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A hit South Korean drama about a gun-toting soldier saving lives in a far away land has won over Thailand#39;s mercurial junta chief, who on last Thursday called on citizens to watch the show.近日,韩国一部关于持军官在遥远国土上拯救生命的热播电视剧赢得了泰国陆军总司令的;芳心;。上周四,他号召全体泰国国民观看该剧。Former army chief turned Prime Minister Prayut Chan-O-Cha seized power in a 2014 coup and has often portrayed himself as an officer duty-bound to save Thailand from years of political chaos, even penning two pop songs and commissioning a series of short films to sp his patriotic message.巴育·占奥差曾任陆军参谋长,在2014年的军事政变中夺取政权,从而成为泰国总理。他经常把自己描述成一位义不容辞将泰国从政治混乱中拯救出来的军官。他甚至还写过两首流行歌曲、拍摄过系列短片来宣扬他的爱国情怀。Now he has urged Thais to watch Descendants of the Sun, a drama that is winning over scores of viewers in South Korea, China, Japan and beyond.现在,他又鼓励泰国民众观看《太阳的后裔》。这是一部在韩国、中国、日本等国家吸引大量观众的电视剧。;What I have seen is that they have inserted a sense of patriotism, sacrifice, obeying orders and being a dutiful citizen,; he told delegates at a government function on last Thursday morning.在上周四清晨,他告诉政府机构代表:;我从这部剧中看到,他们植入了很多观念,比如爱国主义、牺牲精神、从命令和成为有责任感的公民。;;So please watch it and if anyone wants to make such a drama I will financially sponsor it to make people love government officials, uncorrupted officials and make the Thai people love each other,; he added.他补充说道:;所以请观看这部电视剧。如果有人想拍一部类似的作品,我会给予赞助,并让人民爱上政府官员、清廉官员,让泰国人民彼此相亲相爱。;The so-called Hallyu of TV shows and pop music has conquered most of Asia and, in recent years, found new, devoted fans in the Middle East, Latin America and North Africa.近年来,一股电视剧和流行音乐的;韩流;蔓延了亚洲大部分地区,甚至在中东、拉美和北非等地也涌现了大批新粉丝。Descendants of the Sun tells the story of an army captain sent on a peacekeeping mission to a distant fictional country, battling shady henchmen to save his love interest. It has proved particularly popular with Chinese viewers.韩剧《太阳的后裔》讲述了一位被赋予维和使命的上尉军官,被派到遥远的虚构国家执行使命,随后打败阴暗的亲信从而拯救了恋人的故事。该剧目前已受到中国观众的狂热追捧。 /201603/433440More than 70,000 people traveled to the hometown of late Chinese leader Mao Zedong in Shaoshan, Central China#39;s Hunan Province during the Spring Festival as part of a local tradition to pay tribute to the Great Helmsman at the start of each lunar year.在每年春节期间,都会有超过七万名游客前往位于中国中部湖南省韶山的中国前任领导人毛泽东的故居。每年春节伊始的这一举动,已经成为当地人民向这位伟大领导人致敬的一种传统。According to the official website of the Shaoshan government, a total of 72,195 people had visited Mao Zedong Square and other memorial spots in the city as of Saturday, the last day of the Spring Festival break.据韶山市政府官方网站统计,截止本周六,也就是春节假期的最后一天,共计有72195名游客参观了毛泽东故居和这座城市的其他纪念地点。;It has become a voluntary event for local residents to pay visits to Mao Zedong#39;s old residence or other museums related to him in Shaoshan during the Spring Festival holidays,; Huang Feng, an official from the memorial hall of Mao in Shaoshan, told the Global Times on Saturday.本周六,韶山毛泽东纪念馆官员黄凤告诉《环球时报》:“在春节放假期间参观毛泽东故居或韶山其他有关他的物馆,已经成为当地人民的自发活动。”Huang said that people want to ;celebrate the lunar new year with their beloved Chairman Mao.;黄凤表示,人们想和他们敬爱的毛主席共贺新年。He Sai, a local Shaoshan resident, told the Global Times that it is his family#39;s tradition to prepare flowers to place at Mao Zedong Square on the eve of the Spring Festival.韶山居民何塞告诉《环球时报》,除夕夜在毛泽东故居前放束鲜花,是他家的传统。