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太仓经济开发区人民妇幼中心医院网上预约电话太仓市浏河人民医院医生的QQ号码太仓市中医院不孕不育科 If you live in a place where the mercury has dropped enough for snow to start falling, chances are you’re also starting to deal with “winter skin” right about now: cheeks are getting rough and dry, lips are chapping… and depending on the severity of the weather outside, skin can even flake, crack, or erupt into hives or eczema. This just isn’t a season that’s kind to skin at all. Fortunately, there are ways to combat the damage caused by freezing winds, snow, and hail, and a few of these handy techniques are listed below.如果你生活的地方寒冷到会下雪,好好处理冬日肌肤问题的时刻来到了:面颊变得粗糙干燥,嘴唇开裂...而外面的严寒甚至会让皮肤成片脱落开裂,甚至引发荨麻疹和湿疹,冬季对皮肤可是个考验不少。好在我们有方法去对付由寒风、雪以及冰雹对皮肤造成的伤害,下面是几个简单的方法。1. Change Your Moisturizer1. 换保湿霜The lightweight moisturizer you use in summertime isn’t going to cut it during the winter. To fend off cold damage to your skin in winter, opt for creams that have a heavier oil content, as the oils will create a protective layer on the skin’s surface. If you’re prone to breakouts, talk to an aesthetician or dermatologist who can recommend a cream that’s right for your skin type.夏季使用的保湿霜比较轻薄,不足以对抗冬天的寒冷。要想抵抗住冬天对皮肤的袭击,需要选择含油量多的乳液,这样油会在皮肤表面形成一个保护层。如果你是偏油性皮肤,那就咨询一下美容顾问或者皮肤科医生,他们会根据你的肤质,推荐合适的乳液。Don’t forget that the skin on your entire body needs special care at this time of year: though you’ll see and feel the damage cold weather can cause to hands and feet (roughness, cracking around knuckles and cuticles, etc.) you might not notice dry patches on your legs or arms until they start to itch or flake. This is where the cocoa and shea butters come in: a good body lotion will replenish the moisture in your limbs as well as your cheeks, leaving you soft and supple all over.可别忘了你全身的皮肤都需要在冬天进行特别护理哦!虽然你能看到寒冬对手脚带来的伤害(皮肤变粗糙了,指甲底部开裂等),但直到腿和胳膊发痒或有皮屑,你有可能才会注意到它们其实也干燥了。现在可可油和乳木果油该上场了,好的身体乳液能像面颊保湿那样给身体四肢保持水分,让你全身都柔软细腻。2. Sunscreen2. 防晒霜If you spend a lot of time outside, don’t forget to wear sunscreen! Your skin can be subjected to just as much UV damage in wintertime as in summer, so don’t hesitate to put on a layer of SPF 15 before putting on your makeup.如果要花大量时间在户外活动,别忘了涂点防晒霜!皮肤在冬天受到的紫外线可不亚于夏天哦,所以化妆之前别忘了抹上SPF15的防晒霜。3. Exfoliate3. 去角质Gentle exfoliation once a week will help to remove dry, dead skin from your cheeks and forehead, but don’t go overboard with it! Your skin takes a lot of damage from the weather outside, and scouring it too much will actually increase wear and tear, and will do more harm than good.每周做一次温和的去角质,能有效将面颊和额头的干燥死皮去除,但千万别做过头了!外界的天气已经给你的皮肤带来了足够多的伤害,再要死命揉搓的话,损伤可就会更大了,只会是弊大于利。For the rest of your body, a homemade exfoliant such as a salt or sugar scrub can do wonders to slough off dead skin cells and leave you soft and smooth all over.至于身体的其他部分,用盐或糖自制的去角质霜对去除死皮有着神奇功效,让全身皮肤变得柔滑。4. Wear Lip Balm4. 涂上润唇膏The skin on your lips is the thinnest and most sensitive on your entire body, so be sure to take proper care of them by protecting them from cold damage—that means you too, guys. It’s not a lot of fun to kiss someone whose lips are flaking apart like a dry old phone book. Aim for unflavoured lip balms with a carnauba or beeswax base and apply it regularly.