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交通领域三年内投资.7万亿 --30 :: 来源: 作为三年交通发展规划的一部分,超300个新项目已经做出 A massive spending plan has been outlined to try to give more reliable transportation access to China’s more remote areas.近日,政府做出宏观计划,试图让更可靠的交通进入中国更偏远地区As part of a new 3-year outline transportation development, over 300 new projects have been laid out.作为三年交通发展规划的一部分,超300个新项目已经做出规划Among them are a significant number of projects to connect this country’s more isolated, and often impoverished, regions with regional hubs through road and rail.这些规划中,很多项目通过公路和铁路连接了国家落后,孤僻的地区和地区中心枢纽区Chinese authorities are planning to spend .7-trillion yuan - around 75-billion US dollars - on the projects over the next 3-years.中国政府计划在未来3年内投资.7万亿(约750亿美元)Zheng Jian with the National Development and Rem Commission says the massive spending plans are part of a pledge to pull everyone in China above the poverty line by .国家发改委郑建说道,这次在交通方面的大规模投入将会大力推进中国脱贫"We think access to more reliable ms of movement is the linch-pin to helping people out of poverty. This is why we’ve incorporated rural road construction in our new plans, which will link these remote areas to regional hubs in the next 3-years."“做出更多切实可行的改变是帮助人们脱贫的关键之举这也是乡村公路建设作为新计划的一部分的初衷,这将在未来3年内连接偏远地区和地区交通枢纽中心”China’s unique topography, particularly in the south and southwestern parts of the country, has left numerous commies somewhat isolated from the rest of the country.中国独特的地势,尤其是南方和西南地区,使得中国很多偏远地区比较孤立This has limited their access to government support, leaving them toward the bottom of the development curve.这就导致偏远地区难以得到政府的持,发展速度也处于谷底The new transportation spending plan also includes projects to create better links in China’s major centers, including inter-city links in the Yangtze and Pearl River Delta regions, as well as throughout the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area.新的交通投资计划包括为中国主要城市建立联系,包括长江和珠江三角洲地区,以及京津冀地区

应习近平邀请 俄罗斯总统普京本周将访华 --1 :59: 来源: 中国官方媒体确认,俄罗斯总统普京应习近平主席的邀请,将会于本周六访问北京 Russian President Vladimir Putin will visit Beijing on Saturday at the invitation of his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping, Chinese state media has confirmed.中国官方媒体确认,俄罗斯总统普京应习近平主席的邀请,将会于本周六访问北京The two leaders are expected to ink a . billion high-speed rail deal as well as discuss extended military cooperation. Up to 30 trade agreements could also be signed, reports the South China Morning Post.两位领导人有望签署价值6亿美元的高铁项目,并讨论深化军事领域方面的合作根据南华早报的报道,此次会面有望签署超过30项贸易协议One deal on the cards would govern the supply of Russian wheat to China. Deputy Prime Minister Dmitri Rogozin told reporters in Moscow, “We are talking about the construction of a grain terminal in the [Russian] Trans-Baikal region” and may “sign a contract this kind of serious, large supplies of wheat to China.”其中一项有可能签署的协议是有关俄罗斯谷物对华出口俄罗斯副总理德米特·里罗戈津在莫斯科告诉记者,我们现在正在商讨,在俄罗斯外贝加尔修建粮食码头,并有可能会为此类大型谷物对华出口签署相关协议The meeting is also seen as the latest attempt of President Xi to drum up support his “One Belt, One Road” development strategy. Beijing wants to revive the iconic land and maritime Silk Road, which date back to the days of Marco Polo in the th century, by building a trade and infrastructure network stretching all the way to Western Europe and Africa. Geopolitically, it is seen as a rival to the Washington-led Trans-Pacific Partnership free-trade pact, which Beijing opted not to join.