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In today' s Business English Pod episode, we' re going to look at language for showing a visitor around your office or factory. 今天的英语播客,我们将探讨的是有关参观办公室和工厂的语句。 There are many reasons that someone might visit a factory and take a tour. They might be a prospective client who wants to see where the products are made, or perhaps someone from head office is on an inspection tour, or it could be an official inspection to make sure you are following government or internal standards. If it' s your job to give the tour, you' ll want to make sure everything goes smoothly. So in today' s episode we' ll looking at language for guiding people on a tour and pointing out areas of interest. 参观和游览工厂有很多原因。那些来看产品是在哪儿生产的人很可能就是潜在的客户,或许是是来自高层的领导来视察产品是否符合政府和内部的标准。你的工作就是安排好这样的参观,你希望在参观时一切都能顺利地进行。所以在今天的这一集中我们要学习的是在参观过程中引导参观者参观时要用的语句。 We' ll be listening to Ingrid taking Carl on a tour of a factory where GC cleaning products are produced. Carl is from the head office of GC and he' s inspecting the factory where Ingrid works. His job is to make sure that the company' s factories are all up to standard and capable of handling future orders. As the dialog starts, Carl has aly arrived at the factory and met Ingrid, who is y to start the tour. 接下来将听到是在GC清洁产品生产工厂里,英格丽德和卡尔正在参观途中交谈。卡尔是来自GC公司的总部,正在视察卡尔工作的车间。他的主要任务是确保工厂能够达标地运行,能够应付未来的订单。对话开始时,卡尔已经达到了工厂,见到了已经做好参观向导准备的英格丽德。Listening Questions:1) What time of day does Carl arrive for his tour?2) What is the problem with the detergent production line?3) What role does newspaper play in the production of detergent in this factory? /201110/159141第17讲介绍:,,, /200809/50959

第一句:Our company arranges shipments to any part of the world.我们承揽去世界各地的货物运输。A: Hello. This is A Company.您好。A公司。B: Hello. This is EDF Company.您好。EDF公司。A: What can I do for you?我能为您做什么吗?B: Our company arranges shipments to any part of the world.我们承揽去世界各地的货物运输。第二句:From what Ive heard youre really well up in shipping work.据我所知,贵方对运输业务很在行。A: From what Ive heard youre really well up in shipping work.据我所知,贵方对运输业务很在行。B: Yes, we are the leading company in this field.是的,我们公司是该行业的龙头公司。A: Thats good.太好了。其他表达法:What is your specific transport requirement?你们的具体运输要求是什么?It will cause a lot of problems in our transportation.这将给我们的运输带来很多问题。铁路货运种类分为整车,零担和集装箱。一批货物的重量,体积或形状需要一辆以上火车运输应按整车托运;不够整车运输条件的,按零担托运;符合集装箱运输条件的可以按集装箱托运。按零担托运的货物,一件体积最小不得小于0.02立方米(一件重量在10公斤以上的除外),每批不得超过300件。 /201301/222737

  5 跳槽原因3句英文任你选Our company is downsizing. I dont want to stay on just to be let go.公司要精简人员了,我可不想最终被裁掉。I want a change of setting.我想换一个工作环境。Ive got a better offer from another company.我被另一家更好的公司录用了。半个句型要记牢let sb. go (开除,解雇)Tip: let go有很多意思,需要根据具体语境。如: Please let go of my arm.(请放开我的胳膊。) Let it go. (忘记吧。算了吧。) /201509/393170

  What Chewing Gum Can do to Your Career?口香糖能为你的职业生涯做些什么?陈豪在北京的A美国公司工作。他到办公室去找美国同事Amy 。(Office ambience)CH: Hi Amy. 几天不见,来看看你。A: Thats nice of you. Im fine.CH: 你有几分钟的时间吗?A: Certainly. Have a seat, please.CH: 你要不要口香糖?A: Thank you, Chen Hao, but I dont believe so.CH: 这是一种新口味。我今天早上去买咖啡的时候顺便买的。A: I personally dont like chewing gum.CH: 真的吗?为什么呢?A: Chewing gum is a personal preference. Where and when you chew it is NOT. I see too many people chewing gum at inappropriate times and places.CH: 嚼口香糖还有规定的时间和地点吗?我不太明白你的意思。A: Ill be happy to explain what I mean later. Right now I have to prepare for a meeting.CH: 那我们下班后一起走?A: OK. Ill meet you at the exit at 5:30.两人下班后一起去地铁站。CH: Amy, 你上午说嚼口香糖还有规矩?A: Yes. If you like to chew gum, that is your business, but chewing gum does not belong in the workplace.CH: 为什么不?A: It is totally unprofessional anywhere in the business environment.CH: 我在电脑前面工作的时候最喜欢嚼口香糖。这样可以让我放松。A: I understand, but what if the boss walks up at that moment and starts a conversation with you?CH: 那我就装作嘴里没有口香糖。A: Why would you hide it if you think its okay?CH: 我想老板看见我嚼口香糖,心里一定不高兴。A: See. You aly know that chewing gum is not a good idea in certain professional situations.CH: 可我还是不明白为什么我独自工作的时候就不能嚼口香糖。A: You never know who will walk up to your desk or call you on the phone. If you are caught smacking, it could affect your current job or the career move you had planned for.CH: 影响前程?你说得太严重了吧?A: I dont think so. Chewing gum is a leisure activity at best. At its worst, it can make you look sloppy and incompetent.CH: 我知道你说的有道理,可我还是觉得独自工作的时候可以嚼口香糖。A: Well good luck. If it gets to be a habit, consider this. One day you will have gum in your mouth when you walk into a meeting. Ive seen it happen.CH: 有过先例?那结果呢?A: The poor fellow who forgot about his gum got stuck. Every time someone asked him a question, he tried to hide his gum in his cheek. Finally he decided to swallow it.CH: 我也听说过这件事,后来成了全公司的笑料。我以后一定注意,在办公室里绝不再嚼口香糖。 /201210/203405。