嘴唇是全身最脆弱和敏感的皮肤,所以要保在寒冬给予他们足够的防护,男生们也需要哦。如果嘴唇干裂的像一本旧电话本,亲吻起来可不是什么美好的感受。使用不含香料的唇膏,其基本原料是巴西棕榈蜡或蜜蜡,可以经常使用。It’s best to avoid using petroleum jelly as a lip balm, though; you really don’t want an oil industry by-product on your face, do you? Besides, petroleum jelly isn’t absorbed by the skin: it just sits on top of it, and can clog up pores rather thoroughly. Skin can’t absorb any moisture if it’s congested with oil slurry gel.千万不要把凡士林当唇膏使用,你也不愿意把石油产业的副产品抹在脸上吧?另外,皮肤无法吸收凡士林,所以它只会呆在皮肤表面,完全堵塞毛孔。一旦毛孔被油腻腻的东西堵塞住,那么再也无法吸收其他的保湿品了。5. Shorten Your Bath Time5. 缩短洗澡时间Have you ever gotten out of a hot bath after soaking for a while and realised that you were desperately thirsty? It’s likely because immersing yourself in hot water for long periods of time can actually deplete your body of moisture. Soaking in a hot bath can be absolutely blissful in this weather, but either try to keep your wallowing time to a minimum, or don’t make the water too hot. Scalding showers can also suck a fair bit of moisture out of you, so try to keep them short as well.你有没有过洗完澡之后觉得自己超级渴的感受?这是因为长时间泡在热水中会带走身体里的水分。这个季节泡个热水澡的确十分惬意,但记住要么不要泡太久,要么水温不要太热。过烫的热水也会带走身上的水分,所以尽量缩短洗澡时间吧。6. Stay Hydrated6. 多喝水Even though drinking water doesn’t moisturize your skin directly, it keeps your cells in top working order, which reflects in every area of your life—skin cells included. Flushing toxins out of your body with plenty of fluids will often keep you from breaking out as well.尽管饮水不会直接保湿皮肤,但可以让你的细胞保持正常的工作状态,这就体现在你生活的方方面面,皮肤细胞也不例外啦。大量的液体可排出体内毒素,还可以让你时刻保持充沛的体力。Taking just a couple of these precautions should make a significant difference in the health of your skin in winter. Eating properly and getting regular sleep will improve your overall well-being—which will be reflected in the state of your skin—and wearing proper outerwear such as gloves and scarves when traipsing about in the snow will help protect your skin from nose to toes.只需要做到简简单单的这几步,你的皮肤在冬季继续保持健康。健康饮食,规律作息可以全面改善你的健康度,这当然也会反映在皮肤上。雪中漫步时,记得配好诸如手套和口罩这样的装备,将你的皮肤从头保护到脚。 /201301/218688Have you ever looked back at an ex-boyfriend and asked, how did I ever date that person when we were so obviously incompatible?你有没有再去回想一下自己的前男友,问问自己,我当初怎么和这么一个明显不搭的人走在了一起?It#39;s not necessarily that you were incompatible...then. According to a survey conducted by Match.com over the past year, your tastes have simply changed over the years.那时候彼此不适合不是关键。根据英国交友网站Match.com对去年的调查,你的品味会随着时间发生变化。Men must possess certain qualities to be considered ;the perfect man,; and those parameters change drastically as women age. In the survey, called ;The Ages of Man,; what women want from their relationships with men is broken down according to age range.男人只有具有某些特定的品质才不失为“完美男人”,而这个标准会随着女人年龄的增长不断地发生改变。这个叫做“男人时代”的调查显示,在不同的年龄段,女人对一段感情的要求也并不会一成不变。The research also disproves the notion that standards drop later in life, as women over 55 were shown to be most picky about who they date.;调查结果同样发现,人越老品味越低这样的论调并不对。55岁以上的女人似乎对约会对象更加挑剔。The results of the study are summarized below.研究结果的总结如下:Age 18-24:18-24岁Women#39;s main concern in their late teens and early twenties is that their partner gets along with their friends. 