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小咖实用英语口语 第4期:大麻marijuana /201502/356541。

1.Could you tell me how to call?你能告诉我如何打电话吗?2.How much is a phone call within the city?打一个市内电话要多少钱?3.Does it cost ten cents within the city?市内要十分吗?4.Which slot is for ten-cents?哪一个是十分的投币口?5.Could you change one-dollar?你能换一块钱吗?6.I put into money by mistake.我投错钱了。7.How can I return money?我如何拿回钱来?8.Should I turn the coin returned lever?我应该转动这个退币口吗?9.Which is the coin returned lever?哪一个是退币口?10.The money isnt sent back.钱不会退回来了。11.Is this telephone break?电话坏了吗?12.Will you try to call once more?请你再打一次好吗?13.Every time I put into money,it comes back.每一次我放钱进去,钱又退回来了。14.I only hear busy signal sound.我只有听到忙音。15.I dont hear any sound.我听不到声音。16.Is there any other public phone?还有没有别的公用电话?17.It is noisy while Im calling.我拨电话时声音很吵。18.I can hear his voice,but it doesnt seem my voice reach him.我可以听到他的声音,但他好像听不到我的声音。19.Cant I use this telephone?我不可以用这个电话吗?20.This telephone is out of order.这个电话坏了。21.Excuse me,may I use your telephone?对不起,我可以借用你的电话吗? /201502/359819。

我的一个朋友要买房,我周末陪她一起去看。我看着最满意的一栋房子有三个卧室,两个卫生间,地下室全都铺了硬木地板,新装修的厨房,还有一个一英亩大的花园。可我那个朋友居然因为不喜欢厨房的橱柜,就一口回绝了。这倒让我想起一个习惯用语,可以跟大家分享。那就是:small potatoes.Small potatoe,小土豆,说一个人或是一件事是small potato意思就是无足轻重,微不足道。就好比我那个朋友,买房子不看房子的格局和设计,反而对厨房的抽屉,橱柜挑三拣四。我认为,其实这些东西都是small potatoes,根本不重要。不过话说回来,有时候,对一个人微不足道的事情对另外一个来说却是举足轻重的大事。为了说明这一点,让我们一起来听下面这个经济记者的报道。例句-1:How much would you guess the ed States annually spends on its agriculture and forests? million? billion? Actually, last year, it was about billion. That might seem like a huge amount of money. But compared to the more than 0 billion dollars on both defense and Social Security, its really small potatoes.这位记者说:你猜猜,美国每年在农业和林业上的开是多少?一千万?十亿?告诉你吧,去年美国在农林业上的出有大约两百亿美元。这听上去好象是很大的一笔钱,但如果跟花在国防和社会保障上的6100亿相比,那可真是微不足道了。说起来不好意思,我上周末在家还因为请客吃饭买什么牌子的葡萄酒跟先生斗嘴。现在想一想,跟那些失去工作,或是失去房子的人相比,我生活中那些问题全都是small potatoes.******在下面这个例子里,年轻画家Dorothy的作品最近引起了很大反响。让我们一起听听她哥哥是怎么说的。例句-2:Dorothys getting lots of attention for her paintings. Her recent exhibit made headlines in the local paper. And she just received the top prize at our towns art festival. Some people dismiss her work as small potatoes. Then again, perhaps one day it may hang in important museums.她哥哥说:Dorothy的画引起了很多人的注意。她最近的画展登上了本地报纸头条,她还赢得了镇里艺术节的头等奖。有些人说她的作品微不足道。可谁知道呢,她的作品没准哪天还能出现在大物馆的墙上呢!如果Dorothy真有天才,运气又好的话,没准真能出名!这倒让我想起,几个星期前,韩国歌星Rain来华盛顿为自己的新电影做宣传,我打了几通电话,没想到Rain的经纪人居然同意让他跟我做专访。真没想到,我这种 small potato居然能请到Rain这样的大牌明星。 /201507/384657。

14. Neighbors and Help (2) 14.邻居和帮助(2)A: Are you my new neighbor?A:你是我的新邻居吗?B: Yes, I am. Its nice to meet you.B:是的,我是。很高兴认识你。A: Nice to meet you, too.A:也很高兴认识你。B: How is your day going so far?B:到目前为止过得怎么样?A: Its going just fine. Thank you for asking.A:进展很顺利。谢谢你的关心。B: Do you think you can help me with something?B:你认为你可以帮我个忙吗?A: Sure, I would be glad to help, whatever I can.A:当然,很高兴能帮到你,只要是我能做的。B: Its nothing big. I just need help carrying my old couch to the curb.B:没什么大事。我只是需要有人帮我把我的旧沙发搬到路边。A: Alright, do you want me to help you right now?A:好的,你想让我现在就帮你吗?B: If its not a problem.B:如果没有问题的话。A: No. Ill come over right now.A:没问题。我马上过来。B: Thank you for the assistance.B:谢谢你的帮助译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201512/413650。

unit 422 节日问候(1)dialogue 英语情景对话To:Guo Zhiqiang and Shelly Dong收件人:郭志强和雪莉·董From: Rong Xingmin发件人:荣星民Date: January 28 , 2001日期:2001年1月28日Subjed: Holiday Greeting主题:节日问候I am so glad its almost Spring Festival because I know Ill be seeing both of you at the School Reunion. Until then, I just wanted to say that I wish both of you and the children a very prosperous and happy New Year.真高兴,春节就要到了,因为我可以在校友联欢会上见到你们俩了。在我们春节相聚之前我想说,祝你们俩和孩子们万事顺利,新年快乐。 /201605/445523。

I get carsick。Im feeling carsick.我晕车。airsick晕机seasick晕船例句:Could you please slow down a little bit?Im feeling a little carsick.能开慢一点吗?我有点晕车。I always get carsick when I try to in a car.每次我试着在车内试着读书我都会晕车。A:Take my car to go there with me.坐上我的车和我一起去。B:Sorry,I cant.I get carsick.对不起我不能,我晕车。背景音乐:Colbie Caliiat-Bubbly更多英语资讯欢迎关注微信公众号 SmethilyFM(注意:“S”“FM”均为大写) /201609/465247。

unit 520喝威士忌(1)dialogue 英语情景对话A:Give me Scotch, please.A:请给我来一杯苏格兰威士忌。B:What brand?B:要什么牌子的?A:Black Rose.A:黑玫瑰。B:Soda or water?B:加苏打水还是水?A:Just plain water with plenty of ice rock.A:加水和多一点冰块。B:Alright. Please wait for a minute.B:好的,请稍等。 /201608/461193。