此次会面,也被媒体认为是习近平在竭力为“一带一路政策”争取持北京正通过构建直通欧洲和非洲的基建以及贸易网络,试图恢复海上以及陆上丝绸之路,这两条丝绸之路的历史可以追溯到马可波罗所在的世纪从地理上说,“一带一路”被认为,和美国领导的跨太平洋伙伴关系协定是竞争关系,中国未加入TPPXi has been traveling all over Central Asia and Eastern Europe in recent weeks — including stops in Poland, Serbia and Uzbekistan — but Russian support One Belt, One Road is seen as particularly important, given Moscow’s sway over key Balkan states. Putin will be keen to bolster a bilateral relationship that remains robust despite widesp international censure at the Kremlin’s annexation of Crimea in , which resulted in the U.S. and E.U. imposing economic sanctions on Russia.最近几个星期,习近平出访了中亚和东欧很多国家,包括波兰、塞尔维亚以及乌兹别克斯坦,但是俄罗斯对于“一带一路”政策的持被视为至关重要,鉴于俄罗斯对巴尔干半岛诸国的配地位而普京也想进一步加强已经较为牢靠的双边关系,尽管年俄罗斯兼并克里米亚导致了大范围的国际批评,并且为此,欧盟和美国还对俄罗斯采取了经济制裁措施

德约科维奇法网封王,成就职业生涯全满贯 -- :9:31 来源: 德约科维奇是当今男子网坛当之无愧的No.1,击败穆雷拿下今年的法网冠军后,塞尔维亚人成为了史上第八位全满贯选手 World number one Novak Djokovic beat Britain’s Andy Murray to win his first French Open title and complete the career Grand Slam.男单世界第一诺瓦克·德约科维奇击败英国人安迪·穆雷,夺得首个法网冠军,完成职业生涯全满贯成就The Serb, 9, won 3-6 6-1 6- 6- to win his th major title and become the first man since Rod Laver in 1969 to hold all four Grand Slams at once.9岁的塞尔维亚人以大比分3-1(每盘比分为 3-6,6-1,6-,6-)击败对手,赢得第座大满贯冠军,成为继1969年的罗德·拉沃尔之后又一位包揽四大满贯的男子单打选手Murray had hoped to secure the third leg of his own career Slam, having aly won Wimbledon and the US Open.穆雷赛前曾寄望赢下自己的第三座大满贯冠军(此前穆雷已获得了温网和美网冠军)The Scot, 9, was Britain’s first male finalist in Paris since 1937.9岁的苏格兰人是自1937年以来首位进入法网决赛的英国男单选手Second seed Murray played superbly to win the first set but could not convert a break point early in the second, and Djokovic took control to win in three hours.二号种子穆雷在首盘表现极为出色,顺利拿下首盘,然而第二盘伊始穆雷未能把握住一个难得的破发点,德约科维奇就此掌控了局面,耗时三个小时拿下了比赛He becomes only the eighth man in history to have won all four of the sport’s major singles prizes - and could yet match Laver’s achievement of winning all four in a calendar year.德约科维奇成为了史上第八位包揽四大满贯的男单选手,他和拉沃尔还是仅有的两位在个月内依次夺得四个冠军的球员Djokovic fell back on the clay in delight and relief after requiring two breaks of serve and four match points in a desperately tense end to the final.最后一局是德约科维奇的发球局,二人的争夺进入了白热化德约科维奇奋力在化解两个破发点,错失四个赛点后终于赢得了比赛With three-time champion Gustavo Kuerten watching from the stands, Djokovic then emulated the Brazilian by drawing a heart in the clay with his racquet.在看台上三届法网冠军古斯塔沃·库尔滕的注视下,德约科维奇用拍沿在场地上画了一颗心"It’s a very special moment, the biggest of my career," said Djokovic. "I felt today something that I never felt bee at Roland Garros, I felt the love of the crowd.“这是我职业生涯中一个非常特殊,极其重大的时刻”德约科维奇说“今天我在罗兰加洛斯感到了以前从未感受到的情绪,我感受到了大家对我的爱”"I drew the heart on the court, like Guga, which he gave me permission to do. My heart will always be with you on this court."“我像当年的古加(库尔滕)一样在场地上画了一颗心,当然我事先得到了他的允许我一直心系这片场地,心系观众”Murray, who has now lost five Grand Slam finals to Djokovic, had looked capable of causing an upset with an aggressive display in the opening set.