47 percent said they would look for a relationship with someone their friends would approve of.处于青少年晚期和20几岁的女人们,最关心的是自己的男朋友是否和自己的朋友相处得来。47%的人说她们希望找到朋友们都赞成的男朋友。This is a very relationally social time in a female#39;s life. Women want men who will fit in to their lives. A key way to fit in is to be viewed positively by one#39;s social network, and to have shared interests. It is less about future and more about what feels good right now.在女性的生活中,这是相对重点偏向社交的时间段。女人们希望找到适合她们生活的男人,要适合就必须在女人的社交生活中表现积极,有着共同的兴趣。这和未来无关,更多的是感觉刚刚好。Also, women this age are far more likely to date a man in better physical shape than them, but shared tastes in ;books, music, and film,; are extremely important.同时,这个年龄段的女人们更愿意和好身材的男人约会,同时要对“书籍,音乐和电影” 有相同品味,这非常重要。Age 25-34:25-34岁At this stage in their lives most women are focused on their careers, but physical attraction and sexual compatibility are most important. They also consider a man#39;s level of ;ambition; to be important. Two-thirds of surveyed in this age group say this is a key trait.这个年龄段的大部分女人都会关心自己的事业,但外表和性生活协调是最重要的。她们也会把男人志向看成重要的一部分。三分之二的调查者说这会是重要的品行特质。This is the #39;can you add value or will you take-eth away#39; stage. Women are starting to think about having kids someday and they certainly do not want a man who is mooching off of them. They want someone who can be a partner with them so that their children can have the life they want their children to have, and so that they can have the lives they want to have.这个阶段女性会思考:出现的这个人会让她增值还是贬值?女人们开始考虑将来的孩子问题,她们当然也不愿意找一个吃软饭的男人,她们需要一个伴侣,这样她们和孩子才能过上她们所期待的生活。Age 35-44:35-44岁:Older men become more attractive to women in their late thirties and early forties, according to the study. This could be because they are looking to settle down and start a family. Women are mindful of their biological clocks ticking, which is why they want someone established, stable, and successful. They are no longer dating for attractiveness, for fun and to see where it goes, or for social fit with friends.研究显示,对于35岁以上和四十岁初的女人们来说,老男人似乎更有魅力。这是因为她们希望安定下来,组建家庭。女人对自己生物钟十分介意,所以她们才需要事业有成、稳重成功的男人。她们不会再为了外表、玩乐或迎合朋友们的社交生活而约会。According to the study, 73 percent said they would be willing to date someone more than five years their senior, and a man#39;s manners at this age is essential. Less than one percent of the women surveyed said they would date a man with bad manners.根据研究,73%的女性表示她们愿意与比大自己5岁甚至更多的人约会,男人们在这个年龄的风度是最重要的。仅有1%的女人表示她们会和没礼貌的男人们约会。Age 45-54:45-54岁:The key word at this age is security. 95 percent of women said they were looking to find a partner with whom they felt secure. Women are also less picky at this age than at any other age, but still look for a man with a high income, which is always important to women no matter their age. Fascinatingly, 54 percent of women said they#39;d be interested in dating a younger man.这个年龄的关键词是安全感。95%的女人们说她们在寻找能给自己安全感的伴侣。这个年龄段的女人们似乎不那么挑剔了,但仍寻找着高收入的男人,因为这对她们的一生来说都很重要。有趣的是,54%的女人说她们乐于和比自己小的男人约会。Age 55+:55岁以上:Intelligence and personality comes to the forefront in later life. Women look for men who share their values and have a good sense of humor. Women over 55 are pickier about their partners than at any other time in their lives. They are tired of the irritating little day-to-day ticks and feel it is not worth it to spend time with someone if the entire interaction from start to finish is not pleasing.