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英语日常口语 19:Tim's reward 本单元是关于对 Tim 回报的对话Tim: Hello I'm calling from McCarthy's. I helped you when you were looking at watches the other day. Customer: Yes? Tim: I think I've found something of yours. Have you lost anything? Customer: Not that I've noticed. No, nothing seems to be missing. Tim: Well, you dropped 150 pounds!Customer: Really! Tim: Yes. Now, how can I return your money? Customer: Oh how refreshingly honest! But I think a small reward is in order, don't you?Tim: Oh I couldn't.Customer: You could. I'm sure you have a pretty young girlfriend who needs to be spoiled.Tim: No I don't. I'm single just now.Customer: A good looking man like you? I don't believe it!Vocabulary:something (for example, a reward) is in order: : it's logical or right that something should happen (for example, that Tim should get a reward)to return (v): to give something back本单元的语言点是关于不定代词 No/None/Any, 看看下面对这几个词的例句和解释No/None/AnyNo, none and none of'no' with a noun:We have no homework today. We don't have any homework. She has no brothers. She doesn't have any brothers.'none' without a noun: 'How much money have you got? 'None' No money 'How many letters did you send?' 'None' No letters 'none of' with a noun:All of the class passed the test. None of us failed. I went by myself. None of my friends came with me. 'No' + noun at the beginning of sentence:No butter was used in the cake. No animals were harmed in the making of this film.Nobody/no-one, nothing and nowhereIn a statement: Nobody (or no-one) likes doing the washing up in our flat.I have nothing to wear to the party.In a short answer: What did you buy?' 'Nothing.' I didn't buy anything.'Where are you going on holiday?'' Nowhere, we're just staying at home this year.'nobody/nowhere/nothing not + anybody/anywhere/anything:He helped nobody (or no-one) He didn't help anyone. Note: He didn't help nobody. (Wrong)They've eaten all the cake. There's nothing left. There isn't anything left. Note: There's not nothing left. (Wrong)Any/anyone/anything it doesn’t matter who/which oneAnyone in that office will help you. It doesn't matter which person you ask, he or she will help you. It doesn't matter what you give me to drink. Honestly, tea, coffee, water, anything is fine. Note: after nobody/no-one you can use they/them/their:Nobody wants to play football, do they?No-one in the office has sent their Christmas cards out yet. /200707/15911

VOA流行美语 74: SLACK OFF / PEON今天Michael提前下班,在路上碰到李华。李华会学到两个常用语: to slack off和peon。L: 嘿, Michael, 你今天怎么这么早就下班啦?M: Well, this is the holiday season, so everyone at work is slacking off. No one minds if I leave early.L: 你说是因为过节,早下班没人会介意,而且办公室里每个人都在slacking off? 那是做什么呀?M: (Chuckles) I said everyone is "slacking off". "To slack off" means just the opposite of "being busy". "To slack off" means "to not work hard".L: 噢,to slack off的意思和"努力工作"刚好相反。我懂了,你是说,因为过节,所以同事们都比较放松-- Everyone at work is slacking off. 可是,Michael, 你自作主张提前下班,是不是有一点太slack off了呢?M: Oh, I certainly don't worry about it, because I noticed even my boss is slacking off. He left even earlier than I did.L: 你们公司老板比你走得还早,看来,他比你更加slack off。说得也是,马上就要新年了,连我也觉得挺懒散,什么事都不想做。M: That's Ok. You're on vacation. You have very good reasons to be slacking off.L: 虽然说是放假,可是我本来打算利用假期多读些英文书,我要是这么懒散,恐怕连一本书也读不完了。M: I wish it were holiday all the time, so I could always slack off.L: 什么?你想每天都放假,那你就可以老这么轻松的了?嘿,Michael,我们中文里常说:"一张一驰"。Slack off一段时间以后,你就应该努力工作啦!M: Hmm. Maybe you are right. Sometimes after slacking off during a holiday or vacation, we do feel refreshed and y to get back to work again.L: 也是啊,适当放松一下,工作起来会更带劲儿。新年快到了,我确实应该slack off for a couple of days, 可是如果slack off的时间太长了,我心里就会觉得不安。******L: 哎,Michael, 你提早下班,万一公司有什么要紧事,你不担心同事会找你吗?M: Oh, don't worry about that. I am not that important, I'm just a peon where I work.L: 你是什么?a peon? 那是什么呀?M: I said I am a Peon. The word "peon" originally meant someone who did manual labor in order to pay off a debt. These days, though, people use "peon" to refer to an unimportant person at work who performs a simple task.L: 噢,peon这个词原来是指"为了还债而做苦工的人",现在呢,大家用peon这个词来指那些在公司里做简单工作,地位比较低的雇员。Oh, come on Michael, 你怎么能说自己在公司不重要呢?M: No, I'm just a peon at my workplace. Anyone could do my job.L: 嗯,要是谁都能做你的工作,那恐怕是一个peon了。中文系的李教授常常对我们说,你要不好好干,好多人都等着这个位子呢。看来,我才是一个真正的peon呢。M: Well, maybe you are easy to replace. But that's no reason for you to feel like a peon.L: 你说得对,我不应该自己觉得我做的工作不重要,而且,想想看,我们大学校长或是你们公司老板恐怕当年也做过好一段时间的peon呢!今天李华学到了两个常用语,一个是: to slack off, 意思是"松懈,懒散"。另一个是peon, 指"在工作单位做简单工作的人",也就是所谓的"小土豆"。 /200602/3149