穆雷如今已五次在大满贯决赛场上败在德约科维奇的手下,然而比赛伊始,穆雷强势取下首盘,似乎让人们看到了爆冷的希望However, Djokovic turned the match around early in the second set and Murray, who had played five hours’ more tennis in reaching the final, could not keep pace.然而穆雷在打进决赛前比德约科维奇多打了5个小时的比赛,体力处于劣势,从第二盘开始,德约科维奇掌控了比赛节奏"To Novak, this is his day," said Murray. "What he’s achieved the last months is phenomenal; winning all the Grand Slams in one year is an amazing achievement.“今天属于诺瓦克”穆雷说“他在过去个月内的表现是现象级的,在一年内连续夺得四大满贯的冠军令人叹为观止”"It’s so rare in tennis, and me personally, it sucks to lose the match, but I’m proud to have been part of today."“这在网坛实在太少见了输掉了比赛,我感觉很糟,但能成为这伟大一天的一部分我又感到非常骄傲”Murray cannot capitalise on early lead穆雷未能把握住领先优势Djokovic looked determined to make up losing in three previous Paris finals when he broke the Murray serve to love with a brilliant opening game, but the nerves were soon apparent.比赛首局,德约科维奇似乎卯足了劲要弥补此前三度在罗兰加洛斯失利的遗憾,直落四分强势破发,然而随后头号种子紧张的情绪慢慢显露无疑A beautiful lob saw Murray hit straight back in game two and, playing aggressively at every opporty, he powered into a -1 lead as Djokovic misfired with his ehand.穆雷以一记精的后场挑高球拿下第二局,随后一路高歌猛进;而德约科维奇的正手进攻威力锐减,很快以1-落后Murray clinched the set at the third opporty - after a generous overrule that drew boos from a crowd seemingly backing Djokovic - and some stunning defence earned the Scot a break point at the start of the second set.第一盘末局,德约科维奇因一分向裁判进行申诉却遭驳回,看上去持他的人群中爆发出阵阵嘘声穆雷把握住了第三个盘点,取得了首盘的胜利而第二盘第一局,苏格兰人几次精的防守为自己搏得了破发点Djokovic needed to turn the tide and he did so with a smash, bee grabbing the lead when Murray double-faulted at break point down.德约科维奇亟需扭转场上势头,靠着强悍的进攻和穆雷在破发点上的双误,头号种子终于取得了领先The Serb then began to dictate with his backhand, firing a winner down the line a decisive second break as Murray’s first-serve percentage slipped below the 50% mark.随后塞尔维亚人凭反手进攻统治了比赛,以一记落点极深的底线回球再度破发穆雷的一发进球率甚至跌到了50%以下Djokovic continued to press, setting up break points at 1-1 in the third set with a ehand winner and watching as Murray dropped a volley into the net with the court gaping.第三盘,德约科维奇继续向穆雷施压,两人打成1-1后,一记正手进攻逼出破发点,随后穆雷场边截击下网,德约科维奇实现了破发The crowd chanted "Nole! Nole!" as the world number one finally regained the lead he had surrendered after the opening game of the match, and he broke again with a terrific sliding winner on his way to a two-sets-to-one lead.人们大喊“诺尔!诺尔!”持自己的偶像虽然首盘早早缴械,但头号种子在第二盘末局以一记精的放短球得分实现破发,将大比分改写为-1With a 5- lead in the fourth set, and his friends and supporters preparing to celebrate in the stands, Djokovic suffered a tortuous few minutes as Murray refused to give up.德约科维奇在第四盘很快取得5-的领先,当他的朋友和持者准备开始庆祝时,不愿放弃的穆雷却在最后几分钟给世界第一制造了许多麻烦The Briton got one of the breaks back and saved two match points, bee finally netting a backhand as Djokovic clinched a historic win.英国人破发一局,又挽救了两个赛点,然而一记反手下网还是成就了塞尔维亚人历史性的胜利

