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Narrator: 欢迎大家回到白领英语续集。 在上次 Denise 被裁员的消息后希望今天是个更为愉快的一天。不知道等待 Tom 和 Anna 究竟是什么消息呢?Paul: …its really awful having to let a member of your staff go but thats the situation were in, Im afraid.Tom: And now youre going to let us go, arent you? Honestly Paul, Ive given my life to this company and quite frankly Im disappointed… no, Im angry at your decision. See your biscuits? Well…Anna: Tom!Tom: Thats what I think of Tip Top Trading…Paul: What?! Hold on Tom. I think youre a bit confused. Im not sacking you, too. I need to talk to you about plastic vegetables… you know, the aubergine idea?Tom: Oh… I see. Youre not sacking us? Sorry Paul… Ill buy you some more biscuits. So what was it that you had to say?Paul: Plastic vegetables. Yours and Annas idea for a plastic aubergine. I like it. Its good. So I need you to develop a prototype we can use to show our potential clients.Anna: Well thats great. So where do we get the prototype made?Paul: Upstairs, on the 4 floor. We have a great development team who can magic up some amazing designs.Anna: Theyre magicians?Tom: No Anna. Theyre just developers who make things out of plastic.Paul: Thank you Tom. Look, why not go and have a chat to them now and get the ball rolling.Anna: But were not making balls.Tom: Come on Anna… Ill explain. See you Paul.Narrator: To get the ball rolling - 所谓让球滚动起来 – 意思就是让事情开始运作起来。开发人员可以根据你的要求去设计制样,然后你可以去展示并作进一步改进,不过首先你要对他们讲清楚具体的要求是什么。下面我们来听听 Anna 和 Tom 的工作进展怎么样…(Lift door opens)Tom: So this is the development team. Alright George, you up for footie on Sunday? Great. You met Anna before?Anna: Hello.Tom: Weve come to talk vegetables.George: Try the greengrocers!Tom: Ha, very funny! Yeah, no, we need to talk plastic aubergine making, mate. Its our new big idea.George: Easy. We can just remould the design for the Imperial Lemon.Narrator: Anna 觉得行吗? 这同你的想法一致吗?如果你要想实现你的想法,那么你得掌控局面呢。Anna: But what shall I say?Narrator: 告诉他们你的准确的想法是什么,你可以说I have a specific idea in mind - 我有个很具体的想法。然后你可以说Im interested in hearing your thoughts on how to improve my ideas - 我很想听听你对改进我的这个想法有何高见,接着你可以说,Id like to use your design skills to produce a fantastic product - 我很想用你的设计技巧来制作一个精美的产品,最后你可以说,I need to sign off your designs before they go into production - 在投产之前我需要签字同意你的设计。Anna: I see. OK, time for me to take control. George… this is quite a special project for us… isnt it Tom?Tom: Oh yeah, right, absolutely.Anna: So we want to get it right and I aly have a specific idea in mind.George: Great, sure, tell me more.Anna: Well, based on a real aubergine, I was hoping it could be 20 centimetres in length, using grade 1 plastic resin, with a black-purple colour and a 30 degree curve on that side. Does that make sense?George: Erm yeah. Quite clear.Anna: Obviously you are a designer, so Im interested in hearing your thoughts on how to improve our idea.George: Well, it looks very impressive aly. Gosh, Tom, where did you get her from?Anna: He didnt get me from anywhere. Now, Id like to use your design skills to develop a fantastic product that I can show everyone. OK?George: Err… yes. Ill get onto it straight away.Narrator: 说的很好 Anna. 有时掌控局面并准确表达你的想法是很重要的,不过口气要积极有所鼓。下面我们再来回顾一下 Anna 使用的几个句子:I have a specific idea in mind.Im interested in hearing your thoughts on how to improve my ideas.Id like to use your design skills to produce a fantastic product.Narrator: 最后还有一句话来确保设计者按部就班完成任务,‘I need to sign off your designs before they go into production - ‘在投产之前我需要最后签字批准,这就是说在投产之前要经过你的批准,这个设计才能成立。