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湖州邵逸夫医院整形外科丰太阳穴湖州胶原蛋白丰唇价格Amid generally positive reviews of his jabs at Hollywood and #OscarsSoWhite, the host of Sunday’s Oscar ceremony, Chris Rock, is being taken to task for some of his material involving Asian-Americans. 克里斯·洛克(Chris Rock)在周日主持奥斯卡颁奖礼时,对好莱坞和“奥斯卡太白了”(#OscarsSoWhite)大加抨击,这让他收获了不少好评。不过,他也因为有关亚裔美国人的言论面临指责。 Introducing the accountants from PricewaterhouseCoopers, which tabulates the vote results, Mr. Rock instead brought onstage two boys and a girl of Asian heritage, whom he named Ming Zhu, Bao Ling and David Moskowitz. As they clutched briefcases, they visually illustrated the stereotype that Asians are diligent workers who excel at math. 在原本应介绍来自普华永道负责计票的会计的环节,克里斯·洛克却将三名亚裔孩童带上舞台,他们分别叫做朱明(Min Zhu,音)、凌宝(Bao Ling,音)和大卫·莫斯科维茨(David Moskowitz)。手提公文包的形象直观地展现了对亚裔的刻板成见:精于数学的勤奋员工。 “If anybody’s upset about that joke, just tweet about it on your phone that was also made by these kids,” Mr. Rock added, a punch line interpreted as a reference to child labor in Asia. 洛克还说:“如果有人不喜欢这个笑话,大可以用你的手机发条推特,不过你的手机也是这些孩子们做的。”这句话被解读为暗指亚洲的童工问题。 But that seeming awareness of how fine the line was between satire and slur, only added insult to injury, Lowen Liu wrote on the Slate site. “Even if the second beat tries to turn things around, it still allows the teller to make an Asian joke and then excuse himself from the telling. He pulls the rug out from under the audience only to hide underneath it.” (Sacha Baron Cohen, in character as Ali G, later also made a swipe — involving Minions and “little yellow people” — that many found offensive.) 但这种看似有意在讽刺和诋毁之间打擦边球的话语,实际上不仅会伤害人,还带有侮辱性,罗文·刘(Lowen Liu)在Slate上写道。“尽管第二个笑话试图扭转局面,但讲述者仍然将亚洲人当作笑料,并试图为自己开脱。他打了观众一个措手不及,但最终目的是保护自己。”(后来,Ali G的扮演者萨沙·拜伦·科恩[Sacha Baron Cohen]关于“小黄人”的言论也引发了风波,很多人觉得受到了冒犯。) Constance Wu, the “Fresh Off the Boat” actress, tweeted her disappointment: “To parade little kids on stage w/no speaking lines merely to be the butt of a racist joke is reductive amp; gross,” she wrote. 美剧《初来乍到》(;Fresh Off the Boat;)的女主角吴恬敏(Constance Wu)在推特上表达了她的失望:“让小孩子列队似地站在台上,也不给他们说话的机会,只是为了讲一个种族主义笑话,这是一种退化,也很恶劣。” So did the actor Jeffrey Wright, who tweeted that the “joke needed recalibrating,” among other more stringent comments. 在其他更为严苛的中,演员杰弗里·怀特(Jeffrey Wright)也写道:“这个玩笑需要重新改正。” In a new study, the University of Southern California Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism found that at least half of the movies, television and streaming series released over the last two years had no speaking or named Asian-American characters; when they are represented, it is rarely in leading roles. 南加州大学安娜堡新闻与传播学院(he University of Southern California Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism)新近的一项研究发现,最近两年发行的所有电影、电视剧、网络剧中,至少有一半没有出现代表亚裔美国人的角色,即使角色中涉及亚裔美国人,也基本不是主角。 Even well-known Asian-American actors like Ken Jeong are still asked to do stereotypical accents, as he and others detailed in a recent New York Times story. “It’s getting a little bit better, but it’s just not great,” Mr. Jeong said of onscreen representation. “We have a ways to go.” 