Oh my goodness! Im at Harvard! Wow!哦 我的天哪!我终于来到哈佛了!哇哦!To president Faust, my fellow honorands, Carl, that was so beautiful. Thank you so much. And James Rothenberg, Stephanie Wilson.福斯特校长 以及各位荣誉学位获得者卡尔 这一切是如此美好 非常感谢你们还有詹姆斯.罗森伯格 斯蒂芬妮.威尔逊Harvard faculty, with a special bow to my friend, Doctor Henry Louis Gates. All of you alumni, with a special bow to the class of 88. Your 115 million dollars. 以及哈佛大学教职员工特别要向我的朋友亨利.路易斯.盖茨士致敬所有的毕业生们 特别要恭喜88届的同学们 你们的一亿一千五百万美元到手了And to you, members of the Harvard class of 2013! Hello! I thank you for allowing me to be a part of your conclusion of this chapter of your lives and.哦还有你们 2013届毕业生! 你们好!感谢你们 让我有机会the commencement of your next chapter to say that Im honored doesnt even begin.与你们共度人生这一华丽篇章的谢幕时刻并开启新的篇章仅仅用荣幸一词 无法表达出To quantify the depth of gratitude that really companies an honorary doctorate from Harvard. And not too many little girls from rural Mississippi.我对同时授予我的哈佛大学荣誉士学位的感激之情能够荣登剑桥顶级学府的Have made it all the way here to Cambridge, and I can tell you that I consider today as I sat on the stage this morning.密西西比州乡下女孩可谓屈指可数说实话 今天早上当我坐在台上的时候201608/460795

英语会话800句 29 /200608/9117

英语日常口语 39:A friend of a friend本单元是关于同教授谈话的对话Prof. Lewis: Come in Helen, sit down. Now how are you? Helen: Fine really. Honestly, I'm fine.Prof. Lewis:Are you? That's not what your marks are saying to me. They tell a very different story. You failed this mid-term test quite badly. Even John, who seems to do no work at all in class, managed to do so much better than you.Helen: Humph!Prof. Lewis:Is there something you want to talk about?Helen: No, it's nothing. Prof. Lewis:You and John just don't seem as close as you used to be. Is there something wrong? Helen: No, it's just that?Oh I don't know.Prof. Lewis:Helen, I'm here to help. Now why don't you just tell me what's on your mind. Vocabulary:(词汇)close friends: (好朋友)pals who like each other very muchon your mind: (放在心上)what you're thinking about本单元的语言点是 used to 的用法,used to 意思是过去常常,请看下面例句Used toUses:(用法)We can use used to to talk about things: 1. we did regularly in the past that we don't do nowShe used to smoke 20 a day but gave up cigarettes almost 10 years ago. He used to eat lots of meat but now he's a vegetarian so he doesn't eat chicken, lamb or beef any more.2. that were true in the past but which aren't true nowYou and John just don't seem as close as you used to be. Have you two fallen out? There used to be loads of shops in our village but now there are only four.Form:(句型)The positive, negative and question forms of 'use to' stay the same no matter what pronouns you use: Positive:This is made up of used to + base verbTim used to work in a newsagent's but now he works in a department store.You used to like me. Why aren't we friends anymore?Negative:This is made up of Didn't use to + base verb There didn't use to be a cinema here.She didn't use to like wine but now she drinks a glass of it every evening.Question:This is made up of Did + pronoun + use to + base verbDid you use to play sport?Did she use to be scared of spiders?Note it's unusual to use this form when asking questions about the past. We're much more likely to ask:Did you play sport when you were at school?Are you scared of spiders?/Were you scared of spiders when you were young?Used to refers to the past. We can't use 'used to' to talk about the present or future.To talk about your daily habits you can't say 'Every day I use to go to work by bike' you need to use the present simple - 'I go to work by bike'To talk about future habits you can't say 'When I live in New York next year, I'll use to take the subway everywhere', you need to use will + base verb - 'I'll take the subway' /200707/16043

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