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On Wednesday, NATO announced that it will hold a formal meeting with Russia on July 13th, the only days after the alliances summit in Warsaw. 周三,北约宣布将于7月13日与俄罗斯举行正式会谈,就在华沙联盟峰会的几天后。According to Russian ambassador Alexander Grushko, The main focus of the meeting will be on military security in the wake of decisions to be taken at the NATO summit in Warsaw.据俄罗斯大使亚力山大·格鲁什科称,继华沙北约峰会采取决定后,焦点主要集中在军事安全上。We hope for a frank and serious dialogue on the issues related to the increased NATO activities near Russian borders and their impact on the security and stability in Europe and its regions.我们希望进行坦率而严肃的对话,就北约在俄罗斯边境附近活动的增加,以及他们对欧洲及地区在安全和稳定上的影响。U.S. and Russia remain at odds over the country of Ukraine and whether NATO has the right to expand eastwards towards Russia.美国和俄罗斯就乌克兰和北约是否有权朝俄罗斯向东扩张仍争执不一。译文属。201607/453292Those planets are all going to be so hot, and you cant develop something as complex as life.那些星球都太热了,如生命这类复杂事物根本无法在那里诞生。Scientists have gone back to the drawing board, looking to find worlds capable of supporting life, small rocky planets like earth.科学家们重新开始了寻找,可持生命的世界的工作,他们的目标是类似地球的小型岩石行星。We dont know that life has to evolve on the surface of small rocket planets. But we know it did once here on earth. And so its a reasonable place to start the search.我们不知道生命是不是,只有在岩石行星上才能出现,但我们知道它在地球上诞生了,所以在这种地方开展搜索是很明智的。Earth is important, because we know that this little planet had everything it needed to create life. And if a distant world has similar conditions, theres at least a possibility life could emerge there too.地球很重要,因为我们知道,她刚好拥有一切创造生命所需的,如果一个遥远世界也有类似的条件,那么那里至少有可能也出现生命。If you were to give a biologist a piece of paper and say write down on every line something you need for life.如果你给生物学家一张纸,并让他列出他认为生命所需的东西。Hell say you need energy source, you need oxygen, you need water, you need carbon, you need organic compounds, you need amino acids, you need all the stuff.他们会说那需要能源,氧气,水,碳,有机化合物,氨基酸等等所有的一切。There is a long list of factors that make our earth special and perfectly suited for life. But the most important is its distance from our energy source, the sun.有一长串的东西使我们的地球与众不同并且适宜生命存在,但最重要的是地球和我们能量来源的距离—太阳。At 93 million miles away the earth is at just the right place for water to exist as a liquid. So why is liquid water important?离地球9300万英里远,地球所处的位置刚刚好,使得水能以液态形式存在,那么为什么液态水这么重要呢?Imagine a world, so much hotter than the earth, there are no oceans, no liquid water all on its surface.想象一个比地球热得多的地方,那里地表上根本没有海洋,没有液态水。Such a place would be like a desert. Without water, there is nothing to let the grains in sand interact.这样的地方会像一个沙漠,没有水,就没有东西可以使这些沙粒相互作用。And in the same way without water, there is nothing to allow the atoms, the carbon and oxygen, and trace elements to form the molecules that would give rise to the chemistry of life.同样的没有水就没有东西可以使原子,碳,氧气,和各种元素形成可产生生命的化学反应的分子。On the other hand, on a world much colder than the earth, water can only exist as ice, and we have another problem.但另一方面,在一个比地球冷得多的地方,水只能以冰的形式存在,这就产生了另一个问题。This frozen block of sand has all the grains in sand locked together. They cant move around and interact.这个冻住的沙块有许多被困住的沙粒,它们无法移动并相互作用。Just the same way that on a frozen world, the atoms in molecules cant move around and interact to from the chemistry necessary for life.同样在一个冰冻的世界,原子和分子无法移动或相互作用,来形成生命必须的化学反应。But if temperatures and conditions are just right like here on earth, you get liquid water.但如果温度和其他条件都很合适,比如在地球上就能有液态水。 译文属201512/416969

