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Green loans dry up Investment in green businesses drops, posing a challenge to President Obama's mission to creat more green-collar jobs .He’s got the ambition. “We’ll restore science to its rightful place and wield technology's wonders, we’ll harness the sun and the winds, and the soil. All this we can do. All this we will do.” But the challenges are enormous. They begin here on Wall Street, where the financial shock waves are hitting main street and green businesses.“You see, one is a little differences from the other.....” Kevin McCleod installs solar panels and his business has grown dramatically in the past few years. But since the economy stumbled, he and his colleagues are taking a serious hit. “I am really say, personally, about 30% of my businesses is off because of not being able to securing credit, the, that the jobs, and that hurts.” “Nobody can get dollars for financing if you don’t have the cash to pay for it, there is nowhere else to get the money to pay for solar energy.”A big problem for business and for President Obama’s plan to create more green-collar jobs. “Constructing fuel-efficient cars and buildings, and developing the new energy technologies that will lead to even more jobs. ”The financial benefits of solar power are huge. "Our bills are like 5 dollars and 41 cents, it’s truly a wonderful investment, and you know, it keeps us from using oil and fighting wars for oil. "But starting at about ,000, the panels come with a hefty price tag and customers are angry they can’t get loans. “It’s pretty frustrating actually, you know that, sit there and know that, you know, I 'm, I'm phoning, you know, pretty good money and work hard and pay my bills, and you know that I can't get it. ” And for solar contractors, it’s been a dark time. “Two out of ten can't get financing, you know, and financing also is affecting my business, cause my business is being financed, my, my bank shut me down.” So all eyes are turning to President Obama. If he’s promising the industry that he’s, he wants to create the green-collar jobs, he needs to put the money out there and make it available to our industry and own homeowners”; “I hope that whatever he does, you know, helps the rest of us out, you know, the working middle class, you know, everybody is trying, you know, to make ends meet.”But with a deepening recession, concerns are running high on what used to be the sunny side of the street. Juliana Silva, from CNNmoney.com.GLOSSARY1. wield v.行使,运用,配:有效地行使、运用(如权力或影响 2. harness v. 开发, 治理; 控制 3. solar panel 太阳能电池板:一组相互连接的太阳电池 4. financing n.筹措资金, 理财, 筹集资金, 融资, 财务, 资金 5. solar energy/ power 太阳能 6. green-collar jobs 绿领职业(环保类职业/对环境不会造成很大危害的职业) 7. fuel-efficient 燃料利用率高的 8. financial benefits 财务效益;按现行市场价格和财税制度计算的效益。 9. truly adv. 确实是 真实地, 不假 10. hefty 强有力的 大幅度的 11. price tag n. 价格标签:附在货物上表明价格的标签 12. help out 帮助(某人) 帮助(某人)解决困难[做某事] 13. make ends meet 收相抵 量入为出 14. the sunny side n.向阳的一面,光明面,乐观的一面 02/63032惠东医院是私立WFP Welcomes Israel's 'Humanitarian Recess' in Gaza世界粮食署评加沙每天停火三小时 The U.N. World Food Program says Israel's decision to hold its fire for three hours a day in Gaza City will help ease the plight of the conflict-stricken population. The WFP says more is needed. 联合国世界粮食计划署表示,以色列有关每天在加沙城停火三小时的决定有助于缓解受到战火围困的居民的困境。世界粮食计划署表示,还需要更进一步的行动。The World Food Program says the three-hour daily pause in military air strikes will provide a bit of relief to the beleaguered population of Gaza, but, it is not enough. 世界粮食计划署说,每天暂停三小时空袭会稍微缓解加沙受困居民的苦难。不过,这还不够。In a telephone interview from Jerusalem, WFP Spokesman, Robin Lodge, tells VOA, the so-called humanitarian recess is only a first step. 