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The US has been reviewing a growing number of foreign investments for national security reasons in recent years, with investments from China the leading targets for review, according to new data released by the US Treasury on last Friday.根据美国财政部上周五公布的新数据,最近几年美国以国家安全理由审核的外国投资案件数量一直在增加,来自中国的投资成了审查的头号目标。The disclosure contained in the annual report to Congress of the Committee on Foreign Investment in the US comes amid a number of new mergers and acquisitions out of China being submitted for review. Those include the mooted bn takeover of Switzerland’s Syngenta by ChemChina, one of that country’s largest state-owned conglomerates, and a bid announced this week for the Chicago Stock Exchange, which has aly drawn calls from Congress for a review.这一信息披露在美国外国投资委员会(Committee on Foreign Investment in the US, CFIUS)提交给美国国会的年度报告中。就在它公布之际,多笔来自中国的新并购交易正提交审核。其中包括中国最大国有集团之一中国化工(ChemChina)对瑞士先正达(Syngenta) 420亿美元的拟议收购,以及不久前公布的对芝加哥股票交易所(Chicago Stock Exchange)的拟议收购——该交易已引起了国会要求审查的呼吁。According to the report released last Friday, CFIUS received 147 notices from companies voluntarily seeking national security reviews in 2014. That number was up from 97 in 2013 and the most seen since 2008, when a record 155 notices were filed.根据这份上周五公布的报告,2014年,CFIUS接到了147份来自企业的通知,主动要求接受国家安全审查。这一数字高于2013年的97份,也是2008年以来最多的一次。2008年,企业向CFIUS提交了创纪录的155份审查通知。Less than half of those notices — 52 — were deemed worthy of a subsequent investigation on national security grounds. Just one of these transactions was rejected, while a dozen applications for review were withdrawn voluntarily by companies.而在这147份通知中,被视为有必要开展国家安全调查的只有52起,还不到总数的一半。这些交易只有一起被否决,还有12份审核申请则被企业主动撤回。CFIUS releases data on its reviews with a lag of more than a year. It also does not release publicly details of the transactions it reviewed, or the concerns that were raised, although those are contained in a classified version of its report to Congress.CFIUS公布的关于其审核情况的数据滞后了一年多。该机构也没有公开发布其审核的交易的具体情况或这些交易引起了哪些关切——尽管这些信息都包含在其提交给国会的保密版本报告中。China was the leading source of investments reviewed by CFIUS in 2014, with investors filing 24 notices, just ahead of the 21 filed by investors from the UK.2014年,CFIUS审核的投资项目的第一大来源是中国。来自中国的投资者提交了24份通知,略高于英国投资者提交的21份。A senior treasury official said that CFIUS treated investments from China no differently than it did any others. But investments from China have long drawn more political scrutiny than others in Washington. Beijing has repeatedly expressed concerns that Chinese companies are unfairly singled out.一名美国财政部高官表示,CFIUS对待中国投资的态度,与对待其他国家毫无区别。不过,长期以来在华盛顿,来自中国的投资在政治上始终受到更严格的审视。中国政府曾多次表示,中国企业受到了不公平的区别对待。In a letter sent to the Treasury this week, 45 Republican members of Congress asked for CFIUS to conduct a “full and rigorous” review of a proposed bid by a group of Chinese investors for the Chicago Stock Exchange. The deal, if approved, would for the first time give a Chinese company control over part of the US’s equity trading infrastructure, they said.在本周写给美国财政部的一封信中,45名国会共和党成员要求CFIUS对多个中国投资者联合向芝加哥股票交易所发出的收购要约开展“彻底而严格的”审核。他们表示,该交易一旦获批,将首次赋予中国企业对美国部分股权交易基础设施的控制权。“Should you determine [that the Chongqing Casin Enterprise Group] maintains a close relationship with the Chinese government — and therefore the Chinese military — we would urge CFIUS to deny this transaction,” the members of Congress wrote.这些国会成员写道:“如果你方确认(重庆财信企业集团)与中国政府(从而与中国军方)关系密切,我们强烈建议CFIUS否决该交易。”Chris Brewster, a CFIUS specialist at Stroock amp; Stroock amp; Lavan, a Washington law firm, said the committee’s annual report showed that the US still remained open to foreign investment. But he warned that it also indicated the bth of deals examined by the committee was growing to include things such as real estate.华盛顿律师事务所Stroock amp; Stroock amp; Lavan的CFIUS专家克里斯布鲁斯特(Chris Brewster)表示,该委员会的年度报告显示,美国对外国投资依然开放。不过他警告说,该报告还表明,该委员会所审查交易的范围不断扩大,已包括房地产在内的领域。;Deals are getting approved all the time and the US remains one of the best markets in the world for foreign investment. But CFIUS reviews are also getting more aggressive,” he said.他说:“各种并购交易一直在获得批准,美国依然是全球外国投资的最好目的市场之一。不过,CFIUS的审核也在变得更加激进。” /201602/427733