;Thousands of people came to the square where Mao#39;s statue stands… they burned joss sticks and paper offerings to worship Mao; an article on a visitor#39;s WeChat account on Wednesday.周三,一名游客在微信上的一篇文章中写道:“上万人来到毛泽东主席的雕像前,点燃香烛,摆放祭品,以吊念毛主席。”Liu Guihong, an 88-year-old resident from Xiangtan in Hunan Province who knelt in the square for half an hour, was ed by the article as saying that Mao was his personal benefactor, offering him a new life after the founding of the People#39;s Republic of China in 1949.湖南湘潭88岁的居民刘桂红在广场上长跪半个小时。微信文章中指出,毛泽东是他的恩人,1949年新中国成立,他也从此过上了新生活。 /201602/426371At dinner the other night with 50 partners in a corporate law firm, I looked around the room and noticed something alarming. I was one of the oldest people in it.有一天,我和一家从事公司法事务的律师事务所的50位合伙人共进晚餐。环顾四周,我发现了一件令人惊恐的事情——我在里面属于年纪最大的一拨。Where were all the lawyers in their late fifties and early sixties? I put the question to the man sitting next to me, who said they had mostly been eased out. The trouble with the law, he explained, is that it takes its toll on you, and if you’ve been at it for 30 years it is almost impossible to hold on to any sense of urgency. By the time you reach your mid-fifties, it is usually time to start thinking about going.那些六十岁上下的律师们都去哪儿了?我问坐在我旁边的人,他说这些人大多都离开了。他解释道,法律行业的问题就在于它会给人带来负面影响。如果你已经在这个行业里干了30年,那你基本上无法再保持任何紧迫感了。等你到了55岁左右,通常就会考虑离开了。There was only one exception to this rule, he went on, and that was lawyers in their fifties who had recently been divorced and were starting again with mortgages and young children. They had all the experience of their years — and all the drive of someone 30 years younger. They were propelled by the need to make a vast amount of money but, instead of having a lifetime in which to do it, they had a mere decade. The combination of extreme wisdom and extreme hunger made them unbeatable.但是这种规律只有一种例外,他接着说,也就是那些刚离婚不久,背着抵押贷款、带着年幼子女重新开始的五十多岁的律师。他们不仅有着多年来积累的经验,还跟比他们年轻30岁的律师一样干劲十足。他们被挣大钱的需求驱使着。可是,不像那些年轻的律师有一辈子的时间来挣钱,他们只有10年。极度的智慧与极度的渴求相结合,这让他们不可战胜。I don’t think the man realised quite how well this divorce-is-great-for-your-career argument was going down with me. In the past six months I have a) separated from my husband, b) bought a wildly expensive house, and c) been feeling more than usually keen at work.我觉得那个人一定没有想到,这番“离婚有助事业”的论断如何深得我心。过去的6个月里,我1)和丈夫分居了,2)买了一套贵得离谱的房子,3)感觉工作热情不同寻常地高涨。Until that minute it hadn’t occurred to me that the three things were connected, but then I saw what was perfectly obvious: a) and b) have caused c).我之前一直没想到这三件事是联系在一起的,但那一刻我发现这再明显不过了:正是前两点导致了第三点。Everyone will tell you that divorce is ruinous to a career. It makes you so unhinged that you can’t think straight. A couple of years ago the hedge fund boss Paul Tudor Jones told a conference that as soon as he hears that any of his managers is going through a divorce he stops them trading. The emotional turmoil renders them too unpredictable to be trusted with anyone else’s money.每个人都会告诉你,离婚会对事业造成毁灭性打击。离婚会让人心智失常,以至于无法正常思考。几年前,对冲基金老板保罗图德琼斯(Paul Tudor Jones)在一次会议上说,只要他听说公司任何一个经理正经历离婚,他就会让他们暂停交易工作。情感的波动让他们的言行难以预料,因此无法放心让他们管理别人的资金。That may be so. But then again, it may not be. People, marriages and divorces come in many varieties, yet all divorces have one thing in common — they make you poor. Or at least they make you poorer than you were before. To comfortable, middle-aged professionals, feeling a little short of funds can be an unwelcome shock, and the effect of it can, in the right circumstances, be agreeably galvanising.