作者:飞度排名在线咨询 | 来源:新华社
Jim Carrey Discusses Movie Jim Carrey Discusses ;The Incredible Burt Wonderstone; Movie好莱坞喜剧大师金·凯瑞谈电影《超级魔术师》,这是一部颇具恶趣味的传统肢体喜剧,史蒂夫·卡瑞尔和金·凯瑞这两个戏剧界的大腕,加上史蒂夫·布西密这个个性演员,他们组成了;魔术铁三角;。Did you ever meet with Chris Angel or David Blaine, let’s say to get a small concept of your character?In a way I was securing it a little bit, so I didn’t really meet with those guys, I’ve met with David Blaine before, I’ve actually had him do magic for me before. He did a trick in public with me. That was really astounding. And everybody cheered, and one of my comedy friends yelled out, burn a witch, like that, and I was all over it, but now I thought it was a great magic catcall. And what do you think is the most outstanding character that you wanted to represent from them?I think there’s a certain, you know, playact arrogance, there’s an arrogance about magicians, you know, just like they go huala, you’re stupid. You know, kind of thing. You know, and so, you know, so I want to take that to the hilt and be a guy who just thinks everybody is really amusing. Steve Carell’s character is tired, you know, doing this the same thing for so long, sometimes, do you feel like that, you’re tired of making people laugh all the time.Of course, that’s why I don’t sometimes. You know, I get that a lot on twitter, you know, won’t you just be funny dude? You know, that kind of thing, and I go, because funny is a finger on my hand, it’s not the whole me, you know, it’s the one I pick my nose with, so it’s busy a lot of the time. /201303/231434How To Cope With Boring Office Work on HowcastStep 1: Build a portfolioWork to build a portfolio displaying your greatest work and achievements to help build your confidence.第一步:建立一个作品集建立一个展示你杰作的作品集,成就能使人建立自信。Tip:Build your portfolio by volunteering for special projects or to teach a class for other employees.小贴士:建立作品集时选择的内容可以是自愿做特殊的项目或是为其他雇员上课。Step 2: Build relationshipsBuild relationships with colleagues. Meet people in other departments and learn to communicate with people who have challenging personalities.第二步:建立良好的关系和同事建立良好的关系。和其他部门的人见面并学着和那些很有个性的人交往。Step 3: OrganizeInterrupt a boring workday by having a weekly breakfast, scheduling a daily or weekly walk, or organizing a game of touch football during lunch.第三步:要安排好活动每周吃一次特别的早餐,每天或每周都出去走走,或在午休期间来一场橄榄球赛,这样就不会过枯燥的工作生活。Step 4: DaydreamDaydream about the next vacation your boring work will pay for. Daydreaming gives us hope and helps us cope with the dull parts of life.第死步:做白日梦想想枯燥的工作会换来的下个假期。做白日梦能给我们带来希望并帮助我们应对生活中单调乏味的部分。Step 5: Listen to musicListen to music while you work. It lifts your spirits and energy level to get you through the day.第五步:听音乐工作时听听音乐。音乐能提神,使你精力充沛轻松度过全天。Step 6: ExperimentExperiment with new ways to complete a task. Try figuring out a better, more efficient way to accomplish the task at hand.第六步:尝试尝试用新的方法来完成任务。试着找出一个更好,更有效的办法来完成先有的任务。Step 7: Set goalsMake challenging work-related goals for yourself.第七步:设定目标。为自己设定和工作相关的,有挑战性的目标。201011/118625

This film will show you how to negotiate a raise. If you think you have deserved that extra salary bonus, then watch this and learn how to ask your employer for a raise. VideoJug presents a short tutorial in how to request a raise in salary.这段视频将向你介绍怎样跟老板协商加薪问题。如果你认为自己应该加薪,观看这段视频,学习一下怎样向老板提出要求。 VideoJug为你打造的这个短片教给你怎样要求加薪。Step 1: You will need1.你需要Salary research for your profession.Your career performance.Analyses or on-the-job reviews.Once you have these things together, its pretty simple.你所在行业的薪资调查。你的工作表现。对所担任工作的分析或看法。一旦做好所有准备就很简单了。Step 2: Know your worth2.了解自己的价值Your research should tell you what your peers are making based on experience, seniority, market, and performance. This should give you an idea of the range that you should shoot for.你的调查研究会让你了解到基于经验,资历,市场和表现,同行的薪资状况。这让你有一个目标范围。Step 3: Schedule a meeting3.安排会面After you have your information together, ask your supervisor to discuss your salary with you.搜集了所需信息之后,邀请上司和你一起探讨薪资问题。You need to do the work for them and present a case thats ironclad and undeniable. Your performance reviews should provide some good evidence. Show areas where you excel, and point out areas where you have shown improvement.你提出的理由必须无懈可击,毋庸置疑。你对自己工作表现的评估必须有良好的据持。指出你擅长的方面和取得进步的方面。Many employers have policies for giving annual raises. Make sure you are aware of any such policy before heading in.许多雇主的政策是每年加薪。在向雇主提出要求之前一定要事先了解这一政策。Plead your case citing your evidences in a rational, business-like way, and respectfully present your new range of compensation.合理专业地引用据,提出要求,彬彬有礼地提出新的目标薪资。Step 4: Be flexible4.灵活性Instead of handing over more cash each week, your employer may offer other ways to increase your earnings by adding benefits,stock options, or they may simply give you more time off. Consider that although this may not look like immediate cash in your pocket, in a less direct way, it IS.你的雇主可能不会每周给你增加薪水,而是通过其他方法增加你的收入,例如增加福利,股票认购选择权,或者给你更多假期。你可以考虑一下,表面看上去尽管没有立即增加你口袋里钱的数量,间接来说,确实增加了。Thanks for watching How To Negotiate A Raise.感谢收看“怎样向老板要求加薪”视频节目。201211/211353


