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龙岩检查怀孕正规医院福州不孕不育哪家医院好福州去哪里测卵泡 Simply flipping through a book may not seem like the best way to scan it, but a Japanese research team at Tokyo University has created a software that scans hundreds of pages within minutes.只是翻翻书并不能扫描书中的内容,但日本东京大学一只研究组正在发明一种能在几分钟内扫描上百页书籍的软件。Until now, scanning paper has been a tedious process in which pages one by one must be inserted into a flatbed scanner. But this new invention uses a high speed camera that takes 500 pictures per second to scan pages as theyre flipped. The invention is able to scan a 200 to 250 page book in about 60 seconds using basic computer hardware available off shelf.直到现在,扫描书籍都是一项沉闷冗长的工作,因为这项工作需要手动将书籍一页一页附在扫描仪的平台上。但这项新发明运用了一种高速相机,每秒能拍摄500张图片,能在翻书过程中完成扫面工作。这项发明应用最基本的电脑硬件就能完成,能够在1分钟左右扫描完一本200到250的书籍。It takes a shot of the shape then it calculates the shape and uses those calculations to film the scanning. As it can film while understanding the underlying shape, its very easy to then take the pages that are being scanned and save them as a normal flat copy.这种扫描方式首先需要拍摄下图书页面上的图案形状,接着在映出这些图案的同时这些图形,最后只要轻松保存这些图形就可以了。While right now, it requires extra time to process the scanned images, the hope is to eventually make the technology faster and much smaller.目前,这项技术还需要额外的时间来扫描到的图像,研究人员的最终目标是让这项技术更快,设备装置越来越小巧。In the more distant future, once it becomes possible to put all of this processing on one chip, and then put that in an ipad or ipod, one could scan just using that chip. At that point, it becomes possible to scan something quickly to save for later ing.将来,一旦技术允许将所有程序放进一枚芯片,那么将这枚芯片放入ipad或ipod,或者其他能扫描的设备中。这样,快速扫描稍后阅读将成为可能。Being able to scan books with an iphone maybe further off, but a commercial version of the large scale computer-based scanning system could be available in 2 or 3 years, while the flip scanner has the potential to take paper books into the digital age, it remains to be seen how publishers will feel about the new technology.虽然用iphone扫描书籍还是很遥远,但使用电脑大规模扫描系统将在2到3年内实现。翻翻书就能扫描也许会将纸质书带入到电子书的时代,因此出版商们对这项新技术的看法还是个未知数。Natalie Armstrong, Reuters.Natalie Armstrong报道,路透社消息。注:本篇文章英文来自普特论坛,译文属原创,,。201207/190695三明市治输卵管堵塞三甲医院

三明市检查输卵管造影专业医院Technology Collective behavior Follow my leader科技 集体行为 跟领导走A groups “intelligence” depends in part on its membersignorance群体“智慧”部分依赖于群体成员的“愚昧”HUMAN beings like to think of themselves asthe animal kingdoms smartest alecks.人们总是喜欢将自己看作动物王国中最聪明的。It may come as a surprise to some,therefore, that Iain Couzin of Princeton University believes they havesomething to learn from lesser creatures that move about in a large crowd.然而,令一些人感到惊讶的是,普林斯顿大学的Iain Couzin相信人们能从更低等的、大群活动的动物中学到东西。As he told the AAAS meeting in Washington, DC, groups of animals often make whatlook like wise decisions,正如他在华盛顿AAAS(American Association forthe Advancement of Science,美国科学促进会)召开的会议上所说的,虽然群居动物中的大部分成员对接下来会发生什么一无所知,even when most of the members of those groups areignorant of what is going on.但整个群体却常常做出看起来更明智的决定。Coming to that conclusion was not easy. Beforelessons can be drawn from critters perched on the lower rungs of theevolutionary ladder, their behaviour must first be understood.