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2018年11月15日 12:22:05 | 作者:飞排名养生咨询 | 来源:新华社
Katie Couric: At only 11 years old. Annasophia Robb adds in the second major film to her resume. You may remember her, from the heart warming tale because of Winn-Dixie, she stared as Opal, a girl whose life changes for the better, "he wins, Dixie", once she meets and adopts a free friend at a local grocery store, but now she plays a fierce gum chewing champion, Violet Beauregarde, who along with four other kids, finds a golden ticket in the new movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Unfortunately, she fails to hit a warning and starts feeling a bit blue. (From the motion picture--Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)Stick the most amazing and sensational gum of the whole universe.Sounds like my kind of gum.I'd rather you didn't, there're still one or two things they are... erm..I'm the world record holder in chewing gum, I'm not afraid of anything.How is it honey?It's amazing! To make the soap I can feel banning down my throat.I'm just a little concerned about the..Little berry pie in ice cream.That part.What's happening to her nose?It's turning blue.Katie Couric: Annasophia Robb. Good morning! Nice to see you. how are you?Annasophia Robb: Good morning. I'm good, how are you?Katie Couric: Richard mentioned that we have been chewing gum, you put it behind your ear temporarily ... But the reason we are because we have little bubble blowing competition in a minute. And I have to say, first of all, I have the sugar free gum and that's not as good for bubble blowing, is it?Annasophia Robb: No, it doesn't have the right, consistency. It's the sugar.Katie Couric: So I'm working a way on the sugar, bubble gum right now, so I can compete adequately. But let me ask you about becoming a young actress. Because I understand you wanna to do this since you were 3 years old, it's that right?Annasophia Robb: Yeah I am.. I wanna to do it since I was three. I kept asking for my mom for an agent. And finally when I was 8, she said all right, and she found me an agent in Denver.Katie Couric: Is that where you are from?Annasophia Robb: That's where I am from. I'm from Colorado and then I did an acting class, that's for 3 months. And then after that, L.A. agents and managers came out, and I got picked up by one of them and I went out to LA.Katie Couric: And tell me about some of the roles you had, I mentioned Because of Winn-Dixie you were adorable in that movie, and in fact, you know, in many ways you remind me of the Cold Fenning. Do people tell you that, that you remind them of a little bit of her?Annasophia Robb: Sometimes, yeah, I guess I think it is the blonde hair.Katie Couric: Yeah what other movies have you done? What other roles have you had?Annasophia Robb: I did Samantha: An American Girl Holiday.Katie Couric: Oh, right, I love you in that, too. You know it's hard cause you had brown hair as Samantha.Annasophia Robb: Yeah, and this one. Which is, that was fun, I got the blonde hair..Katie Couric: I bet it was. Tell me a little bit about being involved in this movie. I mean, were you familiar with this story, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, as the book is called.Annasophia Robb: Yeah, I was.. I love the book. It's a great book, it's such a classic and I love all the characters in it. Katie Couric: Had you seen Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory which Wilder was in it? Annasophia Robb: Yes, I had. I love that movie, it's an old song. It's so much fun. And this one, it's a lot supposed to be the original book.Katie Couric: And the fact is really a lot darker, isn't it? And, I mean, a