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贵州省贵阳观山湖区治疗脱肛多少钱修文县治疗肛周疾病多少钱六盘水治疗痔疮多少钱 Sometimes in the thick of a messy and awkward prenuptial agreement negotiation, Laura A. Wasser, a Los Angeles-based family lawyer, reminds her clients: “This is not someone you got into a fender bender with. This is someone you want to spend your life with.” So be nice, for starters. Wasser pushes clients to sign all the paperwork at least a month before the wedding, but she suggests broaching the subject much earlier. “Sit down to talk with a good bottle of wine, but don’t drink so much that you end up drunk and fighting,” she says. “Bring it up when things are good, not when you’re bickering.”有时,在一场混乱而尴尬的婚前协议谈判进行到最激烈的阶段,洛杉矶的家庭事务律师劳拉·A·瓦塞尔(Laura A. Wasser)会提醒客户:“对方不是与你发生车祸纠纷的人,而是你想要共度一生的人。”所以,首先要友善。瓦塞尔强烈建议客户在婚礼的至少一个月之前签署所有的文件,而开始讨论这个话题的时间更应早得多。“坐下来伴着一瓶上好的葡萄酒来谈,但别喝太多,免得最后喝醉了争吵起来,”她说。“在气氛愉快的时候提出这个话题,不要在发生口角的时候提。”If the idea of a prenup does not go over well, blame someone else: your parents or, if you have lawyers and business managers, your advisers. Before you hire a lawyer, though, learn about your state’s marriage and divorce laws. “It is amazing how many people go into the contract of marriage — and it is a contract — without knowing the terms,” she says.如果婚前协议的想法没有得到良好反馈,就把责任怪到别人头上:你的父母,或者,如果你有律师或业务经理人的话,也可以推到他们这些顾问身上。不过,在聘请律师之前,首先要了解你所在州的婚姻和离婚方面的法律。“有太多人不了解条款就缔结了婚姻的契约——这的确就是一份契约——这可真让人不可思议。”Keep your proposed arrangement simple. “You hear about prenups that say, ‘If you don’t lose the baby weight, I get to divorce you,’ or, ‘If you cheat on me, I get this much money,’#8201;” says Wasser, whose clients have included Angelina Jolie and Britney Spears. Her firm refuses to include so-called lifestyle clauses — curtailing visits from in-laws or how often you have sex — because they are largely unenforceable in court.让你提出的条件简单明了。“有的婚前协议甚至会说,‘如果你不减掉婴儿肥,我就跟你离婚,’或者‘如果你对我不忠,我就会获得多少钱,’”瓦瑟尔说。她的客户包括安吉丽娜·朱莉(Angelina Jolie)和布兰妮·斯皮尔斯(Britney Spears)。瓦瑟尔的律所拒绝在协议中纳入所谓的“生活方式条款”——比如限制亲家串门次数或是规定做爱的频率——因为这些在法庭上基本无法执行。Even if you and your betrothed are penniless or view prenuptial agreements as a sordid elevation of capital over love, all couples should make the time to talk about the big questions that prenups answer up front. “Who is paying for what? How much do you save? Are you going to go back to work after you have children? What happens when one of us dies?”即使你和未婚夫或未婚妻穷得身无分文,或者认为婚前协议是把金钱置于爱情之上的丑陋之举,所有的情侣也都应该花时间谈论婚前协议会直接解答的那些重要问题:“谁来负担哪些开销?存多少钱?女方生完孩子要继续工作吗?一方离世了该怎么办?” /201503/366456贵阳市微创肛肠医院治疗肛瘘价格

遵义妇幼保健院看肛周疾病多少钱Couplewith 32 YEAR age gap who defied their families to marry, celebrate their 18th wedding anniversary and groom says his 76-year-old wife is his #39;life-longo bsession#39;年龄相差32岁的夫妇庆祝第18个结婚纪念日,新郎说他76岁的妻子是他“终身的爱恋”A couple who defied their families wishes to marry because the bride, at 59, was 32 years older than her husband-to-be, are preparing to celebrate 18 years together.这对夫妇对抗自己家人的意愿决心要结婚,因为当时她59岁,而他32岁,如今,他们已经一起走过了18个年头。In 1996Li Yuchen married his older love Ma Yuqin, from north east China#39;s Liaoning Province, after falling in love when he was a child and she was a famous local actress.1996年,李玉晨与来自辽宁的马玉琴结婚,当他还是个孩子时就已经爱上了作为当地著名演员的她。