By end of April, Beijing Railway Bureau will have installed free WiFi on over 100 trains, and currently, Jinan Railway Bureau is testing free WiFi on 75 trains. But the bullet trains are not included.截至4月底,北京铁路局将在100余组列车上安装免费WiFi,此外济南铁路局有75组列车也正在进行免费WiFi的装车调试。但高铁、动车暂时无缘免费WiFi。In order to use the WiFi service, passengers are required to download an APP, which will provide music, news, and movies after logging in. Instant Messaging APPs such as QQ and Wechat are also accessible through the service.为了使用免费WiFi务,旅客需下载一个应用,登录后里面有自带的音乐、新闻和电影内容。连接WiFi之后,旅客还可使用QQ和微信等即时聊天应用。According to Beijing Youth Daily, the WiFi signals on the trains will come from the 3G and 4G services providers along the way, and the wireless network capacity will be able to accommodate 120 devices at the same time on each train.根据北京青年报报道,在火车上的WIFI信号将来自沿途的3G和4G务提供商,且每台火车的无线网络将会持120个设备同时接入访问。The trains will include lines from Beijing to Shanghai, east China#39;s Qingdao, southwest China#39;s Kunming and Lhasa, as well as south China#39;s Guangzhou.这些火车将包括从北京开往上海,从北京开往中国东部的青岛,从北京开往中国西南的昆明和拉萨,以及从北京开往中国南方的广州的各条线路。 /201603/433518

The UN has warned that 50,000 Nigerians, ensnared by an insurgency that the government says has been all but defeated, are at risk of starving to death.联合国(UN)警告称,尼日利亚有5万人正面临饿死的危险。该国正爆发叛乱,尼日利亚政府表示几乎已将其挫败。Large rural areas in Borno State in Nigeria’s north-east are too dangerous both for UN staff to get to and for civilians to escape from, the UN has told the Financial Times.联合国告诉英国《金融时报》,尼日利亚东北部尔诺州的大片农村地区太过危险,联合国人员无法进入,平民也无法逃离。Some 54,000 people are believed to be living in a “catastrophic” situation, the highest level of food emergency in the Integrated Food Security Phase Classification, a scale used to grade the nature and severity of such crises.据信,大约5.4万人生活在“灾难性”状况中,根据联合国衡量粮食安全危机性质和严重程度的标准——粮食安全阶段综合分类(Integrated Food Security Phase Classification)——他们处于最高级别的粮食紧急状况中。Another 780,000 people in Borno and two neighbouring north-eastern states are in the second-highest category of hunger-related emergency. Some 3.9m people in the north-east need food assistance because their livelihoods have been disrupted by the conflict.在尔诺和临近的尼日利亚东北部两个州,另有78万人处于第二高级别的饥饿状况中。在尼日利亚东北部,约有390万人需要食品援助,因为国内冲突破坏了他们的生计。Mobile networks in the north-east have been destroyed, hindering UN attempts to verify the extent of the crisis and to publicise the impending disaster.尼日利亚东北部的移动网络受到破坏,这阻碍了联合国确认危机严重程度和将迫在眉睫的灾难公诸于众。Unlike in Syria, where photographs of starving residents distributed by activists sparked intervention to break the siege of Madaya, there are no photos of starving Nigerians to galvanise a response.与叙利亚不同,没有任何有关饥饿的尼日利亚人的照片来促使外界做出回应。而在叙利亚,活动人士发布的饥饿居民的照片引发了解除马达雅(Madaya)所受围困的干预。President Muhammadu Buhari said last year that Boko Haram had been “militarily degraded” after the army won back territory and towns seized by militants in 2014. But most of the “liberated” areas are still not accessible to aid agencies because of security concerns, according to the UN.去年,尼日利亚总统穆罕默杜布哈里(Muhammadu Buhari)表示,在2014年军队夺回被武装分子占领的土地和城镇后,科哈拉姆(Boko Haram)的“军事实力已被削弱”。但据联合国称,由于安全担忧,援助组织仍无法进入多数“已被解放”的地区。“We are finding it very difficult to access most parts of Borno State where the need is the highest,” Toby Lanzer, the UN’s top official in west Africa, told the FT.联合国驻西非最高官员托比瀠泽尔(Toby Lanzer)告诉英国《金融时报》:“我们发现进入最需要援助的尔诺州的多数地区非常困难。”Although the army has regained control of most towns and villages, it has not secured vast rural stretches where militants are still moving freely, say western diplomats and security officials.西方外交和安全官员表示,尽管尼日利亚军队重新控制了多数城镇和村庄,但尚未夺取武装分子仍在自由活动的大片农村地区。Hundreds of thousands of Nigerians fled to the Borno State capital of Maiduguri in 2014 during the height of the insurgency. But those who stayed in their villages or were displaced have no route to safer ground and are at risk because relief cannot reach them.2014年,在叛乱最严重时期,数十万尼日利亚人逃往尔诺州首府迈杜古里。