little more, a little darker when she say it's a little less happy, happy.Annasophia Robb: It is! Yeah, it's a Tim's version. Which is Katie Couric: So Tim Burton, right? You don't say, it is me to say more than that. Tim Burton. And Johnny Depp, his version of Willie Walker, is a bit cockier than Gene Walder's. Won't you agree?Annasophia Robb: Yes! He is. It's a little more cockier, a kind of odd, but I think it's exactly how Ronald Dahl, the feel of the book, is a kind of dark. And so I think Tim really captured that essence. Katie Couric: I'm excited about that movie. We are y to count down. Tell me a little bit about Violet Beauregarde and F in terms of her personality. She's one bratty little kid, isn't she?Annasophia Robb: She is, she's very competitive, and very selfish, too. And she'll do nothing to stop her er..to win. And so I have a lot from playing her because usually I don't play mean characters, except for this part. Katie Couric: Right, so you had a lot of fun with that, she goes wandering with the same light blue sweatshirt, sweatsuit rather, as her mom who's played by Missi Pyle, who's hilarious tooAnnasophia Robb: She's so funny, we had such a good time together, and we're wearing M track suits. So there're so much fun. I've got to repent and…Katie Couric: You got to …you go up, well, you've got chew gum which is supposing you are smarter according to a recent study, I'm not sure.(really?) that's true. You've also got to blow up like a giant blueberry.Annasophia Robb:I did, I did. That was quite a fun for me because we did this whole prosthetic thing and the performer may phase then I turn into this big blueberry.Katie Couric: I think we have actually, Joe, don't we have two Violets turning blue? So we can now actually show folks. (Big potato) All the sudden this is you and this is from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory but really you got a situation here. Are you y? Let's blow bubble.Annasophia Robb: Okay. I have to get my gum. I stuck it behind my ear, it's got to stuck. Katie Couric: OK! We have ten seconds, can you do it? …200707/15205Renovation of Historical Complex Renews Hong Kong Preservation Debate香港面临保护仅存历史遗迹新挑战 The Hong Kong government faces new challenges to plans to preserve one of the territory's few remaining historical sites. The challenges are part of a long dispute over the destruction of dozens of landmarks in recent years.  香港政府面临保存其少数尚存历史遗迹的新挑战。近年来许多地标建筑被拆除引发不少争议。It was just a few years after Britain took over Hong Kong in 1842 that the territory's first British police station was built. The station, and the adjacent prison and court building closed in 2004.  1842年英国占领香港的几年之后建了第一个警察局。该警局与相邻的监狱和法院大楼从2004年就对外关闭。The 160-year-old complex fills about a city block in the center of a popular business and entertainment district. Nearby, residents frequent posh bars, art galleries and high-end restaurants.  在香港繁华的商业跟区的中心,这片有160年历史的建筑占了整整一条街区。附近有不少豪华的酒吧、画廊与高级餐厅。John Batten is an art gallery owner who helped organize a group dedicated to preserving Hong Kong's historical structures. 约翰.巴顿是一个画廊老板,他协助成立了一个保存香港历史建筑的组织。"When you go to the prison and you walk around, you are struck by the absolute tranquility and beauty of the buildings, " Batten says. "And of course horrible things happened there. It was a working prison for 140 years, 150 years." 巴顿说:“当你走进那座监狱、环顾四周时,你将为这座建筑所具有的那种绝对的肃静与美感而打动。当然那里发生过很恐怖的事情。在长达一百四五十年的时间里,那都是个关犯人的地方。”The structure is one of the last reminders of Hong Kong's colonial past in the heart of the city. But an ambitious plan to renovate the station has angered some residents, who say Hong Kong is changing too much of its history.  这片建筑是闹市区内最后几个令人联想起香港殖民地历史的地标。