即使是郑肯(Ken Jeong)这样著名的亚裔演员,也依然被要求用典型的亚洲口音表演,在《纽约时报》最近的一篇报道中,他和其他演员详细谈了这一点。“情况已经有所好转,但远没有那么彻底,”郑肯在讨论荧幕形象时说。“我们还有很长的路要走。” Asian and Asian-American performers, like the South Korean actor Lee Byung-hun and the TV star Mindy Kaling, were on hand as Oscar presenters or prominent guests on Sunday. And the academy president, Cheryl Boone Isaacs, called on her colleagues to “take action” because “our audiences are global and rich in diversity, and every facet of our industry should be as well. ” 亚洲演员和亚裔美国演员们作为颁奖者和嘉宾出席了周日的颁奖礼,如韩国演员李炳宪(Lee Byung-hun)和电视明星明迪·卡灵(Mindy Kaling)。美国电影学院主席谢莉尔布恩伊萨克斯(Cheryl Boone Isaacs),呼吁她的同事应该“采取行动”,因为“我们产业的每个方面,都应该像我们的观众构成一样具有全球性和多样性。” But many critics said Mr. Rock’s jokes seemed like a missed opportunity to highlight the fact that inclusion goes beyond black and white. (There were no jokes aimed at Latinos, but there was also no indication by the awards show that they were proportionately missing from the big screen, though the statistics say they are.) 但很多批评认为洛克的玩笑似乎错失了一个机会,去强调超越黑白的种族包容性。(没有一个笑话提到拉丁裔,但从奖项分布上看,他们并没有在荧幕上被遗忘,尽管这和统计数据显示的不一致。) The actor Daniel Dae Kim tweeted that the first reference to any ethnicity other than black took 30 minutes, when “someone mentions ‘pho.’ I thought #diversity was more than that.” 演员金大贤(Daniel Dae Kim)发推特说,在足足谈论了30分钟黑人之后,才有人谈到其他种族,还是在“提起‘pho’(越南河粉,用以指代越南人,编注)的时候。我想种族多样性应该不仅是这些。” As the writer Mina Kimes noted on Twitter, the joke “ would’ve stung less if there were more Asians on stage tonight.” 正如作家米娜·凯姆斯(Mina Kimes)在推特上所说,这些玩笑“也许不会显得那么刺耳,如果今晚的舞台上有更多亚洲人。” In response to the ceremony, the writer Jaya Sundaresh created her own social media movement, urging followers to use #onlyonepercent “to reflect the fact that Asian Americans have rec’d only 1% of Oscar noms in its history.” 为了回应这场颁奖礼,作家贾亚·桑达瑞什(Jaya Sundaresh)发起了一场社交媒体运动,号召关注自己的粉丝使用“只有百分之一”(#onlyonepercent)的标签,反映历史上只有百分之一的奥斯卡提名给了亚裔演员这个事实。 An antidote to the one-liners came from the Pakistani journalist and filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, who picked up her second Oscar for documentary short, this time for “A Girl in the River: The Price of Forgiveness,” a film about an 18-year-old girl who survived an attempted “honor killing,” only to see her attackers set free. 莎敏·欧贝·池诺(Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy)对这些调侃作出了最好的反击。作为巴基斯坦记者和电影制作人,她因为记录短片《河中的女孩:宽恕的代价》,刚收获了自己的第二座小金人。这部纪录片讲述的是一名18岁的少女从一场有预谋的“名誉杀人”(指女性被一个或以上家族、部族或社群男性成员以维护家族名声、清理门户等理由杀害,编注)中幸存,最后却只能眼睁睁看着这些袭击者逍遥法外的故事。 “The Pakistani prime minister said he would change the law on honor killings after watching” her film, Ms. Obaid Chinoy said in her acceptance speech. “That’s the power of film.” “巴基斯坦总理观看完这部影片后,表示会对‘名誉杀人’的有关法律条例进行修改,”莎敏女士在她的获奖感言中说道,“这就是电影的力量。” /201603/429542湖州德清县腋窝脱毛多少钱 1. THE CLUE IN YOUR CHEEKBONES颧骨的线索Using a photograph, measure the width of your face from cheekbone to cheekbone and its height from your upper lip to the highest point of the eyelids. Divide the width by the height.The calculation gives you your ‘facial width to height ratio’ (FWHR).