可能是这样,但也可能不是。人、婚姻和离婚多种多样,但是所有的离婚都有一个共同点——让你变穷。或者至少让你变得比以前穷。对于过着舒适生活的中年专业人士来说,觉得手头稍微紧点就可能带来非常难受的冲击。在合适的条件下,这种难受会变为一种有益的激励。For me, it has meant that any thought of sloping gently towards retirement is out of the window. And because there is to be no such sloping, I can no longer allow myself the luxury of mild disillusionment. Instead, I am applying myself to the job, and, to my amazement and delight, find that instead of feeling trapped or sorry for myself, I’m rather enjoying it. The work itself has not changed a bit, but I am doing it with more conviction.对我而言,这意味着混日子等退休的想法都不在考虑之列了。因为不会再有混日子的事情,我也就不能再允许自己沉浸于轻微的幻灭之中。相反,我投入到工作之中。让我感到惊讶和喜悦的是,我非但没有觉得自己受缚于工作或很可怜,反而觉得很享受。工作本身一点也没有变,但是我工作的时候更深信不疑了。This may not alter the quality of the finished product, but it does affect how it feels to be making it. Every time I am offered an additional piece of paid work, I no longer think: I’m not sure I can be bothered; I think: let me at it.这可能不会改变工作成果的质量,但的确改变了工作时的感觉。每当我被指派一份额外的有偿工作时,我不会再想:我不确定自己愿不愿意费那个麻烦;而是会想:让我来做吧。I am not saying that everyone in their sixth decade should ditch their spouse to give their flagging careers a bit more oomph. Neither am I suggesting that everyone who gets divorced can look forward to this kind of professional dividend. Some people are so poleaxed by the misery of it all that they can hardly crawl into the office, let alone feel relatively gung-ho once they get there.我的意思不是说,每个人都该在六十多的时候抛弃他们的配偶,来给他们日渐衰微的事业注入一点热情。我也不是说每个离婚的人都有望在职业上获得这样的意外好处。有些人被这些痛苦彻底击垮,几乎连勉强去办公室上班都做不到,更不用提感到工作劲头更足了。Instead, what this proves is that the link between boredom, money and motivation is not what I thought it was. I used to think it was obvious why people in their fifties felt stale— it was because 30 years was simply too long to be doing the same thing.相反,这正明了无聊、金钱和动力这三者之间的联系不是我之前所想的那样。我过去一直认为五十多岁的人感到厌倦的原因很明显——30年做同一件事实在太长了。I now discover it is more complicated than that. People in professional jobs work for three reasons: money, status and the interest of the work itself. The main reason those in their fifties become sluggish is not that their minds are going, nor that the work itself has become too monotonous. It is that neither money nor status move them as they used to and the interest of the job is not enough to keep them going on its own.可现在我发现,事实比这更复杂。专业人士为了三个原因工作:金钱、地位和对工作本身的兴趣。他们在五十多岁变得懈怠的主要原因,既不是因为他们的脑力在减退,也不是因为工作本身变得太单调乏味,而是不管金钱还是地位都不能像从前那样驱使他们了,而只靠对工作的兴趣并不足以撑他们继续保持对工作的热情。You would have to be a most peculiar person to be prepared to stay up all night doing the legal slog on an Mamp;A deal for the sheer fun of it. And even though journalism is arguably more enjoyable than corporate law, it is not so fabulously entertaining that I would consider doing it if I didn’t have to.如果一个人仅仅是为了其中的乐趣而彻夜工作,处理一桩并购案相关的法务工作,那这个人一定怪到家了。虽然可以说记者工作比公司法工作更有意思,但是也没有有趣到哪怕没有必须做的原因,我也会考虑做着玩。Almost all the scientific studies will tell you that money doesn’t motivate. Yet when you have just parted company with your nest egg and lost some of the financial security you thought you had, every pay cheque becomes a minor cause of celebration — and the same old, same old work suddenly seems as fresh and full of possibility as it ever did.几乎所有的科学研究都告诉你,金钱不是动力。然而,当你刚刚失去了一笔储蓄,失去了一些你本以为享有的经济保障时,每一笔收入都能成为小小庆祝一下的理由——同样一成不变的工作突然就会像曾经那样,变得充满新鲜感和各种可能性。 /201511/412462