The explanation that many academics and think-tanks favour is that guards are less tolerant towards women. A 1994 study of Texan prisons found that wardens in female prisons demanded total compliance but those in male prisons did not. Ellie Butt at the Howard League, a prison-reform charity, thinks little has changed. Female inmates, she says, are considered doubly deviant—“a woman, and a criminal?” says one female ex-con, “Youre practically Myra Hindley!” Guards may be more likely to write up and punish womens verbal assaults on staff than mens.很多智库和学术机构偏向于狱警对女囚犯容忍度更低这一说法。1994年,一项对德克萨斯州囚犯的调查显示,女性监狱中的典狱官要求犯人们绝对从,而在男性监狱中则不对囚犯作此要求。Howard League是一个致力于监狱改革的慈善团体,Ellie Butt是其中一员。。她认为监狱的情况并没有得到什么改善。(由于对女性性别的成见,)女性囚犯的偏激行为被放大了—“一个女人,同时也是一个罪犯?”一个有前科的女性说到(狱警对她的评价),“你活脱脱就是个迈拉·希德莉!”(译者注:Myra Hindley,被称为“沼泽杀手”,与她的男友一起诱拐、性侵、杀害数名孩童)相较于男性囚犯,狱警们更愿意记录并惩罚女性囚犯对他们的语言攻击。Government figures hint this is true. “Disobedience or disrespect” was the reason for 44% of punishments given to female prisoners in 2014 compared with 39% of those handed out to men. Farah Damji, who has spent time in prison, says male guards were particularly keen to put her in her place. “It was a sense of, you think you have some status in the outside world? Ill show you,” she says. Ms Butt reckons such treatment contributes to the disproportionate levels of self-harm committed by women—26% of the prison-system total in 2014. Punishments were designed for men, says Juliet Lyon at the Prison Reform Trust, a charity, and are often a bad fit for women.政府数据也实了这一点。2014年,女性囚犯受到的惩罚,44%是因为“反抗或不尊重”,而男性则是39%。Farah Damji曾经入狱,她说男狱警尤其想让她乖乖听话。“感觉就像是(他们对你说),你觉得你在外面很有地位?那么让我告诉你(在这儿)应该是什么样的吧!” Butt女士则称这种待遇让女性囚犯更容易自残——2014年,整个监狱系统中,女性囚犯自我伤害的比率是26%。慈善团体Prison Reform Trust(译者注:直译为“监狱改革机构”)的 Juliet Lyon说,监狱中惩罚都是为男性囚犯设计的,很多情况下,并不适合对女性囚犯执行。There are some promising signs of change. Since 2006 the rates of female assaults on staff have more than halved whereas male assault rates have stayed roughly flat. The gap between male and female punishment rates has also narrowed. One reason, Ms Lyon says, is that staff are learning more about working with prisoners who have suffered trauma.有可靠迹象表明,现状可能有所改变。2006年以来,女性囚犯攻击狱警的案例已经减少一半,同时男性囚犯的案例数量几乎没有变化。二者受惩罚的比率差距正在缩小。Lyon女士说,其中一个原因就是,监狱工作人员正在学习如何同受过心理创伤的囚犯更好地相处。A different approach altogether might work better. Women fare worse than men after prison: they are more likely to reoffend after sentences shorter than 12 months, the type they most commonly receive. They do better on alternative measures, though. Around 95% complete community-service sentences, but only 76% of men do. If jail turns women into Walter White, the anti-hero of the television series “Breaking Bad”, there is a case for not putting them there in the first place.如采取别的方法惩罚女性囚犯,可能效果会更好。出狱后的女性比男性表现更差:如果判刑时间少于12个月,她们通常更容易再犯,而她们最常受到的往往就是少于12个月的刑罚。如果是其他形式的惩罚,对女性来说效果会更好。大约95%的女性犯罪者都能完成作为惩罚的社区务,而只有76%的男性罪犯能做到。如果,监狱会把女性 《绝命毒师》中的反英雄角色老白那么从一开始,我们就不应该判她们入狱刑。(译者注:老白即Walter White,《绝命毒师》的主角,加州理工毕业,但只当了高中化学老师。发现自己得了癌症后,为了快速挣钱,开始制毒、贩毒。)翻译:张露丹 校对:朱宇晴 译文属译生译世 /201604/440074

