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Bush Pledges y to Confront Financial Crisis布什保与盟国合作对付金融危机  President George Bush says the ed States is working with other countries to restore strength and stability to international financial markets. He spoke after talks at the White House with Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.美国总统布什说,美国正在跟其它国家合作恢复国际金融市场的力量和稳定。布什在白宫跟意大利总理贝卢斯科尼会谈之后说了这番话。The two met amid the first positive news in days from financial markets around the world.布什跟贝卢斯科尼是在全球金融市场几天来第一次传出好消息的时候举行会面的。After a weekend meeting of key finance ministers in Washington, and a series of steps taken by governments on both sides of the Atlantic, the markets began to rebound following a series of heavy losses.世界主要国家的财政部长周末在华盛顿开会,大西洋两岸的国家政府联手采取一系列措施。在这种情况下,经历了一连串惨重损失的世界金融市场开始反弹。From the White House, there appeared to be a small sigh of relief mixed with the realization that these gains are fragile and the markets remain volatile.白宫似乎稍微松了一口气,因为白宫意识到股票指数回升是很脆弱的,市场仍然充满变数。President Bush sounded a bit hopeful.不过布什总统的讲话听上去还是有几分乐观。"These are tough times for our economies," President Bush said. "Yet we can be confident that we can work our way through these challenges."布什说:“我们的经济正在经历艰难时刻。但是我们应该有信心,我们是能够设法克这些难题的。”The president said the Europeans have taken bold and specific action. He made clear there is no time to waste. 布什总统说,欧洲国家采取了大胆和具体的行动。他明确表示,现在必须要争分夺秒。"People all over the world are understandably concerned about the global financial crisis and about how it will affect their families and their businesses," he said.布什说:“全世界的人都关心这场全球性金融危机,担心危机会给他们的家庭和工作带来什么影响,这很正常。”He said the ed States and its allies are focusing on measures to help banks gain access to capital, to strengthen the financial system, and to make sure businesses and consumers have access to adequate credit.布什说,美国及其盟国正在采取措施重点帮助重新得到资金、加强金融体系,并确保工商企业和消费者及时得到贷款。Earlier, at an arrival ceremony for Italy's prime minister, he stressed the need for coordination among nations in a sustained effort to get the markets back on sound footing.布什稍早在为意大利总理贝卢斯科尼举行的欢迎仪式上强调,各国有必要携手行动,让市场恢复发展所需的牢固基础。"All of us will continue taking responsible, decisive action to restore credit and stability and return to vigorous growth," Mr. Bush said.布什说:“我们所有的国家将继续采取负责任的果断行动恢复信贷和稳定,让市场重新茁壮成长。”Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi said that the world has never seen a financial crisis like this one. 意大利总理贝卢斯科尼表示,世界从来没有经历过目前这样的金融危机。But he too struck an optimistic note, saying he is 100 percent confident current economic obstacles can be overcome.不过他同样表现出乐观。他说,他百分之百的相信目前遇到的经济阻力一定能克。During his visit to the White House, Mr. Berlusconi also said President Bush intends to meet sometime in the next few weeks with leaders of the Group of Eight - the organization of major industrialized nations. 贝卢斯科尼在访问华盛顿期间还说,布什总统打算在今后几个星期跟主要工业化国家组织8国集团会谈。But White House Press Secretary Dana Perino said while the administration is open to such a meeting at some point in the future, no decision has been made and no date has been set.不过白宫新闻秘书佩里诺表示,尽管布什政府不排除今后会举行这样的会谈,但是还没有做出决定,也没有确定具体日期。200810/52782。

  • If you speak more than one language, you have a better chance of staving off memory loss and, possibly, the mental and physical decline associated with Alzheimer’s disease. New research shows that even learning a new language later in life can delay the onset of dementia.新的研究显示,会说不止一种语言的人,的丧失比较缓慢,甚至与老年痴呆症相关的心理和生理衰退也比较缓慢。事实上,有关研究显示,即使年纪比较大才开始学习新的语言,也能延缓失智现象的发生。At the Voice of America, there are many people who speak one, two, three or more languages. Sandra LeMaire, on VOA's Web Desk, speaks four languages fluently.在美国之音,很多人能说一种、两种、三种甚至更多的语言。例如网络部的珊德拉·勒梅尔,能流利地说四种语言。"My first language is French," says LeMaire. "I was born in Haiti, so I grew up speaking French, and then at the age of five, we moved to New York City."她说:“我的母语是法文。我出生在海地,所以我小时候法文。5岁那年,我们搬到纽约。”In addition to French, LeMaire's family also speaks Creole, English and Spanish - and she learned those languages as well. 勒梅尔家里除了说法文之外,还说克里奥尔语、英语和西班牙语,所以她也学会了这些语言。Producer Zulima Palacio's native language is Spanish. She started speaking English in her early twenties. Her reporter's notebook reflects both languages.导播祖利玛·巴拉奇奥的母语是西班牙语。她20多岁才开始说英语。她写采访笔记时,两种语言并用。"When I go, for example to a press conference, you will have to be bilingual to be able to my notes. My brain instinctively takes notes in both languages," she says. "If it's shorter in English, I take it in Engilsh. If it is shorter in Spanish, I take it in Spanish."巴拉奇奥说:“例如,当我参加记者会时,你得懂两种语言才能读我的笔记。我本能地用两种语言做笔记。如果英文句子比较短,我就用英文。如果用西班牙文比较短,就用西班牙文。”A new study indicates that as they get older, Palacio and LeMaire will have advantages over their colleagues who speak only one language. People who speak more than one language are better able to stave off the normal cognitive decline that comes with aging. And if they develop Alzheimer's or another form of dementia, their brains will continue to function better than those of their monolingual friends. Those conclusions come from a recent study of 450 Alzheimer's patients. 根据一项新的研究,巴拉奇奥和勒梅尔上年纪之后,会比其他只能说一种语言的同事有优势。因为说不止一种语言的人,更能避免随年龄老化而来的认知能力退化。如果他们患了老年痴呆症或其它失智病症,他们的大脑功能也会好过只说一种语言的病人。这些结论来自最近对450名老年痴呆病患的研究。201103/129153。
