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青岛做无痛人流最好的医院是哪家青岛即墨市人流安全的医院Ever heard of a man named Buckminster Fuller, or Bucky, as hisfriends called him?听说过一个叫巴克敏斯特·福乐的人吗?R.Buckminster Fuller was a twentieth centuryscientist, philosopher, inventor, and was also named a great architect.朋友们常叫他巴基。巴克敏斯特·福乐是二十世纪的科学家,哲学家,发明家,同时他也是一名伟大的建筑师。Part of what made Bucky so special was his concern for the planet and humanity.他如此特别的部分原因是他很关心地球和人类。When you have a shortage of resources, he said, you get war.他说当缺乏资源时,就会发生战争。Thus, he developed an idea called ComprehensiveAnticipatory Design Science.所以,他开创了一种观念,叫作“全面预期设计科学”。It’s a mouthful, but what it entails is his belief that to solve humanity’smajor problems.这个名字有点拗口,但它需要巴基的信念来解决人类主要问题。We have to look forward to the future; we have to anticipate what will becomeproblems as resources diminish, etc.我们必须展望未来;我们必须预期会出现的问题,比如资源减少等等。His goal? Quote:他是目标?“More and more life support for everybody, with less and less resources.”引用一句话:用最少的资源维持更多人的生活。He wasespecially interested in developing more efficient housing; that is, a new way of constructingbuildings so that they provide more housing space with the use of fewer resources.他对开发更高效的住房特别有兴趣;那是一种建造房屋的新的方式,用更少的资源提供更多的住房空间。One solutionhe came up with in the late 1940′s is the geodesic dome, the invention he is most famous for.上世纪40年代末,巴基提出了一个解决方法,即球型屋顶,这也是他最著名的发明。The geodesic dome is a structure shaped like a piece of a sphere.球型屋顶是一个形状像球体的结构。It’s made up of a complexnetwork of triangles, and the more complex this network the closer the comes to the shape of atrue sphere.它由一个复杂的网状三角形构成。网状结构越复杂,建筑物的形状就越接近于真实的球体。What’s so great about the dome is that it does exactly what Bucky wanted; that is,it has the highest ratio of enclosed area to external surface.圆屋顶额伟大之处在于它封闭区到外部表面的比例最高,那正是巴基想要的效果。In other words, it uses fewer materialsto create more housing space.换句话说,就是用更少的材料建造更多住房空间。201408/320555蓬莱无痛人流一般多少钱 Youve just snacked on rice cakes. 你刚刚吃完了一些米糕这类小点心,Why are you still hungry?但是为什么你还是感觉饥饿呢?That yummy feeling of being pleasantly full depends partly on the weight and volume of what youeat. 那种因为吃饱所产生的愉悦感在某种程度上取决于你所摄入的食品的重量与体积大小。As the stomach churns away at a large enough weight and volume of food, you start feelingfull.当你的胃开始搅拌消化在体积上和重量上都足够大的食物时,你也就开始感觉饱了。The stomachs churning also prompts the small intestine to release a hormone which adds to thefeeling of fullness. 胃的搅拌与消化促使小肠部分释放出一种荷尔蒙激素,这种激素能使得你的饱腹感更为明显。Rice cakes alone may not satisfy because theyre too little and light in the belly.仅仅是几块小米糕并不足以让你产生饱腹感,因为它们在肚子里还是分量太轻了。According to nutrition and obesity researcher Barbara Rolls, choosing more low calorie, butrelatively heavy foods can help dieters lose weight without feeling hungry. 据营养与肥胖研究员Barbara Rolls称,选择较低卡路里但相对更重的食物,可以帮助这些节食者们进行有效减肥同时还不会感觉饥饿。In Rolls study, womentended to eat about three pounds of food every day–even when the number of calories in thosefoods varied. 从Rolls的研究中发现,不管食物中卡路里的数量如何变化,女性倾向于每天食用大致3磅重的食物。For lunch one day, the women were served pasta salad.