Were back with Dierks Bentley欢迎回来 这里是Dierks BentleyYou look fantastic and congratulations on the CD,its NO.1,Its doing very well你看起来棒极了 恭喜你又发了一张新专辑 现在在榜单上排到第一位了Congratulations on that.Thank you,thank you.恭喜 恭喜 谢谢Tell everybody when you were writing this,when you were working on the CD,what were you thinking about 告诉大家 当你在创作这张专辑的时候 你的创作灵感是什么Well,sure the song Home is a customary country that I was called home当然这首歌是写一个被我称作家的地方For me Home is obviously my girls Catherine Albin Jordan,but对于我来说 家当然指的是我的几个丫头们 Catherine Albin JordanSort of the road has been home for the last 10 years,met great people on the road,no matter what town we are in great fans good friends某种意义上 这十年来走过的这条路也是我的家 在这期间 我遇见了无数伟大的人 无论在哪儿都有热情的粉丝 好朋友I think about the country in general,this is the place we all call home甚至连整个国家 都可以被称为家 这是我们共同的家People have their individual states,hometowns and teams虽然我们来自不同的州 有不同的故乡 团队but you think of the guys in the military when theyre flying on a plane seeing the eastern seaboard for the first time但是想想那些当兵的人呢 当他们驾驶着飞机 刚刚看到东海岸线Like,thats home.the whole country,not just a particular state.I think that counts a lot他们会觉得那就是家 整个美国 而不是特别的哪个州 我觉得这很有意义Its a kind of combination of things,and certainly country music has been home for last five years我想这包含许多东西 当然 乡村音乐这么多年一直是我的家Well,I know its important to you,the military families and its important to us我明白这个对你很重要 我是说军人军属啊 有些事对我们来说也很重要Supporting all of the families and all the sacrifices that are made持这些军人家庭啊 还有感激他们所付出的一切And we get thousands of E-mails every week,and I wanted to share this one E-mail that I received每周我们节目组都会收到许多邮件 我想给大家读读这一封 /201609/464302Although audio tapes and tapes look different, theyre based on the same principles.尽管磁带和录像带看起来不同,但二者都基于同样的原理。Each has a roll of magnetic material which slides past the so-called “playback head” in the VCR or cassette deck (cassette decks have one playback head, VCRs have two or more).录像机或盒式录音机(盒式录音机有一个放音磁头,录象机有两个或更多)都有能够滑过被称为“放音磁头”的磁性材料。In both machines, these heads detect changes in magnetism as the tape moves by.这两种机器的磁头都会随着本身媒体的运动检测磁性的变化。The changing magnetic signal is translated into music on your tape deck, or both and sound on your VCR.磁信号的改变转化为你录音机中的音乐,或录像机的视频和声音。Without a changing magnetic signal over a playback head, youd get no sound, no picture.如果放音磁头没有磁信号的变化,你就得不到声音和图像。201501/355345

A new art project thats made a stop in Michigan is trying to empower women and value girls by recognizing their potential. Girl Noticed has a message and is stating in ten-foot-tall terms.Watching someone sketch is interesting. Watching someone sketch a mural on a wall is fascinating because of the scale. But, theres a problem when you do a mural on an outdoor brick wall using charcoal and chalk. Its going to weather away. It will eventually fade to nothing.And the artist Im watching says thats part of the message.;We go through our lives feeling invisible a lot of times, feeling unnoticed, or feeling like were noticed for the wrong reasons,; Lori Pratico said as she stepped down from the ladder.She says she wants people to re-think what they notice about women before the chance fades away and they miss the best part of someone.;Because were so saturated with the media and how were supposed to look, and how were supposed to act, and the roles were supposed to play. And is that really who we are as women?; Pratico asked.Pratico and her partner in this project, photographer Elizabeth Sanjuan, have put together three mural projects in their home state of Florida. This mural on the brick wall of Ann Arbors Jefferson Market and Cakery is the first trip out-of-state. They plan projects for all 50 states over the next three years.Lori Pratico in front of a Girl Noticed mural in Florida.The words ;Notice Me; are