但那些留在村子里的人或流离失所的人却无法到达更安全的地方,由于无法获得救济,他们正面临危险。Femi Adesina, Mr Buhari’s spokesman, nevertheless told the FT that the government had full access to the north-east.然而,布哈里的发言人费米阿德西纳(Femi Adesina)告诉英国《金融时报》,尼日利亚政府完全可以进入该国东北部地区。The “famine-like” conditions in Nigeria have been caused by “very unfortunate circumstances rather than a deliberate ploy to trap people”, Mr Lanzer added.兰泽尔补充称,尼日利亚“类似饥荒”的状况是由“非常不幸的局势、而非故意困住民众的阴谋”导致的。The “stuck” communities cannot sustain themselves, Mr Lanzer said, as they are unable to move their cattle for grazing, farm their land or trade across northern borders as they have done for centuries.兰泽尔表示,这些“被困住”的地区无法维持自己的生计,因为人们无法像几个世纪以来所做的那样逐草放牛、耕种土地或跨过北部边境从事贸易。He warned that if the UN and the government “don’t manage to help people get out and trade and farm and tend to their livestock”, the crisis could worsen dramatically.他警告称,如果联合国和尼日利亚政府“不能帮助人们走出困境、从事贸易、耕种土地和照管自己的牲畜”,这场危机可能会严重恶化。Critics say the UN’s response has been no more urgent than the government’s, and blame the agency for not making greater efforts to reach the hardest hit communities.批评者表示联合国的回应并不比尼日利亚政府更紧急,他们指责联合国未能做出更大努力进入受到最严重打击的地区。“It’s about the political will to access them. We could be in a lot of places we’re not,” said an Abuja-based UN aide.驻阿布贾的一名联合国助理表示:“这关乎进入这些地区的政治意愿。我们可以进入我们现在没有进入的许多地区。“The question is, will be able to reach them in time?”“问题是,我们能及时进入这些地区吗?” /201602/427493

Beads of sweat ran down the foreheads of car industry executives as they presented their latest vehicles to the media at the Beijing International Automotive Expo this week. 在本周的北京国际汽车展览会(Beijing International Automotive Expo)上向媒体展示最新车型时,汽车业高管们的额头上滚下了汗珠。 But their discomfort was due to poor ventilation in the exhibition halls on a warm spring day, rather than the scandals from which the sector is reeling. 不过,令他们不适的,是这个温暖春日中展厅里糟糕的通风,而不是震惊整个行业的系列丑闻。 China, the world’s largest car market by sales, seems somewhat detached from the highly damaging series of revelations about the industry that have played out in the US, Europe and Japan. 对于在美国、欧洲和日本陆续曝出的极具破坏性的汽车行业丑闻,全球销量最大的汽车市场中国却似乎有些置身事外。 Volkswagen, the German carmaker that admitted to cheating in emissions tests last September, has been the most talked about brand at the Beijing show, according to Baidu, the Chinese internet company, which has tracked web searches and media coverage related to the event. 中国互联网企业百度(Baidu)追踪了与本次车展有关的网络搜索和媒体报道。根据该公司的统计,去年9月承认在尾气排放测试中作弊的德国汽车制造商大众(Volkswagen),是北京车展上被谈论得最多的品牌。 But none of the most popular VW articles listed by Baidu mention the emissions scandal, which suggests the focus on the carmaker comes from VW’s popularity in China. 然而,百度列出的最受欢迎的有关大众的文章里,却没有一篇提及尾气排放丑闻,说明对这家汽车制造商的关注主要源于大众品牌在中国的高人气。 Fans of VW cars at the show are largely unaware of the emissions cheating revelations from last year. “I heard that they cheated on some tests in America but I don’t know the details,” says Pu Yi, a car designer from Shenzhen who was at the VW stand to gather details on their latest models. 参加车展的大众车迷似乎不太了解去年大众曝出的尾气排放丑闻。在大众展台收集新车型详细信息的深圳汽车设计师濮益(音译)表示:“我听说过他们在美国的部分测试中作弊,不过我并不了解详情。” “It did not effect their popularity in China,” he adds, saying that he plans to upgrade his current VW car with a new model this year. “这并未影响它们在中国受欢迎的程度,”他补充道,称他计划在今年把自己目前用的大众汽车换一款新车。 Visitors to the show are most interested in checking out the latest sport utility vehicles, and some appear unconcerned about car emissions, even though they contribute to smog in many cities. 来到展会的参观者最有兴趣了解新款运动型多功能车(SUV),一些人似乎并不关心汽车尾气排放问题,尽管尾气是造成许多城市出现雾霾的原因。 “Emissions are not very important for me,” says Meng Liang, a technology worker from Beijing. “I look more at style and driving experience.” “排放对我来说并不是很重要,”在北京从事技术工作的孟良(音译)表示,“我更看重款式和驾驶体验。” Executives from Mitsubishi Motors, which became engulfed in scandal last week after admitting the fuel economy performance of some of its cars had been exaggerated, did not come to Beijing. Christian Shepherd 上周承认夸大旗下一些车型的燃油经济性后深陷丑闻的三菱汽车(Mitsubishi Motors)的高管们并未来到北京。 /201604/440173

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