得出这个结论并不容易。因为必须首先理解这些动物的行为,人们才能借鉴,而由于这些动物处于进化阶梯的较低位置,(人们并不容易理解)。One way to dothis is to tag them with devices that follow them around—motion-capturesensors, radio transmitters or global-positioning-system detectors that can puta precise figure on their movements.要做的这点,首先要用设备为他们打上标签以便跟踪——采用运动传感器、无线电发射装置和全球定位系统的探测器能精确描述它们活动。Unfortunately, it is impossible to tag morethan a few individuals in a herd, flock or swarm.不幸的是,能被标定的个体只是兽群、鸟群或蜂群中的少数。Researchers have thereforetended to extrapolate from these few results by using various computer models.研究者们因此将这些少量数据采用各种电脑模型进行推演。Dr Couzin has done quite a bit of this himself.Couzin士已经完成了一部分工作。Most recently, he has modelledthe behaviour of shoals of fish.最近,他建立了鱼群行为模型。He posited that how they swim will depend oneach individuals competing tendencies to stick close to the others (and thusmove in the same direction as them) while not actually getting too close to anyparticular other fish.他推测鱼群游动的方式有赖于鱼类个体倾向于截住对方,而又不真的靠近对方的竞争方式(因此它们总是同向游动)。It turns out that by fiddling with these tendencies, avirtual shoal can be made to swirl spontaneously in a circle, just like somereal species do.基于这些倾向就归纳出模型,这些模拟的鱼群可以自行转圈巡游,就像真的一样。That is a start. But real shoals do not existto swim in circles.那只是一个开始。不过真实的鱼群并不只是转圈游动。Their purpose is to help their members eat and avoid beingeaten.他们的目的是帮助成员觅食,同时防止被猎食。At any one time, however, only some individuals know about—and can thusreact to—food and threats.然而,无论什么时候,只有一些个体能对食物和威胁做出反应。Dr Couzin therefore wanted to find out how suchtemporary leaders influence the behaviour of the rest.因此,Couzin士想找出这些临时领导如何影响其余个体行为。He discovered that leadership is extremelyefficient.Couzin士发现这种领导方式及其有效。The larger a shoal is, the smaller is the proportion of it thatneeds to know what is actually going on for it to feed and avoid predationeffectively.鱼群越大,需要知道接下来做什么才能有效觅食和避免危险的“领导”比例就越小。Indeed, having too many leaders with conflicting opinions resultsin confusion.的确,领导越多,矛盾观点造成的混乱就越多。At least, that is true in the model. He is now testing it inreality.至少,模型上是这样。他现在正在真实环境下测试模型。Tracking individual fish in a shoal is hard.跟踪记录鱼群中的个体很困难。Fortunately, advances in pattern-recognition software mean it is no longerimpossible.幸运的是,模式识别软件的进步让这变成可能。Systems designed to follow people are now clever enough not only totrack a person in a crowd, but also to tell in which direction his head isturned.为跟踪人类设计的系统已经足够智能,不仅能跟踪人群中的某个人,而且能显示这个人的头转向何方。Since, from above, the oval shape of a human head is not unlike theoblong body of a fish, this software can, with a little tweaking, followpiscine antics, too.因此,尽管鱼类的身体是长条形,与这个软件可以识别的人类椭圆形头部不同,从原理上说,只要稍作修改使之适应鱼类外形即可。Robo fish机器鱼Dr Couzin has been using a program developedby Colin Twomey, a graduate student at his laboratory, to track individual fishin a tank.Couzin士一直在使用他实验室的研究生Colin Twomey开发的程序来记录水池中鱼类个体的行为。The result is not just a model of shoaling fish, but a precisenumerical representation of their actual movements and fields of vision.这个成果不仅是鱼群的模型,更是鱼群真实行动和视野的精确数值反应。