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上饶吸脂减肥医院哪里好上饶市卫校附属医院光子嫩肤手术多少钱Deutsche Bank德意志Two’s company两人成伴Hard questions loom for the new bosses of Germany’s national banking champion德国最大的新总裁们面临着隐隐出现的棘手问题Dual passports双重护照IN THE entrance to Deutsche Bank’s London office is a giant silver ball with a hole in the middle that offers an inverted reflection of the viewer and bank. The sculpture, which is called “Turning the World Upside Down III”, is a fitting metaphor for the changes sweeping the banking industry. Deutsche itself has had a good crisis, eschewing direct help from the German government and rebuilding its balance-sheet to regain its place as the biggest bank in Europe by total assets. Yet its world is turning upside down, too.德意志伦敦分行的入口处有一巨型银球,球中有洞,窥洞中可见观者与德行的倒影。这尊名为“颠倒世界III”的雕塑对于席卷业的变革浪潮是一个贴切的暗喻。德意志独善其身,很好的度过了危机,他们避开德国政府的直接援助,重建自己的资产负债表,欲借资产总额重归欧洲最大之席。然而,德行的世界也正发生着翻天剧变。The most obvious upheaval is in the executive suite. On June 1st two new co-chief executives, Jürgen Fitschen and Anshu Jain, will take over from Josef Ackermann, who has run the bank for a decade. Mr Fitschen, the boss of Deutsche’s German operations, is a far less controversial figure than Mr Jain, an Indian-born, American-educated British citizen who has propelled Deutsche’s rise in investment banking. Mr Jain’s elevation is a remarkable one in a corporate culture as crusty as Germany’s: most bosses are either German or native German-speakers from Switzerland or Austria. His appointment has also provoked a backlash from an “old guard” within Deutsche who fear the growing influence of the investment bank, which is based almost entirely in London and is staffed largely by non-Germans.管理层的剧变尤为明显。新任联合首席执行官安舒·贾恩(Anshu Jain)和尤尔根·菲茨岑(Jurgen Fitschen)将于6月1日走马上任,从执掌德意志十年的约瑟夫·阿克曼(Josef Ackermann)的手中接过大权。论争议性人物,德行德国业务主管菲茨岑先生远不如贾恩先生。英国人贾恩先生出生于印度,求学于美国,他一手推动了德意志在投资中的崛起。德国企业文化素来顽固保守,高层大都以德国人或瑞士、奥地利的德语区人士为主,故贾恩先生的高升着实令人惊叹。这次任命同样也激起了德行内部“保守派”的对抗情绪——德行的投行部几乎完全设立在伦敦,员工多为非德裔,投行部日益增大的影响力令“保守派”担忧。Yet the focus on Mr Jain is a distraction. The bank’s biggest task is not to convince investors that it has the right executives in place—big investors and fund mangers see the new team as more shareholder-friendly than the old one. It is to prove that it has enough capital and liquidity to satisfy regulators and that it can adapt its business model to a topsy-turvy landscape.然而对贾恩先生的关注是件分心事。 依大投资者和基金管理人之见,新领导团对股东比上任要友好的多,因此德行目前的最大任务不是说投资者,自己选对了领导人选,而是向他们明,自己有足够的资本和流动资金来满足监管机构的要求,并能在业界一片颠倒混乱的情况下调整自己的业务模式。Start with capital Deutsche has total assets of close to 2.1 trillion (.7 trillion), and total equity of 56 billion.In terms of simple leverage, the bank has just 1 in equity backing every 38 of assets.先谈谈资本。德行的资产总额约2.1万亿欧元(2.7万亿美元),权益总额560亿欧元。而就简单杠杆率而言,德行每38欧元的资产仅兑换1欧元股本。The bank argues that these figures are misleading. By netting off derivatives that offset each other and making a few other adjustments, it calculates its leverage ratio at 21 times, still considerably higher than most peers in Europe and America.德行辩称上述数据有误导性。