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淮安妇科医院哪最好淮安中山生殖器疱疹医院According to the Maya calendar, the world is expected to end on December 21st, 2012. Whether by natrual disaster, nuclear fallout or some other doomsday event. One southern Californian man is keeping the deadline in mind with hopes of providing a solution. Entrepreneur Robert Vicino is building and selling spaces in underground shelters across the country. He is the visionary behind the $ 200 million project called VIVOS with the goal to retrofit or build as many as 20 bunkers around the US, ahead of any catastrophic event that may threaten life as we know it.无论是自然灾害,核泄漏,还是其他灾害,根据玛雅太阳历的记载,2012年12月21日将是世界末日。不管怎样,一加利福尼亚州男子将这个日子记在了心头,并且期望在这个日子来临前能够提供解出决方案。公司创建人Robert Vicino正在全国范围内建造并销售地下庇护所。他是这个名为VIVOS,预计耗资2亿美元计划的梦想家,以在重大灾害前建立并改装尽可能多的避难所为己任。;The Maya calendar just happens to be the perfect time and there is a lot of awareness we havent on there on our websites. Kind of a metaphor for, for, hey, if you believe, here is the number of days. But you know, who is to say when its gonna happen? It could happen tomorrow. You know, whatever the reason that you may need a shelter like this can happen any time.;“网上已经有相关灾难灭亡的流言,玛雅太阳历只是给了我们一个准确的日期。就像是一种暗喻:如果你相信,那么就是那一天了。但是,你要知道,谁会真的去说世界末日就是那天呢?也许世界末日就是明天。不管是什么灾难,我们只是去准备避难所以备不时之需。”Vicino denies that he is promoting a doomsday scenario in order to move his product and increase the number of units sold. He says there are plenty of other forces in play they creating a concern for many who feel that the end of the world may happen in their lifetime.Vicino拒绝因为末日说而改变产品或增加生产量。他表示,媒体的宣传给大众造成了很大影响,民众害怕在有生之年经历世界末日。;So we are just providing a solution. We are not fanning the flames of fear. The media is aly doing a good enough job of that for us and Mother Nature, and perhaps the Al-Qaeda. We are just providing a solution. Thats all we are.;“因此我们只是提供一个解决方案。我们并不是在添油加醋,媒体宣传得已经够多了,庇护所,自然灾害,还有基地组织。我们只是提供一个解决方案,只是这样。”Several including the one located in the Mojave Desert 170 miles from Los Angeles are former power stations with walls ladder 3-feet thick. Vicino emphasizes there are disarter-proof durability.包括距洛杉矶170英里的莫哈韦沙漠在内的几个地方被认为是抗灾效果最好的场所,莫哈韦沙漠废弃的发电厂,有3英尺厚的墙体。;We are nuclear blasts resistant, we are biological and chemical proof, we are waterproof, we are earthquake proof to several force 10 earthquakes on the Richter scale. In fact, this entire facility can be shoved through the earth, sideways, 30 feet and it will not hurt the facility.;“这里防核辐射,防生物化学药剂的侵蚀,防水,抗地震,甚至能抗击10里氏地震。事实上,这整个庇护所可以移动30英尺都不会破损。”The underground cities will all be located within 150-200 miles of major cities on high ground. Each one will be fully equipped to meet the needs of its inhabitants for up to 1 year. Vicino says hes aly recieving 50-100 applications a day fielding international calls from a variety of interest parties.这些地下小城都将被建造在主要城市地下50到100英里的地下。每一座地下城市都将能容纳地上居民长达一年之久。Vicino表示他每天都天能收到50到100个各地的申请电话。In Los Angeles, I am John Russell for Reuters.路透社消息,John Russell洛杉矶报道。retrofit 改装,对…翻新改进metaphor 暗喻fan the flame 火上加油,使局势更趋紧张,煽动情绪注:本篇文章英文来自普特论坛,译文属原创,,。