That means it is possible to investigate whether real-life fishy leaders have thesame effect on a group as their virtual kin.这就意味着深入研究真实鱼群中的领导们与他们的“模拟亲戚”在鱼群中是否有同样影响变成可能。Alas, merely observing a shoal does not makeit clear which individuals lead and which follow.然而,仅仅只观察一个鱼群并不能清楚地区分哪个是领导,哪个是随从。Instead, Dr Couzin has builta biddable robot three-spined stickleback.作为替代,Couzin士制作了一条能发出命令的机器三棘刺鱼。A preliminary study of a shoal often flesh-and-blood sticklebacks shows that they do indeed mingle with therobot and that they follow its leadership cues as predicted.对一个有十条真实刺鱼鱼群的初步研究显示,他们确实接纳了那条机器鱼,并且接受它的领导指示。He is now making arobot predator to see how the shoal reacts to less benign intruders.他现在正在制作一个机器猎食者,用来观察鱼群对凶猛入侵者的反应。If the models are anything to go by, the bestoutcome for the group—in this case, not being eaten—seems to depend on mostmembers being blissfully unaware of the world outside the shoal and simplytaking their cue from others.如果模型一切正常,那么就可得出对群体来说最好的结果——不会被吃掉——这看起来有赖于大多数成员对鱼群外部世界毫无知觉,仅仅只是接受其他鱼指示的“傻鱼傻福”。This phenomenon, Dr Couzin argues, applies to allmanner of organisms, from individual cells in a tissue to (rather worryingly)voters in the democratic process.Couzin士指出,这个现象符合所有的组织行为,从组织中的个体单位到民主过程中的选民(似乎更令人头痛)。His team has aly begun probing thequestion of voting patterns.他的研究团队已经开始探索选举模式的问题。But is ignorance really political bliss?然而,愚昧真是政治之福吗?DrCouzins models do not yet capture what happens when the leaders themselvesturn out to be sharks.Couzin士的模型还没有涉及领导们自己变成“鲨鱼”会发生什么。 /201301/219159福州博爱医院不孕不育电话预约 The Census of Marine Life has released the most comprehensive inventory life in the ocean today. Its an unprecedented database of marine species living in 25 key ocean areas around the world.海洋生物普查已经公布了现今海洋里最全面的生物种类。这是一个前所未有的海洋物种居住在世界25个关键地区的数据库。The findings published in the open access scientific journal Plus One, describes species found in oceanic regions ranging from A Antarctic waters, to the tropics, to temporary waters throughout the world, and the Arctic.研究结果刊登在开放的科学杂志《Plus One》上,描述海洋中发现的物种从南极海域,热带,以及遍布世界的临时水域,当然还有北极。Thiss the first time ever that all the information is available in one single source for the public worldwide. So anyone around the world who wants know about Caribbean marine diversity for example, just goes to one place, clicks, well have full article, and then well also have, through the supporting material, well have list of species of the most representative or most studied groups in the area.这是有史以来第一次所有的信息都以单一的来源公之于众。所以如果世界上的某人想要了解关于加勒比海海洋生物的多样性,只需去一个地方,点击,我们就会呈现很多的文章,然后我们还会呈现辅助材料,我们就会有物种的名单或在该地区大部分最具代表性的研究团体。166168龙岩通输卵管三甲医院

福州去哪做人流手术比较好Dear Annie:亲爱的安妮:Daniel, the guy Ive been seeing for two years, is a married man. I didnt know it until wed been seeing each other for eight months. Weve been living together ever since. I love him with all my heart, but Im getting sick and tired of being the ;other woman.;我认识丹尼尔这个男人已经两年了,但他是一个有妇之夫。我是在我们交往八个月之后才知道这个的。我们一直生活在一起。我全心全意地爱着他,但现在我厌倦了做一个“第三者”。