在扣掉了可互相抵消的衍生品,进行其他几项微调之后,德行自我估算的杠杆率为21倍,这仍旧远高于多数欧美同类。Like other banks, Deutsche also argues that a simple leverage ratio is not much use in assessing the risks that lenders take.与其他一样,德行也争论道,说简单杠杆率在评估贷方承担的风险时并无大用。So a second measure to consider is its levels of risk-weighted assets (RWAs), in which the size of the balance-sheet is adjusted to reflect its riskiness.如此一来,第二种要考虑的评估方法就是的风险加权资产等级,即通过资产负债表的规模标准推算贷方的风险。Using RWAs as a lens is like looking at Deutsche Bank through its lobby sculpture, with the picture turned on its head.以风险加权资产为透镜,就如同透过伦敦分行的大堂雕塑审视德意志,所见景象皆颠倒。On this view Deutsche is a midsized and reasonably well-capitalised bank, ranking just eighth in size in Europe. Deutsche’s risk-weighted assets are calculated to be a mere 17% of its gross assets, compared with 53% at JPMorgan Chase and 25% at Barclays.依此观点看,德行就是一家中型、资本相当雄厚的,论大小仅位列欧洲第八。德行的风险加权资产仅占其总资产的17%,与之相比,根大通为53%,巴克莱为25%。Different accounting standards and the high quality of German corporate and mortgage lending explain some of this gap, but not all. “Deutsche is the most complex institution I have to deal with,” confesses one banking analyst. The question many investors ask is which of these two pictures is more accurate.不同行的会计准则,高质量的德国企业和德国抵押贷款只能解释这些差距中的部分原委,却无法解释全部。一名分析师坦诚的说,“德意志是我遇到过的最复杂的机构。”众投资者需要问的问题是,以上两种情况哪一个更贴近事实。Part of the answer is aly being provided by regulators, who are tightening the definitions of what counts as core capital, capping total leverage and carefully scrutinising the risk-weightings that banks apply.监管机构早已给出了部分解答。近日来,监管机构一直在紧缩核心资本的界定标准,压制全部杠杆作用,并谨慎详核上报的风险加权资产。 翻译:王葭苇译文属译生译世 /201606/450721上饶吸脂手术哪家好 Inner-city gentrification城市绅士化So long, Soho苏活区,坚持住好么Londons seediest district hints at some of the ways the capital is changing伦敦市最脏乱的一个区在某些方面预示着这个城市正在悄然改变IN 1847 Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels earnestly debated the failings of capitalism in rooms above a pub at 20 Great Windmill Street, in Soho. Some 170 years later, patrons of Be at One, the chain which has taken over the venue, have somewhat different problems to worry about. After making their way past a bouncer, and through throngs of people to a bar dimly lit by brown lights, drinkers navigate a cocktail around 20 pages long, with eye-watering prices. “I dont like paying 8.50 for a drink,” admits Josh Rogers, an American tourist. “But Im happy to pay more if the area is vibrant and fun,” he adds, slightly despondently.1847年,马克思和恩格斯在苏活区20大风车街的一间酒吧楼上的房间里,深刻分析了资本主义的灭亡。在170多年后,Be at One—早已接管此地的连锁店—的顾客们却在担忧另外的一些问题。越过保镖,穿过拥挤的人群进入尽是昏暗灯光的酒吧,酒客们浏览着足足有20多页的鸡尾酒菜单,价格也贵的令人咋舌。“我不愿花8.5英镑(13美元)就买一杯喝的,”美国游客乔希罗杰斯说。“但若是这个地方能更化一点我还是很乐意花钱的,”他略带遗憾地补充道。Soho, an area of about half a square kilometre in the West End, has long been an anomaly in central London. At the turn of the 20th century it was full of French, German, Polish and Italian immigrants; just before the first world war one writer remarked that “when the respectable Londoner wants to feel devilish he goes to Soho”. Full of pretty Georgian houses and dark side streets, it resisted development in the 1970s, and it remains a red-light district: around 40 flats are still used for prostitution. Film and television companies cluster above bars and restaurants.