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襄樊红十字医院做产检多少钱襄阳市切包皮Facebook has begun using artificial intelligence (AI) to identify members who may be at risk of killing themselves.社交网络脸书已开始利用人工智能识别可能有自杀风险的用户。The social network has developed algorithms that spot warning signs in users#39; posts and the comments their friends leave in response.据悉,脸书已开发出算法,可发现用户贴文和对应的好友中的警报信号。After confirmation by Facebook#39;s human review team, the company contacts those thought to be at risk of self-harm to suggest ways they can seek help.经脸书人工审核组确认,脸书会联系被认为有自我伤害风险的用户,就他们可以寻求帮助的途径给出建议。The tool is being tested only in the US at present. It marks the first use of AI technology to review messages on the network.目前该功能仅在美国进行测试。这标志着人工智能技术首次被用来检查网络上的消息。Founder Mark Zuckerberg announced last month that he also hoped to use algorithms to identify posts by terrorists among other concerning content.脸书创始人马克·扎克伯格上个月宣布,他还希望利用算法来识别由恐怖分子发布的文章等有关内容。Facebook also announced new ways to tackle suicidal behavior on its Facebook Live broadcast tool and has partnered with several US mental health organizations to let vulnerable users contact them via its Messenger platform.脸书还宣布了在其Facebook Live直播功能中应对自杀行为的新方法;脸书已与美国多个精神健康组织合作,有自杀倾向的用户可通过脸书Messenger平台与这些组织联系。 /201703/497867襄阳一医院靠谱吗? I know, as soon as you saw the words “easy” and “lose weight” in the headline, you were y to write this off as another one of those gimmicks or programs sound too good to be true and usually are. But bear with me and you’ll learn 3 strategies that I guarantee will help you in your weight loss efforts.You’ve probably been conditioned to believe that weight loss had to be tied to countless hours at the gym, the latest supplement breakthroughs or eating nothing but celery stalks and tofu. Fortunately, dropping a couple dress sizes doesn’t take anything that drastic. What it does take is making some small changes in the behaviors that led to the addition of those unwanted pounds. Here are 3 lifestyle changes that will immediately help you lose that unwanted fat and get your body back.1.Stop Eating Out.Think back to when you were growing up. Do you remember what the dinner plates looked like? Now compare that to what the “plates” look like at O’Charleys, Applebees or any of the other chain restaurants. It’s no wonder we’re gaining weight. There are dozens of studies about eating out and they all lead to one conclusion: if you eat out, you overeat! Not only is it almost impossible to exercise effective portion control when you eat out, but you’re also compelled to get you money’s worth so you eat everything you’re served rather than stopping when you should.The bottom line is that those who eat out consume more calories than those that don’t. Take a break from eating out for the next six weeks and see how easily you can drop a dress size or even two. And you can use the money you saved eating at home to buy a couple of new outfits to showcase