Today we countdown the most popular new music s and albums recently released in China. NO 5. EASON CHAN "YOU amp; ME""You and Me" is a new track sung in Taiwan dialect by Hong Kong pop icon Eason Chan. It is from his latest Mandarin album entitled "5th Floor Blissful". This is the first Taiwan dialect song in Eason Chan's career. The album includes new works from different talented composers. Chan himself also penned one of them, calling for more attention on environment protection. NO 4. SODA GREEN "FEVER"Taiwan pop band Soda Green's latest album "Fever" comes as the second in their "Vivaldi Project". Inspired by the Summer, this new album takes Soda Green's feverish musical pursuits to a new height. Listeners will catch authentic Rock amp; Roll in the British style. NO 3. ELVA HSIAO "WOW""Diamond Candy" is the tenth album from Taiwan pop singer Elva Hsiao. And it has been at the top of twelve music charts within one month of its release. Taking advantage of the success of the album, Elva Hsiao is now preparing for a year-end solo concert on December 31st in Taipei. That will be the opening show for her worldwide tour. Hsiao and Show Luo will team up to sing the title song of the concert: "WOW". NO 2. ANGELA CHANG "WHITE"After a twenty-month-long break, Taiwan sweetheart Angela Chang comes back with a new album "The Fifth Season". The first track of the album "White" is co-produced by a group of elite musicians. According to Angela Chang, the title "White" here implies "comprehensive". And once again, Chang is using her highly penetrating voice to impress the listeners. NO 1. ANSON HU "LOVE SONG FOR THE JOBLESS"It has taken Taiwan the creative singer Anson Hu two years to complete work on his new album "Love Song for the Jobless". The album is slated to be released on December 8th in Asia. Anson Hu has been best known as a musical perfectionist, and he has input his new understanding about life in the last two years into this new album. The title track "Love Song for the Jobless" is intended to encourage frustrated people facing the global economic storm. 12/91264

随着2012年欧洲杯进入最后一周白热化阶段,这项赛事被很多人誉为圆满成功而且带有功利性。而对于波兰和乌克兰这两个主办国来说,人们已经从2012年欧洲杯赛事中看到对于基础设施投入的大量开,及球迷及他们口袋里的钱的大量涌入。但正如我们的记者从基辅报道的那样,对于这一事件的一些问题和批评仍然存在。As Euro 2012 enters its final week, the tournament is being hailed by many as a success and a lucrative one at that. The European championships have seen massive spending on infrastructure and also a huge influx of fans, and their money, to Poland and Ukraine. But as our correspondent Olly Barratt reports from Kiev, some questions and criticisms over the event, do remain.Euro 2012 has been a festival of football and money. Fans from all over the world have descended on Poland and Ukraine to watch football but also to enjoy themselves.So in preparation for their arrival, billions of dollars were spent on facilities for tourists, on stadia, and on infrastructure. But some say Ukraine spent the money badly, getting less, for more, than other countries do.Sergiy Voropayev, Ukrainian Journalist, said, ;You know when you see results and compare it with money spent and especially when you compare it with money spent for similar stadia or roads in other countries.;Ukraines government denies any corruption was involved and says it spent bn on the tournament, not 10bn as opposition figures claim.But now the tournament is here, local businesses are feeling the benefit. One thing many football fans like to spend their travel money on is beer.Aleksandra Voievodenko, Kiev Barmaid, said, ;Our record was 800 liters of beer but the day of match England with Sweden, it was 2800, yes. So its been good for business? Its very good for business. Very good.;Sponsors too will have been thrilled to be associated with a goal-filled tournament of attacking football. But perhaps some expected even more benefits to the local economy?Oleh Rybachuk, Former Ukrainian First Vice Prime Minister, said, ;Overall impression is that expectations had been higher. Small businesses, cafe owners, theyd been expecting much more tourists.;But at a time of recession in Europe many will feel the championships have been about as financially successful, once they arrived, as could be expected.CCTV reporter Olly Barratt, Kiev, Ukraine, said, ;What remains in doubt is exactly what happened to all the money spent on euro 2012, particularly here in Ukraine. What is not in doubt is that for sponsors, for UEFA, and for small businesses all over Poland and Ukraine, euro 2012 has been a real boon.;201206/188516

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