一项雄心勃勃的翻新计划已经引起一些居民的强烈反对,他们认为香港已经失去了太多的历史。The 1 million plan will leave the outer walls of the complex, and put galleries, boutiques and restaurants within the shells of the old buildings. In addition, a 50-story glass tower will jut out from inside the complex, with a distinctive set of giant spikes that opponents say will hide views of the territory's mountains and detract from the old buildings beauty.  这项2亿3千100万美元的计划,将保留那里建筑外墙,但在里面将新建画廊、古董店与餐厅。此外,一个50层楼高的玻璃塔楼将在里面拔地而起。楼顶建有一组巨形尖顶。反对者说,那将挡住香港美丽的山色,而且跟老建筑的风格也很不协调。In past years Hong Kong's government has destroyed several landmarks to make way for roads and other projects. Last year the Hong Kong government demolished the famed Star Ferry terminal and Queen's Pier, where British royalty used to step onto the territory, in favor of a harbor development plan. Fierce protests broke out over both cases. 在过去几年,为了兴建道路与其他建筑,香港政府已经推倒了好几个地标性建筑。去年为了港口发展计划,香港政府拆除了著名的天星码头与皇后码头。两处码头皆为英国政府当年登陆香港之地。两项拆除案都曾遭到愤怒的抗议。Christine Loh is the founder of Civic Exchange, an independent public-policy research group. She says finding a happy medium between preserving Hong Kong's past and making money is not always the easiest task. 独立公共政策研究机构思汇政策研究所的创办人陆恭蕙说,在保存历史与寻求经济效益两者中间取得平衡并不是件容易的事:"On the one hand people are worried that commercialization means that this place will be turned into something that nobody recognizes… there's another issue of how do you maintain the cost of maintaining a heritage site?" she notes. “一方面民众担忧商业化将意味著这里将变成一个陌生的地方。还有一个难题是,为了保存历史遗迹要花多少代价?”The new plan to renovate the police station has become a test for the city's ability to reconcile historical and financial concerns.  在保存历史遗迹和增加财政收入之间如何取得平衡?在这个问题上,翻新警察局的计划对香港政府来说是一个考验。But for people like Batten, even this plan is a slap in the face for preservation activists.  对巴顿这样的历史遗迹保存人士来说,警察局翻新计划如同一巴掌打在脸上。He says over the past few decades Hong Kong has seen itself turn into a city that is no longer recognizable. 他说,在过去几十年来,香港已经变得面目全非了:"There has been concern," Batten says. "The difference is between 1985 and 2005 and 2006 and '07 is we don't have much heritage left. And it's a realization by government finally that if everything goes then there is nothing left." “有许多人感到关注。从1985年到2005年,到2006,到2007年,传统遗迹已经所剩无几了。现在政府总算意识到了,如果把所有的东西都拆了,那就什么东西都没有了。”Batten says that putting galleries and restaurants inside the old police building and creating yet another high rise will not showcase the uniqueness of the building. While Batten did not offer any concrete alternatives to the plan, he said any renovation projects for the Central Station and other historical structures should maintain and make use of existing structures as they are. 巴顿说,将画廊与餐厅建在旧警察局里,并且在里面再造一个天大楼无法彰显该建筑物的独特风格。虽然巴顿并没有拿出另一个具体的可行方案,但他说任何历史遗迹的翻新计划,都应该保存并且充分利用老建筑的特色。One charitable foundation a few years ago offered to fund a million plan to convert the old complex into art studios, classrooms and museums that could be used by local and visiting artists and students. The government rejected that plan. Batten does acknowledge that the government has begun to realize that the public values Hong Kong's history and its older buildings. In recent months, government planners have turned down a number of high-rise developments in older districts.But he says another problem that infuriates many residents is the lack of communication between the government and public over the demolition of historical structures. Many preservation activists say the public often is not consulted on new projects.Activists say if the government continues to choose development over preservation, they are going to lose more than just old structures. Within the walls of many of Hong Kong's old buildings, the stories that make up the territory's identity were created. And for Batten and many others, tearing those buildings down makes it all the harder to recall the city's origins. 