苏活区,这个位于西区近0.5平方公里的地区,长久以来都是伦敦市中心的变异型。在20世纪初,这里满是法国、德国、波兰和意大利的移民;在第一次世界大战之前就有一位作家说道“当备受尊崇的伦敦人想体验邪恶生活,他们都会去苏活区。”满目尽是漂亮的乔治王时代艺术风格的房屋和昏暗的街边,拒绝跟上19世纪70年代的发展,这里仍是红灯区:有近40栋楼房仍是卖淫场所。电影电视公司都簇集在酒吧和餐厅的楼上。But the area has become far less gritty. Fewer prostitutes operate there; most shops selling pornography have closed down. At the end of November Madame Jojos, a burlesque bar, had its licence revoked, after a fight took place outside it, and the bars security team were captured on CCTV wielding baseball bats. The club had aly been approved for redevelopment by the Soho Estates, one of two large landowners in the area, but the incident speeded up its closure. Denmark Street, known as Tin Pan Alley because of the number of music shops along it, is due to be turned into a street of flats and pop-up shops. A former police station which was empty for 13 years is currently being turned into an apartment block.但是这个地方已经大不如以前那般。越来越少的卖淫场所;大多数贩卖色情产品的商店都纷纷歇业。一间名为乔乔女士的脱衣舞酒吧外曾发生了一次斗殴事件,监控中拍下了酒吧安保团队挥舞棒球杆的场面,11月末,该酒吧被吊销了营业执照。这间酒吧已经获得了苏活区地产开发—该地区两大地头蛇之一的重建许可,但是这般小插曲倒加速了它的倒闭。丹麦街,更响亮的被称为锡盘巷,因为沿街有众多的音乐制品店,即将变成尽是楼房和快闪商店的街道。一栋空了13年的前警察局如今也正在被改造成一栋公寓。In part these changes reflect how Britain itself has become more cosmopolitan. In the 1960s Soho was full of food markets selling rarities such as avocados and globe artichokes, recalls Matthew Bennett, who has lived there for five decades. Now you can get such goods “at a Waitrose in Penzance,” he sniffs. Many quirky shops were on long-term leases which have since expired, while in some parts of the West End getting a licence to open a late-night bar has become harder. The internet has chipped away at the sex industry. In 2007 the local council cracked down on “clip joints”—where men are fooled into paying for titillation that never happens.这些变化在很大程度上反映了英国是如何变得愈加国际化。在19世纪60年代,苏活区满是贩售稀有物品的食品市场,像是鳄梨和朝鲜蓟,已在那里生活了50年的马修班内特如是回忆。如今你能“在彭赞斯的任一家维特罗斯里”买到这些商品,他说。许多古怪的商店都曾有长期租约而如今已过期,另外一些西区的部分商店想要获得午夜酒吧的许可已变得愈发困难。互联网已经削弱了性产业。在2007年,当地议会严厉打击 “夜总会”—在这里,男人们经常会冲动的为从未有过的新鲜感一掷千金。An increased demand for residential properties in central London has speeded up these changes. Since 2003 the West End has lost around 180,000 square metres of office floorspace as developers turn offices into flats. Increasing numbers of rich families with younger children live in the city centre, an area that many would have shunned two decades ago. Between 2003 and 2013 the number of children under the age of 16 in Westminster, the authority which encompasses Soho, increased by 30%, nearly double the rate for that age group across London. As a result, landowners have become more active in sprucing up the area: “Our motto is: edgy but not seedy,” says Steve Norris, the chairman of Soho Estates and a former Conservative MP. Crossrail, a new train line with a station north of Soho at Tottenham Court Road, will also bring a swathe of shiny new shops and offices.