在暮年时期,智慧和人格似乎是最重要的品质了。女人开始寻找有着相同价值观的幽默男人。55岁以上的女人们对自己伴侣更为挑剔。她们已经厌倦了每天为小事生气,如果从一开始的互动就不是很愉快,她们就会感觉不值得和这个人在一起。Of course, the ideal relationship is one that grows and changes with you. If you#39;re lucky, the man that got your attention in your twenties with his good looks is the same man that makes you laugh in your fifties.当然,最理想的感情就是和你一起成长一起改变。如果足够幸运,那个在你二十多岁就吸引你的帅哥,会是你五十多岁时逗你笑的那个人。 /201212/215891江苏省太仓妇科检查

璜泾镇人民妇幼中心医院体检多少钱Although offering seat on bus is not a heroic undertaking, it’s little and common, it can reflect a person’s basic cultivation. China is a country of ceremonies and has been promoting practice of courtesy. At present, the problem about offering seat on bus has given rise to a heated discussion. Some people hold that it is a good deed, no matter how small an act of kindness it is, it is worthwhile, on the other hand, someone consider it as a behavior full of hypocrisy.让座不是“壮举”,唯其小及寻常,更显一个人的基本修养。中国乃礼仪之邦,提倡以礼待人。目前,关于公交车上让座的问题,引起许多人议论。有人认为这是一种好行为,无论它是多小的善举,都是值得做的;但另一些人认为这是很伪善的。In order to promote the virtue of respecting the old and cherishing the young, the legal authority must make some mandatory documents about seats reserved for seniors, children, pregnant women and the disabled.为了发扬尊老爱幼的美德,法律机构应该制定关于预留给老人、儿童、妇和残疾人座位的强制性文件。 /201212/213933太仓第一人民医院网上预约挂号 太仓妇科医院那里好

沙溪镇妇科检查多少钱;For better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love, honor, and cherish;:结婚誓词是婚礼上最重要的部分,发自肺腑的寥寥数语是两人对婚姻和一辈子的坚定承诺。让我们一起来聆听那些洗练而凝重的结婚誓词……We are gathered here today in the sight of God, and in the face of this company, to join together (Groom#39;s Name) and (Bride#39;s Name) in holy matrimony; which is an honorable estate, instituted of God, since the first man and the first woman walked on the earth. Therefore; it is not to be entered into unadvisedly or lightly, but reverently and soberly. Into this holy estate these two persons present come now to be joined. If any one can show just cause why they may not be lawfully joined together, let them speak now or forever hold their peace.今天,我们在上帝的注视下聚集于此,并且在这群人的面前,来见(新郎名)和(新娘名)的神圣婚礼。这是个光荣的时刻,是自从亚当和夏娃在地上行走以来上帝便创立的时刻。因此,它不是鲁莽而又欠缺考虑的,而是虔诚而又严肃的。现在,有两位新人即将在这个神圣的婚礼中结合到一起。如果有任何人能够有正当的理由明他们的结合不是合法的,请现在提出来或请永远保持沉默。I require and charge you both that if either of you know any impediment why you may not be lawfully joined together in matrimony, you confess it now. Be assured that if any persons are joined together otherwise than as God#39;s word allows, their marriage is not lawful.(Groom#39;s Name) Do you take (Bride#39;s Name) for your lawful wedded wife, to live together after God#39;s ordinance, in the holy estate of matrimony? Will you love, honor, comfort, and cherish her from this day forward, forsaking all others, keeping only unto her for as long as you both shall live?你愿意在这个神圣的婚礼中接受(新娘名)作为你合法的妻子,一起生活在上帝的指引下吗?你愿意从今以后爱着她,尊敬她,安慰她,关爱她并且在你们的有生之年不另作他想,忠诚对待她吗?(Bride#39;s Name), do you take (Groom#39;s Name) for your lawful wedded husband, to live together after God#39;s ordinance, in the holy estate of matrimony? Will you love, honor, comfort, and cherish him from this day forward, forsaking all others, keeping only unto him for as long as you both shall live?