drawn in large letters above a chalk and charcoal portrait of a woman. Its a drawing of Chris Avers from Algonac near Lake St. Clair. She drove up while I was visiting.This is the first time the artist and the subject of the mural have met in person.Pratico chooses someone who inspires her for each mural. Shes featured a 16-year-old who beat cancer. Another subject was a young student with Asbergers who was bullied at school. Pratico chose Chris Avers because Avers posted on Facebook that she was 23 years sober.;Its kind of funny that this happened because I really put it out there on Facebook which I (normally) dont. I thought, You know what? I just dont even want to be ashamed anymore. It is what it is. You dont even need to see my face. Just know that sobriety is a choice and its an awesome choice. Its not an easy choice, especially at the beginning, but its the best choice youll make,; Avers said.Part of this project is interactive. Visitors are asked to write on a post-it note, revealing what they want people to notice about them. Then they put those notes on the wall along side the mural.For Avers, that note was easy.;Ill say notice my sobriety. Thats what Im here for. Its what Im showing up for. Heck yeah.;The artist, Lori Pratico, says most women understand the message from Girl Noticed. Theyre tired of being noticed for their appearance, but not for their skills, or ability, or fierceness. But Pratico says a lot of men laugh, wink, and nudge because they know what they notice about women.David Adgate is not one of those kind of men. He was visiting Jefferson Market and was curious about the mural.;Its a really cool project. You know, Ive never heard of anything like this before and, you know, these are people, these are women. We need advocates like this. These are really cool.;I ask him what he would want to be noticed for.;You know, if I wanted to be noticed for anything, I think it would be for what I do to serve and empathize because I think, you know, when that happens in other people, I see it and it helps me to be better. So. Yeah,; Adgate responded.Lori Pratico says she hopes the mural and the post-it notes start a dialogue, or at least start people thinking.;A lot of women really even have a hard time filling out that post-it note because they dont think about it. Theyve gotten to a point in their life where they just dont even think about what they want noticed about themselves,; Pratico said.This Michigan mural is being installed right across the street from an elementary school. Pratico says she hopes those young girls get the message and think about how theyd like to be noticed.Support for arts and cultural reporting on Michigan Radio comes in part from a grant from the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs and the National Endowment for the Arts.201504/370982I mean, what, look at that.But Ive got... Thank you.我想说 天啊 看看 但我 谢谢You look amazing. - Thank you.But Ive been athletic all my life though.你看起来太赞了 -谢谢 但我一直都有在健身Its like... You know what I mean.Its like And muscle has memory. -Yeah, absolutely.就像 你知道的 就像 而且肌肉有记忆 -对 绝对有Thats true. -Yeah, absolutely.No. Truly. When No. Truly. When是真的 -对 肯定 不 真的 不 真的 当And when I realize Im not, like, being athletic and learn,一旦我觉得自己没有活力 没有学新的东西you know, it starts falling apart and I have to pull it back together.你懂我意思吗 就会感觉要颓废了 我就会努力振作起来Yeah well, I dont... - Its crazy.