  to lend someone an ear 洗耳恭听英文释义To listen to someone explain something or relate a story. 例句If you will lend me an ear for a couple minutes, I can tell you how to do your work a bit more efficiently.如果你能聆听我几分钟,我可以告诉你如何提高你的工作效率。 /201310/258451

  5、询问籍贯与居住地你的出生地在哪里?Whats your birthplace?Where were you bom?For example:A: Whats your birthplace?你的出生地在哪里?B: My birthplace is Wuhan.我的出生地在武汉。你来自哪里?Where are you from?Where do you come from?For example:A: Where do you come from?你来自哪里?B: Im from Beijing.我来自北京。我是上海人。Im a resident of Shanghai.resident of some place 某地的居民;a local resident 本地居民我生在上海,长在上海。I was born in Shanghai and grew up there.你的老家是哪里的?What’s your hometown?Where is your hometown?For example:A: Whats your hometown?你的老家是哪里的?B: My hometown is Jilin Province.我的老家是吉林。你籍贯是哪里的?I Where is your native place?For example:A: Where is your native place?你籍贯是哪里的?B: My native place is Nanjing.我的籍贯是南京。native:n.本地人,土产,土人,adj.本国的,出生地的,本地的,与生俱来的,天赋的,土产的,土著的native population 土著居民 rm a native here.我是本地人。你现在住在哪里?Where do you live now?Where are you living now?What is your present address?May I know your present address?May I ask your present address?Please tell me your present address.For example:A: Where do you live now?你现在住在哪里?B: I live at Apt 209,311 Zhongguancun Road,Beijing.我住北京市中关村大街311号209单元。你的原籍是哪里?What is your domicile place?For example:A: What is your domicile place?你的原籍是哪里?B: My domicile place is Changchun.我的原籍是长春。你长住地是哪里?What is your permanent address?For example:A: What is your permanent address?你长住地是哪里?B: My permanent address is Shanghai.我长住地在上海。permanent adj.永久的;不变的;耐久的我居住在北京石景山区。I live in Shijingshan District of Beijing City.in后面加地点名词时表示“在……”,但通常没有at表示的那么精确。For example:I live in eastern part of Changsha City.我居住在长沙市的东区。请告诉我你的地址。Please tell me your address.For example:A: Please tell me your address.请告诉我你的地址。B:My address is 22 Chegongzhuang Street,Beijing.我的地址是北京市车公庄大街22号。邮编是100070。The postcode is 100070.你在哪里工作?Where are you working?Where is your work unit?For example:A: Where are you working?你在哪里工作?B: Im working at Changcheng Hotel.我在长城饭店工作。我从小就一直住在济南。Ive been living in Jinan since my childhood.“ have been doing” 是现在完成进行时的肯定形式,表示动作从过去某一时间一直延续到现在或离现在不远的时间。你持有北京身份吗?Do you hold a Beijing ID card?ID identification,identity你的国籍是什么?Whats your nationality?For example:A: Whats your nationality?你的国籍是什么?B: Im Chinese/American.我是中国人/美国人......。我具有双重国籍。I have duel citizenship.你的民族是什么?Whats your nationality?For example:A: Whats your nationality?你的民族是什么?B: My nationality is the Han.我是汉族。你是中华人民共和国公民吗?Are you a citizen of the PRC?For example:A: Are you a citizen of the PRC?你是中华人民共和国公民吗?B: Yes,l am./No,Im not. Im from Singapore.是的,我是。/不,我不是。我是新加坡人。PRC Peoples Republic of China,a citizen of... ......的公民I was born in Taiwan,but Im a citizen of France.我在台湾出生,但是我是法国公民。我是地地道道的美国人。I’m an American by birth.For example:A: What part of the world do you come from?你是哪国人?B: Im an American by birth.我是地地道道的美国人。by birth (adv.)在血统上,生来你常常搬家吗?Have you moved often?For example:A: Have you moved often?你常常搬家吗?B: Yes,my family has moved twice.是的,我家搬过两次了。move house 搬家 /201501/3516601.From the bottom of my heart 发自内心的 A:Amanda,I'm so sorry about what happened. I sincerely apologize from the bottom of my heart.B:That's Okay. It wasn't your fault.A:阿曼达,我对发生的事情感到很抱歉,我发自内心的向你道歉。B:没事,不是你的错。 2.I'd like to take this opportunity to 我想借这个机会A: I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for everything you did for us.B: It's my pleasure. I enjoyed working with you guys.A:我想借这个机会感谢你为我们所做的一切。B:不用客气,我喜欢与你们共事。3.I am sorry 对不起A: I'm sorry to be late.B: Be careful next time.A:对不起我迟到了。B:下次注意。4.I apologize 我道歉A: I apologize. This should not have to be this way.B: Apology accepted. Try to do better next time..A:我道歉,事情不该发展成这样。B:(我)接受(你的)道歉,下次干好点。5.I feel terribly sorry. 我觉得很抱歉。A: I feel terribly sorry. We caused a lot of trouble for you.B: I never thought your hotel is like this. We will never come back again.A:我觉得很抱歉,我们给你带来很多麻烦。B:真想不到你们旅馆竟然是这样子的,我们再也不会来了。 /200808/45706