Despite strong opposition from relatives, friends and neighbours, and Li#39;s father renouncing him publicly, the age-gap lovers risked becoming social outcasts towed.尽管亲戚,朋友和邻居强烈反对,李的父亲还公开宣布与他断绝关系,这对年龄悬殊的爱人依然不顾社会的反对而结婚。Li, now 44, said: #39;Nobody believed our marriage would last long but we have proved them wrong with a loving relationship that has lasted almost 18 years.#39;现年44岁的李说:“没有人相信我们的婚姻会持久,但是我们明了他们错了,我们已经在一起18年了。”Li was born in 1969, when Ma, then 32, was a well-known performer with a family of her own.李1969年出生,而当时32岁的马是一名著名演员,已经拥有自己的家庭。Yet whenas an eight-year-old he first saw her act, Li fell head over heels for the older beauty.然而,当八岁的他第一次看她表演时,李对她的美神魂颠倒。#39;I was smitten, and it was a life-long obsession that I never lost, even now,#39;he said. #39;I adore Ma and remember her as if it were yesterday when she came for a performance in my primary school.#39;“我当时真是神魂颠倒了,这是一种毕生的爱恋,即使现在也是如此,”他说。“我喜欢马,当她来我们学校表演时,我有一种似曾相识的感觉。”When Li#39;s father told his son that he had been at school with Ma, Li ran up to the actress calling her #39;auntie#39;.当李的父亲告诉儿子自己刚刚在学校看过马时,他马上跑向这位女演员,并称她为“阿姨”。Ma, now 76, said: #39;He was a cheeky little chap and I really felt a warm spot for him,but never dreamed that we would end up married.现年76岁的马说:“他当时是个厚脸皮的小家伙,我还真是蛮喜欢他的,但是从来没想过我们会结婚。”#39;He was just the son of a school friend to me back then. I was stunned after years of knowing him when he proposed and told me he loved me.“他当时仅仅是我校友的儿子,认识他几年后当他向我求婚并说爱我时,我也是不知所措。”#39;It was then that I realised that I actually had grown very fond of him too.#39;“也是在那时我才意识到实际上我也已经非常喜欢他了。”Li said:#39;From the age of 20, my parents introduced many girls to me but I refused allof the girls with different excuses. In fact, Ma Yuqin had been my idol all the time, and no others could hold a candle to her.李说:“从20岁开始,我父母给我介绍很多女孩子,但是我用各种借口拒绝了她们。实际上,马玉琴始终都是我的偶像,任何人都无法与她相提并论。”#39;Wherever Ma went to give performance, I would go to watch. It was at these performances that we got close, we would go for dinner afterwards or chat in bars.#39;“无论马去哪里表演,我都会去看。正是通过这些表演,我们的关系变得亲密,表演过后,我们会去吃饭或者去酒吧里聊天。”When he was 27, Li joined Ma on stage and the pair began to perform together. After their first season - and undaunted by the age gap, Li proposed to the object of his affections, who was then 59.当他27岁的时候,李在舞台上加入了马,于是一起表演。在一起表演一段时间过后,李向马求婚,当时她已经59岁了。Li#39;s parents were so horrified by their son#39;s unlikely match that they told him he should be ashamed and that he must abandon his mature fiancee, who was also adivorced mother-of-two.李的父母为此感到紧张不安,他们对他说他应该为此感到羞耻,并且一定要抛弃这个成熟的未婚妻,当时她已经离婚,并且有两个孩子。Li#39;s father threw him out of the house and announced publicly that he disowned his son.李的父亲将他赶出了家门,并公开宣布断绝父子关系。Ma#39;s two sons also lashed out at their mother#39;s relationship, while Li says neighbours laughed at the pair.马的两个儿子也是猛烈的抨击母亲的这段关系,李说他们都被邻居们嘲笑。Li#39;s mother died in 2006, reportedly weakened by her son#39;s bizarre love match.李的母亲2006年去世,据说是受到了儿子婚事的刺激。Despite this opposition, the unlikely lovers said their vows and have defied the oddsby living a happy life together.尽管遭到反对,两人还是结婚了并愉快的生活在一起。Ma said:#39;I hope it goes on for many more years.#39;马说:“我希望这样的感情能继续持续下去。” /201412/347790遵义市肛肠检查医院 云岩区黔灵人民医院治疗肛周脓肿价格