Daniel is still supporting his wife, a meth addict, because hes worried she will end up on the street. Other than her phone calls and harassment, we are basically happy, but I want more from him. I want to be his wife. I want to have a future with him, but hes not moving toward divorce. He says its because his wife has property that belongs to him.丹尼尔仍然持他的妻子——一个吸毒成瘾者——因为他担心她会倒毙街头。除了他妻子的电话和骚扰令人讨厌之外,我们在一起还是很快乐的,但这些已不能满足我了。我想成为他的妻子。我希望能和他有个未来,但是他却不想离婚。他说,离婚会让他的妻子分走他的财产。Daniel tells me hed be lost without me, but I cant deal with much more of this. Any advice? - In Love and Hurting丹尼尔告诉我,他不能没有我,但我实在不能这样下去了。你能给我一些建议吗?——处于爱和痛中的人Dear In Love:亲爱的“爱和痛中的人”:Daniel should not leave things in limbo. He needs to talk to a lawyer about a legal separation so he can continue to provide for his wife while working out the details of a divorce. If he is unwilling to proceed, it means he either values this disputed property more than his relationship with you, or he has no intention of changing his marital status, in which case, please get out of this mess while you can.丹尼尔不能对此事无动于衷。他需要找律师咨询一下,他可以继续保障他妻子的生活,然后想一想离婚的细节问题。如果他不愿意这样做,这意味着他重视有争议的财产更甚于重视你们的关系,或者他根本没有打算改变他目前的婚姻状况。在这种情况下,如果可以的话,你要甩掉这个烂摊子。注:本文译文属原创,,。201204/177955 Books and Arts; Book Review;文艺;书评;The political waning of America;美国在衰落吗???Unconvincing;不足为信;Every Nation For Itself: Winners and Losers in a G-Zero World. By Ian Bremmer.《独自为战:G零世界的赢家与败者》,作者伊恩·布雷默Brazil and Turkey, once reliable backers of Americas geostrategic goals, conspicuously went their own way in 2010 when they sought to broker a deal with Iran over its nuclear programme, even as America pushed for new sanctions. Their new-found assertiveness was a product of both their growing economic weight and Americas diminished clout.巴西和土耳其都曾经是美国地缘政治中可靠的盟友,但是2010年在美国已经对伊朗推行新的制裁政策时,这两个国家却追求以仲裁和和谈的形式让伊朗走出核危机,这标志着它们开始奉行相对独立的外交政策。这种新的魄力是它们经济增长的结果,也是美国影响力下降的结果。This is an example of what is in store for the world, predicts Ian Bremmer in “Every Nation For Itself”. Countries like Brazil and Turkey want the status of a bigger global role. But they “balk at assuming the risks and burdens” that global leadership entails. Ideally a web of multilateral institutions and laws would impose order and hold wayward countries in line. But with America unable to afford, or unwilling to exercise, global leadership, and China still not y to assume its responsibilities, there is no one to enforce these rules.这就是伊恩·布雷默在他新著《各自为战》中所预言的世界。像巴西和土耳其这样的国家想要在全球政治中扮演更重要的角色。但是“他们想要避免领导全球所必须承担的风险和负担”。理想主义的观念认为,一个多元化的组织网络和法律可以带来秩序,让那些不驯的国家从。但是随着美国没有能力或者不愿意承担全球领导的角色,而中国目前还没有做好准备承担责任,没有一个国家可以来强制执行这些规则。In the 1960s President Lyndon Johnson could divert a fifth of Americas wheat crop to alleviate starvation in India. That could not happen now, when biofuels are aggravating food shortages and exporters hoard supplies for their own people. Global warming, nuclear proliferation and internet regulation are all harder to address, with the G7 and G20 supplanted by what the author calls the “G-Zero”.20世纪60年代,总统林登·约翰逊可以将美国小麦产量的五分之一用于缓解印度的饥荒。现在这根本不可能发生,因为生物燃料的发展正在造成并加剧粮食短缺现象,而且出口商们正为了他们自己的人民储存粮食。随着G7和G20被被作者称为G-0的世界所代替,全球变暖、核扩散以及网络管理等都将是更难处理的问题。