好 Anna 继续吧。Anna: …so when will you have the designs y then?George: Hopefully by tomorrow morning. Is that OK?Anna: That will be great but I will need to sign off your designs before they go into production – that way, there wont be any mistakes – will there?George: Crikey Tom, shes a bit bossy.Tom: No! Shes a pussy cat really… a bit of a softy.Anna: Now come on Tom. Fetch my things. We need to go and sort out a leaving present for Denise.Tom: Oh yeah right, of course, see you George.Narrator: 嗯,我觉得 Toms 才是一个小猫咪呢。 希望设计结果能令人满意。不过最重要的是明天就到了 Denises 在公司的最后一天了 – 大家会怎么应对那一局面? 请留意下一集的白领英语。再会。听力挑战:Anna 想要的塑料茄子原形有多长?上期:Anna 向 Denise 表示安慰时使用了一个短语,依赖什么来 cry on?A shouder to cry on? 你需要依靠下我的肩膀吗 /201303/228938。

  • 第一句:Can you take a message for me?能帮我留言吗?A: Good morning. A company.早上好,A公司。B: Hello. This is Dick Smith of DEF Company. May I speak to Mr. John Black, please?你好,我是DEF公司的迪克·史密斯。我可以和约翰·布莱克先生通话吗?A: Im sorry. Mr. Black, please?对不起,布莱克先生刚出去。B: Can you take a message for me?能帮我留言吗?第二句:I think its better for me to leave a message.我觉得还是留下一个口信比较好。A: Could you call back later or would you mind leaving a message?您可以过一会儿再打来或者给他留言吗?B: I think its better for me to leave a message. But its more important and urgent. Please make sure he gets this message.我觉得还是留下一个口信比较好。不过这件事很紧急,请一定将留言传达给他。A: I see. Im sure to pass your message to Mr. Black.明白了,我一定把您的留言传达给布莱克先生。其他表达法:Would you mind telling him that due to some sudden changes, do not fill out any orders?你可以告诉他,由于意外变化请勿发货吗?Let me repeat the message.我再重复一遍留言。。
  • 5 工作背景3句英文任你选I have five years experience in staff management.我有五年管理员工的经验。I have worked for IBM for three years.我在 IBM工作过 3年。Im a recent graduate of Washington University.我刚从华盛顿大学毕业不久。半个句型要记牢working experience (工作经历)Tip:面试过程中,面试官必不可少会问What is your working experience? (你的工作经历是怎样的?)你必须侧重性作答,展示自己的优势。 /201505/373150。
  • French prosecutors have pledged that the judicial inquiry into a deadly Chinese man shooting case will be handled ;with the greatest transparency; and should result in a fair and fast conclusion, Paris police chief Michel Cadot said last Saturday.巴黎警察局局长米歇尔·卡多上星期六表示,法国检方承诺,中国男子被杀这一事件的司法调查工作,将会以“最大程度的透明”进行,力求得出一个公正、快速的结果。Liu Shaoyao, a 56-year-old Chinese man and a father of five children, was shot dead by police in his apartment in Paris. The incident sparked outrage and aroused protests by the Chinese community in Paris.56岁的中国男子刘少尧是五个孩子的父亲,他在寓所中被警察击而亡。该事件引起了巴黎的中国社区的愤怒和抗议。Progress has been made jointly by France and China to improve the security of Paris, Cadot said after a work meeting with Chinese Ambassador to France Zhai Jun as well as representatives of Chinese nationals.卡多在与中国驻法国大使翟隽以及华侨华人代表进行工作会议后表示,为了加强巴黎的安全工作,法国和中国已经一起取得了进展。Cadot said the atmosphere of the talks is ;very constructive.; He also expressed condolence to Liu Shaoyaos family.卡多表示,会谈的氛围“十分具有建设性”。他还向刘少尧的家人表达了慰问。Cadot stressed that the Paris police will considerably increase security measures to guarantee that Paris is one of the safest destinations of Europe to Chinese tourists.卡多强调,巴黎警方将会大幅加强安保措施,来保障巴黎成为中国游客最安全的欧洲目的地之一。Zhai said China hopes that the judicial inquiry launched by the French side on the truth of Liu Shaoyaos shooting to death case will lead to a ;fair and understandable; conclusion and the China-France relationship can continue to move forward in a good way.翟隽表示,中国希望法方就刘少尧被杀案一事展开的司法调查,可以提供一个公正合理的调查结果,并希望中法关系能够继续良好发展;We need to believe in the sincerity of the French side in investigating the case of Liu Shaoyao, and we appreciate the security measures launched by France, particularly by the Paris police,; said Zhai.翟隽说道:“我们愿意相信法方在调查刘少尧事件真相方面表现出来的诚意,我们赞赏法国,特别是巴黎警察局采取的安保措斀?”来 /201704/503279。