200804/35104Australian Conference Promotes Radical Building Design Changes澳建筑师讨论设计环保节能建筑物   Office blocks modeled on termite nests and buildings that can resist climate change have been the focus at a conference by some of Australia's most influential designers in Melbourne. They are calling for radical changes to the way that buildings are constructed. Architects have said that the natural world should be a great source of inspiration. 澳大利亚一些最有影响的设计师在墨尔本的一个会议上着重讨论了以白蚁巢穴为模型的办公楼群,以及能够抵御气候变化的建筑物。他们呼吁从根本上改变建筑的兴建方式。建筑师们表示,自然界应该是灵感的巨大源泉。Australian designers have said this is the beginning of the "biological age." A conference in Melbourne has heard that their professional attention needs to be diverted from creating items society really does not need - such as stackable chairs that turn into a piece of sculpture, fancy sunglasses and exotic cars. 澳大利亚的设计师们说,“生物时代”已经开始。墨尔本一个会议的话题是,设计师们应该转移他们的专业眼光,不要创作那些社会并不真正需要的东西,例如由座椅变成的雕塑,花哨的太阳镜和有异国情调的汽车等。What they want to see are designs that harness the forces of nature, through buildings covered in plants that can draw carbon dioxide out of the air, and floating cities that preserve fertile land for farming. 他们希望看到的是能够利用自然力量的设计,从被能够吸收空气中二氧化碳的植物所覆盖的建筑,到能够养护肥沃耕地的浮动城市。Mick Pearce, a Zimbabwean architect living in Melbourne, has been inspired by the humble termite. 住在墨尔本的津巴布韦建筑设计师米克.皮尔斯从不起眼的白蚁那里找到了灵感。"Rather like blood circulating in our veins, inside the termites nest it is air that is moved by external temperature and pressures," Pearce explained. "The termites nest is a system like our bodies. It's self regulating temperature-wise and that, in a way, is an excellent model for a building. It's an extension to our metabolism, if you like, and this means you can build a building and use far less energy."  皮尔斯说:“就象我们血管里的血液循环,在白蚁巢穴内部,空气随着外界的温度和压力而流动。白蚁巢穴是和我们身体类似的一种系统。它在温度上自我调节。这可以成为建筑物的绝佳模式。它是我们新陈代谢的延伸。如果你愿意,这意味着你可以修建一个耗能很少的建筑物。”In Zimbabwe, Mick Pearce has constructed offices built on such principles that have employed vertical tunnels for ventilation and consume about 10 percent of the electricity of a normal air-conditioned building. He has also designed a similar structure - called Council House Two - which has become one of Melbourne's most energy efficient buildings, using the sun and the wind for heat and cooling.  皮尔斯在津巴布韦按照这种模式修建的办公楼采取了用于通风的垂直通道。这种建筑消耗的电力仅是普通空调建筑耗电量的百分之十。他还设计了一个类似的建筑,并把它称作“统建房二号”。这个利用太阳和风取暖和降温的建筑成为墨尔本最节能的建筑之一。The environmentally friendly building in the heart of Australia's second biggest city consumes only 15 percent of the energy of a regular office tower and about 30 percent of the water. 这座位于澳大利亚第二大城市中心的环保建筑消耗的能源只有普通办公大楼的15%,用水量只有30%左右。Lindsay Johnson, governor of Architecture Australia, a body representing the profession, was a keynote speaker at the design conference. He says taking inspiration from the natural world has become imperative. 这个行业的代表组织澳大利亚建筑协会的会长林赛.约翰斯顿是这次设计会议的主要演讲者。他说,从自然界汲取灵感已经刻不容缓。"This is the way to go and basically we all have to really think about how we're going to live without depending on oil or coal," Johnson said. "The really badly designed buildings of the recent past which have depended on fossil fuels to make them habitable will become a thing of the past. I think everybody will have to adapt to this."  约翰斯顿说:“这是个可行的途径。基本上,我们都必须认真思考怎样在不依靠石油和煤炭的情况下生存。过去一段时间里的那些设计非常糟糕的建筑需要依靠化石类燃料才能居住。这些建筑将会过时。我认为每个人都必须适应这一点。”Climate change and Australia's response to it have become major points of discussion. The driest inhabited continent is one of the world's worst per capita emitters of greenhouse gases. Some scientists have warned that Australia was facing a ten-fold increase in heat waves as a shifting climate increases temperatures. 气候变化和澳大利亚的应对方式成为讨论的要点。这个有人居住的最干燥的大陆是世界上人均温室气体排放量最高的地区之一。一些科学家已经警告说,随着气候变化造成温度上升,澳大利亚正面临十倍多的热浪。200807/44680