开阳县治疗便秘医院Guests at your typical ,250-a-plate Manhattan fund-raiser usually face no quandary more urgent than “red or white?”通常,在那种门票1250美元的曼哈顿筹款宴会上,来宾需要即刻拿的主意,往往不过是喝“红酒还是白酒”这样的问题。But when representatives of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo step onstage Tuesday to receive an award for “freedom of expression courage” at PEN American Center’s literary gala, the roughly 800 guests will face a more complicated choice: standing ovation, walkout or something in between?但周二参加美国笔会中心(PEN American Center)“文学之夜”的约八百名与会者,面对法国讽刺刊物《查理周报》(Charlie Hebdo)的代表被授予“言论自由勇气奖”(freedom of expression courage)时,需要拿的主意则更为复杂:是起身鼓掌、抽身离席、还是模棱两可?During the past week, the news that six prominent writers, including Peter Carey, Michael Ondaatje and Francine Prose, had pulled out as gala table hosts to protest what they saw as the magazine’s cultural intolerance and Islamophobia has set off an unusually intense war of words in the heart of the American literary establishment.过去一周里,包括彼得·凯里(Peter Carey)、迈克尔·翁达杰(Michael Ondaatje)、弗朗辛·普罗斯(Francine Prose)在内的六位知名作家表示,不会作为主持人出席颁奖活动,以表达自己对《查理周报》的文化狭隘和反伊斯兰倾向的不满。消息传出之后,立刻在美国文学圈的核心人物中挑起了一场激烈异常的口水战。The controversy has ricocheted across social media and op-ed pages worldwide, as partisans have traded impassioned arguments and sometimes ad hominem insults. By the weekend, more than 200 of PEN’s roughly 4,000 members — including Junot Díaz, Joyce Carol Oates, Lorrie Moore and Michael Cunningham — had signed a letter saying that the award crossed a line between “staunchly supporting expression that violates the acceptable, and enthusiastically rewarding such expression.”意见各方激烈论战,有时甚至对对手进行人身攻击。这场论战也很快蔓延至各个社交网络和世界各地报刊的版。截至上周末,在约四千名笔会成员中,已有包括胡诺特·迪亚斯(Junot Díaz)、乔伊斯·卡罗尔·欧茨(Joyce Carol Oates)、洛丽·尔(Lorrie Moore)以及迈克尔·坎宁安(Michael Cunningham)在内的逾两百人签署了联名信,表示颁发此奖是越界之举,“坚定持过分言论和积极鼓励过分言论”之间是有区别的。The debate is emotional and complex. But the battle lines are generally drawn between those who believe that PEN’s core mission includes celebrating Charlie Hebdo’s courageous perseverance after the Jan. 7 attack on its office by Muslim extremists that left 12 people dead and those who believe that the magazine’s cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad promote bigotry and reinforce the second-class status of a Muslim underclass in France.虽然争论混乱且缺乏理性,但观点大致可分为两派。一方认为《查理周报》在1月7日总部受到穆斯林极端分子袭击,12人遇袭身亡之后,对其表现出的勇敢执着给予嘉奖是美国笔会的核心使命;另一方认为该刊物有关先知默罕默德(Prophet Muhammad)的漫画让偏见升级,导致本就处于社会下层的法国穆斯林更难摆脱二等公民的现状。There has also been debate about the debate, with some seeing an example of fractious freedom of expression in action while others see a spectacle that has generated more heat than light.人们对这场论战本身也是争论不断。有人视之为引发分歧的“言论自由”被付诸实践;另一些人看到的更多是“争”而不是“论”。“With this boycott the Charlie Hebdo debate has come to embody all the limitations, and now the futility, of the freedom of expression argument vis-à-vis Muslims in particular and minorities in general,” Nesrine Malik, a Sudanese-born, London-based commentator, wrote in The Guardian.