  • 猪流感的迅速蔓延使得许多人“谈猪色变”。我们一起来看怎么做好预防工作世界卫生组织25日对在墨西哥造成至少20人死亡的新型猪流感病毒表示“非常担心”,认为这种病毒明显带有转化成流行性病毒的潜在可能。何为猪流感?有何预防措施?沪江听力搜集外媒热点,帮你打消疑虑。让专家来告诉你该怎么做。What You Need to Know About Swine FluWhat many people do not realize is that the flu is generally a much more serious illness than most people appreciate. Even the "typical" flu season results in 36,000 American deaths each year, according to CDC statistics.The swine flu is a type of influenza virus usually found in pigs. The most common version is H1N1, and the current virus causing concern is a new variation of that virus. Swine flu does not typically pass to humans directly, but such transmission can occur. The current swine flu virus concerns health experts because it has shown the ability to pass from human to human.When a person gets the swine flu virus, it takes 48 hours before the infected person actually begins to feel ill."It takes time for the virus to get down and start to create an illness. That interval between exposure and onset of illness is called the incubation period. The virus hasn't manigested itself," Schaffner said.Once a person becomes ill, they can stay that way for anywhere from 48 hours to seven days. So far, in the ed States, the cases of swine flu have been mild.There is no vaccination for the swine flu system. U.S. and WHO officials said they are beginning work on a vaccine, but that could take months to develop.Two prescription anti-viral drugs -- Tamiflu and Relenza -- have proved effective in combating the swine flu virus in victims in the ed States. The Obama administration has released 12.5 million courses of the country's stockpile of 50 million courses of Tamiflu.Health officials and doctors don't recommend people go to the hospital if they are experiencing flu-like symptoms. Rather, they should contact their doctor.Doctors recommend getting rest and drinking plenty of fluids, and using Tylenol and Advil, which have proven effective for flu symptoms.Doctors recommend "self-quarantine" for those inflicted with the influenza, so that it does not sp to others. If children are sick, they should not be sent to school. For adults, they should stay away from their workplaces and maintain as much distance as possible from others. Travel on buses or airplanes is not recommended.Doctors say it is only natural for flus to sp in places like schools, where there is a lot of interaction.It is hard to distinguish the symptoms of a swine flu from any other flu.Schaffner said the one distinction is that the swine flu is not a common cold."Common cold has its symtoms from the neck up -- sore throat, stuffy nose and feeling crummy. However influenza tends to make you feel much more ill. You can have a sore throat but then you also get cough and muscle aches and pains," he said.The Swine Flu SymptomsHayden Henshaw, an 18year-old from Cibolo, Texas, who was diagnosed with the swine flu last week, said he felt regular flu symptoms."You just get really run down, my skin and my muscles were achy. I had a cough and slightly feverish." he told A News.His father, Patrick and 11-year-old sister, Hannah, also got the flu from him."It's just like any other flu but the vaccine doesn't help with this strain," his mother, Robin, told A News.Doctors recommend looking out for symptoms such as a fever of more than 100 degrees, body aches, coughing, a sore throat, respiratory congestion and, in some cases, vomiting and diarrhea.In the absence of symptoms, officials say people don't have to get tested. If they are experiecing the symptoms, they you should take precaution and stay away from others.The WHO is developing a profile of the "typical case" of swine flu, but thus far, the symptoms appear to be essentially the same as those for the usual winter flu. The only way to definitively diagnose swine flu is to have laboratory testing done to determine the exact subtype of the virus.7 Ways to Protect Yourself"[Prevention is] no different than any other pandemic flu, and those are kind of simple things -- wash your hands a lot, don't shake hands or hug or kiss people if you're sick, don't go to work, self-qurantine yourself," said Peter Katona, an associate professor at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Medical Center.1. Wash hands frequently: This will lessen the chance of carrying or transmitting any viruses that normally get stuck on