your improved body.2. Eat Smaller Portions.You don’t have to avoid the foods that you enjoy – you just can’t eat big servings of them. An easy way to do this is to use smaller plates for your meals. This will help you fell like you’re not depriving yourself while still exercising good judgment. And don’t think that just because something is on your plate, you have to eat it. As opposed to what your mother told you, you don’t have to ‘clean your plate.’ In fact - you shouldn’t. Eat slowly and stop when you aren’t hungry any more. You’ll quickly find that you can enjoy your favorite foods and your skinny jeans at the same time.3. Make Better Choices.I know I just said that you can eat the foods you enjoy and still lose weight, but that doesn’t mean overindulging on processed foods, candy, sodas and chips. The key is moderation. So when you go to the supermarket, do the bulk of your shopping around the perimeter of the store and spend less time in the isles. When you’re at work, keep health snacks handy so you don’t have to rely on the company’s vending machine for your energy boost. But most importantly, make good choices with the meals that don’t really matter. Your quality of life won’t dramatically improve if you choose a cheeseburger over a grilled chicken salad for lunch, so don’t do it. Save the times when you are going to choose foods that might be considered unsupportive for the meals that you really look forward to. Improving your choices will accelerate your weight loss and help you save unnecessary calories without really trying.Obviously, there is nothing magic about any of these three strategies other than the results that they produce. So start applying these three simple ideas and prepare to get your body back. 我知道,当你一看到"简单"和"减肥"的字眼出现在标题上时,你就会准备把这些字眼去掉,就像另外那些听起来太好以至于不真实,不寻常的(广告)噱头或是计划一样.但是,请允许我介绍,并且我将保你会学到三个帮助你减肥的好方法.也许你已经习惯于相信减肥必须是与花费无数时间在健身房,补充突破,或是除了芹菜茎和豆腐外什么也不吃联系在一起的.而我介绍的方法的的确确只是让你在那 些会导致你增加额外重量的行为上做些小改动.下面是三个在生活方式上的小改变,它们会马上帮你减掉多余的脂肪,让你的身材苗条回来.1. 停止外出就餐.回 想你成长的过程,你还记得那些餐盘看起来象什么吗?现在,把那个比作在O’Charleys, applebees 或是其他的任何一家连锁餐厅的盘子的样子.这就不难得知我们为什么会增加体重了.大量关于外出就餐的研究表明:如果你外出就餐的话,吃的过多是必然的!这 不仅仅是因为当你外出就餐的时候,几乎不可能自制,而是你会被强迫去吃掉所有你点的东西,让自己觉得划得来,而不是适可而止.总体来讲,那些外出就餐的人摄入的热量比那些在家的多.在接下来的六周里,从外出就餐解放出来,看看你减掉一个,甚至是两个衣码子是多么容易的一件事吧.并且你可以用这些在家吃饭省下来的钱,去买几套装来展现你改善后的体型.2. 减少份量.你 不需要避免那些你喜欢的食物,只要你不吃大份量的就行.一个简单的方法就是用小盘子来吃饭.这将帮助你感到并没有丧失自我,依旧有着好的判断力.然而不要 认为那仅仅是因为你盘子里有东西,你就必须吃完.就象反对你妈妈所说的,你不需要"洗你的盘子"(舔的干干净净).事实上,你就是不应该那样.细嚼慢咽, 并且在你根本就不饿的时候停下来,很快你就会发现你能享用你喜欢的食物的同时,紧身裤也能穿了.3. 做更好的选择.我 知道,你能吃你喜欢的食物还能减肥就象我刚刚说的,但这并不意味着过量的食用加工食品,糖果,碳酸饮料,炸土豆条.关键还在于适度.所以当你去超市时,饶 着商店的周界线买大部分你要买的,少花时间在狭小的范围.当你在工作的时候,随手准备健康的小食品,以便你不用依靠公司的自动售货机来提高精力.但是最重 要的是,在正餐的上做出正确的选择,而做到这个不难.如果你选择干酪汉堡包加烤鸡沙拉做为午餐,就不能说你的生活质量得到大量的改善,所一不要那样.把你 那些用来选购并没有考虑进正餐的食物的时间节省下来吧.调整你的选择将会促进你减肥,帮你免去那些额外的热量.很明显,除了那些方法会产生的效果之外,这三个方法没有什么好神奇的了.所以开始试用这三个简单的法子,做好恢复苗条的身材的准备吧! /200807/44157襄樊妇幼保健中医院治疗妇科炎症怎么样

宜城市妇幼保健中医院割包皮怎样襄阳枣阳市人民中心医院医院男科 襄樊中心医院是公立医院吗?