“这场对《查理周报》获奖的抵制行动引发的论战充分体现了言论自由理论对社会少数群体、尤其是穆斯林的局限性,甚至现在看来言论自由理论对这些群体是没有价值的。”出生于苏丹、现居伦敦的员内斯林·马利克(Nesrine Malik)在《卫报》(The Guardian)上写道。“We are trapped between people who see a knowing establishment prejudice against Muslims (and other ethnic or racial minorities) everywhere, and those who refuse to believe it exists,” she wrote.“一些人知道,对于穆斯林(或其他少数种族)无处不在、心照不宣的歧视由来已久;另外的一些人则拒绝相信这种歧视的存在。他们把我们夹在了中间,”她写道。The controversy revives a debate that flared up in January over whether some of Charlie Hebdo’s cartoons were racist. It is drawing in new partisans, and may take on greater urgency after the shootings on Sunday in Texas, where two gunmen, one of whom the F.B.I. had previously investigated for links to Islamic terrorism, attacked a conference organized by an anti-Islam group that included a Muhammad cartoon contest.此次论战重燃了今年一月对于《查理周报》漫画是否种族歧视的讨论。周日的德克萨斯州击案后,这一讨论也许更显重要,吸引更多人关注。周日,两名持者袭击了一个反伊斯兰组织的集会,集会活动包括了一个默罕默德漫画比赛。其中一名袭击者因涉嫌与伊斯兰恐怖组织相关,曾受到联邦调查局(FBI)调查。To some, the bigoted nature of Charlie Hebdo’s cartoons is clear. “It’s a racist publication,” Ms. Prose, a former president of PEN, told The Nation last week. “Let’s not beat about the bush.”对于部分人来说,《查理周报》的狭隘和偏执显而易见。“它就是份种族歧视刊物,”笔会的前主席普罗斯女士上周对美国《国家》杂志(The Nation)说,“这点我们不用拐弯抹角。”The writer Luc Sante, who also signed the letter of protest, said that while the work of Georges Wolinski, one of the cartoonists killed in the attack, “was humane and large-spirited,” some of Charlie Hedbo’s contributors trafficked in “sophomoric troll humor.”作家卢克·桑特(Luc Sante)也签署了联名抗议信。虽然他评价遇袭身亡的漫画家之一乔治·沃林斯基(Georges Wolinski)的作品“充满人性、非常大度”,但认为部分《查理周报》供稿人传播的却是“不成熟的挑衅式幽默”。“The fact alone that black and Arab people are offended by the way they were depicted — leaving religion to the side — should have made PEN think before celebrating Charlie Hebdo,” Mr. Sante said in an email.“即便撇开宗教不谈,许多黑人和阿拉伯人对那些描绘自己的漫画感到愤怒,仅仅因为这一点,笔会就应该在赞颂《查理周报》前仔细斟酌。”桑特先生在电子邮件中写道。Defenders of the award counter that such arguments overlook the full scope and context of Charlie Hebdo’s cartoons. They point to websites like Understanding Charlie Hebdo Cartoons, which offers detailed analysis of some of the magazine’s ruder images, or to a study published in Le Monde in February stating that, contrary to the notion that the publication focused obsessively on Islam, fewer than 2 percent of the magazine’s covers between 2005 and 2015 primarily mocked Islam.该奖的辩护者反驳称,那样的观点未能全面地看待《查理周报》漫画的语境。他们指出像“了解查理周报漫画”这样的网站提供了对于该杂志部分较为粗糙的图片的详细分析, 或是一项二月份发表在法国《世界报》(Le Monde)上的研究。该研究显示,和《查理周报》过分专注于穆斯林的观念正好相反的是,在2005年至2015年之间不到百分之二的杂志封面主要嘲笑了穆斯林。The conversation about Charlie Hebdo in France has indeed been different from those in the ed States. There, the magazine is widely seen as a leftist, anti-establishment irritant and champion of the underdog, carrying on a long French tradition of scabrous satire. The former President Nicolas Sarkozy was a particularly despised target, and the magazine has been unsparing in its evisceration of the right-wing, anti-immigrant National Front.在法国,当人们谈论到《查理周报》时,态度的确明显与在美国不同。在那里,它被普遍看成是一份左翼、反建制的刺激刊物,为弱者代言,传承着法国悠久的粗俗式讽刺传统。前总统尼古拉·萨科奇(Nicolas Sarkozy) 就是常被其鄙视的目标。