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Du Fu (712~770), whose courtesy name was Zimei, was born at Gong County, Henan. His ancestral home town was located in Xiangyang (now Xiangyang, Hubei Province).杜甫(712~770),字子美,自称少陵野老,世称杜工部。原籍襄阳(今湖北襄阳),生于河南巩县。Revered as the ;Poet Historian;, he composed poems which extensively and profoundly reflected the social conflicts and historical events of his time. 杜甫的诗,广泛深刻地反映了现实社会的矛盾和历史内容,被称为“诗史”。His awareness of the devastation of the country and the suffering of the common people is the theme of most of his poems, which reached an unprecedented height in portraying real life and political issues.忧国忧民的思想贯穿着他的诗歌创作,现实性和政治性都达到了空前的高度。The realistic motif of Du Fu#39;s poems is presented by the following aspects: the timely depiction of historical events and major social conflicts and reproach to the ruling class for the calamity they brought to the country and the people; sympathy toward the suffering of the common people; deep concern about the fate of his country which was in constant unrest.杜诗现实主义主题表现在以下几个方面:及时反映重大政治事件和尖锐的社会矛盾,对统治阶级祸国殃民的罪行痛加诛伐;以深刻的同情描写民生疾苦,体现“民胞物与”的仁爱胸怀;热爱祖国,为国家的盛衰而感奋忧虑。Du Fu was an expert in epitomizing the typical elements of real life and infusing personal emotions and criticism into the portrayal of realities. His poems are notable for their range and depth, but they do not lack delicateness due to the poet#39;s careful observations.杜甫善于提取生活中的典型素材,对现实生活作高度的艺术概括,善于将主观感情和评价融化在对现实生活的客观描写中。Du Fu was also good at mingling emotions with settings in his poems.杜诗思想内容大精深,但在具体描写上,却以体物察情的细致入微见长。其律诗善于描写情景,以情景交融见长。;Gloom and density; is the most prominent feature of Du Fu#39;s poetry.艺术风格多种多样,“沉郁顿挫”是其最突出的特点。This style is attributed to the hard time Du Fu was in, his drifting experiences, his melancholy personality and his worship of the grandeur and the grim.这种风格的形成,是多难的时代、困苦潦倒的阅历、忧愤抑郁的思想性格以及崇尚壮美和苍劲凝练的审美情趣等因素在杜诗中的统一。Du Fu inherited the spirit of ;spontaneity over reality; tradition dating back from the folk lyrics of the Han Dynasty and pushed the realistic strain of ancient Chinese poetry to a new height.杜甫继承了汉乐府民歌“缘事而发”的精神,把现实主义传统推上一个新的高峰。Du Fu#39;s style is complementary to that of Li Bai#39;s and they are often made comparable in significance in the history of Chinese poetry.这种风格与李白的飘逸豪放迥然不同,后人把他与李白并称为“李杜”。Also revered as the ;Poet Sage;, Du Fu left some 1,400 poems, which have been collected in The Anthology of Du Gongbu.杜甫享有“诗圣”之美称,著有《杜工部集》,收集了诗歌1400余首。 /201601/420557贵阳天伦医院评价如何贵州天伦医院好主治医生贵州天伦不育不孕医院

贵阳人工授精天伦标杆贵阳市中山医院不孕不育China has reported nearly 110,000 HIV/AIDS cases so far this year, a slight increase over last year, said the nation#39;s top AIDS specialist.据国家艾滋病专家称,今年中国报告艾滋病例接近11万例,较去年有所增加。The gay male population has been hit particularly hard, accounting for more than 25 percent of the total.男男性行为是我国艾滋病感染最多的群体,占全部病例的25%。Wu Zunyou, head of the National Center for AIDS/STD Control and Prevention, made the remarks on the sidelines of the ongoing 2015 National Conference on HIV/AIDS. ;The situation among gay men is alarming and in some cities one out of five gay men is HIV positive.; In worse-hit cities such as Beijing and Harbin, more than 70 percent of the cases reported in 2015 involved gay men.国家艾滋防控中心主任吴尊友,在2015年艾滋病学术大会上进行了演讲,;男同性恋者的情况十分严重,平均每五个男同性恋者就有一个病检结果是阳性。; 病情较严重的北京、哈尔滨等城市,70%报告的病例都涉及男男性行为者。Worse, young students have been hit hard in recent years by the epidemic, he said, and 70 to 80 percent of the HIV/AIDS cases detected in 2015 among them involved gay sex. ;It#39;s a big challenge to protect young students from HIV/AIDS,; he said.更严重的是,近些年感染艾滋病的学生增加,在2015年发现的学生艾滋病的病例中,70%到80%的病例都是由于男男性行为。吴尊友称:;避免学生感染艾滋病成为一个巨大挑战。;Thanks to robust intervention efforts initiated in 2003, China has a low prevalence of HIV/AIDS (0.06 percent). But the rapid increase of HIV cases among gay men has hardly been curbed.由于2013年开始执行强有力的避免艾滋病的措施,中国艾滋病患病率仅有0.06%,但是男同性恋的艾滋发病率却很难抑制。