  第一句:May I have a pillow and a blanket, please ?请给我一个枕头和一条毛毯。A: May I have a pillow and a blanket, please.请给我一个枕头和一条毛毯。B: OK, sir.好的,先生。A: How much longer does it take to get to Honolulu? 还有多久到达檀香山?B: About one and half an hour.大概一个半小时。第二句:I think I am a little bit airsick.我想我可能有点晕机。A: Hello, may I do something for you?您好,我可以为您做些什么吗?B: Hello, I dont feel very well.I think I am a little bit airsick.您好,我觉得很不舒。我想我可能有点晕机。A: Dont worry. Here is the vomit bag if you need it. There is some medicine on the plane. I will go to bring you some.别担心,这是呕吐袋,如果您需要的话。飞机上有晕机药。我去为您拿一些来。背诵句型:Can I put my baggage here ?我能将手提行李放在这儿吗?Could you change my seat, please ?我更换座位? /201309/256825

  The gym I often go to offers a variety of training courses. 我常去的那家健身房有各式各样的训练课程。 The gym I often go to offers a variety of training courses.我常去的那家健身房有各式各样的训练课程。I should really try something like that.我也想试试。Ive been going to the club regularly.最近我常去健身俱乐部。Im heading to the gymnasium for exercise.我正要去健身房做运动。I need to find a gym.我要找个健身房。 You will make new friends through physical activities. 通过运动你会结识新的朋友。 You will make new friends through physical activities.通过运动你会结识新的朋友。You mean my prince charming?你是说我的白马王子吗?She made a new group of friends at her sports club.她在健身俱乐部交了一群新朋友。Try to get involved in fitness programs. It will bring you in contact with new friends.试着多参与健身项目。这会让你结交新的朋友。 /201501/356117

  【Trancript】Check e-mailA: I take care of the letters. I may , sort out and organize incoming mails.B: So you have to open all the envelopes.A: Yes, except the personal mail. And I also need to prepare the materials for posting and check the e-mail box regularly.B: Do you need to file copies of the letters before sending them?A: Yes, and I check all the e-mails for Mr. Thomas. /201007/109875。

  1.申请许可 Wouldn't it be possible for me to take the day off this Friday? 这个星期五,我是否可以休一天假?请休假用take the day off.如果是两天以上就用days off.老板会很干脆地答应说that'll be OK,或是会带有不悦意味回答will everything be all right?(一切都安排就绪了吗?),这些都要看你平时的工作表现而定. /201001/94321

  Catherine要陪同一位客户四处转转,无奈自己的胃病犯了,但她还是硬撑着陪客户游览各地,吃遍各地名吃。客户走后,她的胃病加重了,不得不住进了医院。亲戚朋友来看她时都说她不该苦着自己的,Catherine谢了怕大家的关心,然后说:I don't want to leave a bitter taste in his mouth. I don't want to leave a bitter taste in his mouth.我不想给他留下不愉快的回忆。leave a bitter taste in one's mouth这个俚语的表面意思是“在某人嘴里留下苦味”,引申义就是“给某人留下不好的回忆或印象”。bitter是形容词,意为“有苦味的,令人不快的”,通常用来形容令人难受的经历或事件,例如:They learned a bitter lesson. 他们接受了惨痛的教训。 Todd: You don't need to do that at the expense of your health.托德:你没必要以健康为代价去做那件事。Shirley: Well, I don't want to leave a bitter taste in his mouth.雪莉:哎,我不想给他留下不愉快的回忆。背景音乐:Perfect Moment◎大家如果觉得不错,请不要吝惜自己的持,在栏写下你们的感受,有大家的持,相信我们会做的更好◎

  ,。,。。,。,。。,。, /200804/36209

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