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淮安市妇幼保健医院月经不调多少钱淮安三院尿科演讲文本Tony Blair's speech on returning to 10 Downing Street(6 May 2005) British Prime Minister Tony Blair unveiled his third-term government at the start of perhaps the most crucial week of his political career, amid talk of a possible challenge to his leadership.(AFP/File/Carl de Souza) Tony Blair:I've just come from Buckingham Palace where the Queen has asked me to form a new government which I will do. It's a tremendous honour and privilege to be elected for a third term and I'm acutely conscious of that honour and that privilege. When I stood here first eight years ago I was a lot younger but also a lot less experienced. Today as well as having in our minds the priorities that people want, we, I, the government, has the knowledge, as well as the determination and commitment, to deliver them. The great thing about the election is that you go out and talk to people for week upon week. And I've listened and I've learned, and I think I've a very clear idea what the people now expect from the government in a third term. And I want to say to them very directly that I, we, the government, are going to focus relentlessly now on the priorities that people have set for us. What are those priorities? First they like the strong economy, but life is still a real struggle for many people and many families in this country and they know there are new issues: help for first time buyers to get their feet on the first rungs of the housing ladder; families trying to cope with balancing work and family life; many people struggling to make ends meet; many families on low incomes who desperately need help and support to increase their living standards; businesses who whilst they like the economic stability, want us also to focus on stimulating enterprise on investing in science and skills and technology for the future. It's very clear what people want us to do and we will do it. Second in relation to the public services, health and education, again people like the investment that has gone into public services, they welcome it. I have found absolutely no support for any suggestion we cut back that investment. The people want that money to work better for them, they want higher standards, both of care and of education for the investment we are putting in. And so we will focus on delivering not just the investment but the reform and change of those public services and I will do so with passion, because I want to keep universal public services that know that the only way of keeping the consent for them is by making the changes necessary for the twenty-first century. And third, people welcome the fact that so many more people are in work and have moved off benefit and into work, but people still know there are too many people economically inactive who should to be helped off benefit and into work. And they also know that, whatever help we are giving today's pensioners, tomorrow's pensioners are deeply concerned as to whether they will have the standard of life that they want. People expect us to sort out these issues, we will do so. And fourth, I've also learnt that the British people are a tolerant and decent people, they did not want immigration made a divisive issue in the course of the election campaign, but they do believe there are real problems in our immigration and asylum system and they expect us to sort them out, and we will do so. And fifth, I've been struck again and again in the course of this campaign by people worrying that in our country today, though they like the fact we have got over the deference of the past, there is a disrespect that people don't like. And whether it's in the classroom, or on the street in town centres on a Friday or Saturday night, I want to focus on this issue. We've done a lot so far with anti-social orders and additional numbers of police. But I want to make this a particular priority for this government, how we bring back a proper sense of respect in our schools, in our communities, in our towns and our villages. And rising out of that will be a radical programme of legislation that will focus exactly on those priorities: on education; on health; on welfare reform; on immigration; on law and order. In addition I know that Iraq has been a deeply divisive issue in this country, that has been very clear. But I also know and believe that after this election people want to move on, they want to focus on the future in Iraq and here. And I know too that there are many other issues that concern people in the international agenda, and we will focus on those, on poverty in Africa, on climate change, on making progress in Israel and Palestine. So there is a very big agenda for a third-term. Even if we don't have quite the same expectations that people had of us in 1997, we now have the experience and the commitment to see it through. One final thing: I've also learnt something about the British people, that whatever the difficulties and disagreements with us, and whatever issues and challenges that confront them, their values of fairness and decency and opportunity for all, and the belief that people should be able to get on, on the basis of hard work and merit, not class and background, those values are the values I believe in, the values our government will believe in.200603/5042金湖县人民医院做无痛人流多少钱 【Speech Video】The President honors the 2010 NCAA Women’s Basketball champion Connecticut Huskies for their second straight undefeated season and victory in the NCAA tournament.201005/10400121世纪杯全国英语演讲比赛 第七名 美国经典英文演讲100篇总统演讲布莱尔首相演讲美国总统布什演讲快报 200808/46693淮安市妇科大夫