伦敦市中心的居民住宅需求量增加已加速了这些变化。自2003年西区失去18万平方米的办公用地转而被开发商用作住宅楼。愈来愈多的有年幼子女的富裕家庭居住在市中心,这个人们20年前都避而远之的地区。在2003年到2013年间,威斯敏斯特—包括苏活区—16岁以下青少年数量增加了30%,是整个伦敦该年龄段人数增长率的二倍。自然地,土地所有者都纷纷打出了各种旗号:“我们的口号是:前卫但不下流,”苏活区房产开发中心老板、前保守党议员史蒂夫诺里斯说。横贯铁路,位于苏活区北边托特纳姆法院路一种带有车站的新型列车线路,也将带来更多的各式各样的商店和办公室。This irks many, however. “Soho is the last ramshackle area of the old soot-stained, post-war London,” says Rupert Everett, an actor who has campaigned for the rights of sex workers. “Once that turns into a cascade of glass, then London is gone,” he sighs. After the closure of Madame Jojos a campaign group, Save Soho, was set up; around 9,000 people have signed a petition lambasting the change of “once proud centres of subculture” into “identikit high-end boutiques”. Pete Townshend, a musician, has argued that Denmark Street should be made into a “heritage zone”.然而这一举动却引起各方怨言。“苏活区是旧式烟色战后伦敦的最后残影,” 鲁伯特埃弗雷特说,他是曾身体力行持性工作者的演员。“一旦这里变成了各式样玻璃窗,那么伦敦也就不复存在了,”他感叹道。在乔乔女士的一个活动团体的没落之后,拯救苏活区,崛起了;近9000人已签署了请愿书,抗议把“曾经骄傲的文化中心”变作了“尽是广告人物海报的高端精品店。”音乐家皮特汤森坚持认为,丹麦街应该被建成一个“遗产区”。This poses a dilemma for developers. They want to spruce up the area while retaining the vague air of bohemianism that has attracted many to it. Parts of Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco, which was the centre of the hippie-era “summer of love”, have become tourist attractions, partly because of NIMBY residents. Westminster City Council is trying to limit the number of office-to-residential conversions. Others are pushing for a “creative-industry policy” for the area, in which film companies and the like have a say about developments. Such schemes may help prevent Soho changing too swiftly. But in many cases it may be too late.这使得开发商陷入了两难境地。他们想在装饰该地区的同时还要保留这里吸引众人来此的放荡不羁的环境风格。旧金山嬉皮区,曾是嬉皮士时代“爱的夏天”的中心,该区的部分地区已逐渐成为各式景点,这一定程度上是邻避居民的原因。威斯敏斯特市议会正试图限制办公转变为住宅的数量。还有在该地区不断推进“创意产业政策”,凭该政策那些电影公司之类的都可以对发展有所谏言。这般规划可能会有助于抑制苏活区的快速变化进程。但是在很多情况下,这些规划可能已经太迟了。译者:张娣 校对:王颖 译文属译生译世 /201501/353772上饶玉山县做眼角除皱手术多少钱

上饶好的整容医院Street food街头小食Sandwich sp三明治酱The rise of decent outdoor dining体面户外餐饮的兴起ON A cold, blustery morning at Canary Wharf, Londons second financial district, eating outside does not seem appealing. Yet on a solitary concrete quay, suited workers huddle around picnic benches. Half a dozen food stalls line the waters edge. One sells Thai food out of a rickshaw, another salted pork buns from a converted horse box. Everything on offer is about6 (10). Such is the latest in Britains culinary evolution.寒风凛冽的早晨,在伦敦第二大金融区—金丝雀码头来份户外早餐看起来可一点都不吸引人。然而在一个偏僻的水泥码头上,穿着工作的职员们却围在了野餐长凳边。沿着水岸有半打的小吃摊。其中一个小贩在小车里售卖着泰式料理,另一个在改装的火车厢里往鲜肉包上撒着盐。这些售卖的食物价格大约都在6英镑(10美元)左右。这就是英国餐饮的新兴潮流。Street dining is hardly new. Kebab vans in university towns serve oily gunk to sozzled students; on weekends in London, grizzled men hawk frankfurters outside Tube stations. But until recently smarter nosh was mostly available only in restaurants. Now most big cities have at least one regular street food event, as a London fashion has sp out.街头餐饮并不是新鲜事物。大学城里的小吃摊向闲逛的学生们兜售油炸小食。周末的伦敦,头发花白的男人在地铁站外叫卖法兰克福香肠。