US Reports Progress in Mideast Talks布什政府称以巴和谈取得显著进展 The Bush administration says Israeli and Palestinian negotiators are making significant progress toward an independent Palestinian state. In Egypt where officials say U.S. President George Bush may return to the Middle East if it will help the process. 布什政府说,以色列和巴勒斯坦人的谈判代表在有关建立独立的巴勒斯坦国会谈中取得显著进展。有关官员说,如果有助于推动和谈,布什总统可能会返回中东地区。U.S. National Security Adviser Steve Hadley says President Bush is encouraged by progress in Israeli-Palestinian talks. 布什总统的国家安全顾问斯蒂芬.哈德利说,巴以和谈取得的进展让布什总统大受鼓舞。"What we have now is negotiations ongoing, extremely intensive at several levels between Israelis and Palestinians and tangible progress in dealing with the hard issues that are required before an agreement is reached,” he said. “Is it done yet? No. Are we making progress? The president's view is, 'yes' we are making progress." 他说:“我们现有的就是和谈正在进行,以色列和巴勒斯坦人在不同层次上进行了非常深入的讨论,并在解决协议达成之前必须要应对的一些棘手问题上,取得了明显的进展。会谈已经完成了吗?没有。我们在取得进展吗?布什总统认为 ‘是的’,我们正在取得进展。”Hadley would not say what progress has been made on which issues, because he says both sides would prefer to keep that progress private until a final deal is reached. 哈德利不愿透露在哪个问题上取得了什么样的进展,他说,和谈双方都希望在最终的协议达成前不公开取得的进展。Speaking to reporters in Egypt before the president's speech at a global economic forum, Hadley says Mr. Bush will return to the region if there is something he can do to help advance the peace process. 哈德利是在布什总统在一个全球经济论坛发表讲话前在埃及对记者作出上述表示的。哈德利说,如果布什总统能够为协助推动和平进程做一些事,他将会返回中东。In his speech, President Bush says he believes Palestinians will build a thriving democracy. 布什总统在讲话中说,他相信巴勒斯坦人将会建立一个欣欣向荣的民主制度。"We must stand with the Palestinian people, who have suffered for decades and earned the right to a homeland of their own,” he said. “I strongly support a two-state solution - a democratic Palestine based on law and justice that will live in peace and security alongside a democratic Israel." 他说:“我们必须坚定地持巴勒斯坦人民。 几十年来,他们一直在承受苦难,他们享有建立自己家园的权利。我坚决持两国共存的解决办法。一个建立在法律与正义基础上的民主的巴勒斯坦国和一个民主的以色列和平安全并存。”During this five-day trip, the president has been criticized by some Arab allies for being to close to Israel. Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal said Israel's right to exist must be balanced with the legitimate historical and political rights of Palestinians. 在五天的中东行程中,一些阿拉伯盟友一直批评布什和以色列走得太近。沙特阿拉伯外交大臣费萨尔说,必须在以色列的生存权和巴勒斯坦人合法的历史和政治权利之间求得平衡。State-run media in Egypt said Mr. Bush aims to do nothing but appease Israel. 埃及官方媒体说,除了姑息以色列外,布什没有其他目的。The president says America will help Palestinians achieve a dream they share with Israelis. 布什总统说,美国会帮助巴勒斯坦人实现他们与以色列共享的梦想。"A peace agreement is in the Palestinians' interest, it is in Israel's interest, it is in Arab states' interest, and it is in the world's interest,” he said. “And I firmly believe that with leadership and courage, we can reach that peace agreement this year." 他说:“和平协议符合巴勒斯坦人的利益,符合以色列的利益,符合阿拉伯国家的利益,符合全世界的利益。我坚信,凭着我们的领导和勇气,我们可以在今年达成和平协议。”Mr. Bush says it is a demanding task that requires action on all sides. 布什说,这是一项艰难的任务,需要各方都采取行动。"Palestinians must fight terror and continue to build the institutions of a free and peaceful society,” he said. “Israel must make tough sacrifices for peace and ease restrictions on Palestinians. Arab states, especially oil-rich nations, must seize this opportunity to invest aggressively in the Palestinian people and to move past their old resentments against Israel. And all nations in the region must stand together in confronting Hamas, which is attempting to undermine efforts at peace with continued acts of terror and violence." 