用照片,量一量你的脸两颊的间距、还有上唇与眼睑最高处的距离。然后宽度除以高度,计算结果即是你“脸部的宽高比(FWHR)”。Most people have an FWHR of between 1.5 and 2.1, with higher numbers of course signalling a wider face. Scientists have shown that people with wider faces, such as Wayne Rooney, tend to be more aggressive, angry and assertive. People with thinner faces tend to be more placid.多数人的脸部宽高比在1.5与2.1之间,数值越大自然脸也越宽。科学家称,脸宽者,如韦恩·鲁尼,往往咄咄逼人、气势汹汹、自信武断;脸瘦者往往更平静温和。Scientists suspect that testosterone is the cause. The hormone tends to make men’s faces more traditionally rugged — with heavy brows, jutting jaws and wider faces.科学家怀疑原因在于睾丸素。这种激素通常容易让男性脸庞更为粗犷——眉毛粗重、下颚突出、脸型更宽。 /201511/408867湖州妇保医院激光除皱手术多少钱

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湖州隆鼻多少钱Qing Dynasty清朝Rise of the Manchu满族的崛起In the early 1600s Aixinjueluo Nurhaci formed the nomadic Manchu State known as Manchuo (满洲).17世纪早期,爱新觉罗努尔哈赤建立了以游牧为生的满洲国。He united four of the Manchu Flagged Factions that and later collected power of all eight of the flagged factions.他统一了满洲四旗并掌控了八旗的所有权力。In the later periods of his reign, he moved the capital to Shenyang.在他执政的末期,他将都城迁到了沈阳。When Lindan Khan, the last grand-Khan of the Mongols, died on his way to Tibet in 1634, his son Ejei surrendered to the Manchu and gave the great seal of the Yuan Emperor to Huangtaiji.当蒙古族最后的大汗林丹汗在1634年前往西藏的路途中去世后,他的儿子额哲臣于满洲国并将元朝的国玺交给了皇太极。As a result, Huangtaiji established the new dynasty of Qing as the successor of the Yuan Dynasty in 1636.因此,皇太极于1636年建立了清朝,也就是元朝的后一任帝国。After years of civil unrest, the Ming capital Beijing was sacked by a coalition of rebel forces led by one Li Zicheng (李自成).经历了多年的国内动乱,明朝的都城北京被李自成带领的起义军洗劫一空。The Ming Dynasty officially came to an end when the last Ming Emperor committed suicide by hanging himself on a tree on the hill overlooking the Forbidden City.当明朝的最后一任皇帝在遥望着紫禁城的山头上吊自杀时,明朝正式结束了。After taking Beijing in April 1644, Li Zhicheng led an army of 60000 strong to confront Wu Sangui (吴三桂), the general commanding Ming’s 100000 strong garrison stationed at ShanhaiPass(山海关).1644年4月,李自成占领北京后带领着60000强军与吴三桂对垒,吴三桂统领着明朝100000强大的驻军驻扎在山海关。ShanhaiPass is the pivotal northeastern pass of the Great Wall of China located fiffy miles northeast of Beijing and for years its defenses were what kept the Manchus at bay and out of China.山海关是长城东北部关键的关口,它位于北京东北方50英里的地方,多年以来,它将满族人阻挡在中国之外,使他们陷入困境。Wu caught between two enemies decided to cast his lots with the Manchus and made an alliance with Dorgon, regent to the then six-year old Shunzhi, son of Huangtaiji who had passed away the year before.吴三桂被夹在两个敌人中间,最终决定将赌注下在清朝身上并与6岁顺治帝的摄政王多尔衮结成联盟,顺治帝是皇太极的儿子,皇太极于前一年驾崩。Together the two armies met Li Zhicheng’s rebel forces in battle on May 27, 1644.1644年5月27日,吴三桂与清军联军和李自成的起义军开战。