但直到最近,精致的小点心大多都只在餐厅供应。随着伦敦潮流的扩散,现在大多数大城市都至少有一次定期的小吃美食节。Britains faltering economy is part of the explanation. “In a recession, people go into food businesses”, says Mark Laurie of NCASS, a trade association for caterers. Setting up a street food stall takes little capital or specialist knowledge. At Canary Wharf, the traders include a former architect and a bank worker, as well as restaurateurs. Demand is increasing, too, as pinched customers trade down from restaurants.英国摇摇欲坠的经济是促成这一现象的部分原因。“在经济衰退期,人们会转向餐饮行业。”来自NCASS(Nationwide Caterers Association,国际餐饮联盟)的马克·劳里说。一个街头小吃摊只需少量资金和专业知识。在金丝雀码头,小商贩不仅包括餐馆老板,还包括一名前建筑师以及一名前职员。囊中羞涩的消费者们将消费由餐厅转向街头美食,需求也在扩大。Yet the biggest driver of outdoor eating is officialdom. Local authorities and commercial property developers see street stalls as a means of quickly gingering up struggling high streets and sterile plazas. The Canary Wharf Group does not charge for the use of its land by the cluster of street vendors (the market is organised by Kerb, a profit-making firm). Alistair Turnham, who runs Stock Mkt, a similar outfit, says some councils will even pay his firm to run events. Street food vendors thus avoid paying hefty rents or business rates—which helps them to undercut restaurants.然而推动户外餐饮发展的最大动力来自官方。地方机构和商业地产开发商们将街头小吃摊看做迅速为不景气的商业街和冷清的广场带来人气的方法。金丝雀码头集团并不向街头小贩们收取摊位使用费(这一市场由一家盈利公司Kerb组织)。运营着一家类似机构Stock Mkt的阿里斯泰尔·特南说一些地方委员会甚至会雇佣他的公司来运营类似的活动。路边的小吃摊因此也避免了缴纳高昂的租金和营业税,这使得他们能以低于餐厅的价格出售食品。Still, the distinction between indoor and outdoor food is blurring. The Marriot, an upmarket hotel in Mayfair, recently put on a street food-inspired . Trinity Leeds, a new shopping centre in Yorkshire, hosts rolling street food traders as part of its food hall. Some successful street food vendors are setting up restaurants—few want to work out of vans forever. Others are moving into catering for private events. The market economy is triumphing.室内餐饮和户外餐饮的区别还不是很明显。万豪酒店,一家位于梅费尔(伦敦西区高级住宅区)的高级酒店,最近推出了以街头小吃为灵感的新菜单。位于约克郡一个新购物中心—三一·利兹,将流动街头小吃引进了食品大厅。一些成功的街头小吃摊主正在筹备开餐厅—没有多少人想一辈子都在小摊里工作。另一些人正转向为私人宴会提供餐饮。市场经济大获全胜。译者:王颖 校对:周洋 译文属译生译世 /201510/403612德兴市做韩式开眼角哪家好 He just had to be cold-hearted and ruthless.他只需做到残酷无情。On 30th June 1934,Hitler travelled to the shores of the Tegernsee in Bavaria and the health resort of Bad Wiessee.1934年6月30日,希特勒前往巴伐利亚泰根塞湖畔的巴德维赛疗养中心。Roehm and the senior leadership of the Stormtroopers were all on holiday here, at this hotel then called the Hanselbauer.罗姆和冲锋队高层,当时在翰斯堡尔的酒店度假。Hitler and his entourage arrived at 6.30 in the morning.希特勒和随从早上6:30抵达酒店。Hitler walked through the lobby of the hotel and up the stairs to the first floor,where Roehm was asleep in this room.他穿过酒店大堂,走楼梯到2楼,罗姆此时还在房间睡觉。Hitler, claiming that Roehm was plotting a coup against him,arrested his old comrade along with the other leaders of the Stormtroopers.希特勒声称罗姆密谋政变,随即逮捕他和冲锋队头目。Two days later, Roehm was shot.两天后,罗姆被决。Hitler didnt just killed Rohem, but at least a hundred others he thought opposed him.许多反对希特勒的人同时亦被决。But it all worked to his advantage, because now hed apparently dealt with disorderly elements in his own party,many Germans started to see him for the first time as leader of the nation,not just leader of the Nazis.他明显在清除党内异己,很多德国人不仅视他为纳粹党领导,而是国家领导。On 2nd August 1934, just one month after the murder of Roehm,every member of the German armed forces was ordered to swear an oath of loyalty to Hitler personally.1934年8月2日,在罗姆被害后一个月,所有德国武装部队都接到命令,发誓只效忠希特勒一人。 译文属201512/415020上饶丰胸美容院