  • 第一句:I am expecting some money from New York.我在等从纽约寄来的汇款。A: I am expecting some money from New York. Is it in yet?我在等从纽约寄来的汇款。这笔钱到了吗?B: Sorry, your remittance hasnt reached us yet.对不起,您的汇款还没有到我们这儿。A: Could you notify me as soon as my remittance comes?我的汇款到了请您通知我好吗?第二句:We have a transfer of 00 from America for you.A: We have a transfer of 00 from America for you.您有汇自美国的5000美金。B: Oh, thank you.哦,谢谢。A: Now let me record this transaction in your bankbook.我来把这笔交易记录入您的存折。背诵句型:Id like to buy a bank draft.我想买一张汇票。How long does it take to arrive in Sydney?到悉尼需要多长时间? /201306/243695。
  • President Donald Trump’s latest approval rating has sunk to a new low, according to the latest Gallup poll.美国民意调查公司盖洛普(Gallup)最新民调结果显示,特朗普的持率创历史新低。Only 37 percent of Americans approve of the job Trump is doing, and 58 percent disapprove, the daily poll found Sunday. Those are the worst ratings since he took office eight weeks ago. His approval rating stood at 45 percent just nine days ago.周日的民调显示,特朗普的持率仅7%,同时不持率高8%。这是特朗普上任八周以来得到的最低持率,九天前的持率还是45%。Trump’s approval rating is lower than any other president at this point in his first term since Gallup started tracking the numbers 72 years ago in 1945. Barack Obama’s rating at this point in his presidency was 60 percent.盖洛普(Gallup)综合自1945年以来共72年的数据,发现特朗普的持率比同期的任何一位总统都要低。奥巴马在任时同期持率0%。HuffPost Pollster’s aggregate, which combines publiclyavailablepolling data, currently puts Trump’s approval rating slightly higher at 44 percent, with 53 percent disapproving.赫芬顿邮报民调(HuffPost Pollster)结合现有调查数据统计显示目前特朗普的持率略高4%,另外不持率达3%。It’s not clear which of several issues may have torpedoed the president’s numbers.最近发生的问题颇多,现在尚不清楚其中哪一件成为了特朗普持率滑铁卢的罪魁祸首。It’s been a tough week for Trump. His health plan was zapped by the Congressional Budget Office, which revealed some 24 million Americans would be cut out of health insurance over the next decade. His revised travel ban was blocked again in court. And he’s being hammered over his insistence that he was wiretapped during the presidential campaign by Obama, despite what his own intelligence officers are saying and the findings of the intelligence committees in both the House and Senate.本周对于特朗普来说是艰难的一周。国会预算局否定了他的医改方案,因为此方案会在十年内导致,400万人美国人失去医保。新版“禁穆令”再遭封杀。在自己的情报人员和国会情报委员会都未找到任何据的情况下,特朗普执意宣称奥巴马在大选期间窃听特朗普大厦也引起了民众的不满。Meanwhile, questions continue about his associatesconnections with Russia. A hearing Monday will address both Trump’s wiretapping allegations and Russian ties.与此同时,特朗普幕僚与俄罗斯关系的问题还未得到解决。周一将举行听会讨论窃听指控和俄罗斯关系问题。Trump also had an awkward meeting Friday with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.上周五特朗普会见德国总理默克尔的场景也十分尴尬。Obama’s lowest approval rating throughout both of his terms was 39 percent in a Zogby Poll, higher than Trump’s now in his early days in office when a young presidency is usually popular. Trump skewered Obama over the 39 percent numbers in 2011.格比民调(Zogby Poll)显示奥巴马八年任职期间的最低持率9%,比刚上任不久的特朗普还要高一些。大家要知道,刚上任的总统往往因为受欢迎持率会高一些。特朗普曾在2011年嘲讽过奥巴9%的持率。Gallup’s daily poll results are based on telephone interviews with 1,500 people nationwide and have a 3 percent margin of error.盖洛普(Gallup)每日民调电话访问全美范围内1500人,统计误差为正个百分点。来 /201703/499783。
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