在节食实验的过程中,对于午餐,我们为这些女性们提供了意面沙拉。The next day, the salad had more veggies, but the women chose to eat the same amount, byweight, as before. 在节食的第二天,我们在意面中加入了更多的蔬菜,但是女性们只会食用和前一天基本相同重量的食物。That meant they were eating fewer calories, since veggies have fewer caloriesper pound than pasta.由于蔬菜本身所含的卡路里要低于相同重量的意面,所以,这就意味着她们摄入了更低的卡路里。Veggies and fruits top the list of foods which create a feeling of fullness for fewer calories. 蔬菜与水果之所以能在食物中占有最高的位置,是因为食用它们可以产生饱腹感但同时卡路里偏低。Their fiberand water content make them heavy, and theyre full of vitamins and minerals, to boot! 其中所含的纤维和水分使得它们会变重,并且,水果和蔬菜中富含维他命和矿物质。If yourewatching the scales, avoid high calorie, lightweight foods, like potato chips. 如果你每天都在关注体重,那么就尽量避免高卡路里,低重量的食物,比如薯条等等。It might take a wholebag of chips to fill your belly! 如果要填饱肚子,你可能要吃足足一袋的薯条。Instead, try topping those rice cakes with apple or banana, for ahealthy and satisfying snack.所以,你可以选择苹果或香蕉这类水果来代替米糕等这些小零食,这样的话,你可以吃的更健康,同时也能产生让人愉悦的饱腹感。 /201402/277516青岛彩超能检查

青岛输卵管通水价格Johns theory supports one legend that tells a brutal and merciless execution. 约翰的理论持着一种传说,讲述了一个残酷和无情的执刑的情景。After having surrended his kingdom, the king and his administers were beheaded on the spot. 在向自己的国家投降后,国王和他的管理者们被当场斩首。The royal women also met an equally gruesome end. 皇室女性们得到的是同样可怕的结果。There is a poem that purportly tells the massacre. 有一首诗详细讲述了大屠杀的情景。It describes how the royal women were taken and thrown from the palace ramparts.它描述了皇室女性们被抬走,从宫殿城墙外扔出。To the people below, these brightly dressed princesses look like spring flowers falling from heaven. 而对于下面观此景的人,这些衣着鲜艳的公主看起来像春天的花朵从天堂坠落。The soldiers yelled and shouted to see more and more flowers.士兵们叫喊着要看到越来越多的鲜花。He met his doom with the end of sword. 他的剑遭逢厄运。201402/277840青岛新阳光医院引产 Diarmuid:Dear, oh dear.戴拉蒙德:哦,我的天啊。Feifei:Hi Diarmuid. What are you laughing at?飞飞:嗨,戴拉蒙德。你在笑什么呢?Diarmuid:Im just looking at these. My mum found them in the attic.戴拉蒙德:我只是在看这些。我妈妈在阁楼上找到的。Feifei:What are they?飞飞:是什么?Diarmuid:Theyre my old class reports from my school days. Theyve been stored away for all these years.戴拉蒙德:是我上学时候的成绩报告。这些东西多年来一直保存着。Feifei:What do the reports say?飞飞:上面写些什么?Diarmuid:Have a look for yourself.戴拉蒙德:你一看便知。Feifei:Let me see.飞飞:让我看看。Lets choose a subject… here we are, History:Diarmuid has failed to learn anything this year because he spends all his time chatting at the back of the classroom.让我们随便看一个课程的…历史老师这样写道:戴拉蒙德今年什么都没学会,因为他将自己所有的时间都浪费在教室后面的聊天上。Lets look at another… Maths:Diarmuid must learn that it is not enough just to sit at his desk.让我们看看另一个…数学老师的评语:戴拉蒙德必须清楚,仅仅在学校用功是远远不够的。He must pay attention to the lesson, and study hard out of class and do his homework.他上课必须集中注意力,课外也努力学习并完成他的家庭作业。Diarmuid:I wasnt very good at maths.戴拉蒙德:我不太擅长数学。Feifei:So I see.飞飞:所以我明白了。Lets have another… Science:This lazy boy is a disgrace to the school uniform!还有另一个来自科学:这个懒惰的男孩有辱学校的这身制!Diarmuid:That teacher never liked me.戴拉蒙德:那个老师从来都不喜欢我。 201309/257511青岛人民医院妇科专家大夫

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