洪泽县无痛人流多少钱盱眙县人民医院专家 Across the generations we have proclaimed the imperative of self-government, because no one is fit to be a master, and no one deserves to be a slave.每一世代,我们重申着民有政权的重要性,没有什么人应该是主人而另一些人应该做奴隶.Advancing these ideals is the mission that created our Nation.实现这一理念的使命是我们的立国之本.It is the honorable achievement of our fathers.我们的先父荣耀地完成了这一使命.Now it is the urgent requirement of our nations security, and the calling of our time.进一步扩展这一理念是国家安全的要求, 是我们的当务之急.So it is the policy of the ed States to seek and support the growth of democratic movements and institutions in every nation and culture, with the ultimate goal of ending tyranny in our world. 有鉴于此,美国的政策是寻求并持世界各国和各种文化背景下成长的民主运动,寻求并持民主的制度化.最终的目标是终结世间的任何极权制度.This is not primarily the task of arms, though we will defend ourselves and our friends by force of arms when necessary.这个目标最终不应由暴力达成,尽管在必要时,我们将以武力自卫,并保卫我们的朋友.Freedom, by its nature, must be chosen, and defended by citizens, and sustained by the rule of law and the protection of minorities.自由的性质要求公民去自觉地选择它,捍卫它,并通过立法加以维护,同时保障劣势者.And when the soul of a nation finally speaks, the institutions that arise may reflect customs and traditions very different from our own.当一个国家的魂魄最终选择自由时,它的制度将反映着不同于我们的文化和传统.America will not impose our own style of government on the unwilling.美国将不会强迫任何国家接受我们的国家体制.Our goal instead is to help others find their own voice, attain their own freedom, and make their own way. 我们的目的,是帮助其他国家找到自己的声音,获得自身的自由,发现自己的自由之路.The great objective of ending tyranny is the concentrated work of generations.终结专制统治的巨大使命是几代人努力的目标.The difficulty of the task is no excuse for avoiding it.其难度不是无所作为的借口.Americas influence is not unlimited, but fortunately for the oppressed, Americas influence is considerable, and we will use it confidently in freedoms cause. 美国的影响有限,但值得庆幸的是,美国的影响也是有力的,我们将充满信心地在追求自由的道路上帮助你们.My most solemn duty is to protect this nation and its people from further attacks and emerging threats.我最庄严的责任是保护我的国家和它的人民不再受到任何袭击和威胁.Some have unwisely chosen to test Americas resolve, and have found it firm. 有些人不明智地选择了试探美国的决心,他们发现了我们坚定的意志.We will persistently clarify the choice before every ruler and every nation:我们坚定地给每一个统治者每一个国家提出这样的选择:The moral choice between oppression, which is always wrong, and freedom, which is eternally right. 请在压迫---这终究是错的,与自由---这永远是正确的,之间做道义的选择03/438283盱眙县有泌尿科吗

淮安淋菌性尿道炎怎么治疗 President's Radio Address THE PRESIDENT: Good morning. This week, I gave my official farewell speech to the men and women of America's Armed Forces in a ceremony at Fort Myer, Virginia. For the past eight years, I have had no higher honor than serving as the Commander-in-Chief of these brave patriots. And when Laura and I depart for Texas later this month, we will take with us many inspiring memories of the valor that we have seen these brave Americans display time and again. We saw their valor on September the 11th, 2001, in service members rushing into smoke-filled corridors to save their colleagues at the Pentagon, and in planes patrolling the skies above New York City and Washington D.C. We saw their valor in the days after that attack, when Americans crowded into recruiting centers across our country, raised their hands to serve, and pledged to defend our people and our freedom. We saw their valor in the forces who deployed to Afghanistan within weeks of 9/11, closed down the terrorist training camps, and drove the Taliban from power. We saw their valor in the fearless troops who stormed across the Iraqi desert -- and destroyed a regime that threatened America. We saw their valor in battle-tested warriors who signed up for a second, or third, or fourth tour -- and made the troop surge in Iraq that I announced two years ago today one of the great successes in American military history. America's Armed Forces have liberated more than 50 million people around the world -- and made our Nation safer. They have taken the fight to the terrorists abroad so that we have not had to face them here at home. And the world has seen something that almost no one thought possible: More than seven years after September the 11th, there has not been another terrorist attack on American soil. This is no coincidence. In addition to our military, many other Americans have worked tirelessly to ensure our safety in the years since 9/11. Law enforcement officials have worked to secure our country and remained watchful against future attacks. Intelligence analysts have tracked information that allowed us to disrupt terrorist plots before they reached our shores. And homeland security agents have worked to secure our ports, our borders, and our skies. We owe a debt of gratitude to all of these patriots. Because of their devotion to service, many Americans live their lives without the fear and uncertainty that they felt in the days just after 9/11. This continued safety has been a blessing -- but we must never allow it to foster complacency. America still faces sworn enemies intent on striking our Nation and our people. And we must remain vigilant for as long as that threat remains. I know that our men and women in uniform have remained vigilant. These Americans answer the call to defend freedom when it is under attack. They put their lives on the line to defend democracy and keep our country safe. And they inspire a Nation with their selflessness and their courage. I am proud to have served as their Commander-in-Chief. Thank you for listening. 01/60807淮安中山医院做无痛人流多少钱淮安市第二人民医院男科预约




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