201207/191278淮安开发区看前列腺炎好吗 Finance and Economics;Bank capital;Half-cocked Basel;财经;资本;操之过急的巴塞尔;Stop-gap rules on banks trading books may add perilous complexity.把交易帐户作为权宜之计可能增加了危险的复杂性。The nnew year hangover throbbed agonisingly for investment bankers this year. Blame Basel 2.5, a new set of international rules which charges banks higher capital for the risks they run in their trading books (as opposed to their banking books, where they keep assets that they intend to hold to maturity). Those charges were too low before. And heaping higher costs on banks should please politicians and Joe Public. But they add another layer of complexity to banks risk management.今年,新年遗留问题沉闷地牵动了投资家的神经。这都得归咎于巴塞尔协议2.5版(以下简称巴塞尔2.5),这是一套新的国际规则,它针对交易帐户(与账户不同,在账户里他们打算持有资产至到期日)中操作的风险性资产收取更多费用。以前收取的费用太低了。成本累加应该会讨政治家和普通百姓的喜欢。但是他们给的风险管理增加了另外一层复杂性。Basel 2.5 came into force on December 31st in most European and major world financial jurisdictions. Switzerland applied the rules a year early, and the costs are substantial. Third-quarter figures for Credit Suisse show a 28% increase in risk-weighted assets, and hence capital charges, for its investment-banking activities purely because of Basel 2.5.12月31日,巴塞尔2.5在欧洲大部分地区和世界主要金融辖区开始实施。瑞士一年前贯彻了这一法规,成本很高。瑞士信贷第三季度数据显示风险加权资产增长了28%,因为巴塞尔2.5,今后资本费用仅仅是针对投行业务的。The most notable laggard is America. US financial regulators do not oppose Basel 2.5, but it clashes with the Dodd-Frank act, Americas big wet blanket of a financial reform. Basel 2.5 uses credit ratings from recognised agencies such as Moodys and Standard amp; Poors to calibrate capital charges. Dodd-Frank expressly forbids the use of such ratings agencies, whose poor judgments are held partly responsible for the crisis. Instead American regulators are working on their own cocktail of credit-risk calibrations for Basel 2.5, using market data and country-risk ratings from the OECD. Their solution is still months away from application (though not as distant as implementation by the Russians or Argentines).最引人注意的拖延者是美国。美国金融监管机构并不反对巴塞尔2.5,但是巴塞尔2.5与美国大的金融监管改革法案《多德-弗兰克法案》却存在冲突。巴塞尔2.5使用的信誉评级从评级机构穆迪和标准普尔到校准资本收费。《多德-弗兰克法案》特别禁止了使用评级机构,他们匮乏的判断力对危机负有部分责任。而美国的校准人都忙于利用来自世界经济合作发展组织的市场数据和国家风险评级,应付他们自己在巴塞尔2.5下的信用风险校验。他们的方案距离实施仍有数月之久(虽然执行力不和俄国或者阿根廷一样虚幻)Basel 2.5 for the first time charges banks extra capital for the credit risk of what they hold in their trading portfolio (because the crisis showed that markets are not always liquid enough to be able to offload assets). That includes a charge for the risk that a counterparty goes bust. It also imposes heavy charges on securitised bundles of assets unless the credit risk of each piece of the bundle has an identifiable market price. Banks that have portfolios of trading positions which they reckon offset each other have to convince regulators that their risk models work or face being charged at a cruder, standardised rate.巴塞尔2.5第一次针对于交易性资产的信贷风险收取额外费用(因为危机显示了市场并不是一直有足够流通性来剥离资产)。这包括了交易对象破产的风险。它也对资产券化产品征收了高额的费用,除非产品包中每种资产的信贷风险有明确的市场标价。那些自己认为拥有彼此抵消投资组合的必须说监管机构他们所使用或者面临的风险模型正在被以野蛮的、标准的费率收费。