而且,该刊物还一直不遗余力地对反移民的右翼政党国民阵线(National Front) 大加挖苦。In an interview last week with the French magazine Les Inrocks, Rénald Luzier, the cartoonist who works under the name Luz and drew the cover image of Mohammed for the first issue after the attacks, said Charlie Hebdo’s creed was not hatred but “a joyful atheism.”在上周,雷纳德·鲁西尔(Rénald Luzier)接受了法国杂志《Les Inroks》的采访。这位以鲁兹(Luz)为笔名并在袭击后的那期刊物中画了穆罕默德的封面画像的漫画家,当时声称《查理周报》的信条不是仇恨,而是“令人欢喜的无神论.”Still, as the shock of the attacks has begun to fade, the French debate has broadened, and some prominent intellectuals have questioned what lies beneath the “I Am Charlie” slogan.尽管如此,随着袭击带来的震惊开始减退,法国进行了更广泛的辩论,一些重要的知识分子开始质疑“我是查理”标语下掩藏的真实面孔。In an interview about his new book, “Who Is Charlie?,” to be released in France on Thursday, the center-left historian and demographer Emmanuel Todd described the Jan. 11 demonstrations that brought millions to the streets of Paris and other French cities in support of the magazine as “a sham.” The march, he argued, purported to unite all of France but in fact brought together an urban, historically atheist elite and a rural, Roman Catholic, traditionally anti-republican demographic, but not the Muslim underclass.在一次对他的即将于周四在法国发行的新书《谁是查理》的采访中,左翼历史学家和人口学家艾曼纽·托德(Emmanuel Todd)把1月11日那场声援《查理周报》的游行描述成“一场骗局”。那场示威活动聚集了巴黎和其他法国城市的数百万人。他说,他们声称要团结全法国,但其实只团结了都市中那些传统上秉持无神论的精英和乡村的那些传统上反共和的罗马天主教徒,而不包括底层社会的穆斯林。“For the first time in my life, I wasn’t proud to be French,” Mr. Todd said in a cover interview this week with the magazine L’Obs. “When four million people come together to say that caricaturing the religion of others is an absolute right — and even a duty! — and when these others are the weakest members of society, one is perfectly free to say that we’re fine, we’re in the right, that this is a great country. But that is not the case.”“我有生第一次不以我是法国人而骄傲,”托德在本周的一次《新观察家》(L’Obs)的封面采访中说。“当四百万人聚到一起说以漫画讽刺其他人的宗教是绝对的权力,甚至是责任,并且当这些其他人是社会最弱势群体时,一个人可以自由地说我们挺好,我们没错,这是一个伟大的国家。但事实并非如此。The real threat to France, he said, isn’t Muslims but “this crazy new religion I call ‘radical secularism.’ ”对法国的真正威胁,他说,不是穆斯林们,而是“这个我称为‘极端世俗主义’的新宗教。”Some of the writers protesting the PEN award say that acknowledgment of this aspect of the French context has been missing from the American conversation.一些抗议笔会授奖的作家声称,在美国的相关讨论中,对法国这方面情况的承认无迹可寻。The novelist Rachel Kushner, one of the six hosts who withdrew, said that the award could be intended to honor free speech, but actually reinforced a cultural and legal order that limits the free expression of religious beliefs — for example, by banning head scarves in schools.小说家蕾切尔·库什纳(Rachel Kushner)是撤出晚会的六位主持人之一,她说该奖本来是用来奖励言论自由的,但事实上却强化了一个限制宗教信仰自由表达的文化和法律秩序——比如说,禁止在学校戴面纱。The defense of Charlie Hebdo “is always on secularist grounds,” Ms. Kushner said in an email. “But some in France — the very same marginalized sector of society who see themselves as targeted by some of Hebdo’s covers — are targeted by laws that enforce secularism.”对《查理周报》的维护“总是以世俗主义为基础的”,库什纳女士在一封邮件中说。“但是在法国的一些人——那些被社会边缘化的人,觉得自己成了《查理周报》封面的打击对象的人——成为了执行世俗主义的法律的打击对象。” /201505/373929 黔南布依族苗族自治州治疗肛周脓肿多少钱贵阳中医附院看肛门损伤多少钱




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