世界粮食计划署发言人罗宾·洛奇在耶路撒冷接受美国之音电话采访时说,所谓的人道主义休战只是第一步。"We are looking for a longer cease fire and indeed a permanent cease fire period, which we see as the only way we can possibly, actually resume full-scale humanitarian support for the people of Gaza," said Lodge. "That is not just WFP. But, that is the whole humanitarian community."  洛奇说:“我们正在寻求较长时间的停火,其实我们需要永久性的停火,我们认为只有那样才有可能真正恢复向加沙人民提供的全面人道援。也就是说不仅是世界粮食计划署的援助,而且是全世界人道救援机构的援助。”International pressure has been building up on Israel to agree to a cease-fire amid warnings of a growing humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Israel says the three-hour daily bombing respite will allow the residents of Gaza City to acquire basic necessities and to seek aid from international organizations.  国际社会要求以色列同意停火的压力日益加强,同时来自各方的警告说,加沙人道危机越来越严重。以色列表示,每天暂停轰炸三小时会让加沙城居民得到基本的生活物品,并向国际组织寻求救援。The WFP has a regular caseload of 265,000 non-refugee Palestinians in Gaza. Since Israel began its military offensive on December 27, the number of beneficiaries has increased by 50,000. 世界粮食计划署在加沙地带通常承担的援助任务是向26万5千名不属于难民范畴的巴勒斯坦人提供援助。以色列12月27号开始对加沙发动军事进攻以来,接受该机构援助的人数增加了5万人。Lodge says the WFP has enough food stocks in Gaza City to last several weeks. But he notes a lot of the food is kept in government warehouses and, for security reasons, it is difficult to access it. 洛奇说,世界粮食计划署在加沙城的食品库存可维持几个星期。不过他指出,这些食品多半保存在政府仓库内,由于安全因素,要想得到这些食品非常困难。He describes the situation in Gaza as very bleak. 洛奇认为加沙的局势非常严峻。"There is very little food commercially available," he said. "Very few stores have any food. There is a widesp shortage of cash so commercial activities have virtually ground to a halt. As far as the bakeries are concerned, they are no longer getting supplied with flour from the mills because the mills have run out of wheat. At present, the latest idea is that only 14 out of 47 bakeries in Gaza are operating and they are operating at very reduced capacity. We are trying to help out by delivering flour to bakeries."  洛奇说:“市面上能买到的食品非常少。有食品的商店寥寥无几。现金短缺的情况非常普遍,因此商业活动实际上已经停顿。就面包店而言,面粉厂不再向它们提供面粉,因为面粉厂的小麦也都用完了。目前的最新状况是,加沙47家面包店只有14家还在营业,但是它们的营业量在大幅度减少。我们正在设法给面包店送去面粉,帮助它们度过难关。”Israel says the humanitarian recess will enable about 80 trucks carrying medicine, medical supplies, basic food and fuel to pass into Gaza via the Kerem Shalom crossing. 以色列说,人道主义休战可以让大约80辆运送药品、医疗物资、基本食品和燃料的卡车经由凯雷姆-沙洛姆过境点进入加沙。The World Food Program is calling for all crossing points to be reopened as soon as possible. It says it is vital that the Karni crossing be opened. It says Karni has a conveyor belt for loading and unloading food, which would avoid breaks in its supply line.The agency also is appealing to international donors to plug the million shortfall it is running for its Gaza humanitarian operations.01/60668惠州哪里治疗性病医院China's population中国人口The most surprising demographic crisis出乎意料的人口危机A new census raises questions about the future of China’s one-child policy新的人口普查结果对中国独生子女政策的未来提出了质疑DOES China have enough people? The question might seem absurd. The country has long been famous both for having the world’s largest population and for having taken draconian measures to restrain its growth. Though many people, Chinese and outsiders alike, have looked aghast at the brutal and coercive excesses of the one-child policy, there has also often been a grudging acknowledgment that China needed to do something to keep its vast numbers in check.中国人够多吗?这个问题够傻的。这个国家一直以来都因为它居于世界首位的庞大人口以及为了控制人口增长而实行的严格政策而享有盛名。尽管许多中国人以及外国人对这项独生子女政策的不讲理以及高压手段瞠目结舌,最终他们还是勉强承认中国需要这项政策来控制庞大的人口。