不过 我没 -真的不容易Weve never seen you fall apart.I wont let it. Im trying not to.我们都没见过你颓废的样子 我不会允许自己颓废的 起码尽量不要But even dont you notice if you work out a lot,first of all, muscle does have memory.不过你有没有发现 如果你经常运动 首先 肌肉真的有记忆的So when you are young,if you work out when you are young,it really helps you when you get older.所以当你年轻的时候 如果你年轻的时候就有运动的习惯 当你年龄渐长 你就会受益匪浅Right. I ran track and did gymnastics and played tennis when I was an athlete.没错 我以前是运动员的时候 跑过田径 练过体操 打过网球And then I became a dancer. - Right.So my body has had that training its whole life. - Right.然后我又成为了一名舞者 -对 所以这种锻炼对我体型的影响是一生的 对But you also have the discipline.You are...you approach it like an athlete. - Yeah.而且你非常自律 你有种运动员的态度 -是的I do. And I approach this-this job as an athlete as well.When I do my shows, my concerts and stuff.我确实是这样 我用一种运动员的态度对待工作 当筹备节目或者演唱会的时候You know, I go into training.I wake up. I do my work out.我会进行训练 我起床 然后就去锻炼I go to 8 hours of dance rehearsal.You know, I do my voice. I do everything.进行长达8小时的舞蹈排 还要练声 所有事都得做You know what I mean.It just becomes a thing works like,你懂我意思吗 这有点象是you know a boxer before fight,where they just really buckle down.一个在决战前夕的拳手 整装待发 认真面对Yeah. Im gonna go ahead and name you the hardest working woman in show business.把你称为圈最努力的女人 我觉得也不为过Okay.I think you are. I mean it, I mean it. - Thank you.好吧 我觉得你真的是 我是认真的 -谢谢 /201511/412879

A geostationary satellite orbitsthe planet at the same rate asthe planet rotates, so the satellite is always over the same patchof ground.同步卫星以行星旋转的速度绕着行星运动,所以卫星总是处在地面同一块地方的上空。Cool! you say. Id like to have one of those about twenty feet over my house.你会说,好酷!我宁愿有一个离我们房子只有二十英尺的卫星。Sadly, geos onlywork easily at one distance:不幸地,同步卫星只能在同一个高度工作,22,500 miles up.Why is that?22,500 米的高空。为什么?Other satellites can have different orbits, cant they?其他卫星有不同的轨道,他们有吗?Yes, they can. But thats because they can also move at different speeds.是的,他们有。那是因为他们能以不同的速度运动,A geo doesnt have thatoption-by definition it must orbit at the same speed as the earth turns.而同步卫星没有那样的选择 他必须与地球自转同速运动。And that speeddetermines how high up it must be!运动速度决定了他必须在的高度。A satellite has to move at a certain speed to balance out gravity; otherwise it wont stay in orbit.卫星必须以某一确定速度运动来平衡我们的重力;否则将不能保持在同一轨道上。Now, a geo must move at the speed the earth turns.现在,同步卫星必须以地球自转的速度同速运动。If you put it in a very low altitude, that speed wouldnt be enough to balance gravity.如果处于很低的高度,卫星的速度将不足以平衡重力。Go higher, though, and gravity gets weaker.高度越高,重力越小。At 22,500 miles, gravity will be just weak enough sothat a satellite moving at the speed of the earths rotation will stay in orbit without help.在22,500的高空,重力小到可以使卫星在没有帮助的情况下与地球同速运动,并且始终在同一轨道上。Of course, if you wanted to have a geo at a different altitude, you could always attach rockets toit and have them push continuously.当然,如果你想有一个在不同高度的同步卫星,可以把卫星附在火箭,让火箭不断推动卫星前进。But thats a pretty expensive option. At 22,500 miles,nothing else is required.但是,这是相当昂贵的选择。在22500的高空,其他什么东西都不需要。