The problem with Basel 2.5, recognised by regulators and bankers alike, is its complexity. The risk of a trading portfolio must now be broken down into five “buckets”—value at risk (VaR), a measure of how much could be lost in an average trading day; stressed VaR (how much could be lost in extreme conditions); plus three types of credit risk ranging from the risk of single credits to those of securitised loans. Traders are understandably confused. For some banks, developing risk models and getting them approved is just too expensive: more complex businesses will be shut down. That will please those who want banks to be more boring.监管机构和家似乎承认了巴塞尔2.5 问题的复杂性。交易性资产的风险现在必须分解成五个“桶”:风险值(VAR),估计平均每个交易日的可能损失;极限风险值(极限状态下的可能损失);再加上三个不同类别的信用风险值,从单个信贷风险到抵押贷款依次排列。交易员都觉得很困惑。对于一些而言,开发风险模型并获得通过成本太高了:更复杂的业务将被停止。这将使一些想让更加令人厌烦的人非常满意。But unintended consequences will doubtless follow. Useful products may become less tradable. Trading of riskier products could migrate to unregulated entities. Banks may be tempted into new forms of regulatory arbitrage, by juggling assets between their trading book and their banking book. Worst of all, perhaps, is the increased risk of back-office bungling because of the extra complexity.但是这无疑将招致意外的后果。实用的产品交易量会减少。风险产品的交易可能转移至不受监管的实体。可能会被交易账户和账户之间变换的资产诱惑,进入一套新的监管套利模式。最坏的情况可能是由于额外的复杂性造成的后台拙劣的工作风险增加 。Regulators recognise this risk. The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, which drew up the rules and is also responsible for the full Basel 3 regime that will come into force in 2019, is still conducting what it calls a “fundamental review” of capital rules for banks trading books. Publication is not expected before March. Those sore heads will not soon clear.监管部门认识到了这种风险。起草规则并负责2019年开始执行的全部的巴塞尔3的巴塞尔委员会监督机构,仍在指挥着他们称之为对交易账户的资金制度“基本审查”的行动。三月前是不会发行官方文件的。头疼的问题也一时不会被解决。 /201301/220320淮安哪家医院看妇科比较好

淮安中山医院泌尿外科电话淮安市淮阴医院官网 THE reanimation of Americarsquo;s housing market has been a long time coming. Residential building last contributed positively to growth in 2005. Housing-construction employment has dropped 43% since then. Government efforts to resuscitate the market have flopped. Yet tantalising signs of a durable recovery are emerging at last. The National Association of Home Buildersrsquo; index of builder confidence rose for a fifth consecutive month in February, to its highest level since May 2007 (see chart). Sales of previously-owned homes rose 4.3% from December to January. The housing overhang is receding. The number of homes for sale dropped 21% in the year to January, to just over six months of supply;a ;normal; level.美国翘首以盼房屋市场复苏等得脖子都长了。房屋市场把最后的一点力量贡献给了2005年的经济增长,随后,房屋建造业的就业率就下降了43%。政府在拯救房屋市场的努力也懈怠了,好在耐用品市场最终显示出好转迹象。2月份房屋建造业协会的建设者信心指数迎来连续第5个月增长,达到了2007年5月份以来的最高水平(见图表)。1月份二手房销售比去年12月份上涨了4.3%,未售房产库存量也有所下降。今年1月份,待售房屋数量下降21%稍稍多于半年的房屋供应量;;一个;正常;水平。The recovery is an odd one by American standards, centred on the rental market. Though house prices sank 4% in 2011, rents posted a 2.4% increase, thanks to tumbling vacancy rates. Tight conditions are a side-effect of the housing bust. Construction hit a record low in 2011, surpassing a 2010 performance which itself displaced rsquo;s. The pressure from Americarsquo;s growing population is now showing. Builders are responding. The number of new building permits jumped 19% in the year to January. Approvals for buildings with five or more units, which are favoured by renters, soared by 61%.