Even though the rebel forces were routed, Wu’ s army was so weakened by the day’s fighting that he had no choice but to join the Manchus forces as they captured Beijing on June 6 and began their conquest of the whole of China.尽管李自成的军队已溃不成军,吴三桂的军队也因连日征战过于虚弱,无奈只得在满洲国的军队攻占了北京征了中国之后加入他们的军队。The process took another seventeen years of battling Ming loyalists, pretenders and rebels.满洲军队又花了17年与反清复明者、伪政权以及起义军作战。The last Ming pretender Prince Gui sort refuge in Burma but was turned over to a Qing expeditionary force headed by Wu Sangui who had him brought back to Yunnan province and executed in early 1662.明朝伪政权的最后一任皇帝桂王在缅甸避难,后来又被移交给了吴三桂带领的清朝远征军,吴三桂把他带回云南省,并在1622年早期将其杀害。 /201512/412268 People who frequently swear are more likely to have a bigger vocabulary than their clean-tongued peers, research revealed.研究发现,经常说脏话的人要比说话文明的同龄人拥有更大的词汇量。A colourful tongue does not mean the talker is lazy or uneducated, a study published in the Language Sciences journal found.一项发表在《语言科学》杂志上的研究发现,一个人油嘴滑舌,并不意味着这个人很懒或者没受过教育。Instead, those who are more confident using taboo words are more articulate in other areas.相反,那些敢说禁忌词汇的人,在其他领域也更善于表达自己。The experiment asked participants to say as many swear words as they could think of in 60 seconds.这项试验要求参与者在一分钟内尽可能多地说出他们能想到的脏话。They were then asked to do the same with animals.随后,参与者又被要求在一分钟内尽可能多地说出他们能想到的动物名字。Those who knew the most swear words were more likely to name the most animals as well, the research found.结果显示,知道更多脏话的人也能叫出更多动物的名字。Kristin and Timothy Jay, the US-based psychologists who co-wrote the study, said it proved swearing was positively correlated with verbal fluency.两位共同撰写这份研究报告的美国心理学家——克里斯汀·杰伊和蒂莫西·杰伊表示:这项试验表明说脏话能力和口语流畅度呈正相关。They added that those who used taboo words were able to make nuanced distinctions and could use language expressively.他们补充道,那些擅用禁忌词汇的人更易分辨出用语的细微差别,因而在语言表达上也更富有表现力。They wrote: #39;We cannot help but judge others on the basis of their speech.他们写道:“我们免不了会根据人们的说话方式来判断一个人。#39;Unfortunately, when it comes to taboo language, it is a common assumption that people who swear frequently are lazy, do not have an adequate vocabulary, lack education, or simply cannot control themselves.#39;“不幸的是,在说脏话这点上,人们通常的看法就是,爱说脏话的人很懒,知道的词汇量少,缺少教育,或者自控力差。”In their conclusion, they added: #39;The overall finding of this set of studies, that taboo fluency is positively correlated with other measures of verbal fluency, undermines the [normal] view of swearing.在结论中,他们补充道:“总体来看,这项研究发现,使用禁忌语的流利度与使用其他口语的流利度呈正相关,打破了人们对说脏话者的惯常看法。#39;Speakers who use taboo words understand their general expressive content as well as nuanced distinctions that must be drawn to use slurs appropriately.“擅说脏话的人知道他们想要表达什么,也能够区分用语的细微差别,因而能更‘恰当’的使用脏话。#39;The ability to make nuanced distinctions indicates the presence of more rather than less linguistic knowledge.#39;“能区分细微差别的能力,显示了说话人拥有更多而不是更少的语言知识。”Forty-nine participants aged between 18 and 22 were used in the experiment.该试验有49名参与者,年龄在18到22岁之间。 /201601/419939湖州假体隆鼻多少钱湖州二院纹眉毛多少钱



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