But new census figures bolster claims made in the past few years that China is suffering from a demographic problem of a different sort: too low a birth rate. The latest numbers, released on April 28th and based on the nationwide census conducted last year, show a total population for mainland China of 1.34 billion. They also reveal a steep decline in the average annual population growth rate, down to 0.57% in 2000-10, half the rate of 1.07% in the previous decade. The data imply that the total fertility rate, which is the number of children a woman of child-bearing age can expect to have, on average, during her lifetime, may now be just 1.4, far below the “replacement rate” of 2.1, which eventually leads to the population stabilising.但是新的全国人口普查数据却实了过去几年关于中国面临一个截然不同的人口危机的断言,即中国的人口出生率过低。刚于4月28日发布的数据(根据去年进行的全国人口普查结果)显示,中国大陆拥有13亿4千万人口。而年均人口增长率的巨幅下降也跃然纸上:中国年均人口增长率在2000到2010这个10年的区间中下降到了0.57%, 是1990-2000这10年的一半。这份数据显示总生育率,也就是一位龄女性在其一生将平均会有1.4个孩子,远远低于2.1的人口更替水平,而人口更替水平是维持人口稳定的标准。Slower growth is matched by a dramatic ageing of the population. People above the age of 60 now represent 13.3% of the total, up from 10.3% in 2000 (see chart). In the same period, those under the age of 14 declined from 23% to 17%. A continuation of these trends will place ever greater burdens on the working young who must support their elderly kin, as well as on government-run pension and health-care systems. China’s great “demographic dividend” (a rising share of working-age adults) is almost over.In addition to skewing the country’s age distribution, the one-child policy has probably exacerbated its dire gender imbalance. Many more baby boys are born in China than baby girls. China is not unique in this; other countries, notably India, have encountered similar problems without coercive population controls. But Chinese officials do not dispute that the one-child policy has played a role. China’s strong cultural imperative for male offspring has led many families to do whatever they must to ensure that their one permissible child is a son. In the earliest days of the one-child policy, this sometimes meant female infanticide. As ultrasound technology sp, sex-selective abortions became widesp.独生子女政策带来的不仅仅是人口年龄分布倾斜,还很可能加剧了中国严重的性别比例失调。在中国,男婴比女婴更多。而在这一点上中国并不孤单;其他国家,尤其是印度,也遇到了类似的问题,然而印度并没有强制性控制人口。但是中国官员不容争辩的强调独生子女政策有重要作用。中国重视男性子嗣的深远文化传统令千万家庭想尽一切办法保这唯一孩子是个男孩。而超声波技术的普及也使得具有性别歧视意味的堕胎更加普遍。201105/136226Thai PM to Resign, Protesters to Leave Airports泰法庭裁决禁总理及政治伙伴参政 A court has ruled that the Thai prime minister, his party and his coalition partners are banned from politics. The decision led the anti-government People's Alliance for Democracy to pledge to allow flights to resume at Bangkok's international airport. 泰国一个法庭裁决,禁止泰国总理颂猜、他的政党和他的联合政府伙伴参政。这个裁决使反政府的人民民主联盟保将允许曼谷国际机场重新开放。The People's Alliance for Democracy says it will continue some protests at the international airport, but on Tuesday agreed to allow flights to resume. However, airport officials say it could be several days before full operations resume. 人民民主联盟表示,将继续在国际机场举行一些抗议活动,但是星期二同意允许一些航班起降。不过,机场官员说,全面恢复运营还需要好几天时间。Court ruling disbands 3 coalition partiesThe PAD decision came hours after a Thai constitutional court disbanded the three leading parties in the government coalition.  民盟做出这个决定几个小时前,泰国一个宪法法庭裁定解散联合政府中3个主要的政党。A judge the order banning the Chart Thai Party, one of the coalition partners.  一名法官宣读了法庭解散执政党之一泰国党的命令。The verdicts were announced, under strict security, after the judges were forced to move to another building after the constitutional court was surrounded by pro-government demonstrators. 此前,在亲政府示威者包围宪法法庭之后,法官被迫转移到另外一所建筑,法庭裁决是在戒备森严的状态下宣读的。The ruling follows court findings that the main coalition party, the People Power Party, Chart Thai and another partner, violated election laws during the December 2007 general elections. Several executives from each party also were banned from politics for five years. 