Mainstream prevention strategies like education and behavioral intervention didn#39;t work well for them, said Wu. Condom use, for instance, has never exceeded 50 percent of the gay male population, he noted, citing previous investigations. ;I even saw a gay medical doctor who had unprotected gay sex,; he said.主要防御措施比如教育和行为上预防在男同性恋者身上效果并不是很好。吴尊友引用之前的调查说道,比如说避套的使用,使用避套的男同性恋者从未超过50%,;我甚至见过一个男同医生在性生活上不使用保护措施。;Many of them are aware of the risks and preventive measures but simply don#39;t practice accordingly, he pointed out. Wu suggested that improved treatment should be the best way to help curb the quick sp of the virus among gay men.他指出,他们中的很多人都了解感染艾滋病的风险和预防措施,只是不想这么做而已。抑制艾滋病毒在男同群体里的广泛传播的最好办法是加强治疗。HIV/AIDS sufferers are much less likely to pass the virus to others if put on antiretroviral therapy, he explained. In that regard, ;treatment is prevention,; he said.他解释称,如果接受抗逆转录病毒治疗,艾滋病毒携带者很难将病毒传染给他人,从这个角度来看,;治疗就是防治。; /201511/411529A South African mayor has awarded college scholarships to 16 young women for remaining virgins to encourage others to be ;pure and focus on school,; her spokesman said.南非一城市为16位年轻的女大学生颁发了“处女奖学金”。市长发言人表示,此举旨在鼓励女生“洁身自爱、专注学习”。The scholarship was introduced this year and has been awarded to young women from the Uthukela district in the eastern KwaZulu-Natal province, mayoral spokesman Jabulani Mkhonza said. Each year the mayor#39;s office awards scholarships to more than 100 promising high school and university students from the area, he said.市长发言人亚布拉尼·姆卡恩纳称,“处女奖学金”于今年设立,已有来自夸祖鲁-纳塔尔省东部乌塔卡拉行政区的年轻女性获得此奖。他表示,市政府每年都会嘉奖100多位有发展前途的当地高中生及大学生。The young women who applied for the scholarships voluntarily stayed virgins and agreed to have regular virginity tests to keep their funding, Uthukela Mayor Dudu Mazibuko told South African talk radio station 702.杜度·马兹布库是乌塔卡拉行政区莱迪史密斯市的市长。她在南非702电台的谈话节目中称,申请该奖学金的女性必须甘当处子,且需同意定期接受处女检测,一旦查出非处,则立刻取消奖学金。;To us, it#39;s just to say thank you for keeping yourself and you can still keep yourself for the next three years until you get your degree or certificate,; Mazibuko said.“感谢迄今为止仍保持处女身的女性,希望你们可以选择再洁身自爱三年,直至拿到学历或毕业书为止,”马兹布库如是说。The grants will be renewed ;as long as the child can produce a certificate that she is still a virgin,; she said. The scholarships focus on young women because they are more vulnerable to exploitation, teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, she said.她表示:“只要获奖者能提供处女明”,就能一直获得奖学金。她补充道,“处女奖学金”选择年轻女性为嘉奖对象,是因为她们更易受人蛊惑,容易出现不小心怀或染上性病等问题。South Africa#39;s department of basic education recorded about 20,000 pregnancies among girls and young women in schools in 2014, with 223 pregnant girls still in primary school, according to the South African Broadcasting Corporation. A household survey conducted by Statistics South Africa found that 5.6 percent of South African females aged 14 to 19 were pregnant in 2013.据南非广播公司报道,根据南非基础教育部门的数据,2014年,所有在校女生中,约有两万人怀,其中包括223名小学生妇。南非统计局的一项家庭调查显示,2013年,在南非14至19岁的女性中,怀人数占5.6%。;I think the intentions of the mayor are great but what we don#39;t agree with is giving bursaries for virginity,; said chairman for the Commission for Gender Equality Mfanozelwe Shozi. ;There is an issue around discrimination on the basis of pregnancy, virginity and even against boys. This is going too far.;性别平等协会主席马诺泽薇·肖兹表示:“我觉得市长的本意固然是好的,但我们反对以处女为噱头评选奖学金。以是否怀、是否童贞,甚至是否远离男孩为评选标准,是对女性的歧视。已经远远背离了初衷。”Virginity testing is not against South Africa#39;s constitution but it is essential that it is done with consent, said Shozi.肖兹称,处女测试虽不违背南非宪法,但务必要先征得当事人同意。Some activists have called for the banning of virginity testing in South Africa, describing it as sexist and invasive. Those defending the cultural practice say it preserves tradition and has been modernized to teach girls about their reproductive health and HIV and AIDS.一些社会活动家已呼吁南非政府禁止处女测试,他们认为这是对女性的歧视和侮辱。而持者则称,处女测试既利于保留文化传统,又能与时俱进地教给女孩们有关生殖健康以及艾滋病方面的知识。 /201601/424234毕节去哪家医院做输卵管复通贵阳取节育环费用多少钱

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