Three of China#39;s neighbors in Southeast Asia are further easing their visa regimes to attract more Chinese tourists.日前,中国东南亚地区的三大邻国为吸引更多中国游客,正进一步放宽对中国的签制度。Vietnam#39;s Ministry of Finance announced move to lower Chinese visitors#39; visa-application fees in a new step to boost its tourism. Starting from November 23, Chinese tourists#39; visa fees would be adjusted to from for a single entry and from for multiple entries within three months.越南财政部公布,降低中国游客签申请费,这一新举措将促进其旅游业发展。自11月23日起,中国游客单次入境签费将从45美元下调至25美元,三个月内多次入境签费由95美元下调至50美元。Direct flights between the two countries will also be increased. A direct flight from Shanghai to NhaTrang, a new popular travel destination, is planned to be launched at the beginning of 2016. It will only take about four hours to fly to NhaTrang from Shanghai.两国之间的直飞航班也将相应增加。从上海直飞越南芽庄的航班将于2016年初始飞,芽庄是越南的著名海滨城市,一个新兴的旅游胜地,此航班开通后,从上海直飞芽庄只需4小时。Flights to Da Nang, Vietnam, from Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou aly operate.现已有航班从北京、上海、广州等地飞往越南岘港。China is now Vietnam#39;s biggest tourism host country, with one Chinese out of each five tourists to Vietnam.中国目前已成为越南接待游客最多的国家,到越南旅游的游客中,每5名游客中就有一名中国游客。More than 800,000 Chinese tourists visited Vietnam in the first half of 2015, taking more than 20 percent of the total tourists to Vietnam, according to official data of Vietnam.据越南官方数据,2015年上半年,有80余万游客前往越南观光旅游,占游客总数的20%。Starting from Nov 13, Thailand will issue multiple entry visa to Chinese tourists with a validity period of six months.自11月13日起,泰国将向中国游客发放多次入境签,签有效期为6个月。From Nov 13, there will be two types of visas to Thailand. One type is a single entry visa with a validity period of three months, costing 230 yuan (), and the other is a multiple entry visa, which will cost 1,200 yuan (0).自11月13日起,前往泰国的签将有两种类型,一类是有效期为3个月的单次入境签,费用是230元(36美元);另一类是有效期为6个月的多次入境签,费用是1200元(190美元)。Malaysia has also announced plans to further relax its visa-free policies for Chinese group tourists. Starting around the Lunar New Year in 2016, Chinese tourists are expected to be exempted from visa if they are visiting the county in a group of two or more.马来西亚还宣布,计划将进一步向中国团体游客放宽免签政策,将于2016年春节左右开始实施。届时,中国游客两人或两人以上组团游将免签。But an additional condition is required, which is that the tourists have to buy a tour package approved by governments of both China and Malaysia. The details are not clear yet.但有一项必需的附加条件,即游客必须选择经中国和马来西亚政府许可的旅游线路。具体细节目前还尚未明确。These moves come five months after Singapore – also a favorite Southeast Asian destination for Chinese tourists – began issuing multiple entry visa for Chinese tourists, allowing tourists to visit Singapore multiple times in a validity period of as long as 10 years.新加坡是中国游客最喜爱的东南亚旅游国之一, 5个月前新加坡向中国游客发放了多次入境签,允许中国游客多次入境,且期限可长达10年。其他东南亚国家便纷纷效法,推行了这些举措。Besides, if a Chinese is qualified for a multiple entry visa, his or her spouse and children younger than 21 are qualified, too.此外,如果一名中国游客符合多次入境签的条件,那么,其配偶及其未满21岁的子女也将能享受此政策。Chinese tourists are Singapore#39;s second-biggest market with 1.46 million visitors to Singapore in the first eight months of 2015, according to data from the Travel Bureau of Singapore.据新加坡旅游局数据,中国是新加坡旅游业的第二大市场,2015年1月至8月,中国游客人数达146万。 /201511/409523

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