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南川区治疗腋臭多少钱Basically, we cut into the ice,and then the rope runs around it, okay?首先 我们要挖开冰面 然后把绳子套在上面 懂吗An ice anchor is a rescue technique used by climbers当你必须加快速度却没有多余的设备时when speed is essential and gear is minimal.冰锚是登山者常用的急救技巧I like to call him an outdoor wizard.他是个户外魔术师He can see things that other people don#39;t.有着不同于常人的敏锐的洞察力Like, if I walked by a log,I#39;d just be like, ;That#39;s a log;,比如 当我经过一截圆木 只是想;那是截木头;where he walks by a log and,all of a sudden, it#39;s a raft.而换做是他的话 很快 圆木就能变成一叶小筏He just takes, you know, whatever and applies it to the situation that he#39;s in.他能调整任何东西 使之适应环境需要Keep digging.I#39;ve never seen two guys work so carefully.继续挖 我没见过干活这么认真的男人Perhaps that#39;s what happens when your life#39;s on the line,isn#39;t it?也许是因为命悬一线 不是吗So basically, the rope locks nicely in place.That#39;s not going anywhere.看来绳子固定得很结实 不会出什么问题I#39;m gonna lead the way and rappel first.我要先行一步 顺着绳子爬下去Okay, we good with this?Yeah, so far.好的 准备好了吗 目前是的Joe#39;s watching my line, and Sean#39;s my anchor.乔看住绳子 肖恩做固定点Wait,Bear, Bear, Bear, Bear!Yeah?等等 贝尔 贝尔 贝尔 贝尔 怎么了I don#39;t know. I don#39;t know. It#39;s not holding.等等 这里不紧It is. It#39;s good.It#39;s good?Joe, it#39;s fine,honestly.没事儿 就是那样的 是吗 乔 我保它是好的All right.It#39;s okay.I have a healthy respect for crevasses.好吧 没事的 我对跨越冰裂缝早已烂熟于心I#39;m not gonna take any chances with me or you, all right?我不会带你们走进危险之中的 准备好了吗It#39;s one of those occasions,just trust me.这情况常见 相信我It will hold.Oh, man.Looks good.See that line, Joe.I see it.它会很稳固的 天哪 看起来不错 看住绳子 乔 看着呢Keep your hand on it, buddy.Hand#39;s on it.用手抓住它 老兄 抓住了 Article/201705/511340綦江区中心医院在线回答栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。 Article/201607/451772第三册 六、 Planning The Future 计划将来 376. What time are you going to leave for the airport tomorrow? 你明天打算什么时候去机场? 377. Is he coming to dinner? 他回来吃饭吗? 378. I'm going to the bookstore. Will you go with me? 我要去书店,你和我去吗? 379. They're going to discuss it at the meeting next Friday. 他们将在下周五的会上讨论这个问题。 380. I'll be waiting for you at the restaurant this time tomorrow. 我明天这时候在餐馆等你。 381. After I get home, I'll call you. 到家以后,我会给你打电话。 382. How will you spend the evening? 你晚上干什么? 383. I'll probably stay home and watch TV. 我可能会呆在家看电视。 384. What's your plan for the summer holiday? 暑假计划干什么? 385. I'm thinking about a visit to Paris. 我在考虑去巴黎旅游。 386. There's going to be a pottery exhibition at the art gallery. 艺术馆将有一次陶瓷展。 387. You are still thinking about a Ph.D., aren't you? 你还是想学成士,是吗? 388. What will you do about it? 你会拿这事怎么办? 389. What do you want to do after graduation? 你毕业后想干什么? 390. I'll further my study. 我想继续深造。 七、 Talking About The Weather 谈论天气 391. Have you heard the weather forecast? 你听天气预报了吗? 392. No, what does it say? 没有,它说什么了? 393. We'll have fine weather for the next few days? 以后几天天气晴朗。 394. But it's still raining today! 可今天还在下雨。 395. It is said it will clear up tonight. 天气预报说今晚雨就会停。 396. What will it be after the clear weather? 晴天以后天气会怎么样? 397. It says a storm may come next month. 天气预报说下个月会有一场暴风雨。 398. And it may get colder, it's aly November. 并且天气会更冷。 399. Yes, and I hope we can have some snow this winter. 是的,我希望今年冬天会下雪。 400. I'm afraid it won't be cold enough for a snowfall. 我恐怕天不会冷的下雪。 401. But last year we had a big one. 但去年下了大雪。 402. Yes, but you know global warming may raise the temperature. 是的,但全球变暖会使气温上升。 403. You are probably right. 你也许是对的。 404. I'm going skating in the Alps next month. 下个月我去阿尔卑斯山滑雪。 405. I hope the weather there is cold enough. 我希望那儿天气够冷。 八、 About Sickness 关于生病 406. How are you feeling today? 你今天感觉怎么样? 407. I don't feel very well. 我觉得不太舒。 408. Do you fell better now? 你现在觉得好点了吗? 409. Much better. 好多了。 410. I'm sick. 我病了。 411. He's got a bad headache. 他头痛的厉害。 412. My fever is gone. 我的烧已经退了。 413. What's the matter with you? 你怎么啦? 414. I've got a pain in my back. 我背疼。 