上饶韩美美容医院打瘦腿针多少钱Strictly speaking, air is mostly nitrogen–about seventy-eightpercent, and about twenty-one percent oxygen, which leavesabout one percent of other stuff, like water vapor and carbondioxide.严格地说,空气主要由大约78%的氮气和21%的氧气组成,另外还有1%的其他气体,像水蒸气和二氧化碳。So air is mostly empty space?所以,空气大部分都是真空吗?Yep, in fact, if you ever condensed a gallon of air into a solid,youd end up with a little over one tenth of one percent of the airs original volume.是的。实际上,如果你将一加仑的空气凝结成固体,这个固体的体积只比空气原本体积的千分之一多一点。And the reasonwe dont notice all this emptiness is because air molecules are constantly moving around at thespeed of sound, and bouncing against any surface that happens to fall in their path.我们没有注意到这一点的原因是空气分子以音速在不停地移动,而当它们碰到任何表面时都会反弹回去。So were constantly bombarded by air molecules.那么,我们一直被空气分子撞击着,So how come we dont feel that?可是为什么我们感觉不到呢?Well, actually we do.其实我们能感觉到的。The force these air molecules exert is what we measure when we measureair pressure.空气分子施加的压力就是我们平时测量的气压。 201411/340599 Europe Russia’s president欧洲 俄罗斯总统Alone at the top高处不胜寒All this feeds a sense of uncertainty, with the Moscow political elite “disoriented,” according to Mr Petrov. Investigative files on the two defence cases have existed for years, only to resurface now. Are the rules changing? What could be unearthed tomorrow, and against whom? At the same time, the mood of rudderless leadership has been worsened by questions over Mr Putin’s health.据彼得罗夫所言,莫斯科的政治精英们“迷失了方向”,所有这一切增加了迷茫的感觉。国防部的两个腐败案例的调查卷宗已然存在好多年了,只不过现在是重新露面而已。是规则在发生变化吗?明天会揭露出什么?会针对谁呢?与此同时,对于普京总统健康问题的疑问使人们“领导缺乏领头人”的情绪更加恶化。For much of October and November, Mr Putin worked at his Novo-Ogaryovo residence outside Moscow, rarely going to the Kremlin and cancelling foreign trips to Bulgaria, India and Turkey (though he is now going to Turkey next week). News reports discussed a possible back problem caused by flying an ultralight plane beside some wild cranes in September. The Kremlin dismissed this, saying only that Mr Putin had pulled a muscle while exercising. In another political system, the story might have stopped there, but in Russia the mystery took on symbolic resonance.在十月到十一月的大部分时间里,普京都在莫斯科外的Novo-Ogaryovo的住所办公,很少去克林姆宫,并且取消了去保加利亚,印度和土耳其(虽然下星期他就将出访土耳其)的访问行程。新闻报道讨论总统可能是因为9月乘坐的轻型飞机在一些野生鹤旁边飞行而使背部出了毛病。克里姆林宫拒绝这种说法,说普京总统只不过是在锻炼的时候拉伤了肌肉。在另外一种政治制度下,故事可能就到此为止了。但是在俄罗斯这个神秘事件却有了象征意义。Over the years, Mr Putin has played on traditional Russian deference to the leader while relying on manipulation of the media. The “charismatic aura” for Mr Putin, says Lev Gudkov of the Levada Centre polling group, has produced a system like “Byzantium, only on television.” The real point of the story about Mr Putin’s back was not the supposed ailment but the breaking of a taboo over discussing his health—and his future.