他说:“巴勒斯坦人必须打击恐怖主义,并继续为建立一个自由与和平的社会体系而努力。以色列必须为和平做出艰难的牺牲,减轻对巴勒斯坦人的限制。阿拉伯国家,特别是那些富产石油的国家,必须抓住这个机会,大力为巴勒斯坦人民投资,抛弃对以色列的宿怨。这个地区的所有国家必须联合起来,共同对抗哈马斯。哈马斯继续采取恐怖和暴力手段,试图破坏和平努力。”One of the biggest obstacles to a peace deal is that Palestinians are divided between Hamas-controlled Gaza and the Fatah-led West Bank of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. 不过,达成和平协议的最大障碍之一是巴勒斯坦现在被分成两个部分,哈马斯控制着加沙地带,巴勒斯坦民族权力机构主席阿巴斯领导的法塔赫控制着约旦河西岸地区。Wrapping up his five-day trip to the region, Mr. Bush says America is deeply concerned about political prisoners and democratic activists as well as newspapers and civil society organizations that have been shut down."The time has come for nations across the Middle East to abandon these practices, and treat their people with dignity and the respect they deserve,” he said. “I call on all nations to release their prisoners of conscience, open up their political debate, and trust their people to chart their future."President Bush says too often in the Middle East, politics has consisted of one leader in power and the opposition in jail. 200805/39367

We are at the Georgia Home Theater in Atlanta and if you are in the market for a new high definition or HDTV, it's easy to get overwhelmed by the letters and the numbers in the sales picture, so we are gonna arm you with some knowledge to impress those sales people. And joining us now to help us with that is Brian Cooley, editor-at-large with CNET.So Brian, if people are shopping for an HD or high definition TV, resolution becomes a big issue (yeah). What does that mean, exactly?It's a whole new spec you probably never had to deal with before, because the last time you bought a TV, if it's a regular CRT television, there was no discussion of resolution, now with modern TVs, we get into it. Here's what it means. Let's say a set is called a seven-twenty-P resolution TV (OK), that means 720 lines from top to bottom of picture detail, compared that to a DVD, which is only 480, so you can see why HD looks better (well, almost twice as good),almost twice(OK).Now the, the P at the end of that, means progressive, that means every one of those lines is repainted if you will, many times a second. The other version of that is I or interlaced. You'll see that sometime at the end of a number, and that means every other line is repainted every time the picture is flashed on the screen which is how TV works. P is better than I. It tends to look smoother, you'll see fewer jaggy edges and a less blurring or smearing of fast action on a progressive signal going into a progressive set, permitting us to match. Interlaced is a little less desirable but still looks fabulous. And the bottom line is you're gonna see the most sets are called 720 P sets, but that doesn't mean they can only show that, they can also show 1080 I signals which are also fairly common (so 1080 being 1080 lines vs 720 or so) right, more lines, (ok) but the 720 set can show it, it does some math internally that makes it all fit and look great. So don't feel like there is any incompatibility. The main line of sets are 720s, and they can show all the pictures, but the ideal set for the future, if you're a connoisseur, would be a 1080 P, the most resolution and the best scan, and that's if you really wanna spend some big money, those are pretty rare.Right, the money goes up for the better resolution (a lot) and the P. Yes.All right, well, thanks for defining high definition, Brain Cooley with CNET. We appreciate itHappy to do it. 200809/50287