201411/340145Nearly one in four American workers are asked to sign a non-compete agreement when they take a new job.This used to be reserved for CEOs and TV anchors, but not anymore.An article in Fortune reported the sandwich chain Jimmy Johns has a non-compete clause which would prevent former employees from working at any nearby restaurant that gets at least 10 percent of its revenue from sandwiches for two years.Norman Bishara is an associate professor at the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan.He has some suggestions for anyone taking a job that may require them to sign a non-compete:1) Ask upfront;Ask for it upfront, it and look at it. Amazingly a lot of people dont these contacts that could have a huge impact on the rest of their career,; he says. ;Read it, and kind of figure out what youre being asked to give up.;He adds that non-compete agreements arent always stock documents and can often be negotiated.2) Avoid being surprised;General good business advice for when youre starting a job is, ask what youre being asked to sign. You can be subtle about it and go into the employer and say, you know, when I show up on the first day, what am I going to have to sign? and dig a little deeper. Especially if youre in a field where non-competes are common.;3) Know the law;If the stakes are high enough, you should go talk to a lawyer and take the contract terms. Any employer that really wants you should give you that breathing room,; he says.He adds that some states are adding laws that require employers to give potential employees notice of a non-compete agreement ahead of time.4) Keep a copyIf youve signed a non-compete agreement and are considering taking a new job, Bishara says the first step is to figure out whether your new job would compete with your old one.;Keep a copy and know where it is, so you can actually see what you agreed to in terms of what the scope is, what the risk is if youre really leaving for a competitor,; he says.He tells us its important to negotiate the clause when entering the job, but also while leaving it. If you spot any ambiguity, Bishara says its worth trying to negotiate.201604/436547I was so excited about that. Yeah.Many little little uh.. Alcohol bottles.上了杂志封面 我特激动 是啊 很多小小的 酒瓶Those are actually full size but I am a giant.Im on game of thrones, do you like me?它们是实际大小 但我跟个巨人一样 我出演了权力的游戏 你喜欢吗Um... But one of my best friend Shelcy Pareti she did e但我最好的朋友谢尔希·帕拉提 对我做了一句评语they asked questions about me she said,他们问了些关于我的问题 然后她说;Amy doesnt care about anyone thinks; of her to a clinical degree.艾米不在乎别人对她的看法 ;她极其冷酷客观;And uh... I was like kind of an insult,but... but shes right,然后 我有点感到被侮辱了 但 但是她是对的so Im just, I just wanna have a really good time and I want everybody to laugh.所以我就 我只是想活的开心点 我想让大家都能开怀大笑Thats how everyone should live, Yeah.这才是最好的生活方式 是啊This did not worry about what anybody thinks,thats the best way to be full of yourself.这种不在乎别人想法的心态 这是活出自我的最好方式Yeah. So this movie, you are starring in it, you wrote it Judd Apatow is directing? Yes.没错 你在这部电影里 是主演 还是编剧 贾德·阿帕图导演的吗 是的and producing right? I also do craft service on it I um...他还是制片人 对吗 我还是那里的技术指导I drove the trailers,uh yes, Judd directed it,But you wrote it, I mean that so it is called...我还开了那些拖车 是的 贾德是导演 你是编剧呢 你写的这部电影叫Trainwreck. Trainwreck?Now...Whats it about? Is it about me? Yes, yes it is,生活残骸 生活残骸 现在 是关于什么的 是关于我的吗 是的yes, it is um of course its about me yeah, Trainwreck, its um,是 当然是关于我的故事 生活残骸 这部电影its a story about a-a girl,uh whos you know in her 30s,这部电影讲述了一个女孩的故事 她三十多岁时 你认识了她and like her behavior isnt really cute anymore,然后 她的行为举止不再那么可爱all the drinking and sping herself a little too thin and...整日酗酒 想干的事情很多 却有一事无成Well judgmental, and uh...Guys, Im fine, and then the...and you know she falls in love and she...And when is this coming out?太以貌取人了吧 别担心 我不在乎 然后 然后她陷入了爱河 这部电影什么时候上映 /201603/430045

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