415. It really hurts. 可真疼。 416. It hurts right here. 就这儿疼。 417. It's bleeding. You'd better see a doctor about that cut. 在流血呢,你最好找个医生看看这伤口。 418. Call the doctor! 快打电话叫医生! 419. Take two pills and have a good rest. 吃两片药,好好休息一下。 420. I hope you'll be well soon. 祝你早日恢复健康。 九、 Talking About Habits 谈论日常生活习惯 421. I get up at 8 every morning. 每天早上我8点起床。 422. I then take a bath in the bathroom. 然后我去洗澡间洗个澡。 423. I shave, brush my teeth, and comb my hair. 我洗脸,刷牙,梳头。 424. I put on a bit of makeup. 我化一点妆。 425. I cooked breakfast for the family. 我为一家人做早餐。 426. I go downstairs and have my breakfast. 我下楼吃早饭。 427. I the newspaper over breakfast. 我边吃早饭边看报纸。 428. I wake my sister up. 我叫醒我。 429. I dress my sister and wash her hands and face. 我给我穿衣,洗脸洗手。 430. I get to my office at 10:30. 十点半到办公室。 431. I leave the office at 7. 我七点离开办公室。 433. I buy some food on my way home. 我回家路上买些吃的。 434. I pick up my sister from her school. 我到学校接。 435. We go to bed at 10:30. 我们十点半睡觉。 十、 Asking For Other's Opinions 询问别人的意见。 436. What do you think about it? 你对此怎么看? 437. Is that right? 那样对吗? 438. Absolutely right. 绝对正确。 439. I think you're mistaken about that. 我想你那样不对。 440. Is that ok? 这样行吗? 441. That's ok/fine. 挺好的。 442. That's excellent. 那太棒了。 443. He was absent yesterday. Do you know why? 昨天他没到,你知道为什么吗? 444. Do you have any idea? 你怎么想? 445. I suppose he was sick. 我猜他大概是病了。 446. Will it rain tomorrow? 明天会下雨吗? 447. No, I don't think so. 不,我想不会。 448. Do you really want to know what I think? 你真想知道我怎么想吗? 449. Please give me your advice. 请给我提些建议。 450. I want to hear your opinion. 我想听听你们想法。 /200612/9836潼南区中医医院网友评论

重庆哪家医院的皮肤科比较好重庆和平医院网上咨询[00:03.10]I'm not sure I can do it. 恐怕这事我干不了。[00:11.19]I'm not used to drinking. 我不习惯喝酒。[00:18.10]Is the cut still painful? 伤口还在痛吗?[00:25.05]It's too good to be true! 好得难以置信。[00:32.00]Jean is a blue-eyed girl. 珍是个蓝眼睛的女孩。[00:39.52]Let's not waste our time. 咱们别浪费时间了。[00:46.94]May I ask some questions? 我可以问几个问题吗?[00:54.28]Money is not everything. 金钱不是一切。[01:01.16]Neither of the men spoke. 两个人都没说过话。[01:08.43]Stop making such a noise. 别吵了。[01:14.80]That makes no difference. 没什么区别。[01:21.54]The price is reasonable. 价格还算合理。[01:28.45]They crowned him king. 他们拥立他为国王。[01:35.40]They're in red and white. 他们穿着红白相间的衣。[01:43.32]We all desire happiness. 我们都想要幸福。[01:50.37]We just caught the plane. 我们刚好赶上了飞机。[01:57.75]What shall we do tonight? 我们今天晚上去干点儿什么呢?[02:05.85]What's your goal in life. 你的人生目标是什么?[02:13.12]When was the house built? 这幢房子是什么时候建造的?[02:21.12]Why did you stay at home? 为什么呆在家里?[02:27.85]Would you like any help? 你需要帮忙吗![02:34.33]You mustn't aim too high. 你不可好高骛远。[02:41.53]You're really killing me! 真是笑死我了![02:48.01]You've got a point there. 你说得挺有道理的。 /200810/52287永川区中医院外科You can see, for instance, this wonderful and beautiful seed cones举个例子,你可以看到这些漂亮完好的球果preserved in a petrified way where you can see inside even the, the seeds, the small seeds in there,保存在化石中,你甚至还能看到里面的种子,小小的种子you know, that is suggesting that these kind of plants cover most of the Patagonian region during the Jurassic period.这说明这类植物在侏罗纪时期覆盖了大部分巴塔哥尼亚地区The seed cones could only come from giant conifer forests.球果只生长在高大的针叶树上These are trees that thrive in warm, wet conditions,这些大树保了温暖湿润的环境completely different from the mega-monsoon and there was more.与超级季风气候完全不同,而且还不止这些。This is a small piece of a fern plant that probably grew in some small shrubs, you know,这是一株小型蕨类植物,很可能生长在低矮的灌木丛中the low ones that were part also of the same forest that was covered, or dominated by the, by the conifers.这些低矮植物也是森林的一部分,当然主要还是针叶树占主导地位The ferns and the pines could only mean one thing.蕨类和松树的出现只能说明一种可能And this is suggesting that the dry conditions we had at the beginning of the mid-Jurassic are changing to,这说明中侏罗世早期的干旱环境变成了you know, more humid conditions by the end of the mid-Jurassic.中侏罗世晚期的湿润环境 Article/201706/512113重庆鼻基底整形手术

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