澳洲新基因改良技术:不打胰岛素也能治糖尿病 -- ::9 来源:chinadaily Genetically modified cells could eliminate the need daily injections to treat type 1 diabetes, experts have revealed.专家透露,有了基因改良细胞,1型糖尿病患者就可不必天天注射胰岛素了The human cell line is genetically engineered to produce, store and release insulin in response to blood sugar levels in the human body.人类细胞系经基因改造后,可随着人体内血糖水平的变化产生、储存并释放胰岛素Scientists said the insulin-producing 'Melligen' cells show promise as a possible cure type 1 diabetes. 科研人员表示,产生胰岛素的“Melligen”细胞有望成为1型糖尿病的新疗法In type 1 diabetes, the immune system destroys the pancreatic cells responsible making insulin, a hormone crucial to converting blood sugar into energy. 1型糖尿病患者的免疫系统破坏了负责分泌胰岛素的胰腺细胞,而胰岛素是将血糖转化成能量的关键激素This month, they secured US patent protection the cell line from the US Patent and Trademark Office. 这项细胞系技术本月获得美国专利商标局的专利保护.Professor Ann Simpson, who led the team at the University of Technology, Sydney, said: 'My team and I are extremely pleased that the US patent the Melligen cells has been granted. 悉尼科技大学的安bull;辛普森教授是该研究的领头人,她说道,“获得Melligen细胞的专利,我们整个团队都特别高兴”'This takes us a step closer to releasing diabetics from the need to inject insulin daily, and more importantly, protecting them from the debilitating complications of the disease, such as blindness, kidney failure and cardiovascular problems.' “糖尿病患者要是能不用天天注射胰岛素就好了,而Melligen细胞让我们离这样的未来又近了一步,更重要的是,它还能保护患者,使其不因产生并发症而日渐虚弱,如失明、肾衰竭及心血管疾病”The researchers are now working with US clinical biotech firm PharmaCyte Biotech to develop the research into new treatments. 研究人员目前正与美国临床生物科技公司PharmaCyte Biotech合作,将该项研究开发成新型疗法PharmaCyte specialises in the development of targeted treatments cancer and diabetes using its signature live cell encapsulation technology. PharmaCyte公司运用其招牌技术——活细胞胶囊技术,专门研发癌症及糖尿病的靶向疗法This technology, known as Cell-in-a-Box, is a key process in the commercialisation of the Melligen cell as a revolutionary treatment. 该技术被称为Cell-in-a-Box,是Melligen细胞成为突破性疗法、实现商业化的一大关键'This is a culmination of many years' work by our group and we look ward to working with PharmaCyte's Diabetes Consortium to utilise the Cell-in–a-Box technology to encapsulate the cells preclinical trials aimed at curing diabetes,' said Professor Simpson. 辛普森教授说道,“这是我们团队多年努力研究的结果,我们期待与PharmaCyte公司的糖尿病团队合作,在治疗糖尿病的临床前试验中利用Cell-in–a-Box技术将细胞胶囊化”'We anticipate that the capsule technology will protect the Melligen cells from the body's immune response that normally destroys eign tissue, allowing the Melligen cells to be transplanted into humans.' “我们预计胶囊技术能保护Melligen细胞不被人体免疫系统当成外来组织破坏掉,以便顺利植入人体”PharmaCyte's chief executive officer, Kenneth Waggoner, said: 'We at PharmaCyte consider ourselves to be very tunate in having secured the exclusive world-wide licence to use the Melligen cells to develop a treatment diabetes.PharmaCyte首席执行官肯尼思bull;瓦戈纳说道,“PharmaCyte有幸获得全球独家许可,运用Melligen细胞研发糖尿病疗法,真的非常幸运”' the millions of people worldwide who suffer from a disease of epidemic proportions, our treatment could relieve them of the onerous daily requirements insulin administration and dietary restrictions and offer a life free from the very serious and even life-threatening complications associated with diabetes.'“全球有数百万人患有糖尿病,与流行病患者比例不相上下糖尿病患者每日均需注射胰岛素,饮食严格受限糖尿病引起的并发症十分严重,甚至具有致命性我们研发的疗法可令这类患者从中这堆麻烦中解脱,且不再受并发症的折磨”With the World Health Organization attributing more than 1.5 million deaths to diabetes in and more than million adults suffering from the disease in , the development has the potential to impact millions of lives.世界卫生组织称,年有超过0万人因患糖尿病而死亡,年有超.亿成人患有糖尿病,这项研发可能令数百万人受益英文来源:每日邮报翻译:尤晓珊(中国日报网爱新闻iNews译者)编审:yaning