在做出这项裁决之前,法庭认为,联合政府主要政党人民力量党、泰国党和另外一个执政伙伴在2007年12月大选中违反了选举法。各党都有几名主管人员同时被禁止参政5年。Ruling removes PM Somchai from officeThe verdict removes Prime Minister Somchai Wongsawat from office. A PPP spokesman says party members in parliament not directly affected by the ruling will join a new party that aly has been created.  法庭裁决解除了颂猜的总理职务。人民力量党一名发言人说,议会中不直接受这项裁决影响的该党党员将加入一个已经成立的新党。Deputy Prime Minister Chavarat Charnveerakul has been named interim prime minister until a new coalition government is formed and a new prime minister can be selected. 副总理查瓦拉被任命为临时总理,直至新的联合政府成立,并选出一位新总理。Government supporters say judiciary staged 'silent coup'Pro-government supporters have accused the judiciary of bias and staging a "silent coup" against Mr. Somchai and his brother-in-law, former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra.  亲政府人士指责司法偏袒,发动了一场针对颂猜和他的连襟前总理他信的“静悄悄的政变”。The PAD calls the verdict a victory, following months of long protests, including a three-month siege of the main government office building. 民盟则称这项裁决是他们在几个月之久的抗议、包括对主要政府大楼为期3个月的包围后取得的胜利。"Today, the constitution court finally dissolved the party that acted as a nominee for Thaksin Shinawatra," said Parnthep Pourpongpan, a PAD spokesman. "We have to consider about the victory. We totally agree that at least we have to review the level of demonstration now at least about how we reduce and how much we reduce."  民盟发言人班贴说:“今天,宪法法庭终于解散了为他信代言的政党。我们必须考虑这个胜利。我们完全同意,现在至少必须考虑示威的程度,我们如何缩小范围,缩小多少。”Protests strand touristsThailand's tourism industry and air cargo have been severely disrupted by the airport occupation, leading to hundreds of millions of dollars in lost income. It is estimated that up to a quarter of a million tourists remain stranded because of the occupation. 泰国旅游业和空运业由于机场被占领而受到严重影响,造成了数亿美元的损失。据估计,有25万游客被困。Soon after the ruling, the government postponed a summit of Southeast Asian leaders, which was to start December 13. 法庭裁决之后,泰国政府立即推迟了原定于12月13号开幕的东盟领导人峰会。200812/57810惠州友好医院皮肤病咨询

惠州那一家男科医院好博罗医院医生电话Human evolution人类进化史You look familiar似曾相识Another piece of humanity’s family tree is fitted into place南方古猿sediba的发现填补了人类家族谱系的关键空白Sep 10th 2011 | from the print edition THE opening scene of Mel Brooks’s film “History of the World: Part One” dispenses with human origins in one line: “And the ape stood, and became man.” Would that it were that easy for palaeontologists to sort out. The transition to humanity is generally agreed to have occurred between Australopithecus, a genus of small-brained, bipedal primates whose most famous member is a fossil nicknamed “Lucy”, and the big-brained species Homo erectus. But pinning down when precisely this took place, and which of the various australopithecine species were involved, has been challenging. Now the most human-like australopithecine found to date is clarifying things—and staking a claim to be the species from which early humans evolved.梅尔·布鲁克斯执导的电影“世界史:序幕”开场仅用一句话就概括了人类起源:“类人猿直立起来,变成了人类。” 要是古生物学家也能如此轻而易举地阐释人类进化的奥秘就好了。人们普遍认为人类是由南方古猿和直立人之间的某个物种演化而来。南方古猿头部较小,属双足灵长类动物,其最有名的家族成员是一具被称做“露西”的化石,比较而言,直立人的头部就大多了。不过,要想确定确切的人类演化时间和哪些南方古猿物种参与了演化,仍是极具挑战性的课题。目前,迄今为止发现的与人类最为相似的南方古猿正逐渐解开这团迷雾——它阐明了早期人类是由哪个物种演化而来的。Fossils of the new species, Australopithecus sediba, were discovered in 2008 in a cave in South Africa. Initial research, led by Lee Berger of the University of the Witwatersrand, in Johannesburg, concluded that the species came too late in the fossil record to be the ancestor of the Homo lineage. This week, however, a range of new research into sediba, again led by Dr Berger, has been published in Science. These studies conclude that sediba did in fact predate Homo erectus and, moreover, that parts of its anatomy are surprisingly similar to modern man.2008年在南非一个洞穴内发现一个新物种化石,称做南方古猿sediba。