这一主要在房屋租赁市场的复苏现象以美国标准来看是比较奇怪的。虽然房价在2011年减少了4%,房屋租金却因为缩水的房屋闲置率涨了2.4%。房市泡沫的一个副作用就是用地紧张。房屋建造业自年成绩一路下滑,最后在2011年跌入谷底。美国人口增长的压力现在开始显现出来,施工人员回应道。今年1月份新房建造许可的数量上升19%。深受承租人青睐的有5个或更多单间的房屋建造许可数量一下蹿了61%。Meanwhile, adults who sheltered with friends or family during the recession are striking out on their own. A Goldman Sachs analysis reckons that growth in new households has been some 50% short of trend since the recession began, with over half of the shortfall coming from those aged 18-34. Goldman reckons the worst is over, and that the young should soon add to new housing demand.与此同时,在大萧条时期和家人或朋友一起住的人也开始搬出去自己住。高盛投资的一位分析师称,在大萧条时期开始后新家庭的增长速度下降了有一半,这50%中有超过一半是18-34岁之间的年轻人造成的。高盛称低潮已经过去,那些年轻人马上就有购买新房的需求了。Those rising rents make buying a bargain: as attractive as it has been for three decades, according to the National Association of Realtorsrsquo; index of housing affordability. Stocks of homes for sale are falling as investors snap up and convert vacant homes for renting out. Were it practical, mused Warren Buffett recently, he would buy up ;a couple of hundred thousand; homes.据国家房产经纪人协会的住房购买力指数显示,租金的上涨让购买新房相对便宜:可以说是30年来魅力不减。由于投资商抢购空房并转手出租,待售房库存量下降。最近沃伦bull;巴菲特思考道,这样做是否有效,因为他要把数十万的空房都买下来。Yet despite this good news, housing finance is frail as ever. Lending rose in the fourth quarter of 2011, but stuck at the lowest level since 2000 for the year as a whole. The market is still working off sickly loans. New delinquencies are down sharply from 2008, yet more than 0 billion in home loans became delinquent in the fourth quarter of last year. More trouble lies ahead. Over 10m borrowers owe more than the value of their home. Banks are wary of new mortgages;and losses;while prices are falling. The Federal Reserversquo;s Senior Loan Officer Survey suggests that lending standards remain higher than at the height of the recession.不过,撇开这个好消息,住房信贷依旧虚弱如前。虽说房屋贷款在2011年第四季度上涨,但以全年整体水平来看,却是自2000年以来的最低水平。更多的麻烦还在前面等着呢。超过1千万名贷款买房者欠下的债比他们的房子的资产还要多。在房价走低的时候,对新按揭;;和损失处理得小心翼翼。美联储高级信贷人员调查显示,借贷标准比大萧条时期达到的高点还要高。Washington remains behind the curve. Fearing for its finances, the Federal Housing Administration is increasing fees on mortgages it insures, which account for roughly a third of all new bank loans. A typical borrowerrsquo;s loan costs may rise by just a month, yet American Banker, a financial-services daily, suggests the rise could cut lending by billions of dollars. The Federal Housing Finance Agency is moving only slowly to pack foreclosed-on homes into bunches to be sold to investors for renting out. Thanks to those renters, the worst may be over. But it will be years before the mortgage market fully recovers.美国政府还没有跟上形势。因为担心现在的财政状况,联邦住房抬高了担保按揭贷款的费用,大约占新的贷款的三分之一。一个典型的贷款者每月需要还的房贷可能会上涨5美元,不过,金融类日报《美国家》称,还贷量增加可缩减数十亿美元的借贷。联邦住房金融署磨磨蹭蹭地把止赎房屋收回并卖给投资商,让他们转租出去。多亏那些租房者,最困难的坎儿似乎度过去了,但是想让按揭市场完全好转过来还需要很长时间。201203/173553淮安治疗前列腺炎最好医院

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