奥巴马借“奥兰多击案”推动控 -- :56:7 来源: 上周日,美国发生了震惊世界的奥兰多击案,共有50人死亡为此,总统奥巴马目前正试图说国会通过法案,禁止击案凶手所使用的半自动步在市面上流通 ’These assault weapons are weapons of war and they have no place in the hands of a legitimate hunter or much more likely is that a weapon of war is going to end up in the hands of someone like this who will be able to carry out a much more violent act because they are using a weapon that was intended not the streets of Orlando but a battlefield,’ said White House press secretary Josh Earnest Monday.本周一,白宫新闻秘书约翰·厄内斯特说道:“这些高杀伤性的武器是战争武器,合法猎人和其他人都不应该持有这样的,因为那将有可能使得这些战争武器流入像奥兰多击案凶手那样的人的手中如此一来这些人的攻击行为将更为暴力血腥,因为制造这些的初衷是为了在战场上作战,而不是在奥兰多的街道上逞凶”’The president is very strongly on the record in favor of banning assault weapons. This is a ban that used to be in place. The president believes that [the ban] should be re-instituted,’ Earnest said when asked flat-out whether Obama thinks the AR- should be legal.当问到奥巴马是否认为AR-应该被禁时,厄内斯特直率地说道:“奥巴马总统采取了一个破纪录的强硬立场,希望禁止这种杀伤性武器这一禁令之前就已经讨论过,但是总统现在认为它应该被重新提起”The AR- is a civilian semi-automatic version of the M- rifle, which is fully automatic. The gun is able to reload as soon as the shooter pulls the trigger. They’re consider lightweight and easy to assemble.AR-半自动步是M-全自动步的民用版本只要射手扣动扳机,这种就能够装弹,AR-重量轻、而且便于组装It was first manufactured by the ArmaLite rifle company, although many manufacturers have manufactured them.AR-最先由阿玛莱特步公司开始制造,后来许多制造商也开始制造这种步The National Shooting Sports Foundation has testified that there are between 5 and 8. million assault-style weapons in the U.S.据美国国家射击运动基金会的言显示,全美的攻击性武器数量约为500万到8万件Congress enacted a ban on certain styles of assault-style weapons under President Bill Clinton in 199, in a vote that contributed to Democrats losing the House.在199年,由于克林顿总统的努力,美国国会通过了一份针对某些特定型号的攻击性武器,而这也导致了民主党人在那之后的一场总统大选中失利The ban expired ten years later when Congress let it lapse.这份禁令的时效是年,在那之后国会便让这份法令失效了Victims’ families have sued gun manufacturers after recent mass killings, including at Sandy Hook when the killer used a Bushmaster AR-.近段时间以来,美国发生了多起大规模击杀人事件,受害者家属已经就这些事件对制造商提起了诉讼,包括在桑迪胡克发生的那起杀人事件,当时凶手的作案工具是“毒蛇”AR-An attorney in that case, Josh Koskoff said in a statement that the AR- "was designed the ed States military to do to enemies of war exactly what it did this morning: kill mass numbers of people with maximum efficiency and ease. That is why the AR- has remained the weapon of choice the ed States military over 50 years," Rolling Stone reported.据《滚石报道称,在桑迪胡克小学击案中,律师乔西·卡斯卡夫在一份声明中说道,AR-“是专门为美国军队设计的,其目的是最方便、最有效率地杀死最多的敌人,这正是在过去50年以来美国军方一直选择AR-作为武器的原因然而在今晨,这种武器却被用来屠杀无辜的平民”"It is the gold standard killing the enemy in battle, just as it has become the gold standard mass murder of innocent civilians,’ he added.卡斯卡夫补充道:“这是战场中杀敌的黄金准则,而现在已经变成了屠杀无辜公民的黄金准则”President Obama has repeatedly called the reinstatement of the ban, but various efts at gun control have stalled during his administration.奥巴马曾多次呼吁恢复这一禁令,但是在其任期内对于控的各种努力都徒劳无功Frequently, Obama’s calls rems have only increased demands weapons, as occurred in when he called restrictions on assault weapons and on high-capacity magazines.