Mr Bremmer, founder of Eurasia Group, a political-risk consultancy, specialises in big thoughts. His previous books tackled the path that developing countries travel from autocracy to democracy, and the growth of state-sponsored capitalism. “Every Nation For Itself” enters a more crowded field. Innumerable books and essays have aly plumbed the consequences of Americas loss, or possible loss, of global leadership, with the best providing either fresh insight or original reporting. Unfortunately, “Every Nation For Itself” does neither. It devotes endless pages to describing disparate arenas of global conflict, from cyberspace to water shortages, but these are largely a rehash of headlines and conventional wisdom. Their only purpose is to provide Mr Bremmer with repeated opportunities to assert that “in a G-Zero world” such conflicts can no longer be solved from above.布雷默是一家政治风险咨询机构欧亚集团的创始人,该机构专门从事大的战略思想研究。他的前一本书主要追述了发展中国家从专制独裁到民主的转变以及国有资本主义的增长。而这本《各自为战》进入了一个更加拥挤的领域。已经有无数本专著和论文在探究美国衰落或者可能衰落可能会带来的结果,其中好的著作要么有创新的视角要么在原始材料方面比较突出。但是很不幸,《各自为战》这两方面都没有做到。作者花了大量的篇幅描述全球问题的冲突,从网络空间到水资源短缺,但是这些论述大部分只是对已经报道过的文章和传统观点进行了重新处理。它们唯一的用处只是给布雷默机会让他重复了一个观点,即在G零世界中这些冲突都不可能自上而下得到解决。Mr Bremmer is certainly right that a world without Americas global leadership is a more dangerous place, but he overstates his case. Even when it stood alone as the worlds superpower, America struggled to impose its will. In 1993 it pulled its troops out of Somalia when murderous warlords foiled its attempts to deliver food relief to the starving country. The global groups that Mr Bremmer imagines once ran the world were seldom that effective. The G7 occasionally influenced the direction of the dollar or the relations between rich countries and the emerging markets, but more often it issued anodyne, forgettable communiqués.当然,布雷默认为一个失去美国领导的世界将会更加危险,在这一点上他是正确的,但是关于这一点他却有所夸大了。即使美国独霸世界,美国也很难强制执行它的意志。1993年,当时残忍的军阀阻止美国将粮食救援输送到饥饿的国家时,美国将军队撤出了索马里。可见布雷默所认为的曾经掌控全球的各个团体事实上并没有那么有效。G7峰会偶尔会影响美元的方向或者富裕国家与新兴市场之间的关系,但是更多情况下,它只是发布一些类似于止痛剂一样的公告,那些公告也很快就被会被人们抛诸脑后。Neither America nor the multilateral institutions are as impotent today as Mr Bremmer claims. Brazil and Turkey failed in their negotiation over Irans nuclear programme. The fact that Iran has been dragged back to the negotiating table and Myanmar is veering back towards democracy contradict Mr Bremmers thesis that sanctions are becoming ever less effective. He is right that the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund have been weakened by Chinas growing power. But the opposite is true for the World Trade Organisation, whose clout has been enhanced significantly by the fact that both America and China abide by its rulings. “Every Nation For Itself” is a useful summary of current events. But as a guide to a complex world, it falls short.其实目前不管是美国还是多国体系都不像布雷默所认为的那样虚弱无力。巴西和土耳其在他们的伊朗科项目问题的谈判中失败了。事实上, 伊朗已经从谈判桌上撤退,缅甸正在向民主的方向转变,这些事实都驳斥了布雷默认为制裁变得无效的观点。他认为世界和国际货币基金组织由于中国力量的崛起受到了削弱,这一点是正确的。但是另一方面由于美国和中国都持世界贸易组织的裁决,所以世贸组织的影响力显著地加强了。《各自为战》对当前重大事务做了很好的总结,但是并没有对当前复杂世界形势提出有益的分析和指导。 /201208/197105福州做人授手术去那比较好福州市通水大概多少钱



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