Jimmy Carter Holds Peace Talks With Hamas Leaders in Egypt卡特会哈玛斯领袖招以美官员抗议  Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter has sparked an outcry of protest from Israeli and American officials for his decision to meet with Hamas leaders during a week-long visit to the Middle East. Although he received a cold welcoming in Israel in recent days, he was warmly received by Egyptian officials and a large supportive audience during a speech at the American University in Cairo late Thursday.  美国前总统卡特决定在为期一个星期的中东之行中会晤哈玛斯领导人招致以色列和美国官员的一片抗议。尽管本星期早些时候,卡特在以色列受到冷冰冰的接待,但他在埃及受到热烈的欢迎。星期四晚上卡特在开罗的美利坚大学发表演说的时候,听众大都表示持他。 Mr. Carter spoke to an audience of at least 1,000 people at the American University in Cairo. 卡特在开罗的美利坚大学发表演说,听众至少有一千人。Most members of the audience made it clear that they saw him as breaking barriers by holding talks with Hamas.  大部分听众表示,卡特跟哈玛斯领导人举行会谈是一种破除障碍的行动。Hamas, which won the Palestinian parliamentary elections in 2006 and has ruled the Gaza Strip since it seized power there in June, is labeled a terrorist organization by the ed States. 哈玛斯在2006年赢得巴勒斯坦议会选举,并从去年6月夺取加沙地带权力之后一直统治著加沙。美国认定哈玛斯是一个恐怖主义组织。But after a three-hour long talk with Hamas officials earlier in the day and photos circulating of the ex-US president being embraced by a Hamas official, Mr. Carter seemed to have whole-hearted support by the mostly Arab audience he spoke to. 但是,在跟哈玛斯官员举行了三个小时的会谈,以及卡特前总统受到一个哈玛斯官员拥抱的照片流传开来之后,卡特似乎受到了大部分是阿拉伯人的听众的全心持。Mr. Carter, a Nobel Peace Prize winner who brokered the historic peace agreement between Egypt and Israel three decades ago, strongly defended his reasons for meeting with Hamas. 卡特是诺贝尔和平奖得主。三十年前经过他的斡旋,埃及和以色列达成了历史性的和平协议。卡特为跟哈玛斯领导人会晤的理由做出了强烈的辩护。"I don't think anyone would doubt that in order to have peace in the Holy Land you have to have involved Hamas, which won the election as you know in January 2006," said Jimmy Carter. "Got 44 per cent of the votes, majority of parliament members. They have to be involved in some way in the final peace agreement."  卡特说:“我不认为有谁怀疑,为了在圣地达成和平,就必须让哈玛斯参与。大家知道,哈玛斯在2006年1月赢得了选举,得到44%的选票,以及大部分的议会席位。他们必须以某种方式参与最终的和平协议。”During his visit to Israel early this week all of the country's senior political leaders except for ceremonial President Shimon Peres declined to meet with Mr. Carter. 在他本星期早些时候访问以色列期间,除了没有实权的总统佩雷斯之外,以色列政界大部分高级领导人都拒绝跟卡特会晤。Israeli officials also rejected Mr. Carter's request to visit the Gaza Strip, which is governed by Hamas but whose border is controlled by Israel.  以色列官员也拒绝准许卡特前往加沙地带访问的要求。加沙地带的政府在哈玛斯控制之下,但是,加沙的边境是以色列控制的。Mr. Carter's speech late Thursday in Cairo comes just one day after an Israeli air strike killed 21 people in the Gaza Strip.  在卡特星期四晚上在开罗发表演说之前的一天,以色列在加沙进行空袭,导致21人死亡。"My hope is that there will be no more rockets coming out of Gaza and that was my primary request to Hamas leaders and I hope they will comply," said Carter. "And if they do comply my hope is that Israel will not launch any more attacks as they did yesterday within which I think 21 people died. If that conflict can stop then I will be quite pleased. I am not blaming one side or another. But any act, any act by Israelis or Palestinians that causes deaths of innocent civilians in my opinion, in my definition is an act of terrorism." 卡特说:“我希望,加沙地带不会再有火箭发射出来。这是我对哈玛斯的领导人的主要要求。我希望他们会遵守我的要求。假如他们遵守我的要求,我希望以色列不会再像昨天一样进行空袭。据我所知,昨天的空袭造成21人死亡。假如这种冲突可以停止的话,我会非常高兴。我没有责备任何一方。但是,任何一种行动,无论是以色列的还是巴勒斯坦人的,假如导致无辜平民死亡,按照我的定义来说就是恐怖主义。”The former U.S. president explained that he is not a mediator between any two parties nor is he representing the U.S.government during this trip. Despite his unofficial tour of the region, Mr.Carter met with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and Egypt's intelligence chief Omar Suleiman. He has planned meetings in Damascus Friday with Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad as well as Hamas' top leader Khaled Meshaal. 这位前美国总统解释说,他现在不是任何两方的调停人,他在中东之行期间也不代表美国政府。尽管他对中东地区的这次访问是非官方的,卡特还是会晤了埃及总统穆巴拉克,以及埃及情报部门总监苏莱曼。他计划星期五在大马士革会晤叙利亚总统阿萨德,以及哈玛斯领袖哈利德.迈沙阿勒。200804/35760