你愿意在这个神圣的婚礼中接受(新郎名)作为你合法的丈夫,一起生活在上帝的指引下吗?你愿意从今以后爱着他,尊敬他,安慰他,关爱他并且在你们的有生之年不另作他想,忠诚对待他吗?I (Groom#39;s Name) take thee (Bride#39;s Name) to be my wedded wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love, honor, and cherish, #39;til death do us part, according to God#39;s holy ordinance; and there to I plight thee my troth.我(新郎名)接受你(新娘名)成为我的合法妻子,从今以后永远拥有你,无论环境是好是坏,是富贵是贫贱,是健康是疾病,我都会爱你,尊敬你并且珍惜你,直到死亡将我们分开。我向上帝宣誓,并向他保我对你的神圣誓言。I (Bride#39;s Name) take thee (Groom#39;s Name) to be my wedded husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love, honor, and cherish, #39;til death do us part, according to God#39;s holy ordinance; and there to I plight thee my troth.我(新娘名)接受你(新郎名)成为我的合法丈夫,从今以后永远拥有你,无论环境是好是坏,是富贵是贫贱,是健康是疾病,我都会爱你,尊敬你并且珍惜你,直到死亡将我们分开。我向上帝宣誓,并向他保我对你的神圣誓言。Father, we pray for all married persons, that they may continue to give, be able to forgive, and experience more and more of the joy of the Lord with each passing day. And especially for (Groom#39;s Name) and (Bride#39;s Name), now beginning their married life together, that they may have pine.assistance, the constant support of friends, and a long life with good health. May your fullest blessing come upon (Bride#39;s Name) and her husband (Groom#39;s Name), from this day forward, for ever and ever, Amen.主啊,我们为所有已婚夫妇祈祷,他们能够继续彼此付出,能够继续彼此原谅,并且每天都能经历越来越多的您的快乐。特别是(新郎名)和(新娘名),一起开始他们的新婚生活,愿他们能够得到您的帮助,永远得到朋友们的持,健康的度过一生。愿您全部的祝福带给(新郎名)和(新娘名),祝福他们直到永远。阿门。May Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, always be at the center of the new lives you are now starting to build together, that you may know the ways of true love and kindness. May the Lord bless you both all the days of your lives and fill you with his joy. Amen.愿我们万能的救世主耶稣,永远出现在你们现在所造就的新生活的中间,让你们知道真爱的道路。愿主祝福你们活着的每一天并且让你们得到他的快乐。阿门新郎XXX我爱你。今天是一个特别的日子。长久以来,你是我的梦想,也是我祷告的内容,如今我的梦已经实现,上帝也亲自垂听了我的祷告。在这个特别的日子,XXX,你不单是我的喜乐,也是我头上的冠冕。我感谢耶稣,让我有这样的荣幸与你白头偕老。我谢谢你,愿意接纳我的爱。愿我们的未来,如同上帝的应许,永远光辉灿烂,从今以後,我将照顾你、尊敬你、保护你。我将我的生命交给你,XXX我的朋友、我的爱人。今日,我将自己交给你。新娘XXXX我爱你,也知道你爱我。我全然信赖上帝拣选你做我的丈夫。这是我的祷告,也是我的渴望,你将发现,我就是上帝特别安排来帮助你的,因着对你的信赖,我愿意顺你,就如同我顺主一般。因此,XXX我承诺成为顺你、对你忠实并且爱你的妻子。你往哪里去,我也往那里去;你在哪里住宿,我也在那里住宿;你的国就是我的国,你的神就是我的神。牧师:我要分别问两人同样的一个问题,这是一个很长的问题,请在听完後才回答:XXX,你是否愿意娶xxx为妻,按照圣经的教训与他同住,在神面前和她结为一体,爱她、安慰她、尊重她、保护他,像你爱自己一样。不论她生病或是健康、富有或贫穷,始终忠於她,直到离开世界?xxx,你是否愿意嫁XXX为妻,按照圣经的教训与他同住,在神面前和他结为一体,爱他、安慰他、尊重他、保护他,像你爱自己一样。不论他生病或是健康、富有或贫穷,始终忠於他,直到离开世界?交换戒指现在要交换戒指,作为结婚的信物。戒指是金的,表示你们要把自己最珍贵的爱,像最珍贵的礼物交给对方。黄金永不生锈、永不退色,代表你们的爱持久到永远。是圆的,代表毫无保留、有始无终。永不破裂。XXX,请你一句一句跟著我说:这是我给你的结婚信物,我要娶你、爱你、保护你。无论贫穷富足、无论环境好坏、无论生病健康,我都是你忠实的丈夫。xxx,请你一句一句跟著我说:这是我给你的结婚信物,我要嫁给你、爱你、保护你。无论贫穷富足、无论环境好坏、无论生病健康,我都是你忠实的妻子。牧师:请你们两个人都一同跟著我说:你往那里去,我也往那里去。你在那里住宿,我也在那里住宿。你的国就是我的国,你的神就是我的神。根据神圣经给我们权柄,我宣布你们为夫妇。神所配合的,人不可分开!新郎______,我将这个戒指给你,戴上我的喜乐与爱心。我选择你做我的妻子。从今以后,无论是顺境或逆境,富足或贫穷,健康或疾病,我都将爱护你、珍惜你,直到天长地久。新娘______,我将这个戒指给你,戴上我的喜乐与爱心。我选择你做我的丈夫。从今以后,无论是顺境或逆境,富足或贫穷,健康或疾病,我都将爱护你、珍惜你,直到天长地久。因此,我承诺对你忠实,让你看见我的爱,正如同基督为教会舍命牺牲的爱一样。我将永远爱你,正如同爱护我自己一样,因为在上帝眼中,我们是合而为一的。 /201208/195584 太仓处女膜修复大概要多少钱太仓娄东科教新城妇幼保健人民医院无痛人流要多少钱



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