the hands in day-to-day activities. Try to avoid rubbing eyes or touching nose with dirty hands. Wash hands often with soap and water, especially after coughing or sneezing. Alcohol-based hand cleaners are also effective.2. Try to avoid people who are coughing and sneezing: The CDC advises people to cover their nose and mouth with a tissue when they cough or sneeze and throw the tissue in the trash after using it. Try to teach your kids to do the same. Influenza is thought to sp mainly person-to-person through coughing or sneezing of infected people.3. If experiencing flu-like symptoms, don't go out -- stay at home. Call a healthcare provider, particularly if a person has been to Mexico, southern California and southern Texas. The CDC recommends that people who get sick stay home from work or school and limit contact with others to keep from infecting them.4. Taking a trip to Mexico? Rethink your plans. Schaffner said that unless you have a compelling reason to go, you might want to reconsider. Many airlines, including Continental, US Airways and American Airlines, are waiving cancellation fees on tickets to Mexico.5. Stay informed and plan ahead: Dr. Anne Schuchat, director of the CDC's National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, said it's important to stay informed about what's going on in one's community, and whether the authorities -- such as the state or county health departments -- have issued any recommendations. It's a good idea to plan for what to do if children's school is closed.6. Keep sick kids out of school, and stay home from work if you are sick. Aside from providing needed rest, such absences protect others from catching whatever you or your kid has. Keep at least a few feet's distance if you have the flu or are interacting with someone who has the flu. The communicable distance for most flu viruses is about three feet, so keep clear of this radius in order to avoid sp. If dealing with a flu case at home, make sure the flu sufferer (and even those who interact with this person) wear facial masks to lower the chances of sp.7. Avoid surfaces and objects that may be handled by many people. For kids, this may include doctor's office toys, surfaces that a lot of other kids are touching. Keep all surfaces and objects around the house clean. This becomes especially relevant if there is someone in that house who is sick or has the flu aly. Try to teach kids not to touch their faces. This is like mass transit for germs: straight from the hands to the eyes, nose and mouth05/68517。
  • Animal Conservationists in Australia expressed concern on Tuesday that a lost humpback whale calf separated from its mother could die within days, unless it finds its own mother or another mother to adopt it. The calf believed to be one or two months old was first sighted on Sunday in waters off north Sydney. It’s been attempting to suckle from various yachts in the harbor since Monday. “Um I think that its mother has rejected it and its , and the mother’s moved on.” Other experts suggest its mother may have died and the calf may be an orphan. According to Mackintosh, rescuers towed one yacht out to sea and the calf finally detached from the boat, but it returned to an inlet near Sydney on Tuesday morning. “It’s, it’s moved back in here. Um…it’s still showing a suckling habit. It’s quietly going around from boat to boat, which confirms that it is a young calf and probably still was suckling and relying on its mother.” Officials said hand feeding would be impossible and they believed the calf’s only chance was to find another female whale to accept it. “The calf really needs its mum’s milk. It’s a desperate situation for that young calf without its mother’s milk.” Conservationist: someone who works to protect animals, plants etc or to protect old buildingsHumpback whale: 座头鲸, 一种(座头鲸属 座头鲸) 有圆背和长而多节的鳍状肢的须鲸Be detached from: be separated fromInlet: a narrow area of water that reaches from the sea or a lake into the land200812/59522。
  • The crisis felt around the world U.S. financial troubles reverberate in economies from Thailand to Buenos Aires, threatening to drag countries into the downward spiral. I am down in this Bangkok where traders have been watching this red hours with horror and have been a lot this year. The market is down some 20% in pop because of the political crisis going on here but mostly because of the global critical crunch. People worry because Thailand is next export economy. It could be hit badly if there is a global slowdown. One analist spoke to this opertimistic, he said Thailand got its fingers burn in the financial crisis more than 10 years ago. This time Thailand is better to prepare. I am here in the port of Hongkong. This port is one of the busiest in the world. You