约翰内斯堡金山大学的李·伯格尔领导的最初研究结果表明南方古猿sediba在化石记录中出现的年份过晚而无法被认定为人类的祖先。然而本周,李·伯格尔士领导的一系列关于sediba的最新研究成果在《科学》杂志上发表。这些研究结果表明,南方古猿sediba确实早于直立人存在,并且它的一些骨骼结构与现代人类有着惊人的相似之处。201109/154667惠州医院在线服务Crunch Time For Football Finances Despite Kaka's proposed pound;100m move to Manchester City, many football clubs are struggling in the economic conditions. Ian Dovaston has been to two very different clubs to see how they're coping. This is Pierre resistor, this is first real Madrid chair, war against. I am trying to confront it, but. . . John Ryan proves a life time fascination with football. I have a passion for my hometown Dovaston. I said that I would do it when I was 20. So you know. That was a calling for me really. But if it was a business decision I would torture? you with batch poll. He's dragged his club from conference to championship pouring in perhaps 5 million pounds of his own money. It is a familiar story, but never more pertinent. Part from Saman city, I think the cold wind recession is reaching every club. Doncaster Rover is debt free, thanks largely to Ryan, but too many aren't. And the banks are wanting their money back. In the next few months, you will see, you might see some big casualties, I mean, who knows. But can morals go both. You know, in 1998 business. Who knows. These are treacherous times for football clubs. When Doncaster Rover emerged from M league, its wage bill was 800 , 000 pounds. Now just over 4 years later, it is 5 million pounds, or almost 60% of the clubs' turnover. As for so many others, the challenge for Doncaster and their chairman John Ryan is for the club to sustain itself financially. Here at Queen's Park ranges they have not just one, but three very wealthy individuals on board, but it seems suspiciously prudent. Edman Betty represents those wealthy men, Flobia Victory, Berly Achostood and Lachely Mitown, each of whom has significant sums in recent months. So far even they have spent less than 2 million pounds on 5 players in the transfer window. As I travel with the team for three months and speak to a lot of different clubs boards is that all of them are affected. And they are probably, you know, have less appetite to spend that they would did 12 or 18 months in some cases. And they have no appetite at all. C* have premier ambitions. But they are pledged to be building patiently. Football it would seem in general slowly coming around to that view. When the January transfer window began in 2003, 33 million pounds were spent in the premier league alone. Four years later, that spending hit doubled. But just one year later in 2008, that figure had almost tripled again to 175 million pounds. Unless Manchester city get that man, the figure this year is expected to be down. But the QPR the believes old habits die hard. We may see a year or two, you know, maybe less spending. But I think eventually it will go back to the times when money is paid for quality. That's something that's always happened in football. Back to Doncaster, however, John Ryan believes recession could prove to be football saver. In a strange way, it might bring it back to reality. There are some problems with football. It lives in this fantasy world. Manchester city's Large Ace created perhaps a dangerous illusion. Football has hit lean times. No question. In Dovaston, Sky News. NOTES:transfer window 在“转会市场”中可以选择合适的球员并签约到自己的球队中。QPR Queens Park Rangers. 女王公园巡游者02/61635惠州治疗生殖器感染哪家医院有名

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