但是,奥巴马的改革呼吁经常只会增加对于武器的需求,就像年所发生的那样,当时奥巴马呼吁对攻击性武器和大容量弹夹采取管制Hillary Clinton renewed her call gun control Monday.本周一,希拉里也重申了她对于控的诉求’We can’t fall into the trap that is set up by the gun lobby that says, if you can’t stop every shooting and every incident, you should not try to stop any,’ she told CNN. ’We did have an assault weapons ban ten years. I think it should be reinstated,’ she said.希拉里对CNN说道:“我们不能调入圈套,不能被那些反对买卖管制的人所迷惑,他们说如果不能防止所有击和事故的发生的话,我们就不应该采取任何的禁止措施”希拉里说道:“我们以前曾有一份攻击性武器禁令,那份禁令生效了年我认为现在我们应该恢复它”’I believe weapons of war have no place on our streets,’ Clinton said in a speech Monday, echoing the White House verbiage.希拉里赞同了白宫的发言,她在周一的一场演讲上说道:“我认为战争武器不应该出现在我们的街道上”

揭秘罪恶的现代奴隶制 --01 ::3 来源: 据一份新闻报道称,全球有超过.5亿人生活在现代奴隶制下,其中亚洲占据了这一数据的三分之二 Modern ms of slavery can include debt bondage, where a person is ced to work free to pay off a debt, child slavery, ced marriage, domestic servitude and ced labour, where victims are made to work through violence and intimidation.现代奴隶制的形式包括债务奴役(受害人被迫无偿工作以还清债务)、儿童奴役、拉郎配、家庭奴役和强制劳动(犯罪分子使用暴力和恐吓等手段胁迫受害人劳动)1. The seafood industry1.海产品行业Human rights groups say thousands of people are trafficked and ced to work on fishing boats, where they can be kept years without ever seeing the shore. Victims say those who are caught trying to escape can be killed and thrown overboard.据人权组织透露,成千上万的人被贩卖到渔船上、并被强制劳动,他们一般数年看不到海岸据受害者声称,那些逃跑后被抓到的人会被杀死,然后从甲板上扔下去Thailand, which is the third largest exporter of seafood in the world, has been accused of crewing fishing boats with Burmese and Cambodian men who have been sold and ced to work as slaves. The authorities are trying to crack down on people traffickers.作为全世界海产品出口第三大国,泰国一直备受诟病人们指责泰国使用来自缅甸和柬埔寨的被贩卖人口,并强迫他们像奴隶一样地在渔船上工作当局正在试图打击人贩子. Cannabis factories.大麻工厂Figures suggest there could be between ,000 and ,000 victims of slavery in the UK, trafficked from countries including Albania, Nigeria, Vietnam and Romania.数据显示,英国境内的奴隶数量在1万到1万3千之间这些人从阿尔巴尼亚、尼日尼亚、越南和罗马尼亚等国家被贩卖而来About 3,000 children from Vietnam alone are thought to be working in British cannabis farms.单单越南一国,就有大约3000名儿童被贩卖到英国,在大麻种植园里劳动Many victims are told their families will be hurt if they leave.许多受害者都曾被威胁,一旦他们逃跑,他们的家人就会受到伤害3. Sexual slavery3.性奴隶The International Labour Organization estimates that there are .5 million victims of ced sexual exploitation.据国际劳工组织估计,全世界共有大约50万名受害者被迫提供性务. ced begging.强制乞讨The report highlights that many children across Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East are ced to beg on the streets by criminals.有报告显示,在欧洲、亚洲、非洲、拉美和中东等地,许多儿童都被犯罪分子强迫到街上乞讨One victim told researchers: "Though I am begging I am not paid a single amount. I have to deposit all to them. I am deprived of food and good sleep. I am not paid my wages only working as a bonded labour."一名受害者告诉调查人员:“尽管我在乞讨,但是我得不到一分钱我必须把得来的所有钱财都上交给他们我缺少食物,也没有很好的睡眠我连最基本劳动的工资都没有”5. Behind closed doors5.公众视野之外Much modern slavery isn’t visible in public. It takes place in homes and private farms.许多现代奴隶并不为公众所知它们发生在家庭和私人农场里Last week, three men from the same family in the UK were jailed cing a man to do heavy labour next to no money.上周,英国三名男子被判入狱,他们来自同一家庭据悉,他们曾强迫一名男子从事繁重的劳动,而只付给他非常微薄的薪酬

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