can tell this by all these trucks that are circulating around me. These trucks are mainly carrying goods that are made in China. And those goods are then shipped all over the world to countries like the ed States. Now US economy is slowing down and that's contribute to the closure of thousands of factories right across the boarder because the exports are falling. The concern now is that if the US economy is continuing to slow down, follow into recession, China's economy could also falter. I am L the heart of Beijing's financial district where there are few things on s I told you so. Here at the people's bank of china where they set monetary policy, they resist calls for deregulation and for mereing the US financial system. Because that direct China's markets is unlikely. That doesn't mean there is no impact. The stock markets have fallen somewhat, investors are worried. But the government has stepped in with small measures trying to bring those investors back in. I am David M outside Arabic stock exchange here in K. K is very g about financial crisis in the US. This exchange has lost over a quarter of its value this year because of political instability here in K and not financial crisis in America. K is hoping for politicians on capital to sort out some bailout for the financial system because the economy here is very much tight to the economy in the US. I am H opposite street in central London, one of the busiest shopping streets in the country. Here the sale signs are all y. Retailers are facing higher costs of food and utility bills and of course the weaking pound. Analists suggest many retailers are trying to pause high volume of goods a bargain prices or the attempt to key ring. I am G outside Madrid city hall, here the lastest sign the US economy worries are also griping Spain. The city has just freeze plans store's facilities and daycare centers for children to save three hundred million dollars. Spanish newspapers are leading with the block financial rescue plan in Washington. Some are blaming republicans. Spain makes 3 million cars a year mainly for export but many car factories here are cutting their work shifts because the demand is down by a third. I am A outside the A officers in downtown Rome. The US financial crisis could make matters worse for the Italian national airline here. It's bankrupt but it keeps flying because it's been rescured by a group of italian investors include S. S have business financial ties to US financial institutions. And the worse things going in the US the harder it is for these banks and institutions to come up with enough cash and enough money to keep the airline fly. I am B in the N neighood in B Argentina. It's line with a lot of national cafes and bars. Argentinas are used to economic instability. The fact in 2001 they had the largest dead fall in mordern history 100 billion dollars. People back here pay close attention to what's happening in US during its financial crisis. Inflation is main problem here right now. A restaurant like this the prices of food inflate all the time. A remain f that the crisis in the US is not resolved, the fall up here to be much worse than their financial crisis 70 years ago.200810/54205。
  • TV, sofa, phone and football-themed cushions... Britain's most luxurious bus stop gets a World Cup makeoverIn honor of the World Cup, Britain's most luxurious bus stop has been given a football-themed makeover.Kitted out with a sofa, cushions, a TV, a phone and flowers, the shelter attracts thousands of tourists every year - and even boasts a hot snacks stand.Its latest design follows a Valentine's Day love-nest look and a winter wonderland theme.The makeovers began after a local resident put a sofa and table inside the bus stop, but over the years extra facilities have been added - including an Amstrad computer and a microwave.They are for decorative purposes only as the shelter has no electricity. In winter, fairy lights, powered by a generator, give it a festive glow.Every year a portion of the 614 residents of the island of Unst, the northernmost of the Scottish Shetland Islands, band together to decorate their stop near Baltasound.The tiny community's Millennium celebration was held there, and even the Golden Jubilee - during which the shelter was filled with Earl Grey tea and cucumber sandwiches.Themes have ranged from outer space to colors yellow, pink, turquoise, and this year, it pays homage to the World Cup.Over the years the shelter has picked up quite a reputation and now has its own website and Facebook page.The bus shelter even has its own visitors books.Vocabulary:kit out: to outfit or equip(配备,装备)fairy lights:小灯,尤指用于装饰圣诞树的小灯pay homage to:向……表示敬意背单词 — 装英语词汇201006/106834。
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