Israel Allows Pro-Palestinian Activists Sail to Gaza亲巴勒斯坦人士越过封锁抵达加沙Pro-Palestinian activists have sailed into the Gaza Strip defying an Israeli blockade. 亲巴勒斯坦的活动分子驾船越过以色列的封锁线,进入加沙地带。After originally saying it would block them, Israel allowed a group of 46 international activists to sail two boats into Palestinian-ruled Gaza. Among the activists was Greta Berlin of Los Angeles, California.  以色列原来声称要阻挡这些亲巴勒斯坦活动分子进入,但是后来还是允许这46名国际活动分子驾驶两艘船进入巴勒斯坦人控制下的加沙地带。这些活动分子包括美国加利福尼亚州洛杉矶的格里塔.伯林。"We come from 17 countries and we have one common goal, and that is to break Israel's siege of 1.5 million Palestinians," said Berlin. 伯林说:“我们来自17个国家,抱有一个目标,就是要冲破以色列对150万巴勒斯坦人的围困。”Israel has imposed a crippling blockade on Gaza since the Islamic militant group Hamas seized control of the territory in a Palestinian civil war a year ago. Hamas refuses to renounce violence or recognize Israel, and until a cease-fire two months ago, Palestinian militants launched daily rocket attacks across the border.  自从激进的伊斯兰组织哈马斯在一年前的内战中夺取了对加沙地带的控制以来,以色列一直对这个地区实行封锁,给那里的经济带来严重后果。哈马斯拒绝放弃暴力,也不承认以色列的生存权。在两个月前达成停火协议之前,巴勒斯坦激进分子每天跨越边界对以色列发动火箭袭击。Israeli activist Jeff Halper, who was also on board, says that does not justify the Israeli blockade.  以色列的活动人士哈尔珀也在这些越过封锁线的船上。他说,火箭袭击并不能成为以色列实行封锁的正当理由。"Israel has to be held responsible for its policies toward the civilian population. They have absolutely no right in international law to declare an economic siege on Gaza, to harm the civilian population. That's a form of collective punishment which is illegal," said Halper.  他说:“以色列必须为自己对平民采取的政策承担责任。根据国际法,他们绝对没有权利宣布对加沙进行经济封锁,损害平民百姓的利益。这是一种非法的集体惩罚。”The boats set sail from Cyprus on Friday and arrived in Gaza after a 32-hour journey on the Mediterranean Sea. The activists got a warm welcome from hundreds of Palestinians as they arrived on shore with humanitarian supplies.  这两艘船星期五从塞浦路斯启航,在地中海上经过32个小时的航程抵达加沙。这些活动分子带着人道救援物资靠岸时,受到好几百名巴勒斯坦人的热烈欢迎。Berlin says, "Mission Accomplished." 伯林说:“使命完成了。”"Our original mission was to sail into Gaza, open up a sea lane so that they can actually use their sea lane, and then break Israel's siege, and to tell the world that the Gaza Mediterranean belongs to the people of Gaza," she said.  她说:“我们原来的使命是航行进入加沙,开辟一条海上航道,一条他们确实能使用的航道,然后冲破以色列的封锁,告诉全世界,加沙地中海属于加沙人民。”Israel said the real aim of the activists was to highlight the blockade by being intercepted and arrested. So Israel decided to allow the boats into Gaza, saying it wanted to avoid a publicity stunt aimed at harming the image of the Jewish state. 以色列表示,这些活动分子的真实目的原来是通过遭到拦截或逮捕来突显以色列的封锁。所以以色列决定允许这些船进入加沙,声称以色列希望避免一次损坏本国形像的宣传行动。200808/46606

Tell me, do you have any other artificial fruits in this range?告诉我,在这个范围内你还有其他人造水果吗?Yes. Well, its a bit of a secret, but youre a trusted client, so I think I can tell you... Go on...是的。这是一个秘密,但您是值得信赖的客户,所以我想我可以告诉您…… 继续……Were about to unveil a new Imperial Lemon. Really?我们将推出一款新型皇家柠檬。 真的吗?I cant tell you any more for now. But… Yes...现在我还不能告诉您更多消息,但是…… 什么?Maybe we could present it to you more formally in a couple of weeks, when its y for release...?也许在几周后当我们准备好发放的时候正式给您送去?Sounds perfect.听起来很棒。You would be the first to see it!你将是第一个见到它的人!Excellent. Thank you, er...Anna, isnt it? Yes.太棒了,谢谢,安娜是吗? 是的。A very pretty name.名字很好听。Thanks. Its spelled the same forwards and backwards.谢谢。正反拼写都一样。Is it really?真的吗?Anyway, Mr Lime, well fix this grapefruit problem for you, and I promise you, it wont happen again.总之,Lime先生,我们将为你解决葡萄的事,我保绝不会再出现这种问题。 /201612/483609

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