在这几年里,普金一直依赖操控媒体来引导俄罗斯大众臣于他的领导。拉维达中心民意调查集团的勒夫古德科威说,普京头上的“魅力光环”催生出一种类似于“电视里的拜占庭”的系统。其实普京事件真正的重点不是他到底得的什么病,而是打破了不能谈论他身体状况和未来的禁忌。The biggest concern is Mr Putin’s isolation. His claim to Germany’s Angela Merkel that Pussy Riot members had hanged the effigy of a Jew in 2008 was bizarre and inaccurate (in fact, the band was protesting against anti-Semitism); either he was misleading her or he had himself been misled. Mr Putin has spent over a decade in power and Yevgenia Albats, editor of the liberal New Times, talks of the “typical syndrome of an ageing general secretary”.最令人担忧的是普京现在的孤立状况。他曾经向德国的安吉拉默克尔宣称,Pussy Riot乐队的成员曾于2008年绞杀一个犹太人的雕像,这个宣称既古怪又不准确(实际上这个乐队抗议的正是反犹太主义);要么就是普京在误导默克尔,要么就是他自己也被误导了。普京执政已经超过十年,对此,新时代杂志的编辑同时也是无党派人士耶维格尼亚阿尔巴特表示,这是“年老的总统的典型症状”。Compared with his early years in charge when he relied on economic aides like German Gref and Alexei Kudrin, Mr Putin has less faith in the counsel of those around him and more certainty in his own judgment. After a difficult year, he believes that he “owes his position to a hard-fought electoral victory, unlike his colleagues who have no mandate from the voters”, says Sergei Guriev of the New Economic School. On many issues, says one former adviser, Mr Putin “thinks he understands the situation, but in fact it can be quite incomprehensible for him”.普京总统当权的早些年依赖其经济助手比如格尔曼.格列夫和阿列克谢.库德林,与那时相比,他现在对他周围的忠告更加不信任而对自己的判断更加确信。在经历了艰难的一年之后,他相信他“把自己的地位归功于通过艰苦奋战取得的选举胜利,不像他那些选民没有授权的同事们”,新经济学院的谢尔盖·瓦西里连科说。一个前顾问说,普京总统在很多事情上“认为他了解情况,但是实际上情况对他来说可能很难以理解”。Decision-making in the Kremlin appears to be on hold. Mr Putin has slowed down progress on the budget, on pensions and on privatisation. This may partly be a prudent move to sit out recent turmoil in global markets. But the danger of what Chris Weafer of Troika Dialog calls a “deliberate policy of inactivity” is that Mr Putin waits too long, acting only when the next political or financial crisis hits him.克林姆宫的决策似乎要推迟了。普京总统放缓了预算、养老金和私有化的进展。部分原因是出于普京对近期全球市场混乱无序的谨慎考虑,不愿去淌这个浑水。但是克丽丝韦弗和特罗伊卡戴尔罗格称此举十分危险,是一种“故意不作为的政策”,也就是说普京一直按兵不动,直到下一次政治或金融危机出现时再采取对策。As for the campaign against corruption, it will go only so far. Corruption is a pillar of Putin-era stability as much as a threat to it. Much of what could be called corruption has become formalised, if not legalised, through official tenders, court rulings and bank-approved loans. That makes it both more prevalent and amorphous—and harder to eliminate.至于反腐斗争,也只能到此为止了。腐败既是普京政局稳定的一大柱,也是一大威胁。被称为腐败的很多东西即使没有合法化,也通过正式投标、法院裁决和许可的贷款变得正常化了。这就导致贪污问题更加普遍,形式更加复杂,更难消除。Alexei Venediktov of the Ekho Moskvy radio station likens the situation to “turbulence” in an aeroplane. The ruling class may know “in which direction and with which pilot” they are flying, he says; but the plane is shaking disconcertingly.回声电台的阿列克谢·维涅季克托夫将此比作飞机遇到的“不稳定气流”。在飞行时统治阶层也许清楚“朝何处前进,和哪位飞行员一同协作”, 但是飞机正在令人不安地摇晃。翻译:孙齐圣译文属译生译世201609/463740上饶韩美整形医院打美白针多少钱上饶万年县面部除皱纹费用



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