襄阳南漳县妇幼保健院中医院处女膜修复多少钱Xia Dynasty夏朝Archaeological Records原始记载Unlike the later Shang dynasty, no direct archeological evidence exists to confirm the existence of a Xia dynasty.与之后的商朝不同,没有直接的考古学据存在来明夏朝的存在。Archaeologists have uncovered urban sites, bronze implements, and tombs that point to the possible existence of the Xia dynasty at locations cited in ancient Chinese historical texts.考古学家们开掘出了位于与古代中国历史文章中提到的相同位置的城区、青铜器以及墓穴,而这些都表明了夏王朝的存在。Most Chinese archaeologists identify the Erlitou culture as the site of the Xia dynasty,大部分中国的考古学家把二里头文化视为夏朝的遗址,while most Western archaeologists remain unconvinced of the connection between the Erlitou culture and the Xia Dynasty.而大多数西方考古学家对于二里头文化和夏朝之间的联系仍不确定。In 1959, a site located in the city of Yanshi was excavated containing large palaces that some Chinese archaeologists have attributed as capital of the Xia Dynasty,1959年,偃师市的一个遗址被开掘,其中包含了大型的宫殿,中国的考古学家认为这是夏朝的都城,though Western archaeologists are reluctant to make this claim on the grounds that no written records exist to confirm the name of the dynasty and its sovereigns.而西方的考古学家对于这个论断很犹豫因为没有书面的记录存在来表明这个朝代的名称和它的君主。Radiocarbon dating places the site at about 2100 to 1800 , providing physical evidence of the existence of a state contemporaneous with and possibly equivalent to the Xia Dynasty as described in Chinese historical works.放射性炭测定此遗址的年代在公元前2100年至1800年之间,这为一个与夏朝处于同年代的甚至于就是中国历史著作中提到的夏朝的存在提供了物。At a minimum, the archeological discoveries marked an evolutionary stage between the late Neolithic cultures and the typical Chinese urban civilization of the Shang dynasty.至少,考古学的发现标志着一个处于新石器文化末期与商朝典型的中国城市文明之间进化的阶段。Agricultural technology improved drastically with the invention of wine making and improvements in horse herding, and carriages were used.伴随着红酒制造的发明,牧马的进步以及四轮马车的运用,农业技术飞速发展。 /201508/393951 Apple said on Tuesday that it had rebuffed a Chinese government request to hand over the proprietary source code for its operating system. 苹果(Apple)周二表示,中国政府曾要求该公司交出其操作系统的私有源代码,但该公司没有答应。 “We have been asked by the Chinese government and we refused,” Bruce Sewell, Apple’s general counsel, told members of the House energy and commerce committee, adding that the request came within the past two years. 苹果总法律顾问布鲁斯#8226;休厄尔(Bruce Sewell)对美国众议院能源和商业委员会表示:“中国政府向我们提出过这一要求,但我们拒绝了。”他还表示,这一要求是在过去两年里提出的。 The government recently abandoned its legal effort to compel Apple to help the FBI circumvent the passcode on an iPhone used by one of the terrorists in last year’s San Bernardino shootings. 美国政府最近放弃了法律上的努力,不再强迫苹果帮助联邦调查局(FBI)解锁去年圣贝纳迪诺击案中一名恐怖分子使用过的iPhone。 Last month, Apple clarified its policies after the DoJ accused the company of making special accommodations for China, which the company denies. 上月,美国司法部(DoJ)指责苹果对中国作出特别的迁就,苹果对此予以否认,并澄清了自己的政策。 Revenues from Apple’s Greater China division, which includes Hong Kong and Taiwan, reached bn last quarter. Tim Cook, Apple’s chief executive, says that China is likely to overtake the US to become its largest market. 苹果大中华区(含香港和台湾)上一季度的营收达到180亿美元。苹果首席执行官蒂姆#8226;库克(Tim Cook)表示,中国很可能会超过美国成为苹果的最大市场。 Apple last week said that it had received 1,005 requests related to 2,413 devices for customer information from the Chinese authorities in the second half of 2015. Apple provided data in two-thirds of those cases. 苹果上周表示,2015年下半年,中国当局向苹果提出了1005项提供设备用户信息的请求,涉及2413部设备。苹果答应了其中三分之二的请求。 That compares with 4,000 requests for information from American investigators regarding 16,112 devices. Apple provided data in 80 per cent of those cases. 美国调查人员则提出了4000项类似的请求,涉及16112部设备。苹果答应了其中80%的请求。 /201604/438559中航工业三六四医院投诉电话襄樊做前列腺炎手术的价格要多少钱



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